It Takes Courage to be Different.

I’m shaking all over. My heart is racing. I feel quite panicked.

The feeling of the overwhelming intolerance and disgust towards me in a supermarket today didn’t get the desired intention to make me feel like a nobody. Thank God, I am an honest and polite citizen and I am happy in my own skin. Initially, I wasn’t aware of the glares towards me as I went about my selection of goods, but when I was reported a couple of times in the shop for not wearing a mask and challenged by a young member of staff of the complaint. I felt the realisation of shock hitting my system.

Once again no member of staff came to my assistance as I was bullied inside their store.

Thankfully, I have the law on my side as I have an exemption from wearing masks and the law does indeed protect people’s right to have exemptions.

Here’s the the elephant in the room though. Every body who knows me in my area know what I think of the whole Scandemic. My thoughts and actions are Not based on theories or assumptions. My findings are based on my researching factual and physical evidence. But it’s the same old problem. I guess I don’t look like I’m educated and I guess I don’t look like I have a disability. (One that I don’t claim any disability for or ever did as Myself and my husband have always worked hard)

So people make assumptions about a person because of the way one looks. Big mistake.

I suppose people are looking at me and saying, ‘Well, we have to wear a mask, and so should everyone else.’

And what I say to that is , ‘Actually, no, you don’t have to wear a mask.

You’re doing it because your Government is telling you to do it and you never once challenged the masks.’ Not once!

And now you’re judging those who have challenged it and will not wear a mask because they know the truth about them. The science has proved masks are useless and all the people had to do was tell their Government, ‘No, We don’t need to wear masks to be safe, we’ll take our own precautions, because we are intelligent beings.’

So for those of us who know the scientific facts about mask wearing, we are doing everything we can to stand up against the Government. We are trying to get the masks off our beautiful youths. This is not about me. I’m fifty three and my face has seen better days. But I had a wonderful free youth. I had many friends. We were always out on the town in our Glad Rags. We lived life to the fullest. This is about my kids and my grandchildren and my nieces and nephews! I want them to have that same freedom and I know it’s being annihilated!

It is a fact that these masks are here to stay, regardless whether anybody chooses to get the vaccine or not. It is also a fact that masks are doing more harm than good. Breathing in your own carbon dioxide day in, day out, for months and years on end will cause bacterial pneumonia. It will weaken your lungs. It will weaken your immune system.

It takes great courage to walk into a supermarket knowing that people detest you. It takes great courage to ignore bullies. It takes great courage to fight for your rights. So, next time you send hateful eyes at an innocent person, who treats you with respect, but above all, does not judge you for being the person you want to be, in wearing your mask. Make sure you know the law.

Jean Murray xxx

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