Hi parents,

I just want to give you some insight from my view of my child’s education in second year in school since March 2020 and then 3rd year from September 2020. My daughter was born 3 and half weeks early. She then had the MMR jab by mistake from our doctor when she was 8 weeks old. The Doc apologised and I forgave. I never researched and continued to get her jabbed as required. (I only began researching vaccines in March 2020 and I have been shocked) My daughter had severe challenges in physical and cognitive ways growing. But we persevered and had her privately assessed and paid for private resources. She has five diagnosis’s of learning disorders and a final one in 2020 of Autism. We were worried about her starting secondary school and yes, her anxiety peeked, but again, the school support was really good. Until March 2020 when everything changed. For a child with any learning or social disorders, the masks are so detrimental. My daughter was quite happy to hide behind the mask. She was also allowed to be on her phone at any time. The quality of the class lesson went downhill and there was no home work required. She ‘passed’ her junior cert on assessment basis. The PE was conducted in masks and made her more lethargic. Her social skills have declined as she relies on her phone a lot now, as I see it, as her comfort blanket. My daughter’s difficulties meant she hadn’t the ability to motivate herself, so, she was able to get through school and pony club before March 2020 with good, clear instruction. My daughter is due to be in 4th year at present, but I enrolled her instead in Kildalton College which she is due to start the end of September, it’s equine farming, since she has a love of horses. This is Tageasc and the requirements are to wear a mask also, unless one is on a horse. Because it is a ‘college’ I’ve written to find out what is the status on the unvaccinated. ‘Will she be allowed to eat in the canteen?’ Will she now be segregated?

As any parent can understand, I will not be letting any more chemicals in her body, ever.

The Government and the people controlling this in-humane, draconian rulings know only too well, that only the fittest, smartest kids will survive this new school regime, and children with learning disorders will be dumbed down and left behind.

During the last twenty five years, parents with children with cognitive disorders and special needs have fought for the proper education required for their children, and it looked like it was finally going to be put in place. But since March 2020, the waiting lists for parents who can’t afford private assessments for their struggling children are up to nearly two years at present.

And now, they want to put primary school kids in masks.

This is not a good education system. As I say, only the children who have no cognitive or learning disorders will survive this.

Thankfully, I am a stay at home parent and have planned to motivate my daughter with various activities outside our home, with leaving the phones at home for the day. I started that routine yesterday.

But I am worried.

What’s for my daughter’s future? And all of the other children out there with lessor or greater learning disorders? Their parents may not have my resilience or time so they need us to fight for their proper and right education without a mask.

Until all the parents stand together and stand up for their children and refuse to send their children to school in masks, this child abuse from our Government will continue.

Jean xx

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