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Recently the forum went down, so put the bits and pieces together in a pdf so you can still access it and learn a trick or two.


Another one memory holed, it is getting repetitious…. I know there is a lack of interest, at least publicly, behind the scenes there are always folk working with such techniques, the silent horses.






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monsoon gecko

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Yo……..My first powered orgonite was a nano shield, from OrgoneCrystals…bloody beauty too !

Also supplies Frequency generators and the INSTRUCTIONS on making a Mobius Coil and wrap ..utube

All the orgonite I make (out in the sun) have cured under the strong orgone field created by this device.It’s the tin in the middle of the Tb’s…Runs few a few hours after hardenng too.

72 d/dipped TB's.

It’s taken a while to trial this one..First, tied a mobius coil around a large quartz point and ordered the 15Hz frequency generator, again same place as above but only $20 + postage..


Succour Punch

Ok, that mobius coil wrapped crystal with the 9v powered frequency generator  (see following photos) operating is known as a succour punch….It gave off a pleasant feeling and fair buzzed away when held.

Power Wand

.so to make a power wand, just submerge the lot in orgonite matrix..I chose copper pipe,copper powder and two sizes of copper swarf,two amethyst and tourmaline in the base. The bottom of the pipe heavily wrapped with duct tape with the wire coming out the side





Fits nicely into a stubby cooler…mmm..weighs in at just under 1.5 kg ! And it works ! Stronger orgone field  and very useful on gifting missions…with intentions of being invisible..ha ha..and you are……..Next one to try is with a so called Azeztulite piece but will be poured into a tall glass and d/dipped, with the wires coming out the top and down…and a bit lighter I bet !


These powered devies really boost the quality of your orgonite while it is curing…Good fun to take shopping too…Really changes the EM atmoshphere quickly…brings on smiling people eh !!!

Good for a laugh and more !




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Hi Stephen.
Nice work!!
My only foray into the world of Powered Crystals was when I had the idea of making a CB with a hole in the middle between the ring of pipes that could accommodate a Power Wand or Succor Punch.
On account of the price of large-calibre copper pipe and monster crystals; I figured it was actually cheaper to buy rather than make one myself.
This led me to purchase an overpriced piece of Junk from Orgonize Africa which was powerful enough but had such bad energy; it gave us all headaches and drained our energy whenever it was running.
I ended up cutting it apart very carefully only to find that it contained a pre-broken crystal that had been taped back together prior to being wound and cast in orgonite.
So much for ‘orgonite specialists’.
As you mention; Powered Crystals are said to block surveillance which (depending on one’s level of paranoia) is somtimes considered useful on sensitive gifting runs.
I have to say that (to my knowledge) I’ve never been surveilled on any of my many gifting runs and nor has anyone else I know.
I get emails from people asking me if gifting is really as hazardous as is made out on sites like Etheric Warriors; where people report being followed by black vans, mysteriously broadsided by trucks, having their apartments raided and their computers destroyed and all because they gifted a few TBs.
I alway reply saying that my own experiences of gifting have always been quite magical and nothing like the reports that appear on EW.
Your orgonite always has such great energy and your Power Wand is no exception.

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monsoon gecko

Posts: 443

Thanks Dan ..Hope you were able to get a replacement or refund on that dodgey piece…they are really expensive  !!

I note that Georg’s Facebook pages are 80% sales pitch and 20% info.

I have never been harrassed while gifting, observed a few times by curious locals…couple of times I just gave them a couple of freebies and explained how harmful the radiations can be……other places ,if caught, would be disaster, lock up and throw away the key job,…I’m a bit shyer and cautious these days….that’s where a powered device is handy.’s all fun though and everyone benefits.!

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monsoon gecko

Posts: 443

These powerwands have been on the list for over a year, even though I had the gear ready…Funny, made two in two weeks !

This one I took to school and ran all day…after recess , the students were fair buzzing….working well and on task, though a bit chatty.  One girl suddenly burst into song, which surprised and cracked up the other students…we discussed the importance of being happy….more laughs !


So here’s the azeztulite point wrapped in a mobius coil and connected to the 15Hz frequency generator.. Two of each amethyst and black tourmaline and a large chunk of lapis lazuli went into the base..the other piece moldavite.


The glass mould was later broken to get it out.The unit turned on while curing


In the top, a large Phenecite point, the Moldavite and blue Tanzanite..All power stones matching with the azeztulite.


In the base, amethyst, black tourmaline and lapis lazuli.


So the swarf was a bit of steel, copper (heavy again!) and the middle section is Life Pillow mix..Had to tie up and hang to double dip as the original glass mould broken to retrieve the piece.



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Wow. That’s one big happy pill! :D
June 18, 2011 at 7:41 AM












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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

About time I shared this great new technique…I’ve been trialing for a couple of months now.

It’s called Josh’s Life Pillow and can be ordered from

Basically, it’s a soft leather pouch containing 23 diff. gems, crushed, two rare earths and three herbs.

When you pass it over food, water , virtually anything , it reverses the harmfull negative

spin to a positive within a second.  If something is harmful to us , it has a neg. spin, the

more poisonous, the stronger the spin.  I emailed  Josh…was this spin stuff at the electron

level or what ?

..He replied that a collegue of his former work stated the if you focus a special beam

at an object and capture its reflection you can see the spin state. He could see this reversing

using the Life Pillow but could not understand why and how quickly this was happening.


So what does this mean?

By passing the Life Pillow over a substance..within a couple of cm… it will be “purified” .

Food tastes wonderful…plain homecooked throw together tastes gourmet….every night !

Take away junkfood….if you like that stuff …..actually can be eaten safely and taste good !

Water is charged to taste sweet and lively…leaving a crisp tingle on your tongue…totally

enjoyable….chlorine taste just disappears


The Life Pillow also has a profound benefit to one’s health.

I took my pillow to school and showed students how  to use and passed around.

when I mentioned energising water…there was a rush on pillowing their waterbottles…it was

just priceless watching their surprised faces when drinking the energised water..

Couple of times there was a fall or accident in the playground…the pillow was held over the pain

and eased considerably in a couple of minutes…..the students hunted out the pillow at recess and

lunch time to pillow their food…kids are great at trialling stuff…they don’t bullshit..


My phd science mate stated that he could feel energy travelling up his arm  when he held the

pillow. He said it might work on energy meridians as in accupuncture points…as the energy

centered around a blockage in his shoulder and freed it up !  Then he was totally blown away

when we pillowed a glass of water and compared tastes to a second glass.


I pillow water used in drinking of course but also for energising water for plaster orgonite.

I sleep with the pillow and have noticed the whites of my eyes much clearer and the red veins



A friend ordered 2 Pillows through me, after playing with mine, The day I delivered them, she had

a painful crinked neck. She sat among the desk full of paperwork , holding one pillow either side of

her cup of tea . After about 20 seconds, she moved her head from side to side and said she heard

a click and then with a huge smile stated that the pain has vanished. ! !

A week later she rang saying how fantastic the pillows were and asked me to order 3 more  !!

Lucky family and friends I reckon.

I’ve heard many reports of arthritis sufferers reporting relief and symptoms disappearing by using

the pillow as a squeeze device in the hand…


All sounds too good to be true.?

I hold a pillow either side of the fuel hose when filling the car…

Just scraping the surface for uses of Life Pillow,


I’m looking forward to my gourmet meal tonight……as usual. !

Master Chefs….eat your heart out…..Ha  Ha


Further info can be found at…


Yo……….Enjoy !

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I have been experimenting with these for a while. Really good for resting or sleeping with to alleviate aches or stiffness, although I recommend doing serious yoga as well.

I haven’t noticed as much difference with the food, but I drink water that is already well filtered and energised; probably the cherry on top. I also try to cook very healthy vegetarian food which isn’t toxic or unhealthy to begin with. I suspect it might be a useful way to amplify conscious energising of food and drink which is good to practice even with out pillows.

I have lent mine to a few energy sensitive people I know to play with and they liked it; thought it was more subtle and perhaps worked differently to orgone devices.

Testing continues.

If these disasters tell us anything, it’s that the ultimate currency has always been, and will always be altruism…that will count for more than anything during the coming Earth changes. This is the key to global enlightenment.

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Hello beautiful Australia

This is what was told to me by a chemist friend, he said that by shining a polarize light into any substance, the reflection will show you the direction of the spin,  and at this point it would be good to make something clear: the reflection will show the reverse of what is happening within the substance, so if the reflection shows a strong left spin, it means that the substance has a strong right spin , and vice versa.

So the statement that I made a while back saying that right spin is good and left spin is not so good is actualy wrong ; it is backward………………………………………..but, BUT it is my first mistake this year, so I’m doing OK:), and last time that I made a mistake it was………now lemme see,,,,,,,,,1946…… 1945:P


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Josh…Ha ha….Thanks for clearing that up, your version sounds better.


Yesterday, friend came back from a fishing trip with hand and

wrist very swollen from reaction to sandfly bites…uncomfortable and

very itchy….Gave her the pillow saying rest this on your hand.

She took it home and returned next day…swelling gone down,

back to normal… anti-histamines.

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Hi Josh…by spin do you mean that there is like a spiral vortex of energy around the food like a mini cyclone or hurricane?

Perhaps being in the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed and in fact you’ve led an exemplary life without a single mistake…

…hehe. :^]

If these disasters tell us anything, it’s that the ultimate currency has always been, and will always be altruism…that will count for more than anything during the coming Earth changes. This is the key to global enlightenment.

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bluegum at July 8, 2010 at 8:38 PM


Hi Josh…by spin do you mean that there is like a spiral vortex of energy around the food like a mini cyclone or hurricane?

Perhaps being in the southern hemisphere, it’s reversed and in fact you’ve led an exemplary life without a single mistake…

…hehe. :^]

From what I understand it possible to see the the spin from this reflection, so we have the polarized light (not vibrating all over the place as regular light)  hitting the substance and bouncing back out, it is only showing the spin down the molecular level, so there is no physical vortex,  (gosh my IQ is only 23 and it is a bit of a problem) here is an example

The man made ascorbic acid has a left spin, so it is not so good for you, but the vit. C from orange juice has a strong right hand, that makes it OK

One thing that help a lot, as you know most medical pills have side affects, you pass the pillow on the pills for a second and they become less noxious

Now for this southern hemisphere thingy, if I move there would it reverse all those years of being a dork?, if it is the case, I will make a very large pakage with our politicians in it:roll:

Well…….for my self………it would be hard to improve on perfection hA HA HA………this was really a big joke

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Dorks are universal…

…I think they originated from the far side of Neptune. One of their mantras is “dorks shall inherit the Earth”…apparently later plagerised by another well known text, although debate still continues along the chicken and egg line. $^]

If these disasters tell us anything, it’s that the ultimate currency has always been, and will always be altruism…that will count for more than anything during the coming Earth changes. This is the key to global enlightenment.

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monsoon gecko

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Yo…gifters…Update…a lot has happened since last post,

The lady who ordered more pillows reports very happy results.

She gifted one fellow who has on going medical problems,

regular hospital, major operations, parts taken out, continual

pain and ongoing complications…now his life has smoothed out,

pain and problems diminished and reports more daily energy and

enthusiasm for life…..what a blessing ! He carries it everywhere.

She’s much the same, along with her husband. He checks his pillow under his pillow..(ha ha ) every night in case she’s hidden it ! ha ha


So I decided to order 6 more pillows for family members.

Customs( AQIS )  impounded them , possible threat to Aussie

agriculture etc..many emails back and forth , (Thanks Josh)

At one stage they wanted to radiate..gamma..Josh said not a

problem..the pillow works on EMF protection, will probably stuff

up machine, but that would take 6 to 8 weeks so I elected to

give permission to unstitch and examine contents…they emailed

back it’s full of powder…Doh, slaps in forehead !… I’d already

told them originally, all they’d find is seaweed, sand and powdered

minerals. They wanted more info…for the record… so we gave a partial

list with which they were happy…thanks again Josh.

Eventually , they arrived…worth the hassle as now, anyone else

ordering a Pillow or two will get no such problem.


Of course..regular gourmet food and tangy water…but recently

had a stressful day at school and arrived home with very stiff

neck…I could feel a kink coming on and didn’t feel like 2 or 3

days of not being able to turn my head without pain.

I leaned back on lounge with Pillow on neck for 10 minutes and

noticed easing of muscles, then I lowered pillow a bit for a short while, then lowered further for a bit…this process continued a couple of minutes for

the rest of my spine untill I got to kidney area… funny…I could feel each vertebrae tingling as the pillow moved down,,,,

Next morning, big toilet flush out….gratitude !

On…they are finding more profound uses.

This may be…no….IS the best money I’ve spent in a long time,

seeking techniques that work. !


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Interesting info there,,overlordjupiter,

Perhaps would have been better as a new post, instead of this pillow thread.

Nonetheless, I,ve played pyramid energy for over 20 years..Made many working models . Even got students experimenting untill irate american mum complained to principal I was teaching metaphysics. ha ha

Best research…Initiation by Elizabeth Haich..tells of lady remembering reincarnation of daily life as daughter of pharoh. Amazing, insights into spriritual power they wheeled.. they were a breed of their own. The pharoh drove his chariot with lions, such was spiritual power , as horses were unknown in those days, Really enjoyed the saced geometry insights.

The Egyptians built pyramids in Australia  at the sites of their early resource collecting colonies…! !.

The BG3pendulum,,,looks like modern day electrical with all those round fins.

How do you use it ? Like normal pendulum ? Does it rotate specific direction etc: And what effect on food ? Do you wear it ?

Expensive but on par with LIfe Pillow

Is other thread called…Wands of Horus…here on OA


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Overlordjupiter…not overly excited by either…usually guardian angel *(ancestor) gives me big shove to trial…


So , back to the Life Pillow, As stated in plaster thread, had big week at another local school, covering release time …many classes , which were mainly sport or making plaster orgonite.

For the plaster, we pillowed the water plus a few waterbottles with students

surprised again. Pillowed water is delish-tangy.

Sport was indoor hockey with plastic sticks and puck.

After picking teams and setting ground rules, I introduced the pillow.

Gave a quick description of contents telling students it is an energy

device for food , water and pain. I shared examples of pillow’s uses,

with other school’s playground accidents…pain relief…etc

Needless to say,

the pillow was well passed around and held….several classes.,,,       a few times held over injury..leg, arm, hand etc.

….Man… they belt the sh#t out of each other at times.

Only a couple of head highs in whole week,,,,,always a worry.!   Observed  red whelt across wrist disappear after 2 minutes pillow. Other minor

injuries gone with surprised faces.

I try not to take for granted , but when you see pillow in action…wow !

Blessings all round.


Did I mention Gourmet food ?


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Posts: 9

I recently got bitten by a tick …. they seem to love me!  the feeling isn’t exactly mutual though …

it took me a while to remember Josh’s life pillow, but when I placed it on my neck (little vampires!  the ticks, that is ;)) it really took the grrrr! out of the area …..

I hope to remember the pillow earlier next time ….. better still, I hope there isn’t a next time, but that would mean I’d be away from nature and that’s not a thought I’d like to entertain for long ……

btw, Stephen, surgery for the young man you sent a pillow for was a lot simpler than ultrasounds, etc anticipated … and the areas that seemed to be badly affected weren’t ….. am still waiting for another update on the nature of the growth removed (16cm x 11cm!) but all is well (so far) considering what was expected … removal of vital organs …

and the pillow is nicely inconspicuous …. mothers have a way of making sure their young get their medicine … 8)

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Posts: 28

There is something else to help for various insect bite: amonia,  it is very effective on spider bite and all other pest, regular household amonia is all it take.

2 years ago I had to treat my lady that had gotten a bite from a ‘brown recluse’ spider; this is the one where the doc will remove a limb if it has gone to far, a very bad bite, it was at the base of her scull, so we decided not to do the amputation Ha Ha!!!,  I will find the herbs that I use and will post the recipe, it still took 3 weeks to have it go away


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Yo ……it’s been ages since I reported the benefits of the Life Pillow…..

yet use it every day !….wouldn’t be without it !!!

During my gifting holiday I had tooth problems ….anything hot really zinged me.

Only ocassionally and most times , calmed down…this lasted over a month… On many occassions . I held the life pillow against my jaw and found relief in a couple of minutes….cool…but needed to nail the problem when returning  back to Darwin. …hey ! postponing toothache ?  ..pillow such a blesssing !

2 visits to the dentist in a week…heaps of fun.. ha ha …..lovely lady dentist looked after me..

Normally, after injection, takes 2 hours for numbness to wear off then an hour of entertainment (not) in between time till normal….ha ha..pain in the A.

On both these visits, as soon as I got in my car , applied pillow to the area for couple of minutes…between  a roadie ..hic, burp.. and a fag , I applied the pillow,,,traffic lights and such….several , couple of minute sessions … 25 minutes later , home,,,,hey ! mouth back to normal !!!!!!!!!!


Such a blessing……the LIFE PILLOW !


Yo….if you haven’t ordered one of these yet ….why not ?

Every family should have one…..medicine cabinet obsolete ?

Food and drink…gourmet !…not to mention SAFE   !


Aussie dollar good right now….future ?….it’s exciting !


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Posts: 13

Sounds great! Where can I get one???!!!

So, do you pass your LP over your pack o’ ciggies? ;)
I bless mine, but this sounds even better!

On another note: Has anyone tried to make an Orgone Device programmed with a frequency that repels mosquitoes? I cannot stand them.

Since QLD’s weather has decided to move to Melbourne, the climate is ripe for squitoes.  I was just mauled by one, quite badly.
As well, not a huge fan of moths… sets my adrenals right off… I can think of no reason why I ‘have’ to have them around. Plus, that device would be great for camping…

This is probably a useless article, but it’s a start (for me, anyway)

Thanks team!

“Good poetry makes the Universe reveal a secret…”

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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636


Yes , is waved  over nearly every thing these days..

and taken everywhere, especially to school !

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Posts: 13

Thanks, MG ~ they look pretty special…!
Do they ever run out of ‘juice’?

“Good poetry makes the Universe reveal a secret…”

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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

You bet …very special….

Not sure about running out of juice….can’t see it !

Mine still energising anything its waved over..

Especially enjoy energised water and noting weight loss.

Bonus !

February 16, 2011 at 7:53 PM


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

I continue to enjoy daily benefits of the Life Pillow..

This has to be one of the best techniques that works ,  so far .

Just wave or hold for a while….I,m starting to believe in counter clockwise spin.

A year 6 boy fell heavily onto one of a row of metal bag hooks outside the classroom .  Mate, he was down for the count ! Caught him in the ribs under his arm. After a couple of minutes ,I helped him to sit up.Gave him the pillow and told him to hold it on the area..He was happy just to sit there , not moving cause it hurt too much to move…Totally refused to go to the office..He aeemed ok for the moment  …I returned to the orgonise them…and mmm…forgot about him…oops , who said that?

So , about 15 minutes later, he comes in, hands me the life pillow and says he feels better….Wow..I’ve cracked a rib or two and know it ‘s not like that ! Amazing and not the first time…confirmation that applying pillow to injury soon after happening reverses it…this has happened time and again at school .Think I’ve mentioned a few in previous posts, but there’s been  many more.

Life Pillow…The best asset a family can have.. just the daily wave over food and especially water is invaluable !


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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

G’day …dry season appearing at last, but chemtrailing ongoing.

Keep your orgonite close and pillow your food , water and everything else..

The Chemtrailing getting nasty!

Enjoy and share

For some reason it won’t take…just highlight it and click search in the google window

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monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Outstanding update….. Life Pillow info. for EVERYONE…!

Yo , Josh, mate…u r da man. !



May 29, 2011 at 8:08 AM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Yo…anyone made their own resin life pillow lately ?

Made a few now, but keep going to new homes..


You must check out the above link…


Josh shares Life Pillow formulae…ongoing info..too easy for such a blessing/resource !!!

Here’s a few shots of my latest trial with acorn caps as the phi resonance know…amplify the energy !





Now they are REAL charging plates….far superior to my orgonite ones.

For full running commentary, you’ll have to view the above Orgoniteplus thread.


July 9, 2011 at 8:23 AM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Stupid computers…tried to post recent photos of resin life pillows…very nice indeed…..a no go…maybe try later" />" />" />

html code doesn’t take..maybe you can search this./…….wtf..bloody computers

September 5, 2011 at 9:31 AM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Yo…..who’s made a few ? Good results ?

Josh suggested enhancing results with part of the original formula. Beachsand certainly works but additional crushed,powdered quartz combination even better.. 1 tablespoon to 1 litre of powdered kelp

Clear quartz,smokey quartz, amethyst, citrine and rose quartz..equal parts.

Recently spent an arm and a leg for this beautiful silicone mould……..I figured well worth it seeing I love making a few.

The Flower oF Life…perfect for the orgonite component of Resin Life Pillow charging plates..sacred geometry and orgonite long known to boost energy.


The flower of life insert is fine copper, with small quartz points placed in pattern..It is about  5mm thick… another one, brass keyshavings with copper pattern interplay…


All have a large amount of either sea shells, or acorn caps…the phi ratio is captured in the hollow air space..resonating the life frequency..



These are real charging plates, a jug of water,  food, virtually anything you place on it will have the spin of anything harmful in it , reversed…

Profound stuff indeed.

Strongly recommend you splash out and make a few for family and friends,

Of course a pocket piece of orgonite and pillow mix can be a multi-purpose blessing when out and about.


Cheers you mob…would be nice to hear from you..

Forum is pretty quite these days, yet  I feel the frequencies rising.

Exciting times eh ?

Oh, almost forgot….the silicone flower of life mould came from the US

September 18, 2011 at 6:55 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Cloud Walker

Posts: 44

Hey MG,

that flower of life pattern look nice ! how is the effect ? any improvement on the energy output ?

By the way I just sent away the two charging plates yesterday that I bought from you a month earlier, I was so reluctant to let go of them because it feel so good to have them around. ;)

September 20, 2011 at 9:45 AM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Hope you’ve all had a crack at making the energetic resin life pillows….great for cleaning up all food , water , medications etc





January 10, 2013 at 8:53 PM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Bummer … after Josh’s passing , orgoniteplus forum seems to have gone down..

So I will share his Life Pillow formulae that he passed on to me… the original formulae contained 23 or more minerals and gems ….

Here is the one that works beautifully

Ground Kelp seaweed

5 types of quartz ground to a powder …clear , smoky, citrine , rose and amethyst

For one litre of pillow mix stirred into resin , add two tablespoons of crushed quartz and a handful of quartz type beachsand.

This pillow mix always needs the mould preglazed and more often than not , double dipped … it is highly volatile to moisture and will blister out of the piece.


There you have it ..the Resin Life Pillow….worth it’s weight in gold !!!

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Posts: 3

monsoon gecko at May 22, 2014 at 10:26 PM


Bummer … after Josh’s passing , orgoniteplus forum seems to have gone down..

So I will share his Life Pillow formulae that he passed on to me… the original formulae contained 23 or more minerals and gems ….

Here is the one that works beautifully

Ground Kelp seaweed

5 types of quartz ground to a powder …clear , smoky, citrine , rose and amethyst

For one litre of pillow mix stirred into resin , add two tablespoons of crushed quartz and a handful of quartz type beachsand.

This pillow mix always needs the mould preglazed and more often than not , double dipped … it is highly volatile to moisture and will blister out of the piece.


There you have it ..the Resin Life Pillow….worth it’s weight in gold !!!


What’s a Life Pillow?

July 7, 2014 at 12:02 PM Flag Quote & Reply

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

A few more Resin Life Pillow models ….

Pocket size models when out and about…..great to wave over take away food

and EMF protection too…….quartz point , brass and pillow mix

 photo DSCN1531_zpsf7bd04b2.jpg


 photo DSCN1530_zps05ecc0f1.jpg


The larger pieces perfect for the dinning room table ….

they have a variety of orgonite combinations and colour premade drop in pieces….some with a bit of glow in the dark superimposed over the colour starburst pattern … a bit of bling

 photo DSCN1529_zps68bb6393.jpg



August 3, 2014 at 10:52 PM

monsoon gecko

Posts: 636

Aurora ….the original Life Pillow came in a soft leather pouch ….these latest versions are the pillow mix , (powdered kelp seaweed, crushed quartz and beachsand) set in resin …. most are made as a combination of orgonite and pillow mix poured in layers….. they  are certainly great value ….worth their weight in gold in my opinion…. used daily to clean up food , water , virtually anything you care to wave them over or touch…. cheers
August 3, 2014 at 11:07 PM

Eivind from Norway

Posts: 1

monsoon gecko at April 20, 2011 at 5:35 AM


G’day …dry season appearing at last, but chemtrailing ongoing.

Keep your orgonite close and pillow your food , water and everything else..

The Chemtrailing getting nasty!

Enjoy and share

For some reason it won’t take…just highlight it and click search in the google window

The Josh Life pillow sounds just awesome! Am not able to reach the link at from here in Norway. I have been trying to find more info and a place to buy the pillow,but it looks like some fascist international internetcontrol is blocking all info available about Josh Life pillow. That just make me even more convinced that this is the real deal! Do you know how i might be able to buy some of these pillows?

Best regards,Eivind :-)

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monsoon gecko

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Whoops , haven’t been here for a few days …. Elvind. …Josh passed away a while back and despite an offer later , no one took up the opportunity to keep the Orgoniteplus forum alive , so unfortunately, all that outstand info and research  just disappeared …. should have jumped in myself …..similarly , seems I’m the only one making life pillows these days , but in the resin form, as seen in the above posts… I have made a few leather life pillows in the past as a trial… they seemed quite good actually, have one left not being used , but the resin ones a bit more versatile……message me if you are after any ….cheers


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It did not.. :)
It is restored, the most important parts of it anyway.
cost me some sleepless nights and a few arms and legs but I think the gifts to the world have been restored as properly as can be achieved under the circumstances.You know the Irish mob is brilliant, they are the true heroes in the present
This whole restoration thing was just sheer stupid luck on my part, as I copied most important threads and saved them into PDF so it would be more practical for me to do my first studies on this energy stuff.I like to save things that are important as so much knowledge that helps us is erased now for those who are aware it is obvious. yes you are the only one making those  gorgeous life pillows, astonishing work, not just from a efficient point of view, meaning , they work very well but also the techniques used to create them have been mastered amazingly. Top notch , really.
Postal costs are a kiler but I had to have one so I have it now , thanks haha
it is so beautiful.
It s not just the life pillow you preserved and enhanced in a way
Sure the old fashioned life pillows we use are perfect as well
just not that sexy and sturdy.Well,  to address the topic of the offer that was made, most folk at the time
did not really visit the forum that often as they used to , myself included , was not even aware of that offer only when you made me aware of it I thought hmm, let s think about that and very soon afterwards it was erased.
The whole forum.
But it is all rebuild now, piece by piece, only the last posts are gone, the ones I made or to say the ones made after say 2013 but there were hardly any posts as you know yourself at that late stage.For me what counts is the background of it all, the Selenite method, the Broadcaster and the life pillow, the latter mainly for use on the body.
I know the life pillow by now very well, made my own and it is more punchy than you can believe. Personally realising the forum , the only forum that really went over the line, ever, was gone did not matter so much to me because , as mentioned earlier, got all the good stuff saved anyway.
So I was cool.
Sure on a bigger scale it is a massive loss so I put the healing mob together in all its glory and fame. Not for me, but you know we dont do this for ourselves.You mean to make this world a better place ? well …duh…ya
that too but..
for me
it is just honoring a shaman, healer, top energy player who shared so much good stuff with us  ” unworthy” it often still dazzles  my little mind here.
It s just that, out of honor, whoopsy old fashioned terms nowadays, like respect and all that , so …uncool…
but we do what is right and we dont give a shit
or at least I dont , left political correctness where it belongs
at the garbage dumpI am no longer interested in shaman Jacques original study on the polarizer as he later on shared his ” guerilla recipe ” with us and that works like a beast
Seaweed , good sand and some crystals or crystal powders and you are on a roll, works like a charme , have made mine way over a year ago and use it regularly, often ends up under the matras so I get ” polarized” during sleep
it is an amazing tool of healing, mainly physical , but than again one has to test these things for themselves to believe it
it just shows us how little we know therefor when one man comes out of the dark and into the light and shares it with us I think it is common sense
to at least keep the legacy alive , that s my take on it.Was a slow start but we are on a roll now, if I dare to say so,  way bigger than ever before , way bigger than in the early days, no kidding.
The experimental phase was demanding as we all have to do it ourselves
without any backup or whatever
I only got the selenite here, nothing else, it is not needed
I see a lot of posts here going deep into metal resin techniques that s great
but in my opinion that has become a one way street, authorized to some extent too, unlike the plasterite.
No they wont have that.
We do it anyway, regardless.
And we are happy as punch about it all and having a great time.
Orgoniteplus has had about 100.000 views in about 14 months or so that is astonishing as we dont promote ourselves or more bluntly we are not promoted by anyone. Grassroots pure.
Not always easy but it it s true , the information and folk wake up to it and the rest of it , it will get ahead and it does.
Takes a lot of patience and I dont have too much of that , that s Jenn s task
to deal with the public, as she is brilliant with that you know
organising things and so forth ,that s not my cookie for sure.anyway , this is my first post and I hope it works


oh well I even made a dorky movie about it , that s how bad the energy virus has bitten me hehehe



Operation Raindance

“Operation Raindance” is my personal gifting efforts in Australia. Below are reports of this gifting………… (NOTE – For faster loading, only 2 Blog entries are shown on each page – please click on “View older posts” at bottom of page)

Please Scroll down for reports!

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Gifting Report 4 – Darwin to Brisbane – 11th November 2009

Posted by orgonizeaustralia on November 11, 2009 at 10:25 AM comments (129)

This will be the final gifting report for Operation Raindance!!  :)


After leaving Katherine, we headed north, gifting all the towers we could see along the highway all the way to Darwin. There were two weather balls in Darwin which we gifted but my camera had broken by this point so no photos of these!  :(


Next, heading south, back toward Katherine, we hit the Humpy Doo transmitting station where we found lots and lots of tall towers and masts, some with cables joining to each other. Unfortunately we failed to locate the actual naval communications station at Humpty Doo but at least we came across this juicy target which received 2 HHGs and about 60 Tbs around he perimeter….

Camera still broken by this point so no photos!  :(


Arriving back in Katherine, we busted the next weather ball on the list……. (Camera situation sorted by this point!)  :tongue:



Then we followed the highway, gifting all roadside towers along the way, until we arrived in Tennant Creek where we found and gifted another weather ball……..



On our way to Uluru (ayrers rock) we stopped to make some Earthpipes for gifting Pine Gap. This was the first time I had made any Eps but I think they went quite well!


Also on our way to Uluru, driving at night, we spotted a bright light travelling across the sky, funnily enough, towards Pine Gap!

Normally I would have just put this down to a passing satellite but this thing was pulsing its light, brighter, dimmer, brighter dimmer in a very consistent manor….. We stopped to watch it pass…….. It was pretty high up so the video I took didn’t turn out very well at all I’m afraid!  :mad:


We arrived at Uluru for sunrise and deployed 30 Tbs equally distant from one another around the base of the massive rock……..



Driving back the way we came, we drove down the private access road toward Pine Gap, Eps and HHGs at the ready…… Unfortunately, however we could not even get close to the base as there was a huge fort knox style checkpoint with signs warning us of 7 years in prison if we even took a photo!  :unsure:


We tried to knock afew Eps in anyway but the ground was just too solid  so we had to leave Pine Gap ungifted which was hugely disappointing.  :ohmy:  Need somebody with balls of steel in a camo suit and a dark night to gift this one I think!! :dry:


Just around the corner from Pine Gap, we found some huge AM transmitters and some big cobweb like masts apparently used for the airport. These received some Hhgs and lots of Tbs……….

AM transmitters……… busted!



Strange “cobweb” like masts………….Busted!


Next we gifted the weather ball at Alice Springs…….


Sorry its sideways- seems no matter what I do I cannot get it to rotate…….. strange  :(


Then we started to race back to Brisbane for my flight!! (gifting HWY towers along the way!)


The last targets on the list got busted, including a weather ball at Longreach…..


 – Strangely, this image will not load…………

And another AM transmitter……



Sideways again, I know – sorry!!  :D

Got back to Brisbane just in time to catch my flight home to the UK…… which is where I am now – arrived safely……. In fact we had no obvious interference whatsoever for the whole trip which was rather nice!


Many thanks go to those who kindly donated money to this gifting trip…… without your amazing generosity I can honestly say it would not have happened!

Actually I’d probably be stuck somewhere in the outback right now, scrounging for petrol money to get home!! So Thankyou, thank you and thank you again!!!  :)


Also, big thanks go to those who did energy work for the trip in the EW chat room or on there own…… With your good skills, we were assuredly protected!!  :tongue:


And of course, many thanks to all other gifters in Australia! Keep up the good work and may it rain lots in the drought regions!!  :D







Gifting Report 3 – Perth to Darwin – 17 October 2009

Posted by orgonizeaustralia on October 17, 2009 at 1:20 PM comments (2)

Sorry it took a while to finally get it up here – but here it is!!  :D

Upon leaving Perth, we soon found ourselves merrily chucking towerbusters out of the van window, busting the various different towers and masts along the side of the highway.



We soon reached Geraldton and busted the weather station there…





After gifting all the town centre towers in Geraldton we headed slightly inland to the Geraldton satellite communications station, where we found 5 huge radomes (only 3 in photo) – we placed 2 HHGs and 10 TBs as close to the base as possible.

Whilst gifting the radome base, a beautiful big butterfly flew in front of us within very close proximity…… it was so unusual that I commented that it might be a sign of a job well done………  :roll:





Next we found this huge dish which we gifted with 3 TBs….





Arriving in Carnarvon we busted the weather ball along with the town centre transmitters…





Next we drove up to Exmouth and located the HUGE transmitter there……. officially, its supposed to be used by the US and Australian military as a communications station for submarines but suspicions abound as to it being used secretly for manipulating the weather…….. This thing is HUGE – 2.5 KM in diameter……..



This was the view from the nearby lighthouse………





This was the information sign about the station……..





Nice geometric shape as you can see – and there are 13 towers in total – a lovely sacred number there……



We placed about 150 TBs along the perimeter with 4 HHGs in total in a square around the 13 towers……..



On the way down the beach to place our first HHG as close as possible another lovely big butterfly fluttered past us……. I must say, that was the first time I’ve ever seen a butterfly on the beach and it seemed obvious to me with the timing that it was some kind of confirmation for us………



We trekked off the beach through the bush to get as close as possible to one of the 13 towers but we wanted to be within the law so we had to stop short of the perimeter fence to place our first HHG………





Only a minute or two after gifting, I was gazing at the tower, contemplating, when 2 teardrop shaped orbs appeared in my vision – floating around the tower…… I don’t see this kind of thing often but it seemed to me to perhaps be the positive orgone energy at work.



This was another sign we saw when gifting from another angle……





4HHGs and 150 TBs later and we felt we had gifted the array as much as possible…….. The HHGs were pretty huge with big chunky crystals and copper spirals but I can only hope that they do do a thorough job and transmute all the way to the centre tower which is 1.25 KM away from the furthest outer tower….We deployed our HHGs probably within 1 KM of the outer towers so that’s 2.25kms distance from the centre of the array that the orgonite has to work across but they are big pyramids and we are talking about spiritual energy here so hopefully this thing is fully busted now!    :unsure:


Here is a close up of the main, centre tower with all the cables joining onto it………..



On the way back from the 13 tower transmitter, we saw in the distance, another array, almost exactly the same only smaller…… however, it was very far away off the road and the only access points were blocked by huge gates with warning signs so we threw a load of towerbusters out along the road on our way past – this is the best we could do without  “trespassing” and the risk of being arrested…….. Need the Etheric Airforce for this one!  :tongue:



This is a close up shot of the not-so-busted array…….     (Behind that first tower)



Within the same perimeter fenced area, there were many other towers and masts – we placed TBs as close as possible to these too……. Not-so-busted masts…….



These ones look like cranes but they are (not-so-busted) transmitters of some kind……..



The whole lot including the HUGE 13 tower transmitter is all owned and maintained by boeing, aparently……



There were a few towers in the town of Exmouth and along the roadside which all got busted..



Learmonth weather station up in the hills received some gifts too……



On our way north, along the coast, we decided to take a break and go visit the dolphins at Monkey Mia……It truly is a magical, almost untouched beach at Monkey Mia where wild dolphins have been coming in for a feed by the humans since the 60’s……….. they are such amazing beings…… just looking into their eyes feels like a spiritual experience in itself!! This was the closest encounter I’ve ever had with dolphins and I’m so grateful for it!! Thanks little dolphin dudes!!   :wink:



I thought I would share a couple of photos I took of the little guys……..



Close up………



Further north along the coast we arrived in Dampier and located the next weather ball on our list only to find it was on an inaccessible island so we had to leave that one un-busted…..   :(



We busted most of the towers in Dampier and Karratha including some big radio masts on a hill and then hit the road, where there we’re lots of these towers, every 10 KMs or so…………



……….all busted!!



We found and gifted this nasty looking transmitter in Roebourne……



Next was Port Hedland and South Hedland where we busted all the towers we could find and also the weather station…… We didn’t get a photograph of the weather ball as there was a meteorologist hanging around outside and we didn’t want to attract too much attention……. she didn’t see us throwing out TBs into the surrounding bushes anyway which we were glad about!!



Arriving in Broome, we busted all the “normal” towers we could find, and also the local weatherball………….



After chilling out on the beach in Broome to recuperate, we began the long drive inland to Darwin……….. As we cornered the highway into Halls Creek, this thing appeared in front of us……… I didn’t have this one on the list so I’m glad it wasn’t hidden away as we would have missed it!




Then we arrived in Katherine……We drove past lots more towerbuster-worthy tech on the way from Katherine to Darwin but decided to gift it all on the way back down south so that lot will be included in the next report……. Darwin to Brisbane……



We haven’t watched the news or weather for ages but last night, while eating some dinner at an outback pub we spoke to a lady from somewhere near Adelaide and she said there had been a huge amount of rain in South Australia and Victoria recently….. she mentioned there had been some flooding including places quite far inland that haven’t seen rain for 3 or 4 years…….. My friends mother who lives in inland Victoria said that she has seen more rain recently than she has in 7 or 8 years so something is happening!! One thing I am pretty certain about……… people are manipulating the weather for their own selfish reasons not just in Australia but globally and they are doing a pretty good job of keeping it covered up……….. One other thing I am certain about……… the power of orgonite is absolutely amazing!! So keep on gifting on!!



Cheers!  Dave –


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Hi everyone -finaly got around to re working out how to upload my cameras pictures onto the computer -took quite a while had to do itin a round about manner since changing operating systems -uploaded to photobucket some pertinant pictures and I thought you may enjoy a photo record of my Orgonite travels so far!
Heres what happened after I made my first Orgonite -some Martini glass HHGs the first one out of the mould I took into an energy sensitive friend of mine to see what he thought and heres what apeared in the sky behind me as I explaned what it was all about.
There were two Sylphs hanging vertically in the air, the closest one had a dna type rotating mouth close to the ground.
Wild stuff -first sky confirmation with first Orgonite -my friend was amazed!

October 5, 2011 at 12:47 AM
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10 Page 130
October 5, 2011 at 12:47 AM
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Next came the Peacemaker 6 barreled underground Orgonite device Monsoon and many others were so fond of, since we are gridding the entire Murray Darling food bowl area this type of device (powerful and hidden) is esential.
Beautiful place overlooking the mighty Murray river and high enough to overlook the whole Mildura area.
Big Makita drill I got to help with installation with a 32mm wood auger -im using the bigger 32mm or 1 1/4 inch copper pipe as Monsoon recomended with HHG sized orgonites I knocked up from some cheaper resin -Thanks again Dave Dewhurst!
Cardboard template and installing copper pipes.
Placeing HHGs.
HHGs in place -a mate is giving me a hand with this one.
Cover it all back up.
And hey presto knowone knows you were ever here -just beautiful views and beautiful energy!
This baby was Peacemaker number three installed in the area.

October 5, 2011 at 1:07 AM
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This is Peacemaker number 5 at the other end of the district.
Another mate of mine is giving me a hand with this one.
Next to the half put in pipes and HHGs.
Pipes about to be bashed in.
Banging them down that last little bit.
Placing HHGs/
Banging HHGs down so they sit securely on top of Copper pipe -note that two of the HHGs have an imperfection on the top where the resin hasnt quite set, this is due to a rush pour due to unusual radar HAARP activity in the region and a sense that something was being brewed up by the powers that be -I hadnt stirred the resin after adding Titanium sand first to the metal -lesson learned but they felt just as powerful as the others.
Cover over and let it tick away -some lads riding motorbikes drove past us and looked at us just as we were packing up -stared straight at the big drill and kept going, will have to check this one again later.
This is a link to a Sunraysia Daily article about a Ice storm that hit several days later luckily the main part of Sunraysia was spared and only the outer districts some 50/100 km away were hit.
I watched the storm on the BOM radar and it showed red ie ice in a large storm that apeared out of no-where 100km NW of Sunraysia -as the storm was about to hit it dissipated over Sunraysia yet remained red in the outer districts -this was the result.
I feel the Orgonite helped save the majority of the Mildura district from widespread crop destruction however felt bad that Ihadnt got the chance to get to those outer liying areas yet that copped the full force of the storm which I think was brewed up artificially.
Saw this guy on the way out!

October 5, 2011 at 1:47 AM
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Peacemaker 6.

In the vicinity of this a ways out of town and under a Chemtrail flightpath.
Covered back up.

October 5, 2011 at 2:05 AM
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There was a sense of urgency in getting Peacemaker 6 in the ground as there was much needed rain forecast and once again the BOM radars showed suspiciouse radar or HAARP activity in the area and they were begining to Chemtrail to out north in front of the aproaching storm.
I got home and started brewing up some HHGs and some pocket pieces when I turned around and saw this!
A Sylph parade!
They were Chemtrailing above and infront of this apoaching front from which the Sylphs unleashed themselves as it apoached the district.
These were the HHGs I was knocking up.
10 Page 131
& the pocket pieces.
When I looked up and saw this -a Sylphs turning around into the wind above where I was preparing the Orgonite -WOW!
I also saw a tall vertical type Sylph (just to the left of the TV antenna) didnt turn out real well on camera.
Covering a Sekhem practitioner friend of mine healing Quartz crystal in gold.
Brilliant day and you will all be glad to note its raining here now -nice steady nourishing rain!

October 5, 2011 at 2:47 AM


monsoon gecko

Top shelf guys….awesome Kell !!

Can’t get the smile off my face.
Doesn;t a few photos tell more than a story….great stuff,
Love the sylph quite a rush seeing them play
and cover the sky

Great to see your pouring and deploying UCB’s….I need a drill !
But best of all …whole region under orgone canopy
We have 60 members at last count….pity we aren’t sharing areas already gifted…would be nice to have map…
of interest, I’m assuming someone nailed Melbourne dopplars etc as the constant frequency lines that showed on the radar loop from Vic to Tassie have disappeared after years… Yo…good job…or just turned off ?
So don’t be shy you mob…I’m sure there’s many gifting missions going down.
We’d all love to hear ’em.,

You know ? no one has to rush off to gift Mildura and surrounds..
Where else ?

October 5, 2011 at 9:32 AM
From <>
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