Interview Healer Eric Raines

Interview Healer Eric Raines

Interview Healer Eric Raines


So, here’s a question.
We’re gonna go a completely different direction here with this question, but I have seen quite a few people
asking you about this, so I think that there’s gonna be a lot of people in the audience
that are going to be interested in your response to this question.
And this one is from Eve. Eve is asking, she’s saying, I’d like to hear Eric talk
in more detail about plasterite. Can you please outline whether there is a certain pattern
one can place pieces of plasterite around the house to make a strong grid of protection?
What is the ideal number of pieces to have? Should they be certain sizes,
and if so, how many of each size?

What are some items that can be used as molds when making plasterite in different sizes?
I’ve read the instruction document posted here, but it doesn’t go into those types of detail.
Definitely, I absolutely love plasterite. So, plasterite is a form of organite
that is millions of times stronger. Now, a regular pyramid, like a five or six inch tall pyramid that you see,
excuse me, that you see being sold around the internet is if it’s well made, it’s multiple layers of metal
and organic material layered together.

And it can, on the Bovis scale, which is how we actually measure the power of these devices, it can, you know, if you have,
especially somebody like Steven Geddes, who has been making organite for a long, long time, this guy, he integrates tensor rings,
he integrates little secret coils,he integrates all kinds of amazing stuff into his pieces.

And his are some of the strongest I’ve ever come across, and they average easily 30 million Bovis.
Somebody just fresh off the shelf who’s never made this stuff before, who just throws a bunch of crystals and metal into the mix,
they’re only gonna be looking at maybe 50, 60,000 Bovis. And that is definitely strong enough to work on the EMF radiation around you
and transmute negative vibrational energy into a positive.

But the plasterite is in a world of its own. The first piece that I ever made, we measured that one out to about 50 billion.
And I mean, this thing, it turned the entire sky just this gorgeously deep blue color.
And every single chem trail that was around for, I believe, at least 50, 60 miles of a radius around me.
So I mean, it was like a hundred mile bubble that could not be,
there are no chem trails were able to even be laid down inside of it.
I mean, it was just phenomenal.

And so what is going on with the plasterite is that it’s a, I almost wanna say intelligence construct.
It’s almost like hacking reality. It’s allowing vital life force essence to pump its way through the grid lines of the planet
directly into the surrounding area around you.

And its field is absolutely massive. And when I say intelligent, I say that because as you are allowing this stuff to harden,
you can literally program it. And so I’ve programmed my plasterite with all kinds of different things.
Like I have blue sky broadcasters that are constantly working on the sky, transmuting chemtrails so that I don’t have
to constantly look up in the sky and then transmute them myself with my consciousness.
I’ve always got something that’s constantly doing it for me so I can set it and forget it, I guess you could say.
I have programmed them with neutralizing predatory intent.
I carry plasterite around in my vehicle with me all the time.
And I haven’t ran into a police officer since then. And I’ve been doing some pretty stupid stuff
occasionally driving way too fast right past these cops that they’re distracted right at the perfect moment.
They’re looking down at their monitor. They’re looking in a different direction.
And they don’t even see me. I don’t exist inside of their reality because I had completely neutralized the predatory intent
and that’s what they operate on.

They’re always looking for somebody to hunt down. And you can do stuff along the lines
of heart space activations. So everybody who is within the field is gonna be having their heart space start to open up
and not be blocked out, start experiencing compassion, understanding and benevolence that the way human nature is supposed to actually be
instead of what it is right now.

You can program it for anything. And pretty much what it is is a plaster of Paris and quartz silicate or sand.( and some salt)
And what happens is the plaster of Paris is gypsum. And the sand, the quartz silicate, so it’s a mixture between gypsum and sand
and when it hardens it becomes selenite. And so you end up with this massive piece
of programmable selenite that’s intelligent and it’s constantly working for what you program it to.
And so the way you make it is it’s about two-thirds plaster of Paris to one-third sand. And then the water that I use is water
that I’d set out for about 24 hours in the sunlight with all kinds of crystals inside of it
to charge the water itself. And everything that you put into the water it ends up blocking its resonance
inside of the plaster as it’s made.

So some of the most powerful stones that I have are moldavite and shungite.
And those are some of my favorites to put in there. I put all kinds of stuff in there.
I’ve got garnets, I’ve got Larimar. Larimar is a really good one. It comes from under the ocean actually and it’s this just beautiful sky blue
marbleized looking pattern and it just feels so earthy and motherly and waterish.
I love Larimar. I highly recommend people check that out. But I use all my tekites, my moldavite,
my cintamani, Libyan gold tekite, things along those lines.
Anything that came from outer space it’s highly tachyonized and it’s lots of good energy that goes in there.
And so I’ll charge up the water for about an hour for about 24 hours and then I’ll make it the next day.
Now for molds, one of my favorite molds is actually a traffic cone.
And I take the traffic cone and then I duct tape the end of it so that it’s watertight.
And then I will pour that in there and let that harden for about a day
and then turn that over and kind of tap that out on a blanket.

I’ve used buckets, one of my favorite ones to do like when I’m gifting, like when I’m throwing these
into the water and stuff like that because water makes it a lot more powerful.
It charges the water and then the water, wherever that’s at, that becomes a broadcaster
of the orgon energy as well.

And so I’ll put them into like two liter Coke bottlesand stuff like that. Now I don’t drink soda but I do buy Coca Cola
because it’s an amazing industrial cleaner. Like I mean you can clean your toilet like amazing
with Coca Cola.
You can clean off rust and stuff like that off a metal. Anything that’s CLR will do, calcium lime rust stuff,
you can do that with Coca Cola and so it’s a lot cheaper than any of the industrial cleaners as well.
And so I have those bottles that I will fill up with plasterite and let those harden
and I’ll either carry those around in my car or I’ll gift those around to the environment around me.
What else have I used?

Buckets, bottles, cones.And I’ve got two different types of cones.I’ve got the big traffic cone and then I’ve got
the smaller one for like a, you know you like take your kids to soccer practice or something like that
and they use those cones right there. It’s about that size. And you can do all kinds of different stuff with them.
Oh I’ve used baking dishes too, like plates and stuff like that and those are what I use
for charging plates and so it ends up with like a tile that you can carve designs into, you can paint them,
you can do all kinds of different stuff to it.

And those are the molds that I use for those but then one of the most powerful things that I found
to do is take an extension cord and wrap it clockwise from the top to the bottom all the way around
one of these cones and the spiral of the cone by itself already, it gives an amazing spin
to the organ energy but then you take an extension cord and you wrap it around these things and then you plug it
into something that’s on 24 /7.

Like I’ve got mine in between my refrigerator and my wall and then the refrigerator’s plugged into the extension cord
and the extension cord is plugged into the actual grid itself and what that does is that literally cleans out
the electricity everywhere throughout
its whole entire influence.

And so when we look at electricity there’s actually two different types of electricity that’s being fed
into our home and there’s only about 60% of the electricity that we’re being able to even use to begin with
and then about 40% of it is like EMF feedback and so we can’t use that, it doesn’t power devices
but it still goes through the meter and so we get charged for it and it comes off
as a nasty EMF frequency and so what this does is it completely cancels it out within its zone
of influence and like a broadcaster, one of these cones that’s about maybe three and a half feet tall
with an extension cord around it, its field is massive.

I mean we’re talking about 15, 20 miles right here so you’ll actually notice your power bill will go down
and you won’t have those nasty EMF buttons from the electronic devices in your house
and it cleans out pretty much your whole entire neighborhood, I mean your whole entire town.
I mean these are an amazing tool of light to use right there so that’s one of my favorite things
to do with them.

I always like to hunt down cell towers and stuff like that, like the Gwen towers specifically.
The regular cell towers, they have just like a satellite dish looking type thing on them
and those are actual cell towers. The Gwen towers are the ones with those flat disks
that are thick and maybe about like a foot across and then like five feet tall.
Those right there are actually propagating the scalar field that these implants can move around through
and so if you go and find one of those towers and you bury a bottle of plaster right next to like,
because they all have a power transformer that’s fenced off and locked up,
if you can find the, you can take like a metal detector out there or something like that and you can find
the power supply that goes underground that’s buried and then you can dig a hole right next to it
and place one of those in there, you completely and totally neutralize that tower
and so that tower not only becomes neutralized, it actually starts broadcasting positive orgone radiation
and so that’s an amazing thing that you can do and you’ll notice that you’ll have all kinds
of military flyovers, you’ll have all kinds of black helicopters, stuff like that,
trying to figure out where this is and orgonite, they can actually tune into.
They can figure out where it’s at like metal and resin.


They can figure out where it’s at if it’s strong enough but this plasterite, they’re completely oblivious to it
unless you put metal powder inside the plasterite and that makes, it’s a different frequency
that it pumps out and it’s very, very strong, very, very gritty but you will have literally
a black helicopter floating above your backyard about 100 feet off of the ground
which is how I realized this was a bad idea to do. So yeah, they can tune right into those
but I mean, it’s an amazing tool of light. It completely and totally throws a massive, massive wrench
inside the Cabal’s works.

All their actual physical technology that they use, it completely neutralizes all kinds of it.
I highly recommend anybody make it.Plaster of Paris, you can go to Home Depot and pick up a bag of that for $18
and then you can go to the concrete section and pick up a big bag of play sand for like $3
and there you go, you’ve got the basics right there.

Other additives that I like to put in there, those are just the basics and then the crystal water and whatnot but all you need is the plaster of Paris and the sand ( and some salt)
and you can make something that is effective. If you want it really strong, put the crystal water into it. ( If you use beach sand , the salt can be skipped)
The other things that I like to put in there, oh, wash your sand too, rinse the sand out
because that’s got like some chemical stuff in it that it throws off the vibration a little bit
so throw it into a bucket and kind of swirl it around and then pour out the dirt and fill up the bucket again,
swirl it around, kind of like you’re gold tanning. Get the stuff that floats up out of there
but other stuff that I put inside of it, I like to get beach sand.
Any type of sand with a crystalline structure on it already because salt is crystalline
and so anything from the ocean is absolutely amazing.


You can put seaweed in there. You can put shells in there. Shells, specifically the spiral shells,
things with the phi or a golden ratio build to them, they really knock up the vibration of these pieces by,
I mean, like the magnitudes are like 10.

They make them so much stronger. It’s absolutely amazing. Anything from the ocean that you throw in there
is going to be good to go. Patterns and stuff like that. Oh, there we go. Perfect.
So one of the other things that you can make out of these is something called the Bernoulli ring
and the way that you make that is if you had a plastic box and you tilted it up on its side so it had one point down
and then you filled up that bottom as much as you could, you’ll end up with a pyramid made out of the plasterite
and then you can take anywhere from four.

Four is the basic minimum that you need. I’ve made Bernoulli rings with about 12 of these things
and pretty much what that is is you place the flat side down so that the straight side comes up
and then you put them right next to each other about maybe four or five inches apart
and you line them up in a geometric pattern with this Bernoulli ring
and you can feel it as you place the last one in there because, I mean, these all have a very,
very strong energetic field to begin with and like when they activate, if you’re energetically sensitive,
it feels like you get kicked in the chest.



They’re that strong. And when you put that last piece in place with that geometric pattern with the Bernoulli ring,
I mean, good night. You almost have to run away from it because it’s just so powerfully, incredibly strong
and like you have to really kind of get used to the vibration of these things
because they’ll keep you awake at night. You’ll have like awful insomnia trying to go to sleep
if you keep these within like 20 feet of your bed until you start getting used to it.
But the Bernoulli ring, when you start stretching these out and you start adding more, you know, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, 10 different pieces inside of this ring right here all geometrically spaced apart
and facing each other so that there’s like a solid line on the inside, they become just so much stronger than they were before
and it’s a perfect representation of humanity,you know, like each and every single one of us
is an energetic powerhouse on our own but when we align ourselves into a grid
with other people operating towards the same goal, we become so much stronger
and it’s not even a magnitude of two plus two equals four or that’s actually a bad one
because two times two is four as well but you know, like 10 plus 10 is 20.
It’s not that. It’s 10 times 10. You know, it’s the magnitude of 100
instead of just 20 by adding it together and it’s incredibly powerful stuff.
I highly recommend anybody make it.

You know, it’s super cheap and it’s super easy to make it’s non-toxic and you know, you throw it outside
and if it starts breaking apart in the rain or anything like that, just make another piece, you know.
That’s one of the reasons that why I do like putting them inside of a plastic coating
such as a two-liter soda bottle or something like that because then you can cap it off and it becomes watertight
and you can throw it wherever you want and it’ll stay good forever pretty much.
So, Plasterized real good stuff. Highly recommend everybody make it.
Fantastic. Really good and easy. So, something fun to do with the kiddos,
get them involved, that sort of thing. Oh yeah, you can do like hand prints and stuff like that.
All kinds of different designs in it. Kids love to make it.

So, it looks like we have a caller.
Let’s go ahead and finish up.


PDF for dowload



One part Plaster of Paris – say one bucket   One part Water – say another bucket, mix it together add some natural salt  ( not kitchen salt ) 
add about 20 % sand, mix it up, add intent/focus on it, put it in a shape , form, let it harden , done.

2 thoughts on “Interview Healer Eric Raines

  1. The jury is still out about the salt hahahaah…., good talk Eric Raines….try to find some flaws but there aint many flaws in it. I would advice salt as when I make it without it it is not so strong. Just my two cents, somehow the salt ignites the whole thing.
    It will probably work without but…esp in case of the crystallized water etc etc
    Bernoulli is indeed strong. I dont use it because I find it too complicated, but it does work, so if one has space around, you could do it, it does work very well, very strong.
    If you know where the cable goes of a Gwen tower , one could also just dowse it…instead of metal detector 🙂
    Hacking reality, that is what it is.
    Neutralize predatory intent
    intelligence…hmm yes , some would say consciousness or awareness, it IS
    Josh talked about that often
    Eric Raines is as far as I can tell the only person, that really went into the inner circle of the selenite. Took me a year he did it in a few weeks, max…hahahaha
    He was trained and I am not, I was green as grass so we have to consider that too…throw that in the mix.
    Also Eric and Tony Geron are good talkers , I am not such a smooth talker, think Stephen Geddes is also like me a bit, we are not such talkers. We are doers, we get it, we understand it, and we do the gifting etc etc, we do what needs to be done.
    Actually it is more than just neutralizing emf, as eric says, it goes further than that, the spoiled energy or feedback through the grid, when you use selenite, you will notice that your bill goes down, so a part of the energy from the grid, about 20 to 30 percent improvement or more efficiency is noted. So you simply reduce your bill by about that amount, or fuel / gas and no we dont make that up, I tested that personally
    It does work as intended.
    Yes using metal in plasterite is the worst you can do
    again, I tried
    that is why selenite and metal should never be combined
    ” anything from the ocean” oh god he is good !!!!!!
    I thought I was the only one who knew all this
    this secret knowledge that maybe ten on this planet know
    let alone care….
    I had to figure it all out by myself, I had no help, I just found out by coincidence or synchronisity
    I dont know why I know, or got that knowledge as no one had it
    no one
    but once you are on the path of truth
    knowledge will come to you
    and you cannot explain why
    it just comes to you by a hidden hand
    not a masonic hand , a different sort of healing hand
    There is a strong connection with water, not just the sea
    putting it in pop bottles and make it land in water it indeed a very strong method to reach goals, works superb.
    in short the selenite way will open doors of perception that is what it comes down to
    you will enter amazing territory, big time, it just happens
    if you want it to happen
    that is one of the essences of the selenite
    to break through reality that is why it is a favorite stone of healers
    it is not for everyone, actually it is only for the few.
    Like the WEF ….also for the few spelled backwards
    in regard to the salt……
    when you think about it , it works better , much better with the salt why is that
    I suspect it wants to go back to unity with earth
    that is why we add salt, you could just as well use seawater or beach sand, that would be easier if you have access to it , but we usually dont so that is why the salt is an item
    it will work without but weaker, something is missing, I tested that , many times, usually by mistake, I forgot the salt and felt , something is missing, something is not right, voila
    call it insight, or intuition. Words…..words…but there is a bigger meaning
    like the life pillow, when you think about it, it also wants to go back to creation, or unity
    as it is 4:1 ratio of seaweed and sand, again water and earth ratio of the planet, voila
    occultism revealed , for our five fans….
    technically the polarizer or life pillow could be improved upon, if one uses the old school recipe, which we dont have, but it includes some rare earths and minerals but that is not needed per se, it just pushes it up a bit more, makes it more perfect but it is perfect enough in its simplicity
    the main thing to take away from eric s talk is the programming aspect , that is importan t and mostly neglected or forgotten…..
    and yet it is the most important
    you can deflect predatory intent, if you want to
    I dont always want to deflect it
    I like the smell of kerosine in the morning with my cup of coffee but that is just me
    one of my vices
    but I do program my gifting pieces for it, to avoid running close to the boys in blue and that works fine
    in such talks we only scratch the top of the iceberg of course as one could understand by now, the only way to understand all this is to play with it, there is no shortcut here
    as it is only through the soul , through hard work, you can achieve it.
    that is the obstacle most cannot take
    the zombies
    the masses
    so we have the few on one side, the zombies in between, the herd and on the other side there is we, again, the few
    to balance it out somehow

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