Electroculture systems, Antennas and Measurement Devices

I’m still working on this page to fill it with all the different kinds of systems.

There are different systems you can use

  1. Magnetic cylindrical beeswax antennes to connect to galvanised steel wire
  2. Magnetic Beeswax Capacitors and Antennas
  3. Soil Diagnostics. High Paramagnetic Volcanic Rock Dust.
  4. Paramagnetic Round Tower electromagnetic earth and cosmic fertilizer.
  5. Lakhovsky Coil Antennas
  6. Copper Pyramids for fertility and increased vitality
  7. Magnets and copper for protecting bee hives
  8. Scalarbeamer experiment
  9. Electrodynamiser Van Doorne
  10. Beeswax Water energizer made from Marcel Violet

1. Magnetic Beewax Antennas


The objectif of the magnetoculture installation is to increase health and welbeing of the field and so of all crops growing on the filed to give better yields with higher vitality and nutritional value.

Those Magnetic Beewax Antenna Capacitors are new system developed in 2009 from the synthesis of my personal experiments from the last ten years and the study of the discoveries and practices of Don Jose Carmen, Justin Christofleau, Philip Callahan, Marcel Violet and Georges Lakhovsky.

In 2009 I made the first magnetic beeswax antennas and installed them in a field with cabbages. The farmer had the problem of having always little cabbages of only 2 to three kilos each, after the installation, the cabbages begun to grow rapidly and healthy. They had almost 2 to 4 weeks advance on their time. When the yield was done, we measured cabbages of 6 to 9 kilos ! This without any chemical fertiliser or pesticide.

How to Use the Beewax Magnetic Antennas?


The objectif of the magnetoculture installation is to increase health and welbeing of the field and so of all crops growing on the filed to give better yields with higher vitality and nutritional value.

Installation principels

The capacitors are put into holes of 30 to 100 cm  (76 to 254 inches deep) all around the treated field.
The holes are digged at specific places all around the field, dependend on the water veins, the energy lines, the Ley lines and solar and maximus energetic lines.

For Agriculture
There are approximately 16 to 41 capacitors for 2,5 Acres, this depends on the magnetic energy concentration you would like to have the best results.
Or 32 to 82 capacitors for  10 Acres.
You best ask advice for a proposal to us.

For a Garden
You need minimum 5 capacitors whatever the size of the garden, one in each corner and one in the middle is the minimum to make the energy field circuit. I advice one at each 10 to 12 meters or 30 to 40 feet all around the garden and one in the middle.

The capacitors putted around the field are put in place vertically with the antenna pointing to the south. They are put in harmony with the local earth magnetic field to increase the power of it locally for the benefit of the wellbeing of all live on the field.
There is one that is also putted at the center of the field with the antenna pointing to the sky, this is to connect the energies and radiation of the universe to the field. It makes like a connection.
To detect the specefic places of your field, we come to do the installation.
We make also a report and a map or cartography of your field with some of the important energetic lines usefull for this application and with the indication where the capacitors are placed.

Magnetic Beewax Capacitors as Electrets.           Free Energy for the Soil


The capacitors generates a permanent magnetic field because of the huge magnet inside.
What is more amasing is that these capacitors also generate a permanent electric field, this is probably because of the electret phenomenon.
These capacitors are real free energy generators. They generate permanent electric and magnetic energy.Photo : Electric Voltage measured on the beewax Capacitors.What is an Electret ?
In 1922 a Japanese scientist, Mr. M. Eguchi discovered in plant waxes a phenomenon he termed the ELECTRET effect. Electrets are formed in wax by the combination of heat, electricity and light. This is not a treatise on physics but in simple terms wax formed by light, with heat and electricity, into an electret is in
essence an “electrical field” magnet, that has a plus field (+) on one surface and minus (-) on the
opposite. Plant leaves are weak electrets because they are coated with wax. The charges, as in a magnet, are permanent.

2. Round Tower electromagnetic fertility enhancer.
& High Paramagnetic Rock dust to increase soil fertility.
& PCSM measurement device to make diagnostics of paramagnetism of your soil.



From the discoveries and work of Phil Callahan it is known that high paramagnetic values of your soil coincide with high fertility of the soil.
We can advice you which fertilisers to use and techniques to increase this in your soil.
We propose the service to make diagnostics of your soil or fertilisers you use, about the electro physical values and paramagnetic values of it.Round Tower electromagnetic earth and cosmic fertilizerPhoto : Tower made as home for a bee Hive. The same tower in paramagnetic rock concrete can be tuned and made to put in the field and increase a lot the growth and development of the crops. You can read more about this in the Book “The Magnetic Life of Agriculture” from Philip Callahan.Such towers can also be made to enhance the fertility of the fields.One tower made of paramagnetic rock of 6 foot high and 1 foot diameter can fertilize up to 100 acres.
The tower has to be well constructed and placed on certain energy spot where positive energetic lines crosses. The action radius would spread all over the north side of the tower in a clover like shape, this is taken into account when we decide for the spot where to place it in the field.PCSM Phil Callahan Soil MeterFor this we use a PCSM (Phil Callahan Soil Meter) and bioelectronic meters to test oxidation, acidity, conductivity, resistivity and redox of your soil.
This gives you a good idea of the health of your soil.
You just have to send us the samples, 100 grammes of each sample, so we can make you the diagnostic and make you a report.
To increase the paramagnetic values we can advice your the best techniques and fertilisers to use. We are not selling fertilisers, we just advice you what are the best methods in our eyes to increase the wellbeing and fertility  of your soil.
The paramagnetic aspect is very important, this gives the sensibility of your soil to the earths magnetic field. the earths magnetic field works like a resonator that communicates a lot of information in electromagnetic waveforms important for the health of the plants and the soil. The more the soil is paramagnetic, the more the soil is like an antenna capable to communicate and amplify these magnetic fields and electromagnetic information.Paramagnetic Values in CGS units to measure the paramagnetic fertility value or potential of the soil.Between   0     – 100 :   Poor Soil
Between   100 – 300 :   Good Soil
Between   300 – 700 :   Very Good Soil
Between  700 – 1200 :  Superior Soil
Between 1200 – 3000 : Good Rock DustYou can contact me with your soil samples, so i can propose you to make the diagnostic. For this just send me the soil samples, and i write you back with the result of the paramgnetic measurements. For the price, contact me to ask.

Pyramid for the Garden


A Pyramid can be a very usefull tool in the garden.
It can help to heal plants, increase growth rate, increase the vitality of seeds or increase their storage.
You can build a pyramid of any size.Here some guidelines to build a pyramid.
Use copper wire, rods or tubes for the edges. For bigger pyramid size you can make the edges also in wood but then put a copper wire on the wood to follow the edge.
Dimensions :The Height is 1,618 times the length of the Basis or Side.
1,618 is the golden mean that you use to calculate the right proportion of Height, Side and Edges.
The Edge is close to the Basis divide by 1,051.
The angle is around 51 degrees 51 minutes or in decimals 51,85Below you find the book of Les Brown, where it is described how to build a pyramid and how to work with in the garden.


Lakhovsky coil


The Lakhovsky coil is interesting to treat individual plants.
It can help to increase their energy and help them heal or grow better in stressed conditions.The opening has to be to the north, the wire of copper, the diameter is adviced to be around 30 cm. The coil is put in an angle and the ends doesn’t touch each other, it is an open coil. The wire doesn’t have to touch the plant. You can hold or fix the wire with a little wooden stem.

book-thepyramid-lesbrown-38pages-8mb.pdf – Google Drive

christofleau-electroculture_1927.pdf – Google Drive

lemstrom_electroculture_agriculture_111p_1904.pdf – Google Drive

growing_crops_by_electricity_1916_dudgeon.pdf – Google Drive

History of Electroculture & Magnetoculture


First, there is a large body of research in the area known as “electroculture”. Magnetoculture is a new development based on a large part of electroculture techniques and discoveries.

Who discovered electroculture?

There are some facts that proofs that it was already known by the egyptians, maybe it was already used in Babylon.

I can name some of the known past researchers, but it is quite impossible to name them all, also to include all their friends and secret collegue researchers we would never know about.

The biggest contributors of know how to the field of electroculture and magnetoculture, with their direct and indirect research, that we know about are :

Karl Lemström,  Georges Lakhovsky, Marcel Violet, Nikola Tesla, Arsène Arsonval, Bob Beck, Hulda Clark, Goldsworthy, Justin Christofleau, Couillaud, Philip Forrer, Oswald Boudie, Duchatel, Hangarter, Phil Callahan, Vernon Blackman, … and many many others.

Where did appear the term “Magnetoculture”, Electroculture, Magneto agriculture?

The US patent office has a subclass 1.3 of patents named by “electroculture, magnetoculture” that is found in the class 47  “plant husbandry”. We don’t know at which date they decided to use the term magnetoculture with electroculture.
We don’t know exactly when this term appeared for the first time. We use this term because it is the most appropriate to the field of what the beewax magnetic capacitors do by using magnetic forces to increase plant growth and development.

Artificial electricity versus natural electricity

There is a huge difference on the effects on plants and life with electroculture techniques using artificial or natural electricity.
Most cases when they use artificial electricity the experiments show negative results or sometimes positive but rarely more then 30%. With natural electricity systems on the contrary, the results can be amasing up to threefold or fivefold previous yields.
Artificial electricity create negative torsion fields and certain electromagnetic frequencies that are mostly bad for living organisms.
Passiv antennas receiving, amplifiing and emitting natural electricity gave far better results. The results are mostly positive and can be record yields with also much higher quality of the food and vegetables then before. At the same time, this is no surprise. This is also very interesting int he way that natural electricity is everywhere around us and free to use.

Consciousness and electroculture

Electricity is touching the invisible. When we say invisible we are also close to the spiritual world. Our brain and our hearts also develop “invisible” electromagnetic fields that reach meters or even kilometers around us. This can be detected with special sensitive measurement devices. Our thoughts and emotions can change those fields and it interacts with all life around. Positive feelings and thoughts gives far more positive results then negative ones. This seems very logic and it is confirmed my multiple scientific evidence, also on plant growth and health.
Electroculture antennas are acting like antennas of those invisible forces, this helps to explain why certain people have less resultst then others. In most cases their own consciousness seems to play a major rule.

Video below John Burke speaks about ancient stone structure with electromagnetic fluctuations, that can be used for seed energizing and give better yields. Like also pyramids. There is a stratification of the air electrically. High electromagnetic charges in certain ancient stone chambers.

Researchers and their work,
close to the field of electroculture :Karl Selim Lemström
One of the pioneers from Sweden, Karl Selim Lemström, a physicist from the University of Helsinki, published an English translation of his results as long ago as 1904. Lemström carried out several field experiments in which he exposed growing plants to electric fields from overhead wires, creating a voltage gradient of about 10 kilovolts per metre. The wires weren’t directly connected to the plants, but small currents could reach the plants via ions in the air. The plants flourished under these conditions, producing a harvest almost one-and-a-half times that expected.Vernon Blackman
In Britain, Vernon Blackman—a plant physiologist based, like Goldsworthy, at Imperial College—set about staging similar experiments. Between 1915 and 1920, he ran field trials on oats, barley, winter-sown wheat and clover-hay mixtures in three different areas of the country. He charged wires above his test plots to between 40 and 80 kilovolts for six hours each day.Blackman was convinced that the electricity was having an effect. Of his 18 field trials, 14 showed increased yield. Nine had yields over 30 per cent higher than expected. Oats and barley were up 22 per cent compared with the control plots. Tests on plants in pots seemed to confirm this, with maize and barley plants flourishing under the wires. When Blackman made the wires negative instead of positive, the effect persisted, just as it did when he substituted alternating currents for direct currents. He recorded successes with currents as low as 10 picoamps (10 x 10-12 amps) flowing through the plants, but currents above 10 nanoamps (10 x 10-9 amps) reduced growth.Although the tests now sound rather eccentric, they were taken seriously at the time. Blackman was a distinguished professor and a Fellow of the Royal Society, who was known for his meticulous eye for detail. His work also had official approval and interest from the electroculture committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.Goldsworthy
So why aren’t we eating electrified crops today? The trouble with electroculture was that it didn’t always work. When botanists in the US tried similar tests they drew a blank. “There was a huge controversy about this and people were at one another’s throats virtually,” says Goldsworthy. “The subject died a natural death just before the war.”And here the matter rests. On the one hand, the positive results could have been caused by something other than electricity. Equally, the failures don’t necessarily mean that electricity has no effect. In fact, if Goldsworthy is right then mixed results are predictable. Electrified plants that have geared themselves up for a soaking might well respond poorly if that soaking doesn’t come, as must often have happened in the field trials with artificial currents. The failure of the American experiments may also have been due to high background voltage gradients from sandstorms, says Goldsworthy. These could have stimulated the control plots and obscured any effect of the treatment.If the effect was real, I ask, then surely we’d expect to find plants growing particularly well near power lines. “People have occasionally reported greener areas under power lines,” says Goldsworthy, with a mischievous grin, “but you can’t be certain that it’s an effect of the electricity, because birds sit on power lines and what do birds do when they’re sitting around?”

There is no doubt that plants respond to fertilisation by bird droppings, but can they detect and respond to environmental electricity? There is evidence that they can, says Goldsworthy, and this further supports his idea. For a start, small electrical currents—carried by ions such as hydrogen, calcium and potassium—flow through certain plant cells. These currents, which measure around 0.1 microamps per square centimetre, appear to play a key role in plant development.

In developing seaweed eggs of the genus Fucus, for instance, an electrical current defines the eventual axis of the growing plant. Calcium ions flood into the cell at one particular site—and this region eventually becomes an anchoring structure, called the rhizoid. In other plants, too, including oat seedlings, cell currents seem to define the direction in which growth occurs, with growth taking place parallel to the current.

“Electricity was first harnessed in evolution as a means of controlling growth,” says Goldsworthy. “It’s more fundamental than the use of electricity by animals in nerve impulses.” Electricity is important for cell growth in both plants and animals and, in an intriguing series of experiments, Goldsworthy and his colleague Minas Mina believe they have discovered how it might work.

They studied the currents flowing into and out of tobacco cells growing in tissue culture using a device called a vibrating probe. This has a vibrating head which picks up tiny voltage differences between two points in space. With enormous ingenuity, the researchers modified an existing apparatus, using a loudspeaker to produce the vibrations and a wooden kebab skewer to carry those vibrations to the voltage sensor.

Vital ingredient

In this way they could make long-term measurements around individual cells, monitoring currents of around 0.1 microamps per square centimetre. They then exposed individual cells for a few hours to “artificial” currents an order of magnitude bigger than the natural currents. After switching off the artificial current, they tested the cell again. The current pattern had changed, with the cell tending to become repolarised in line with the applied current. This could explain the observation that plant cells apparently alter their own currents and bring them into line with those of nearby cells, says Goldsworthy.

Further tests showed that cells only respond to an artificial current if their environment contains calcium ions. One interpretation is that the response is the work of voltage-gated calcium channels—special proteins that sit in cell membranes and act as doorways for calcium. When they sense a change in voltage across the membrane, they flip open and let calcium ions stream into cells.

Goldsworthy’s point is that this mechanism could also be used to sense atmospheric electricity, provided the currents induced by a thunderstorm were similar in magnitude to those that cells can detect. “Having got an electrosensing mechanism in the plant, it would be very surprising if evolution hadn’t made use of it for other purposes,” says Goldsworthy. “It’s done it in animals—you get all sorts of electroreceptors in fish—so why not in plants?”

The fact that the mechanism depends on calcium could be highly significant. Calcium is a ubiquitous cellular messenger that switches on enzymes within cells, an effect that could underpin the increased growth that sometimes seems to follow electrical stimulation. And the calcium connection may also explain why electroculture experiments aren’t always successful. “Calcium stimulates the cell to do whatever it’s programmed to do,” explains Goldsworthy. “I like to think of it as being the `accelerator’ of the cell. And the response you get will depend on what gear it’s in—forward or reverse.”

Goldsworthy has also tested the powers of electrical stimulation in his lab by applying a current directly to cultured plant tissues. His aim was to induce polarisation in groups of cells to increase the level of collaboration in building structures such as shoots. Working with his colleague Keerti Singh Rathore, he used tiny electrodes to deliver between 1 and 2 microamps, for long periods, to collections of undifferentiated cells from tobacco plants. The effect was extraordinary. Growth rates increased by around 70 per cent and the cultures developed up to five times as many shoots.

The method was patented, but it hasn’t made Goldsworthy a rich man. Applying the current directly using electrodes made the technique labour-intensive. And when the researchers tried to achieve the same result using alternating currents in metal grids above and below the cultures, the only result was a greening of tissue.

What about other practical applications? If there were a revival of interest in crop electroculture, for instance, might we end up sitting down to a meal of supercharged salads and galvanised courgettes? Goldsworthy says it might be possible, but could well be uneconomic because of the large capital investment involved. And it might not always work.

“Where I think it might work,” he says tentatively, “is in seed treatment.” Tests carried out in Russia, he explains, have shown that electric currents may trigger germination of seeds such as cherry and barley. This could reflect a natural mechanism by which seeds germinate after thunderstorms, when conditions are right for growth. If seeds could be persuaded to germinate more uniformly by treating them with electricity, there would be benefits for growers.

After our interview, I talked to half-a-dozen plant scientists about Goldsworthy’s hypothesis. Some think it’s a neat idea, but—as you would expect with any speculative notion—the general feeling is that more evidence would be welcome. “There is something there,” says Paul Lynch of the University of Derby, “we’re constantly surprised by what plants can do.”

Another reaction comes from Mark Tester of Cambridge University: “Plant growth certainly appears to be affected by experimentally applied currents passing through their tissues, and these currents may well be similar in magnitude to those beneath thunderclouds. But this would be a highly sophisticated response to what would be a very rare event for many

Sources : Internet articles and books

Photo below : Lakhovsky coil put on a little tree. Experiment in 2005 by Yannick VD in France.


Georges Lakhovsky


Georges Lakhovsky, Bioelectric Pioneer (1869-1942)

Photo above : You see a Lakhovsky antenna placed round this plant. This plant was sick and became again healthy by the use of this antenna. Experiment done by Yannick Van Doorne, 2003. In the page links you can download a document how to make your own Lakhovsky coil to use in your experiments.

Photo : One of the first experiments of Lakhovsky with his antenna coils. Germanium plants with one plant treated with a Lakhovsky antenna coil. All the plants were inoculated with cancer and only the one with the coil healed and survived.

Exerpts taken from article by Ken Adachi, http://educate-yourself.org/be/lakhovskyindex.shtml

Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer who had emigrated to France before World War I. In 1929, Lakhovsky published a book in French called The Secret of Life. A few years later it was translated into Spanish, German, and Italian, but it was not until September, 1939 that it was finally published in London in English; precisely the month when Hitler attacked Poland and kicked off World War II. The book received almost no attention in the English press or from the North American medical establishment.

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits.

Lakhovsky compared a living cell with and electronic circuit that can receive and emit electromagnetic waves or energy.

These cellular attributes include resistancecapacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency. This effect is known as resonance. It’s easiest to compare it with a child swinging on a playground swing. As long as the parent pushes the swing a little at the right moment (the correct ‘frequency’), the child will continue to swing high and continuously.  In electronics, circuits which generate these recurrent sine waves can be called electromagnetic resonators, but more commonly they are referred to as oscillators. Lakhovsky tells us that not only do all living cells produce and radiate oscillations of very high frequencies, but they also receive and respond to oscillations imposed upon them from outside sources. This outside source of radiation or oscillations are due to cosmic rays which bombard the earth continuously. This stupendous realization, achieved during the golden years of radio, not only led to a new method of healing by the application of high frequency waves, but broadened appreciation for the newly emerging field of hidden science known as Radionics or Radiathesia.

When these outside sources of oscillations are in sympathy, that is they are exactly the same frequency as that produced by the cell, the strength and vigor of that cell will be reinforced and become stronger. If, on the other hand, these outside frequencies are of a slightly different frequency, rather than reinforce the cell’s native oscillations, they might dampen or weaken them, resulting in a loss of vigor and vitality for that cell. The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person, produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body. If he pumped up the amplitude of the disease causing cells, their oscillations would gain the upper hand and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky viewed the progression of disease as essentially a battle between the resonant oscillations of host cells versus the oscillations emanating from pathogenic organisms.

He initially proved his theory using plants.

In December, 1924, he inoculated 10 germanium plants with a plant cancer that  produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 30 cm (12″) in diameter around the center of the plant. and held it in place with an ebonite stake . The copper coil acted as an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant’s cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium’s cells. This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the cancer cells and destroy the cancer. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months, the plant was thriving. All of the other cancer-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen.

Taking his cue from the germanium experiments, Lakhovsky then fashioned loops of copper wire that could be worn around the waist,  neck, elbows, wrists, knees, or ankles of people (or animals) and found that (given enough time) much relief of painful symptoms were obtained. These simple coils, worn continuously around certain parts of the body, would invigorate the the strength of the human cells and increased the immune response which in turn took care of the offending pathogens. At the time, when news spread of the success achieved with these “Lakhovsky Coils“, many Europeans were clamoring to get their own and often had to wait for months due to the backlog. One of the main reasons why so many people find copper wrist bracelets effective and beneficial is because the bracelet is functioning as a Lakhovsky Coil (it’s also providing minute trace amounts of copper to the body, which helps too). To achieve the Lakhovsky effect, it’s important that the coil (or bracelet) is “open” and made of copper. Closed rings simply don’t work.
Lakhovsky’s Multi-Wave Oscillator  (MWO)

Geroges Lakhovsky publication of the English version of The Secret of Life at the very outbreak of World War II went unnoticed and little reviewed, but Lakhovsky’s reputation for obtaining dramatic results with his amazing Multi-Wave Oscillator gained world wide attention nevertheless. By 1941, he had made his way to New York, escaping the Nazi occupation of France. Mark Clement, in The Waves that Heal, describes how Lakhovsky was approached by many people and organizations hoping to capitalize on his MWO therapy. A  film was made by an ” enterprising beautician” which featured several cases following treatment with the MWO that “proved to be both interesting and convincing” . Lakhovsky was also approached by several hospitals in New York hoping to test his apparatus experimentally. Remarkable results were obtained from a seven week clinical trial performed at a major New York City  hospital and that of a prominent Brooklyn urologist in the summer of 1941. Later editions of The Secret of Life detailed many of these cases. What seemed like a promising development in the use of the MWO in America quickly faded after Lakhovsky  unexpectedly died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73.  His equipment was removed from the hospital and patients were told that the therapy was no longer available. Except for this brief trial in New York, Lakhovsky’s work remained completely unknown to the American public. Even the spectacular success of the New York cases were quickly forgotten; an unlikely lapse of memory in the natural scheme of things. It seems that hidden hands were at work when it came to obliterating the memory of Lakhovsky’s Multi-Wave Oscillator in America.

Bob Beck

The Bob Beck Rescue
Lakhovsky’s name and achievements probably would have continued to remain unknown in America had it not been for the efforts of  Dr. Bob Beck, D. Sc.. In1963,  Bob found an original Lakhovsky MWO stored in the basement of a well known hospital in southern California. He managed to gain access to the machine and opened it up to see what was inside. He undoubtedly examined Lakhovsky’s US patent of the Multi-Wave Oscillator as well (US patent # 1,962,565). He then wrote a series of articles which were published in the Borderlands Journal that explained how the MWO worked. A number of people began building their own MWO’s based on Beck’s articles in Borderlands. Later, in 1986, Borderlands put together a big manual called The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook which was updated and revised again in 1988, ’92, and ’94.  The Handbook includes a compilation of informative articles by many authoritative researchers on the MWO, including translated articles by Lakhovsky himself.

MWO in Operation

The MWO works by producing a broad range of high frequency pulsed signals that radiate energy into the patient via two round resonators: one resonator acting as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The resonator is constructed from a series of open ended circular copper tubes terminated with ball shaped knobs. The copper tube rings nest one inside the other, but none touch each other. The ring assembly is held in place with silk thread in Lakhovsky’s original design. Each ring has its open ended termination placed 180 degrees opposite from its adjacent ring. The machine generates a very wide spectrum of high frequencies coupled with static high voltage charges applied to the resonators using spark gaps.. These high voltages cause a corona discharge around the perimeter of the outside resonator ring that Nikola Tesla referred to as an “electric brush”, but Lakhovsky used the French word, “effluvia” or “effluve”. The patient sat on a wooden stool in between the two resonators and was exposed to these energies for about 15 minutes. These amplified, artificially produced multiple frequency waves sped up the recovery process by stimulating the resonance of healthy cells in the patient and in doing so, increased the immune response to the disease organisms. Lakhovsky early experiments with radio frequency generators used a device he called the Radio Cellular Oscillator, but later switched to an older 19th century design static generator called a Rhumkorff Coil which was able to sufficiently excite the resonator coils while avoiding the potential for thermal damage to the patient, which greatly concerned Lakhovsky. The MWO produced fundamental waves from 750,000 cycles per second up to 3 billion cycles per second with the harmonics of these fundamental frequencies extending the covered range much higher yet.

The circuit design and materials used by Dr. Beck are not exactly the same that Lakhovsky used, but Beck’s design reportedly achieved good results. The design of Beck’s resonators vary in a number of ways from Lakhovsky’s. Bob mounted his nesting rings as flat copper foils on a PC laminate board, rather then using open suspended copper tube rings as Lakhovsky did. Bob was looking for a strong enough discharge energy to cause corona flashing between each of the copper foil rings while Lakhovsky’s corona was only seen on the outer ring of the assembly. Lakhovsky’s tubing coils hung suspended in space by the silk thread, allowing them to physically and electrically vibrate at their natural resonant frequency, a significant point of design.

Philip S. Callahan
He made known the importance of paramagnetism for the health of the soils and developed specially for this a measurement device useful for farmers and agriculture researchers.

Definition of paramagnetism: The atoms or molecules of a paramagnetic substance have a net magnetic spin such that the spins are capable of being temporarily aligned in the direction of an applied electromagnetic field when they are placed in that field. This produces an internal magnetic field (magnetic moment). They differ from magnetic substances (such as iron, nickel, & cobalt) where such spins remain aligned even when they are out of the applied field, e.g. are permanent. Magnetic susceptibility is measured, according to the physics handbook, in millionths of a CGS unit (Centimeters Grams Second), 1 × 10-6 CGS, or µCGS.

What does this mean for agriculture? All volcanic soil & rock is paramagnetic, (from 200 to 2,000 µCGS). According to Dr. Callahan’s research, a soil magnetic susceptibility reading of 0 – 100 µCGS would be poor; 100 – 300 µCGS good; 300 – 800 µCGS very good; & 800 -1200 µCGS above excellent. This force can be added to soil, where it has eroded away, by spreading ground-up paramagnetic rock (basalt, granite, etc.) into the soil.

Dr. Callahan estimates that 60 to 70% of this volcanic paramagnetic force has been eroded away worldwide. Soil should be “alive” with living organisms e.g. bacteria and earth worms, plant material (compost) & the rich soil paramagnetic force. Mineralization of the soil by adding separate minerals does not necessarily mean that the paramagnetic force has been added. For more information about paramagnetism, we recommend Dr. Callahan’s book, ”Paramagnetism – Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth”

Philip S. Callahan and his discoveries

Philip S. Callahan, Ph. D., schooled as an entomologist, was stationed in Ireland as a radio technician during World War II. He has written two books dealing specifically with his discoveries there of the seemingly magical properties of the ancient Irish round towers and of certain rocks and rock powders.

Titled Natures Silent Music and Paramagnetism, these books are available from his
publisher, Acres U.S.A. (P. O. Box 91299, Austin, TX, 78709, telephone 800-355-5313, website

In an epilogue, Dr. Callahan says (page 194) that the most important principle he wants to impart is that we must “treat rocks, stone and even the soil as antenna collectors of magnetic energy waves.” He points out that, in his opinion, the ancient Celtic round towers of Ireland are conical antennas, that rocks are
antennas, and that even soil is a flat ground antenna if it contains enough volcanic, paramagnetic rock.

The other side is the diamagnetic force of the organic matter, which, he assures us, is just as important.
It stores the water, but the paramagnetic forces control its evaporation.

Much of this same information is repeated or summarized in his second book, Paramagnetism, but Dr.
Callahan introduces an additional aspect when he describes (pages 80 and 81) the need for an
inexpensive, hand-held meter for measuring the paramagnetism of soil samples. It turns out that he, working with others, has developed just such a device.

Dr. Callahan’s meter is named the P. C. Soil Meter (PCSM), which, he explains, can be interpreted as
either the “Paramagnetic Count Soil Meter” or the “Phil Callahan Soil Meter,” whichever you choose. The
wonderful thing, he says, is that this meter can be bought for only $500 to $1,000  instead of the $4,000 to $5,000  cost of other meters of this type.

Dr. Callahan also postulates that paramagnetic soils are essential to the health of plants. He has demonstrated that paramagnetic soils transmit electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere to plants and that this transmission of energy can be enhanced by the presence of certain structures in close proximity to the plants.

Exerpts from the book “Paramagnetism” from Philip Callahan :

Take two plastic flower pots. Fill both with potting veilfrom the same bag. One pot should be left plein. In the otherpot, place a paramagnetic stone or sandpaper model of a roundtower (15 to 60, proportion of diameter to height) end place itin the middle of a plastic (non-paramagnetic) flower pot. Takea pack of garden radish seeds end plant them 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep, about 3 or 4 seeds per hole, around the pots. Water each day with the exact same measured amount of water. Aftereight days of 70-80_ growing temperature, puil them up endweigh the root’s “held in place” soil. The astonishing results demonstrate plant control by the paramagnetic force. Notehow the roots end veil mimics the energy force pattern of a man-made radio station (based on weight).

Please note, I do not ask my reader to believe what I say, but I do ask them to see for themselves.

Belleek radio range. Patterns secured due to presenee of course-bending antennae.
The ELF growth pattern force of energy focused into theground by the paramagnetic soil, round towers, or rock cen beeasily plotted by planting radish seeds around the rock, roundtower, or in veil mixed with ground up rock.
In this red sandstone tower example it will be noted thatthe tower is oriented with th door facing  east toward the rising sun in mid- September in Gainesville, Florida . In such system, the least energy is to the east resulting in slow growth end small plant size and the greatest energy is to the west producing fast growth end large plant size . Side growth is intermediate. Such a plot based on plant size end root-dirt weight at an eight day harvest, is very similar to plots of energy from my World War II radio range station in Belleek.
The largest root growth, with the most fine rootlets, is at top left to the west of the round tower. The smallest is at east at the lower right. The north growth at the top right is slightly smaller than the south growth at bottom left.
The higher growth rate and root complex is always off the sharp corner of such highly paramagnetic rocks. I first noticed this growth effect while climbing cliffs and searching rock canyons for eagle and falcon nests as a youth.
Note energy is weak at front entrance and strong along the sides end rear. This model is of a Vermont megalithic stone structure. Constructed of diamagnetic wood interior and paramagnetic pink granite exterior.
It appears that most healing/religious structures such as gothic cathedrals, round towers, and megalithic tombs are facing east so that the week energy is at the entrance and the strong energy is at the back where the altar of hearing chamber is located. There is also stronger energy at the sides, where the arms of the tomb cross the main tuinnel as seen in gothic cathedrals.
PICRAM, Photonic Ionic Cloth Radio Amplifier Maser,is my name for the patent (No. 5,247,933) I obtained for myELF (extremely low frequency) antenne detector. It is mounted directly on the Tekmeter oscilloscope input with no leed. On the 5 mV range, it accurately measures ELF atmospheric waves generated bylightning which are detectable even underground in soil. These waves stimulate plant root growth.

The PICRAM is constructed by soaking wool-linen clothor burlap in seawater. The doth is connected to a simple banana plug at the corner end wrapped around the plastic of the plug where it is held in place by two rubber bands.
Harry Kornburg, my patent co-author, translated the Hebrew which describes such a piece of cloth worn by the Jewish High Priest. It enhanced his immune system in order that he could safely examine lepers like those sent to him by Christ. The bible is by far the best science book for low energy systems ever written. The Hebrew name for my PICRAM ELF detector is Shatnez. It was worn as a long ribbon strap wrapped around the high priest’s body. Dielectric : A nonconductor of electric charges that undercertain conditions cen be a semiconductor, insulative substance.

Marcel Violet 1886-1973, Stanislas Bignand


Marcel Violet was a French scientist, engeneer and inventor. He continued to do research on the work of the effects of high frequencies on water treatment.
He inspired him from the work of Bignand and Lakhovsky.
In this field he developed a electric device to treat the water with specific electrical discharges generated by a bee wax capacitor. He talks also about cosmic rays and grass effect in the frequencies of the electricity discharge. The discharges were sended directly to the water. The effects on plant growth, development, seed germination and health were profound.Photo : Carrots, the two left are untreated carrots, the right one is from a treated seeds of carrots. The seeds were soaked 8 hours in treated water.He wrote a very interesting book, that you can only find in french.Photo below : left photo : potatoes untreated, right photo : Potatoes were sprayed with treated water. Potatoes germination is much faster and with more germs.

Photo below : Big Antenna to increase the fertility of agriculture fields with the use of the electricity collected from the air.


A selection of very interesting books to discover,
related to the pionneers of electroculture,
from before 1990 or some even before 1930 :



Download File



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by Justin Christofleau
PDF — 20 MB ]


Electromagnetic Fertilisator
FR 829789

For soon 20 years when electroculture is extended from the laboratory to enter the practice, the results obtained each year since this epoch, have shown the triumphal running of this large progress.

The purpose of the apparatus represented here is a larger power of collecting of the electromagnetic forces of the nature, so that used with the fertilization of the ground, the results obtained in electroculture are further increased.

The shape of execution of the object of the invention was given as example in the annexed drawings which show: . 1, a view in end of the apparatus South side; . 2, a view in elevation; . 3, a plan view.

In these figures the same letters of references indicate the same portions always. The apparatus is consisted a cast iron A part, in the shape of elongated, supporting magnet on its walls a certain number of fins C. It is finished Sud side in the shape of tip B, this to facilitate the collecting of the terrestrial magnetism moving the South one with the North one always. The fins come from cast iron with the body of the apparatus. At the base of the apparatus, between the 2 poles of part A in form of magnet, pass a metal ranging D, maintained at an equal distance from the 2 poles of the magnet, by an insulating part E, held by small bars I coming of cast iron with the body of the apparatus. – This metal ranging follows the apparatus in all its length and is bent; to pass in an opening G, spared in the flange of the apparatus where it is bolted.

The operation of the apparatus is the following one: The apparatus is hidden in the earth with one depth such as it cannot be reached more by the passage of the ploughing implements. It is rigorously directed magnetic SudNord, the tip B with South, in order to collect the magnetic currents which move the South one to the North one. As soon covered with earth, the negative electricity whose sphere is loaded precipitates on the apparatus. The fins C are used then as antennas to attract the electricity of the earth to mass A and as the experiment showed that the larger the contact of the apparatus with the earth was, larger was its capacity of collecting, the fins are thus surfaces intended to increase the contact of the apparatus with the earth.

They play also another role. When a soft iron bar is placed in the direction of the needle of the compass, it is as soon traversed by a current. All the fins being on the apparatus are thus traversed by this current which comes to already join the body of the loaded apparatus of the negative electricity of the ground. Mass A thus becomes a formidable loaded magnet of negative electricity of the earth. When the apparatus is in place, the two poles into low, one of the fins is placed on the top of the apparatus aiming at the vertical currents of the atmosphere which are attracted by induction with the formed mass by the apparatus. The purpose of the fins which are in the East and the West of the apparatus are collecting of the earth currents. So that the circuit is not closed between the 2 poles of the apparatus, a metal ranging D, pass between these 2 poles, maintained by an insulating part E, collects of it the energy and brings it to the head of the apparatus Nord side, where it taken and is bolted in an opening G, in such way that all the negative of earth and positive energy of the atmosphere, being able to be collected by the apparatus, arrives at the end of the stem D from where it escapes from the apparatus by a driver H which will distribute it in the cultivated basement.
The forms, dimensions and materials employed for the construction of the apparatus susdécrit, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention.

Apparatus of electroculture

Present invention relates to an appa reil of electroculture entirely subterranean, the purpose of which is collecting the currents élec cudgels of the ground and a small amount of électri quoted static.

[Sorts the shape of execution of the object of in vention was represented, as example, in the annexed drawings which show: . 1 one transfers in elevation of the apparatus, . 2 naked view out of longitudinal cut, . 3 a view cry plane, . #l. a view cry crosses following X there of . 1, . U a view cry plane of the apparatus in operating position under the earth with fate network (the son distributors.

The body of the apparatus is formed by a mass of magnetic metal A in the iron shape with< B> U,< /B> finished south side by a tip B intended for the collecting of the currents diri giant of south for north magnetic.

In order to collect the earth currents moving in general East-West and sometimes West-east, a magnetic metal plate C supporting on each side of the frayed teeth, is attached on the top of the apparatus, such way that all the currents of the earth will be easily collected by the teeth of this plate. The plate is also finished south side by a very frayed tail, intended with, to increase the capacity of collecting of the similar ap of the currents moving the south one with north magnetic.

The apparatus door on the top a series of frayed D, attached tips in the mass. North side, the apparatus ends in a way of nose E supporting a small opening intended to receive a bolt F to fix at the apparatus the wire network distributors G of the forces electrical collected.

In order to give a perfect contact between conducting wire forming the network, of the clamping pieces H in two parts in me tal magnetic; are clamped highly using bolts by imprisoning wire in suitable grooves. The wire constituting the subterranean network are placed, as well as the apparatus, in the direction of the needle of the compass.

New apparatus of electroculture

After exposed electricity of the nature, and especially since the biologists showed us that the ground was something of living, of many seekers thought of increasing the microbial life of the ground, while attracting, on the part where one wished to increase the vegetation, the electricity of the nature, source of life of all that lives on the earth, knowing that where the electricity would be attracted and concentrated, there would be more life, consequently an increase of the vegetation and also an increase of the biological qualities of this vegetation.

To arrive at this purpose. one built amount of slight apparatuses which had, to collect the electricity, to be placed on a mast raised with a certain height above the ground. But the presence of these masts in the cultivated earths, obstructed the ploughings considerably; in the pastures, they were inverted by cattle; and near the dwellings they harmed aesthetic of the properties. Moreover, the apparatuses raised in space, while bringing to the ground a large static quantity of electricity, increased it is true in considerable proportions the quality of the products and also the amount of the crops, but daN, S certain cases, for example for cereals the static electricity increasing the development of vegetal especially, it arrived that those, because of their size were subjects with pours.

The purpose of the present invention, concerning an apparatus entirely subterranean, is curing especially this disadvantage by removing the expensive and disgracieux masts initially, and into decreasing the collecting of the static electricity of the air, to take a larger amount of the currents of the earth concurrent to the increase of the crops in amount and quality, but not in the gigantic face; consequently removing by there the causes of pours. In a word, the purpose of the apparatus is increasing the crops as well in amount as in quality, but by a method which approaches more the nature, that when one will only seek the electricity with a certain height above the ground.

The shape of execution of the object of the invention was represented, as example, in the annexed drawings which show: . 1, a view in elevation of the apparatus; . 2, a view out of longitudinal cut; . 3, a plan view; . 4, a view out of cut following X there; . 5, a plan view of the apparatus in function under the earth with its wire distributors network.

In these figures the same letters of references indicate the same portions always.

The body of the apparatus is formed by a mass of magnetic metal A in the iron shape with U, finished with dimensions south by a tip B intended for the magnetic collecting of the currents moving south-north. The shape out of U is intended to reinforce these currents crossing the apparatus.

In order to collect the earth currents moving in general East-West and sometimes west-east, a magnetic metal plate C supporting on each side of the frayed teeth, is attached on the top of the apparatus, such way that all the currents of the earth attracted with the apparatus by its mass, will be easily collected by the teeth of this plate. The plate is also finished, south side, by a very frayed tail intended to increase the capacity of collecting of apparatus of the currents moving south-north magnetic.

The apparatus door on the top a series of frayed tips D attached in the mass, intended to collect by induction through the layer of earth which covers them, a small amount of positive electricity of the atmosphere.
North side, the apparatus ends in a way of nose E supporting a small opening intended to receive a bolt F to fix at the apparatus the wire network distributors G of the electrical forces collected.

In order to give a perfect contact between conducting wire forming the network, a double small part H in magnetic metal is clamped highly, using a bolt, one against the other, imprisoning the end of wire in a suitable groove.

The wire constituting the subterranean network being placed as well as the apparatus, in the direction of the needle of the compass, are traversed by the terrestrial magnetism, under the terms of the quite known phenomenon, that if one place a bar of soft iron in the direction of the needle of the compass, this bar is immediately traversed by the magnetic current moving south-north and àcquiert immediately two poles.
This network thus made up would be already capable to retain with the passage a large amount of the negative earth currents moving East-West and sometimes ouestest, very favourable with the vegetation, but as it will receive the small amount of positive electricity collected by induction by the apparatus and thrust in the network by the terrestrial magnetism, the positive electricity which will be thus distributed in the network will attract there more and will retain there a large part of the earth currents; what will have as consequence that the earth part where this network will function, will have accumulated the arable layer on a formed magnetic field by the negative electricity of the ground and the positive electricity of the atmosphere, there by the apparatus and the network.

In addition, in the vegetal ones which will be on this terrane and which is used already usually as drivers between the positive electricity of the atmosphere and that negative of the earth, to and from of these two electricities will be increased in considerable proportions and vitality will be increased in the proportions where this exchange of the two electricities already making will be increased live all that lives on the earth. In a word, the subterranean apparatus and its network, support and increase the play of the electrical forces of the nature chairing already the life of vegetal not subjected to the action of the apparatuses.

Moreover, as the electricity of the nature is the source of life of all that lives on the earth; the concentration of the natural electricity in the cultivated basement will develop to with it the microbial life absolutely necessary with the life of vegetal and their good health.

The forms, dimensions, details and materials employed for the construction of the apparatus know-described, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention.

Protective electromagnet for young plants


The present invention has as an object an apparatus intended to protect the young plants against the slugs and snails which devour them. Moreover, this apparatus forming frame, makes it possible if it is wished, to sow earth seeds full and to obtain a larger speed of germination than in the ordinary frames and to avoid being obliged to replant the plant which, thus, shoot where it raised. This apparatus allows moreover a faster growth of the plant.

The shape of execution of the object of the invention was represented as example in the annexed drawings which show: . 1 a view out of cut of following apparatus AB. . a plan view of the apparatus. In these figures the same letters of references indicate the same portions always.

This apparatus is composed of a small circular reservoir C intended to receive water, with an hole at the center D reserved for the site of the plant, either that it there or transplanted into outgoing of the frame, or that one sows called seed there to give this plant. In this last case the seeds are put in the earth at the center of the opening D which is covered by a small tile with glass pane E the purpose of which is forming frame and to accelerate the germination of seeds and the growth of the young plant. When the plant arrives at the tile of glass pane, this one is removed and of water is put continuously in the throat of the reservoir C which will be sufficiently large so that slugs or snails cannot pass to reach the plant and often to devour it like that product by wet times.

Moreover as the apparatus is in magnetic metal and than it rests on the earth, it takes care rapidly of negative electricity of the earth, at the same time as it attracts with him the electromagnetic waves and other positive currents of the atmosphere. The plant is surrounded at its base of a formed magnetic field by the currents which circulate in the metal forming the basin which surrounds it and active its power of vegetation, its richness in nutrient qualities and also its maturity.

It is clearly understood that forms, dimensions, details, and materials employed for the construction of the apparatus, can vary without changing the object of the invention.

Apparatus to collect atmospheric electricity

The drawing represents, as example, the shape of execution of the apparatus, by the EM – ploi of which inventor A. obtained D sultats of electroculture interesting.

1 of it is a view in elevation, 2 a plan view.

The apparatus represented comprise a canister intended for, being attached with top of a post, with height wanted in the atmos phère. This box door a tail B in me tal magnetic, directed towards the South one. It present moreover a housing in which is placed base of a stem I’ in metal of which the axis vertical and around the end périeure is known of which are laid out a beam of metallic antennas flexible L of which which ques-ones only are represented.

On two lateral faces .de la box are laid out of the steel plates magnetized. antennas collect the electricity of the ambient air and those coming from the induction of the clouds, under the terms of the capacity of the tips.

These same the purpose of antennas L are moreover producing electricity (of rubs lies) in vibrating under the effect of a slow wind vio.

The top of box A is consisted one zinc basin in the hollow .de laquelle one is attached a copper plate

Conducting Shoe

The purpose of the present invention is a considerable improvement in the current design and the construction industry of the shoe.

Since a large number of years, many scientists, belonging a little in all the countries of-world, showed that the man and the plant were subjected to the same laws of the nature, that one and the other had requirement to develop in a normal way, to be in contact with the forces of the nature and especially with the earth.

The plant living out of pot and apartment, insulated of the earth, needs to develop in an addition of food to cure the deprivation of the telluric electricity and of that the flowing ambient air through its branches when it is in full earth.

It is the same for the human beings, of the men deprived of garments and going naked feet, setting on the earth, constantly in contact with the forces of the nature, develop normally and acquire a large force with an insignificant food; whereas the people covering garments and locking up their feet in shoes which isolate them from the ground, need, to maintain their vitality, of a food much more abundant and much richer to compensate for the forces of the nature from which they are insulated by their garments and especially by their shoes. As the potted plant they are private telluric electricity, of that of the ambient air, which cannot circulate through their body.

To prevent that the shoe in which the foot is locked up, isolates the human body from the earth, it is necessary to make cross the shoe by one or more small metal ranging, good conducting of the electricity, resting of an end on the earth and other end in contact with the foot locked up in the shoe.

The shape of execution of the object of. the invention is given here, as example only, in the annexed drawing which watch: . 1, a view out of cut of a bead of shoe provided with one with these stems; . 2, a plan view of this bead.

A bead of shoe A is crossed in all its height by a metallic screw B with wide head of resting foot on this screw will be put by it in contact with the earth, thus allowing the passage, the exchange and the combination, through the human body, of the telluric and atmospheric electricities. ! It residue of course that the number of these stems; is not limited, that they can be placed at one, unspecified place of the sour chaus- which enables them to touch of an end to the earth and other end the foot, and that the forms, dimensions, details and metals employed, can vary without changing the object of the invention.

Electromagnetic bell

Until present, to increase the growth rate of the plants and their maturity, one covered them with a bell out of glass or a glazed frame, having for purpose letting penetrate in the Inner one of the bell or the frame, the light and the rays of the sun, and, by withdrawing them from the abrupt variations of the outer temperature, preserve around them the atmosphere of determined heat by the radiation of the earth under the green surfaces neck, and the rays of the sun passing through the glass and heating the ambient air under the bells or frame.

It is obvious that the culture of the plants under glass can increase the growth rate and the maturity, for the explained reasons higher, but with the detriment of the quality of the vegetal products, because these principles are in obvious contradiction with the laws of the nature. All the vegetal ones whatever they are, have sheets eL branches, all provided of serrations around the sheets, or small barbs, which are as many small sensors intended to receive on these antennas of which A provided nature, the forces of electrical origin to the latent state in the atmosphere. Gold the plants cultivated under glass, are completely insulated these various electrical forces to which from the laws of the nature quote are called to ask life, like-all what lives on the earth, thus that show it multiple small the year tend natural they are provided. In locking up the plants under bells or frames glass panes, these plants are, by the glass, insulated of the electrical forces of the nature, it who night enormously with the speed rise nelle of the sap in the vegetal ones and with their richness in nutrient qualities.

The purpose of the present invention is bringing inside the bells, frame and mssme greenhouses, electricity of the ambient air and it my terrestrial gnetism.

The shape of execution of the object of the invention was represented, as exeraple, in the annexed drawings which show:

1, a view out of cut of the apparatus has, a view one crosses of a simplified apparatus.

This apparatus is composed of a bell in pierced glass A of two holes B to his part known prioress, intend to let pass two wire metallic of different nature, for example an iron wire galvanized D and a copper C wire.

The iron wire galvanized D is, bent with its upper part, in such way that it pre a tip feels towards the south one, in order to collect the terrestrial magnetism moving the south one with the north one. The copper C wire is finished in tip and is directed towards the sky, in order to collect by this tip, the static electricity of the ambient air.

These two wire are had together with a certain distance of their upper end, by some towers of rolling up and a spot weld F, cross the bell by the holes B, and come to be inserted in the earth E under the bell, each one has an opposite base; the iron wire galvanized D at the south base of the bell, the copper G wire at the magnetic north base.

As these wire are different metals, depressed in the earth they form a stack whose circuit is closed by the moisture of the earth, and as the two pals are depressed in the earth at the Intérieure base of the bell, one with south, 1 ‘ other with north, the circuit closing themselves by the moisture of the earth, bathes its ellluves constantly the roots of the called plants G has to grow at the center of the bell. To the product of this small formed stack by the two different metals, still comes to join the terrestrial magnetism collected by the tensioned tip D towards the south one, the static electricity of the ambient air collected by the tip eflilée of the copper C fìl tensioned towards the sky.

Gold it is shown today that the élec- static tricity of the atmosphere gives to the plants a faster growth, a végé- more abundant tation, and the terrestrial magnetism brings an addition of richness to them which appears by an increase of the frue- – tification and an increase out of alcohol and sugar and other nutrient qualities revealed each time one makes the analysis of it.

One can to still bring under the bell the electrical forces of the atmosphere, to be useful itself of only one wire H finished by two branches; one I turned towards the south one to collect the terrestrial magnetism, and the other J towards the sky to collect the static electricity of the ambient air, and enfoneant other end in the earth E under the bell, fiv. 9.

This Mrs. apparatus appli (read also à= any covered surface out of glass, or transparent material being able tre bushing by the lutnière or the rays of the sun, such as frame, greenhouses, etc

One can still use the apparatus GD, and the apparatus H, single, for the earth plants full.

The forms, dimensions, details and materials employed for the construction of the know-described apparatuses, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention, of Mrs. that the number of the drivers employed which were given here only as example.


The possibility bring to the plants pushing under bells or frame, electrical forces of the atmosphere of which they are insulated by the glass or another transparent material of which one is used for oneself usually to cover them,

Maybe by employing two formed stems of two different metals, one finished in tip directed towards the sky to collect the static électri- quoted of the ambient air, the other finished in tensioned tip towards the south one to collect the terrestrial magnetism moving the south one with the north one. These two stems joined together then together close to their upper end, cross the bell by two spared holes to this etfet and. are depressed in the earth under the bell, in such way that the circuit is closed by the earth and forms stack, and that the roots of the plants are taken in this circuit;

Or by means of a metal ranging supporting two branches, one directed towards the sky, different I’ towards the south one, and crossing the glazed surface, bells, frame, greenhouses, etc to be inserted then in the earth and to bring to the plants the electrical forces of the atmo- sphere of which they are insulated by the glass or another transparent material of which one himself-is useful usually to cover them.

Electromagnetic incubator

Since a large number of years the phy- sicians of all the countries recognized that it was enough to place a soft iron bank in the direction of the needle of the compass, so that immediately this bar is bushing by the magnetic currents moving the south one with the north one always. II has be also proven by scientists belonging with all country of world, that Félectricité natural, not only played a considerable role in the vegetation, but still that this élee- tricity has the latent state in the atmosphere, and especially the terrestrial magnetism, were the source of life of all that saw on the earth, that it is for the plants, the human ones or the animals. It is absolutely die shown today, in a precise way, that a magnetic field created by a series of soft iron bars placed in the direction of the needle of the compass, put around any tre living, increases its vitality in considerable proportions.

The purpose of the present invention is thus showing the application of this principle with the pondoirs and incubators.

The shape of execution of the object of the inven- tion was represented as example in the annexed drawings which show:

Fig.i, one. view out of cut of an incubator;

. 2, a view in elevation of the closed incubator;

. 3, a view in elevation of the open incubator.

The incubator is composed of a bolte A, provided on all its inner surface, of small soft iron bars B. In this boot are put eggs A to brood, and when the chicken or any other poultry, is coated on its eggs, one flap the cover C which is him also provided with small soft iron bars B, so that the chicken is entirely surrounded by soft iron bars, of which one their ends, finished in tip, is turned side of the south one, and the other on the side of north magnetic. Being given the orientation of the bars with which is provided the box to brood on all its inner surface, the chicken which broods thus finds entirely surrounded by these bars which, because of their orientation create around it a magnetic field which wraps it entirely, read a vitality gives which enables him to achieve until the end and almost without tiredness its task. The eggs which are also bathed by this magnetic field, make it possible future chicks to acquire Mrs. before their rise, a vitality much larger than that which they can obtain in any case where the chickens brood in an unspecified nest.

The cover C east constitutes by a series of soft iron bars B go up on a frame. While the chicken broods and especially pendent the night, the cover C is undercrust on box A, and the movable wall D is raised, so that the boot is quite closed (. 2), so that the destructive rats and other animals cannot go to importune chicken, and same with the requirement destroying the eggs which it broods.

When the chicken owes tre released pendent the day so that it can leave for Ali menter, the cover C is raised and the lowered wall D (. 3). It is of Mrs. when the small chicks are hatched. The wall D is lowered so that they can leave limps and to walk. The chicken and the chicks having returned again, the wall D is closed again, as well as the cover C.

The explanation above watch the utility of this box for the incubators, but being given the advantages which one has has to make live the animals in the middle of a magnetic field, a series of boots A can tre placed the ones beside the others, and by removing the cover C, they will constitute a series of pondoirs of which the number is limited only by the requirements of the hen house.

These principles can tre appli- also qués with the artificial incubators.

The forms, dimensions, details and materials employed for the construction of the apparatus susdécrit, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention.

Thermo-electro-magnetic stack

Since exposed electricity of the nature, the man ingénié himself to domesticate it with his profit. The experiments made by the scientists of all the countries of the world showed, as the years were passed, that this invisible force whose they could measure the effectiveness, was the source of life of all that lives on the earth. Also many were the tests of collecting of this fluid mysterious to increase it around the living organisms, in order to increase their vitality by it, with variable successes according to the scientific value of the used apparatuses. The purpose of the present invention is to join together in the same apparatus a thermoelectric stack, using for its operation the changes of temperature, and a sensor amplifier of the electromagnetic forces of the nature in order to increase the vitality of any living organism which one can place at the center of the apparatus.
The shape of execution of the object of the invention was given as example in the annexed drawings which show.

. I, a general view of this apparatus. . 2, a view of the apparatus in the shape of nonclosed, ready circle to receive at the center, the living organisms which one wishes to increase vitality.

In these figures the same letters of references indicate the same portions always.

This apparatus is composed of a tube A, formed by a steel wire rolled up in spiral.

Inside the formed tube by these turns, is past a copper B wire, insulated over all its length, only stripped with the two ends in order to be in contact with each of the two ends of steel tube A where it is attached, thus forming a closed circuit. In this steel tube A is also locked up a wire of soft iron C, also insulated over all its length, except at the two ends.

The operation of the apparatus is the following one:

The electricity of the atmosphere is attracted by the whole of the apparatus which forms magnetic mass and its power is increased by its passage in the steel A wire rolled up in spiral, which becomes for this cause a sensor and an amplifier of the electromagnetic forces, atmospheric electricity.

As it spiral in steel A wire is connected at the two ends with the copper B fil’, thus forming a closed circuit composed of two different metals, each time for an unspecified cause a change of temperature reaches the apparatus, this closed circuit, heated unequally, will become a small thermoelectric stack; In addition, the passage of these different electricity in the turns of the steel wire, magnetizes it and its two ends being very brought closer to the two ends of the soft iron wire C being inside the apparatus, it forms by induction a second closed circuit traversed constantly by the electromagnetic forces of the atmosphere. The apparatus being flexible, if one forms of it a nonclosed circle around the body of a man or an animal, the heat of this living organism makes increase the temperature in the apparatus. But as the nature of the metals forming this circuit is of different composition, the temperature increases more quickly in one of the metals than in the other and the apparatus becomes a thermoelectric stack. If this circle surrounds the foot of a shaft or a plant in full air, this stack will function each time the temperature of the ambient air changes. The apparatus is thus a double power source being able to be used to increase the vitality of the living organisms that one place in his magnetic field. One of these forces formed by the collecting of the waves electromagnetic and amplified by their passage through the turns of the apparatus, the other produced by the acting change of temperature on a formed closed circuit by two metals of different composition.

The forms, dimensions, details and metals employed in the composition of the apparatus, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention.

Electromagnetic lighting apparatus

Since long years of many scientists noticed the role .bienfaisant of the electricity of the nature on the life of the plants and same on all as there is the living one on the earth.

The workings .de these many scientists, studied, condensed, bringing .des irrefutable proofs of the increase of the life everywhere where the electricity of the nature was increased, have given rise with electroculture, i.e. with the culture of the plants by means of the natural electricity collected by apparatuses special and drained in the .cultivé basement where one wants to obtain an addition of vegetation.

There is today in all the countries of the making world of the experimenters, of improved results according to the quality of the apparatuses of which they make use for collecting of the natural electricity and its mode of distribution in the cultivated basement.

But whatever the mode of collecting that the experimenters employ, it is a point on which they all arrive at the same purpose, i.e. if a living organism is placed in a magnetic field created by the single electrical forces of the nature, collected, drained, increased on the point where one wants to increase the life, the life increases on this point in the same proportions where the natural quantity of electricity there was amplified.

All these workings which last since exposed electricity and which had thousands of experimenters, at the head of which the largest names of science are placed, show by the results obtained on all the living organisms, that the electricity of the nature is the source .de life of all that lives on the earth.

The human ones are thus also tributary of these forces. But as they cannot remain day and night outside in contact with the electromagnetic forces of the nature and than they are private partly when they are locked up in their residence, one can cure this disadvantage by bringing an addition of natural electricity in their dwelling.

The purpose of the present invention is thus:

a pickup apparatus of the natural electricity and the diffusing one in the human dwelling.

The shape of execution of the object of the invention was represented as example in the annexed drawings which show: .

1, a view of face of the apparatus;

2, a view out of cut.

In these figures the same letters of references indicate the same ones by ties always.

The apparatus is composed of a metallic circle nonclosed A, magnetized by means of the negative electricity of the earth. On this circle a reflector B is attached, with the bottom of which a light hearth 0 is laid out. The whole is attached using bolts or of rivets D, on a tray E, pierced, of an opening F, allowing in the light of being spread in the part. This tray E is maintained upright by a foot G. The operation of the apparatus is the following one: metallic circle A being as a preliminary loaded of negative electricity of the earth, constantly attracts with him a larger positive quantity of electricity of the atmosphere. The space contained in the inner one of the circle thus becomes a magnetic field created by the natural electricity which the light rays must cross before being spread outside the apparatus. These light rays while crossing the magnetic field take care themselves of natural electricity which they transfer onto all. the space reached by their radiation. As the electricity of the nature is the source of life of all that lives on the earth, any living arganism reached by these light rays which bring an addition of electricity to him, sees increasing its vitality in considerable proportions. This apparatus can also extend to. stables, hen houses, rabbit burrow, etc, and in the greenhouses to increase the vitality of the plants and their maturity.

Forms, dimensions, details and materials employed for: construction of the apparatus susdécrit which can adapt to all the modes of illumination, can vary without changing into anything the object of the invention.


In short…


The word electroculture is still found in the old dictionaries and encyclopedias before 1945, then after this word was completely censored and disappeared from dictionaries.
Even now some online encyclopedia pages do everything to denigrate the subject and reduce it to anything.

This is a topic that bothers especially the states that have completely submitted themselves to the GMO agro-chemical and biotech industry.
So in the beginning, they denigrate, then censor, fight until when the subject falls into complete oblivion.

When you control the tongue, you control the thoughts of the people. Thus the official history of agriculture is a lie, propaganda that willfully ignore the subject directing young agronomist engineers to theories or breads of science that sets the chemical and agro-food industry to the detriment Moment of farmers and the people.

Today we revive electroculture and nothing will stop us.

Some historical photos on electroculture


Photo on the left: Large cabbage obtained without fertilizer but with the process of the Christofleau

electromagnetic fertilizer The most promising electroculture applications for farmers and also for gardeners will be put on the site. A little patience. In the meantime also visit the other sites on the subject in the links page.

Photos below
On the left: Giant leeks from a test carried out at the Office of Inventions in the 1920s now became the CNRS.

Right: Sunflower growing in Yannick’s garden equipped with an electroculture device with magnetic antennas. The results were spectacular on the sunflowers, the flowers and heads with the seeds had for some a diameter e more than 50 cm, close to the official world record.

In the middle: Book on the subject of electroculture, almost impossible to find book by the inventor and industrialist Justin Christofleau that we see in the photo exposing a plant of exceptional size grown with these methods. He sold thousands of these electromagnetic fertilizer devices around the world in the 1920s and 1930s before being the victim of smear campaigns and his death in 1939 that put an end to the development of electroculture in the period between two wars. this photo of the document was found on the priceminister website where someone bought this document. It would be interesting to find the person to ask him to share copies of the contents of the document, among the oldest and last on Christofleau’s life.

an ancient technique rediscovered since at least 1897


Photo on the left: The electroculture device called electrovegetometer was used by Brother Paulin, former director of the Beauvais School of Agriculture, an internationally renowned French institution. One of the most recognized schools in France and abroad.

The electrovegetometer used in electroculture is an antenna mounted on a pole and connected to wires buried in the ground around the pole. A dozen of these antennas placed in a field of one ha was enough to fertilize the field. This electroculture device made it possible to do without other fertilizers and obtain impressive results and harvests exceeding the results of agricultural techniques with the chemical and organic fertilizers of the time.

Electroculture is very promising.
These techniques have already been proven for centuries.

Despite the evidence, we are kept in the dark. CTIFL, INRA, agricultural schools are all complicit in this vast disinformation campaign sometimes simply by the ignorance of these actors or by omission of those who know who self-censor and retain information. Ignorance has the practice that once installed it stays there for a long time, because new researchers of good will do not seek what they do not know. It’s paradoxical isn’t it.

Several elements tend to confirm that electroculture techniques have been deliberately ignored, denigrated and forgotten since the 1930s or so.

In the book “electroculture and free energies” of 2010 we find the information of a confession of a former representative of the chemical industry of fertilizers who tells of having participated in a smear campaign against electroculture techniques. Today it doesn’t seem to have changed much. Official research institutions have completely forgotten the trace of electroculture, some research organizations are no longer even aware that they participated in electroculture trials at the beginning of the last century. In our agricultural schools we do not even address the subject of the influence of electricity or magnetism on plants. Is it not a shame and dishonor of the level of education that we hope for.

When we know the major influences of electrical factors and magnetism on plants, when we know that official research organizations have themselves done experiments in this field before, then we can wonder if the ignorance displayed is deliberate.

This keeps farmers and gardeners in organized ignorance, which benefits the agrochemicals and chemical fertilizer industry. When we ask ourselves “who benefits from the crime”, we have serious indications and evidence. Not to mention for the interests of the state to maintain and develop agriculture in the sense of more dependence, purchases of fertilizers and taxed phyto products that fill these coffers and closely control farmers.

If, as a farmer, you are aware of this problem of conflict of interest then the question that arises is: “Why participate in this masquerade?”, moreover it is often more expensive to use agrochemicals than to grow “cleanly” without toxic products. You really have to want it and have a certain degree of ignorance to want to pollute and intoxicate yourself and these fellow citizens.

Mostof them, farmers love their land and want to use the best techniques that bring them the best results.
There is only ignorance and misinformation that can explain the excessive use of pesticides and toxic pollutant fertilizers that most think are the best solutions.

Agrochemistry: a phenomenal deception of which farmers are victims.
Worse: The shareholder owners of agrochemical companies don’t care about farmers.

A relationship in the field of biodynamics, confirmed to me that one of the largest shareholders of a franco-Swiss multinational agrochemical firm well known in France and in the world, feeds mainly on organic food and even biodynamic cultivation. He would not even eat the fruits of conventional crops grown with the use of chemicals and phytos that brings him his fortune. It emerges that health is for him, toxic products are for others to bring him money and his lifestyle.

If farmers knew this, they might think, because no farmer likes to be mocked or taken for a jerk by his seller of plant protection products, agricultural cooperatives, and the agrochemical companies that govern them. the farmer has the choice at every moment to regain his independence. To know how, think and adopt the techniques that make you independent.

State censorship on electroculture.
Ignorance and misinformation.

One must always ask oneself who benefits from the crime to find the sources of this orchestration.

Farmers are kept in the dark for the benefit of a few. It does not make sense for a farmer who loves his land and animals to spread so many harmful and toxic products in these fields in order to get beautiful harvests. This testifies to his lack of knowledge of cleaner and cheaper techniques that would safeguard his heritage, his land, his independence from any external inputs to cultivate these lands and reap the fruits of his work. Today the fruit of the farmer’s labor is harvested by the agrochemical industry, the seed companies and the state while he is kept under dependence as a slave by these same organisms. It is not mandatory to undergo this, everyone can train and get out of this addiction by applying adapted agricultural techniques off the beaten track. Electroculture techniques are part of this direction.

While the farmer and the people stock up using the chemicals,
most agrochemical shareholders and ministers eat organic.

Aren’t farmers being taken for baboons in this story?

For farmers who still doubt it, read this and check for yourself.

Did you know that we would eat organic at the Ministry of Agriculture. Did you know that one of the main shareholders of Ciba and Novartis (agrochemical industry) has his complete biodynamic garden and would eat only organic while exploiting and intoxicating the world by earning his money with chemicals that he would probably not use for anything in the world in his own garden. If the farmers knew that, would he continue to be exploited like a pigeon?
If after a farmer persists in using chemicals it is because either he needs a little time to check and digest the bitter pill in which he has believed for so many years, or he has a neurological problem, which would not be surprising given the degree of stocking and propaganda about this subject, either he has suicidal tendencies, actually according to the stats every two days a farmer commits suicide, or he poisons these fields and food intentionally but then it is of the order of criminality. In some of these cases it is cured, otherwise there is justice although justice has long been sold to the same interests…. while the well-paid judges eat organic or almost.


Electroculture techniques make organic or conventional fertilizers and all treatment products useless, superfluous and outdated.

One can understand from the power of money, multinationals, education and corrupt politics that electroculture has been censored to the point that the word has been removed from encyclopedias.

An electroculture device once installed in a field and the farmer usually no longer needs inputs, plant protection products and fertilizers for many years, decades.

The economic model that is imposed on us is a consumer society, the consumable is put forward to the detriment of real solutions. The economic model of industrial agriculture wants to sell many consumables every year, which are for example phyto products and fertilizers. This organized system does not appreciate real solutions such as electroculture. An efficient and sustainable agricultural solution does not sell consumables. These consumables such as phyto products and fertilizers are temporary remedies or rather misery caches to be bought every year. The “consumable” approach benefits from this economic model that harms the interests of the farmers themselves. Farmers often do not realize how they are being manipulated and driven by this economic system. This situation also explains the ignorance organized around electroculture and many other effective and sustainable techniques.

The current cultivation techniques of agrochemicals, phyto products and chemical fertilizers simply show the degree of ignorance of the agricultural profession. It would be sad to stick with this observation, once informed we can act.

If you have become aware, the question now is: what are we going to do now?
The least we can do for each farmer would be to test new techniques off the beaten track in one of these own fields, after the results will speak for themselves. Do not wait for the official research organizations to do it for you and tell you about it in a positive way, because it is not in their “financial” interest.

Even now, simple solutions that have been tested and proven to be effective are totally neglected.

I remember one day, almost a decade ago now, funding a trial of electromagnetic irrigation water treatment on a salad crop in a market gardening research centre in France. Faster growth, more than 10% difference, was measured, which reduced growing time, reduced heating costs and reduced the risk of disease. A cucumber crop treated in this way was much less affected by diseases. Other observations in market gardeners showed results of around 30% difference and more depending on their starting situation of the characteristics of their soil and water. Yet despite these good results, the technicians of the market garden research organization who took care of it, did not talk about it. They did not consider it “useful” to inform farmers who were thus kept in total ignorance of a promising experiment that was easy to carry out for their greatest benefit. Yet it is their role to inform farmers, in addition they are mainly financed with our tax money. This is an example, but how many tests and techniques remain ignored in this way and are in the same situation?!

I would like to tell you, farmers, wake up, get out of your deep coma or you think you are free, but either the system deliberately keeps you in the dark with pseudo experts and technicians just as ignorant as you, so that you benefit the banks, agrochemicals and industry. Have you heard of electroculture? Even the teachers of the universities of agriculture and universities do not know.

The real capital is the land, the soil, which is cultivated.
You can choose to do differently, to cultivate differently, to train yourself, to test new techniques that give you a degree of independence and freedom. It is for the benefit of all, we, you, but also for your finances farmers who thus benefit from the fruit of their work by becoming more independent, for more quality and quantity of harvests in the long term. In addition, it is for the benefit of the environment, because when we can produce more and better quality while polluting less, it is almost too good to be true, yet with electroculture techniques it is very real.

The root of the word “cultivate” means “to honor”, “to love”, a farmer must be above all a “cultivator”, it is something other than the words currently used in the agricultural field such as “farmer” agricultural, exploit, farm. To go further, often the farmer treats these fields as a reflection as he treats his wife ….. or he cultivates or exploits. This is an unusual way of looking at things.

Often we say “such master such dog”. I would add for agriculture, ‘such farmer, such farm, such soil, such plants, such undesirable herbs, such animals’.

Censorship even in dictionaries:

Here are some photos of the illustrated Larousse of 1920 or you find the mention of the word “electroculture” with a definition.
Today the word no longer appears in any dictionary like the Larousse or Petit Robert and this for decades, I think about since the 30s at the beginning of the great censorship on the subject. So don’t be surprised that no one knows about electroculture, not even university and university teachers in agriculture. Because even the word has been censored and no longer exists “officially”.
A famous author said “control people’s language and you control their thinking”

Censorship still exists today
and much more than you imagine.

Your level of information on electroculture testifies to this.

I would even say that censorship, propaganda is even more misleading and sophisticated than years ago or even in times of war in the past.
In addition to censorship there are all the false stories and lies that are perceived as true and invented to fill your mind to obediently serve the system, or even ultimately defend it against your own interests.

Where does this ignorance in the education system come from? probably under pressure from lobbies and sellers of agrochemical fertilizers, the word electroculture that was once found in dictionaries and encyclopedias has been removed there since the 1930s! Since then it has fallen into oblivion until today where enthusiasts like you and me revive it.

During my studies in 1999, my professor supervising my thesis told me,
if you keep this element in your thesis I can not give you your diploma.
Censorship and self-censorship, I have experienced it directly since my studies… otherwise I did not receive the diploma. Other fellow students had to tinker with figures of experiments to please the teacher on thesis subjects that were close to the heart of their teacher. If in a single university class there are already so many hacks, what can we imagine if we multiply this by all the theses and academic scientific research…. It emerges that the state of honesty of current science is a vast scam. I fear that a child who is empty-handed will tell more truth than a teacher today.

He had interests with a big multinational agrochemical and GMO, “Demon” santo…. not to name it. The disturbing element in the brief in question was the uselessness and aberration of the genetic technology ofGMOs in agriculture. I explained that we could do better, in a more controlled, more environmentally friendly and more efficient way by using waves and frequencies to activate gene expression in a targeted way, in a reversible way and without polluting with GMOs, therefore without recourse to GMOs. I had to remove this page from my thesis to graduate.

This shows how ignorant we are. How we got there. Research centers and agricultural schools censor themselves to please the agrochemical, seed and GMO industry to safeguard their pecuniary interest to the detriment of the general interest, to the detriment of farmers and consumers. Because in the end, we pay through pollution, diseases and our bills to satisfy the ogre appetites of these industrial players.

What solutions? How to be informed?

If you are a student, choose electroculture as your TIPE subject, thesis or research topic. In this way you will participate in lifting ignorance. It won’t be easy, it’s rarely off the beaten track, but it’s so much more motivating to actually make yourself “useful” in life.

On this site, I show you some techniques,
examples, results and observations
that allow you to consider your farming techniques differently.

You will discover new electroculture techniques that can bring you more results in quality and quantity,
while bringing you more benefits, but also more independence from the system, which helps you towards a better future.


(A small note aside: The skeptical and distrustful nature of a majority of the population in the Western world and in France strongly resembles a disease, “scepticemia” or chronic acute skepticism, it hinders any rapid development of innovations. Generally this disease goes unnoticed by doctors and researchers of the state being themselves chronically infected. If you have scepticemia, treat yourself and isolate yourself as soon as possible so as not to infect those around you. Electroculture is a victim of this, this disease tries to prevent many gardeners from testing these techniques in their own garden. )

– Irish Towers
– Buried Cones (7)
– Copper tubes filled with basalt
– Chime 432 Hz
* Classic “Valdor” yellow pepper seeds.
A nice crop of peppers this morning, still as bulky… I almost broke my own record for this year of 554 grams, I actually have a pepper that weighs 527 grams.
Next year I plan to do even better with the same seeds of course and why break the world record ????
See you soon for more surprises ❤️

































Apparatus for measuring paramagnetism


PCSM Phil Callahan Soil Meter Van Doorne

100% Belgian and French manufacturing (since 2024).

All new improved model available since February 2024

The device is invented by and works according to the method of Phil Callahan.

The PCSM Van Doorne makes it possible to measure the paramagnetic value of a sample volume of 50 ml of earth, sand, rock, gravel, powder.

Measure paramagnetism to an accuracy of about 20 microCGS, and,

in a range of about 0 to 15,000 microCGS

Ideal appliance for agricultural, horticultural and landscaping use.

Solid and practical workmanship, much more robust and solid than the original.

Due to inflation in electronics, the hourly costs of electronics engineers, the difficulty of supplying certain electronic parts, the manufacturing cost of the device jumped compared to a few years ago. Prices may be reduced if orders are more numerous, allowing for the manufacture of larger series. This is always very interesting for agricultural professionals, consultants and technical advisors.

    The paramagnetism measuring device allows to measure soil, sand, soil, liquids and solids, gravel, substrates, fertilizers, etc,…
    The measurement of the paramagnetic value or paramagnetism gives an idea of the self-fertility of the soil. When the value is sufficient then there is generally no need for fertilizers or pesticides because the vitality of the soil is enough and the crops are doing well.
    When the value is insufficient then measures can be taken to improve the paramagnetism by adding suitable rocks. When there is almost no paramagnetism in a soil then fertility is very low and little or nothing grows without using external fertilizers.This measure makes it possible to better know its soil and to make better choices of the materials brought to the ground.
    For example if a landscaper wants to make a gravel or sand path or we want as little grass as possible, then we choose a substrate with paramagnetism as weakly as possible.

    For more information I recommend my first book on basalt and paramagnetism, which is also without doing it on purpose the first book in the world dedicated to this subject, translated into several languages (FR/NL/IT/English) :

    Book “Basalt and paramagnetism” by Yannick Van Doorne, Editions Isidorus.
    80 Pages, the first historical book dedicated to the use of paramagnetic basalt in agriculture to help fertilize land.Available on the Amazon platform on www.amazon.fr/Basalt-paramagn%C3%A9tism-%C3%89lectroculture-sustainably-paramagn%C3%A9tism/dp/2494659019 or on this shop of the site.



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