In 1931 an English Author and Screenwriter named Aldous Huxley 1894-1963, wrote the well acclaimed book called ‘A Brave New World.’ He envisioned a future of a World filled with a negative Utopia where Human Beings would be dehumanised. Humans living in a false sense of happiness without compassion and empathy. It’s almost like he had a Premonition. Huxley raised the alarm against the dangers of technology in a future that he would not get to witness. He stressed that if Governments, Organisation’s and Corporations in certain positions of Authority could use scientific and technological advances to control society, they would pave the way to a totalitarian state and enact powers to change the way human beings would think and act. (Governments were obviously threatened by the passionate ‘Hunter Gatherer’ male who lived to protect his family, and the woman who was the Mother that fed her offspring, so much so that they wanted to change the ‘nature of the beast.’) Aldous was suspicious of Organised Religions as he felt that decent citizens could be brainwashed into a way of behaviour that would leave them vulnerable to being controlled by the systems put in place that were supposed to protect them. Amazingly today, in 2022, it seems that Huxley’s premonition has come true. I was deeply disappointed in my Catholic Church in March 2020, for shutting out its flock in their time of need, all because of a potential chance of catching a Corona Virus, only deadly to the very sick and immune compromised, much the same as the seasonal flu. Now, as I navigate my way through a maze of destruction to the life I once knew, a life that I believed in, I realise I’m going through a grieving process for my loss. Because that life was based on falsities and it was meant to fail for us ‘Useless Eaters’ under the instructions of the controlling classes. All of the systems that connected each aspect of my growing life were structured to be difficult and to make me suppressed, submissive and subservient. In turn, I took that conditioning into my marriage and motherhood and discovered that I was ill equipped to raise my children free from suppression. During the last two years I have discovered, to my horror that our Government has been working for decades to dumb down my children with the systems that they have put in place. Since emergency measures were enacted into each country’s legislation, World Leaders are blatantly revealing their ability to control citizens Freedoms with their Power. Under the guise of a pandemic, the World Government’s put in place rigid control methods to condition my children further and lock them in with tighter restrictions to prevent them from rebelling in order to keep them on the same path of abuse, servitude and deprivation, that their parents and grandparents fought hard to try and escape.

Huxley was not a man who just happened to have an amazing imagination that he could dream up such a tale of a dystopian future. He was an inquisitive man who questioned how things worked. He read a lot and researched the information he discovered from books and he knew that technology was at an advanced stage all of those years ago in 1931. Think about it, World Leaders had the ability to send a rocket to the moon in 1969! Whether that rocket went to the moon and landed on it is a subject for another day, but computer technology must have been so advanced and in production for much longer than the six decades that we were led to believe, to have the ability for a rocket to be designed, engineered and sent up into the atmosphere. Huxley knew that there were people of massive wealth behind the influencer’s of Governance and that they had the powerful ability to fund projects for their own purpose, position and precedence, such as The Rothschild family. The rest of us mere mortals were led to believe that automation began with the Industrial Revolution in the 1890’s. I was educated in schools to believe that an entire World population were illiterate in the late 1890’s. I had no idea that it was just the poor people or serfs that were uneducated. It’s interesting to note that the majority populace of the World were living in massive poverty while the minority was wealthy and powerful and that they and theirs were educated to the highest level. It is only in the last three decades that poor people have been encouraged to be fully educated in Ireland. Think about that. My Grandparents could barely read in 1969 and there were people so highly educated that they could build Rockets! College education has only been offered to lower income families in Ireland a little over Thirty years ago. All the while there being writings and discoveries from great scholars for hundreds of years, such as The Bible and Aristotle. Born in 384 BCE, 300 years before Jesus was born. He made pioneering contributions to all fields of philosophy and science, he invented the field of formal logic, and he identified the various scientific disciplines and explored their relationships to each other. Aristotle was also a teacher and founded his own school in Athens, known as the Lyceum. All of this in the Fourth Century! While in Ireland in the 1890, the poor people of Ireland could not read. Unbelievable.

Thanks to the onset of Global Tyranny in the guise of a deadly pandemic, there are now hundreds of thousands if not millions of people questioning the functionality of the systems that run their lives. They want to know Why are they still poor even though they are educated and work long hours. They are figuring out that the Wealthy get powerful while the poor are losing their rights and Freedoms. With lots more historical scientifically factual information being available on all social media platforms, there is an overwhelming deliverance of real education being administered to the many.

My Analysis of the last two years since March 2020 concludes that it was a controlled annihilation of our Social Culture. Within that structure moulded by our Heritage holds Morals, Values, Principles, Trust and Faith and is the prime target to be destroyed by World leaders. These Intangibles that are the very Core of our Soul is also what keeps our Emotions balanced, such as Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Hurt, Guilt and Security in Oneself. If the solidness of our structure is threatened or broken, it causes us to be confused and erratic and we may begin to struggle with Mental Health issues. Mental health is familiar to all as the stability of one’s mind. The mind controls the functions of emotions and the emotions control the body’s behaviours. If Governments and institutes have the power to disable our minds, they get complete power over us. This has shown to be quite successful during the past two years as the majority of people have been controlled by Government guidelines. But they didn’t succeed in controlling everyone. There was quite a large element of the population who were not easy to manipulate and these people all have a common link. They have a strong faith in God and in doing so trusted their own God guided instincts. This doesn’t eliminate one from experiencing the pain of the broken society around them as the realisation of one’s own participation in the destruction of values. I was fooled for so long myself and I take personal responsibility. Also, given the massive scale of the operation from all sectors of the systems in the community to destroy the populace’s morals and principles can lesson my guilt. One’s mind can be overwhelmed with sadness and failure because of this personal guilt. Society today is quick to label people with sadness as Mental Health Disorders. We are led to believe that it is a disorder if one is passionate about any given situation. Even if it’s for the cause of Justice. Again, it is God’s guidance of one’s instinct to stand up for Justice. To live in a society where mankind is free to live as God wanted him to live. Interestingly, One can find oneself’s mental health being questioned for standing up against injustices as if to do so is ‘Crazy’ or showing one to be a degenerate. It is never noted that every human has an individual intangible mind with emotions and can at any time be subject to an inquisition of the health of ones mind. Most people know this, and choose to not express their opinions in order to appear of sound mind.

I think what got to me the most about the forced changes put upon our lives was the Total Injustice of it all. Nothing is what it seems. Everything they taught us to believe in was a lie. How dare The Irish Government and the powers that control them deceive us in order for us to ‘Go Quietly.’ I once believed that the Education system cared for our children and wanted to see them succeed. When they masked my children in 2020, I saw only too clearly their Dictatorship endgame. The Attack on Morals and Values began with the Sexual Revolution in the 70’s and it was purposely infiltrated into colleges under the guise of modernism. People were supposed to be happier with no inhibitions attached, but that is not the case. People are not happier when self respect is dropped. It causes shame and confusion. This easily explains why the kids born in the eighties have not questioned any of the restrictions under Government orders since March 2020. They have been raised in a society that is modern and it’s seen as ‘Mad’ to go against any ‘Cool’ narrative that everyone else is following. This generation is now raising kids of their own and they haven’t a clue of the dangers facing their children under this degenerate Education Institution. They have no idea that the income they are earning today will never afford them to buy their children’s freedom or safety in the near future. Because with what is going on today in our country, where our Government has stolen our resources, our rights and our freedoms and handed them over to their bosses, the EU and the UN. It leaves us with the only leverage that could potentially buy our children’s health and safety and that is our ability to earn an income. And they have destroyed our businesses in the last two years and are further taxing the survivors. It’s Criminal what our Governments are doing. And the Justice system in Ireland is allowing the Emergency status to continually be re-enacted that makes it illegal for one to want one’s free will. One wonders if the Justice system is biased. Does she favour the Powerful and the Wealthy’s will over the poor man? It seems she does. When man feels all hope is lost, it is not. God our Father in Heaven is with us. Just reach out to him.

Jean xxx

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