Henry Gross and his Divining Rod – by Ken Roberts

Dr. Jac

Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2008

Kenneth Roberts was made specifically to argue the phenomena of water dowsing and the overwhelming evidence that leads to the conclusion that it actually exists and in proven hands can be demonstrated to all of interest. Roberts is at his very best when he tells the story about a Maine Game Warden by the name of Henry Gross and his peculiar ability to locate veins of water with a simple forked limb and an uncanny ability to sense what the water, ground and stick are relating to his consciousness. Then the adventure gets even better Roberts encounters disbelievers in the scientific, academic and government world.

These non-believers are blinded by their stupidity and unwillingness to accept what can be demonstrated to them time and time again, even though no one knows why it works. The world needs water and who cares why it works as long as it produces good water.

Roberts just can’t accept this mass ignorance and he “goes off” only as Ken Roberts has become famous for. The government officials were a good example of this ignorance. It took them 3 years to recognize and admit that the water Gross located on Bermuda soil was actually fresh water and good to drink.

So settle back and read Henry Gross. Then when you are finished with this book, then read The Seventh Sense and finally Water Unlimited. The author’s style, humor and writing are just as invigorating as the material covered. Or not- it’s your loss.




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