The Sound of Music and Plants – Dorothy L. Retallack

The Sound of Music and Plants  –  Dorothy L. Retallack
From Foreword, page 7: “Why do people write books? Many reasons, of course. In my case it is to put down chronologically the story of the phenomenon of the effect of music on plants and to clear up some misconceptions and misquotes which cannot help but happen when the various news media and publications excerpt from a long article about the report of my experiments. I must confess I have another reason to put these thoughts down on paper. It is to clarify that music is my avocation–being a wife, mother, and grandmother is my profession–and that all forms of life from plants, to people, to planets are of deep and abiding concern to me.
I realize there may not be a correlation between the effects of music on plants and on humans; this would have to be proved by scientific standards. However, after documenting the results of my scientifically controlled experiments at Temple Buell College, I felt free to speculate on the possibilities of such a correlation.
I ask the reader to be aware of the existence of a division between the scientific description and the philosophic discussion. The amazing way in which all of this came to me, and the subsequent interest and worldwide recognition of the phenomenon through the news media, without any effort on my part seemed to point to a larger God-given idea. So it is with awe and reverence for the Creator of all life that these words come from my pen.”
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