….are destined to destroy our Children through Vaccinations, through the liberal ideology push that our kids can be a Non Gender and the indoctrination in schools that terrify our children into believing that they are living in the final hours of Planet Earth’s Extinction. These three Organisations are completely aligned in their Agendas to annihilate the children of the World. It is by no mistake or coincidence that each of these multi million funded Corporations poison our children’s bodies and minds. They are backed up with the help of the media, another state funded organisation, that expertly Condition and Groom our children to follow the rules of the Social Media Gods. This is the Most Dangerous weapon that is designed purposely to morally exterminate innocent children.

In the name of science, Medical practitioners have been dishing out medications for people’s physical or mental illnesses for decades. When a patient has a side effect from one medication, they are given another one to combat it. The patient is left dependent on Pharma drugs for life that don’t actually cure the illness. When it comes to mental health, patients are often put on a combination of drugs that completely suppress their cognitive function. They receive little on no psychiatric therapy and they are left living like zombies for as long as they can put up with that life. Many people who develop mental health conditions often have childhood cognitive disorders. Look at children with ADHD as an example, the first thing the children’s mental health services want to do is place them on mind altering medication. This is the worse thing to do for children and teens as it sets a path for their dependency on drugs as they become adults. Why aren’t parents wondering why there are so many children with ADHD these days? I would suggest that all parents start looking at the first pharmaceuticals that enter a child’s body through childhood inoculations and start comparing inoculation dates with behaviour or reactions in the days afterwards. I have recently read Dr Christian Northrup’s book, ‘A Mom’s Guide to the COVID Shots’ which cover all other vaccines and their ingredients and it has left me filled with guilt at what I allowed without question to be put inside my children’s arms. The amount of chemicals in vaccines has increased in the last thirty years and one can easily see the increase in ADHD and Autism has indeed escalated. Secondly, if you have a child with ADHD and he/she is extremely active, well the first thing you can do is get them outdoors and keep him physically active. The second and upmost important thing that you must do, is take him off all processed foods and drinks. Healthy food and vitamins will detox the heavy metals in your child’s body and your child will be able to manage his ADHD as he grows. The third thing a parent must do is discipline the bad behaviours of their child. Children with ADHD and Autism can be very anxious and frustrated. Their behaviours for parents can be very challenging, but there must be consequences for bad behaviour.

I have my own personal knowledge of the dangers of vaccines and the lies and cover ups that our Doctors do to protect themselves, Not their patient. My last child was given the MMR by mistake by our Doctor when she was eight weeks old. She was three weeks premature, so technically, she was only a five week old baby. She was supposed to have the first 5:1 inoculation. Within four hours of that MMR, multi chemical fuelled jab entering my baby’s body, she began screaming in agony. I was a naive Mother at the time. I had no idea my baby’s little brain was on fire with the poisons inside the vial. The Doctor called me the next day and gave me the truth straight up and apologised. I went to the practice and listened to her reassurance that my daughter would fine as there was only antibodies in the MMR and I forgave her. I said to make sure that it was put on my daughter’s record. My daughter went on to have so many difficulties and challenges in her cognitive and physical development. And each time, she had another childhood jab, encouraged by our Doctor, she became extremely sick and more hyper. And I never connected. And neither did the doctors or nurses choose to connect. When she finished her childhood jabs at age seven, the physical side effects went away, such as her extreme vomiting, her Eczema and her whooping cough. And I never connected even then. It was such a difficult time and I found it really hard to cope. I felt that I wasn’t meeting my other children’s emotional needs and it was difficult on my Marriage too. It led me to having a breakdown almost ten years ago. But despite my daughter’s challenges, she had a fighting Spirit and she was determined to be the same as everyone else. She inspired me and I wrote a book called ‘My Beautiful Flower’. Published by Austin MaCaulley.

Besides having our family challenges, the recession in 2008 caused my husband huge financial loss. I knew exactly the damage the Irish Government did in bailing out the banks and leaving the Irish tax payer swimming solo. I began to see the Government for what they were, ‘White Collar Criminals.’ When The Coronavirus came onto our screens in January 2020, I knew it was More Corruption from our Government and the E.U. that were giving the orders. And I knew by March 2020 that it was all about a mandatory vaccine. And that is when I began to research vaccines. And what I discovered shocked me. I knew at all costs that I had to oppose this vaccine and protect my children from anymore of the poison jabs. This was my main goal for going to the GPO with ‘Stand Together’ and protesting every Saturday till Christmas 2020. By June 2021 when the Criminal Irish Government had mandated Vaccine passports for entry to restaurants and college canteens, I knew I needed to get an exemption letter for my daughter from our Doctor.

I wrote, ‘Dear Doctor, given the circumstances that My daughter received the MMR negligently in your practice at eight weeks old in 2004, and given her conditions, I would like an exemption letter for her protecting her against this Covid jab.’ I didn’t receive an answer. It led me to write in to the HSE for my daughter’s vaccine records which I received in late September 2021. The doctor had not put the MMR on my daughter’s records. She had put false information.

When the doctor told me the truth in 2004, I had to accept that Human error can not be avoided. I respected the doctor for giving me the truth. She could have easily hid it and I would never have known why my daughter suffered extremely in her development. But, unfortunately, she was negligent in failing to record the correct medical information on my daughter’s records.

I am sharing with you my experience and knowledge of the Naive Trust that I placed in the hands of a System that pretends to care. Just because they speak properly, dress well and smile at your baby or child does not mean that they care for their patients or citizens. The System of Government that began in the 1970’s around the World is designed through fabrications to keep us as ignorant and afraid as possible. When we are afraid, we cannot think straight. For instance, the Government promoted polio vaccines by saying , ‘prevent your children from being paralysed.’ Terrified parents run out and get their kids jabbed, without taking the time to research where and how prevalent is Polio? Or would the side effects from the jab be worse than the disease? It was the same marketing plan the Government used to get people to take the Covid shots and now, the side effects of those mRNA jabs are actually worse than the worst case of Coronavirus! And why did Government push Big Pharma’s trial products? Because the E.U., the WHO and the UN are heavily funded by the owners of Big Pharma. Who benefits here? The likes of my child or yours or state protected Tony Holohan, Paul Reid or Big Pharma?

Parents really need to be suspicious of everything that the Government advertises and that goes for the LGBTQ and Global warming push. The LGBTQ push is a tool to further demoralise and confuse our children. It is and never was about Gay Rights. It’s shouldn’t be about ‘you can be what ever gender you want.’ Who has the right outside the family to decide that with their child? This push is on all of our Children’s social media apps and it is rampant with enforced perverts to groom your children and normalise objective sex acts. This will destroy your children. And these children will turn to drugs and alcohol and be incapable of obtaining successful careers and relationships. The increase in child and teen suicide because of the confusion of who they are and the self hatred that comes when they succeed in castrating their bodies is off the scales around the World. Trans people don’t commit suicide because they are not accepted in society, they do it because they hate themselves. They feel a complete failure. Marilyn Hawes is the CEO for Freedom From Abuse in the UK and the information on her website will shock parents into the reality of the world we live in.

Do you really think your Government likes your children? Look at the fear and guilt that children have been forced to endure in school over a Coronavirus and now they are being taught that Cows are aiding our distinction. They are not being taught that Big Pharma is the Major Factor in our sea life’s demise because of all of the man made hormones and chemicals in their drugs that are being flushed into our seas! Or the waste that comes from Big Pharma factories or the experiments big Pharma conduct on innocent animals. The pollution dumped into our lands and our rivers by these corporations are destroying our Earth. Why doesn’t the UNEP concentrate all of their massive funded programs in preventing all Waste from entering our rivers and our oceans? This is a question that needs to be asked and chased up on. Look at The Government programs of HARP in their quest to control the weather! Or look at the chemical trails delivered into all of our skies! It is not our Cows that are damaging our planet. It is the people who own the wealth in the World who can do what they want unchallenged, such as employing the children in Argentina to go into the mines to dig out the Cobalt required for the electric car batteries. What is the big push to stop using one natural resource such as oil and begin ravaging lands for another one such as Cobalt which is not so sustainable as Oil! It is the Leaders of World who endorse the destruction of our planet and mankind.

Truth is so important for us mere morals to live our life. The truth leads us to resolving issues and the truth helps us finds solutions. No matter what pain we endure, if we have the truth, we will have justice.

Jean xxx

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