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2. World War II.
3. Agriculture.
4. Natural Cures
5. Entomology
6. Radio Technology
7. Infra Red Technology

I. Title.


Joe and Marilyn Blankinship visit with Philip and Winnie Callahan at their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2004. A few initial minutes of introduction are not captured on video. As if you just entered the room you’re instantly engaged with the conversation taking place. The content and dynamics of their time together is captured in this perfect example of both men’s recollections of their lives and research.

The transcription from video tape to print is an attempt to preserve the charm of their candid conversational style and is presented intact as much as possible.Where there is editing of words and phrases it is only done for the purpose ofclarity or to make sense.

The decision was made to not interfere with the fluidity of the “read” with indications as to where these modifications occur. Phil Callahan has published eighteen books; many of them touched upon and shared in this visit.

The transcription from video to print was completed late July of 2010 at the request of Joe Blankinship whose aim is to carry Dr. Philip Callahan’slegacy generations forthcoming. Enjoy the ride!

End Tape
Dr. Philip Callahan has not yet received a Congressional Medal of Honor.
His hope was to voice the truth about our planet and our health. It is assumed  his voice  would have irreversible  damaging effect to  the cartels that run the industry of ill health, corruption in agriculture, as well as prevent the detrimental effectiveness HAARP has on the environment and earth’s inhabitants.  Paramagnetism is an integral key to saving this planet as we see it being dismantled at an exponential rate.
You will not fnd Phil Callahan’s name in such seemingly reputable information web depositories   such   as   The   Wikipedia   page   on paramagnetism, although he invented the term, not only doesn’t mention his   name,   but   doesn’t   list   the   common   terms   that   reference   to paramagnetic   characteristics   such   as   “iron   oxide,   ferrous   oxide,   pink granite, granite, basalt,” and all of the items of information shared in this  interview.
Not   Philip   Callahan,   nor   his   eighteen   published   books   on entomology, infra red radiation, paramagnetics, natural phenomena, and the many scientifc papers, are noted on  This is one clear example where information is suppressed at the level of mass information and   educational   venues   that   would   otherwise   damage   the   powerful industry that educates them. Both Philip Callahan and Joe Blankinship share a strong desire to educate our youth.

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