I blocked many of my family and friends from my Facebook last night. This is not because I fell out with them. My aim for sharing all the information about the scamdemic was to help them see the truth. But unfortunately they don’t want to know. If only they realised that the Government have successfully carried out the plan of divide and conquer. They want families and friends separated. My family and friends eagerly obliged. I considered closing down my page. But this year is going to very difficult as our Government follow the orders of the Controllers in the demise of our freedoms and livelihoods. And I need my own access to truth and support from the many others in Ireland and from various countries on my page. I still consider myself a Friend, a Sister, a Mother and a Grandmother to all the people I have lost because of the lying Traitors in The Dail. And I will do everything in my power this coming 2021 to expose these criminals. I will do everything in my power to get the masks of our school children. And I will do everything in my power to get my Grandchildren and my son and his wife back to us again. Good Luck Everyone in 2021.



Jean xxx

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