Since March 2020, many honest and beautiful People of Ireland have put themselves on the frontline to be undermined, ridiculed and jeered in their quest to share vital information in order to help their fellow man. To spread the news to an unsuspecting nation that they were being fooled by Government leaders and Main Stream Media. The majority of the Irish nation refused to believe that everything they knew and trusted in life was a lie. They come in three categories, The Educated under the wealthy, comfortable class; these are the adults that have always afforded the luxury of college education, with degrees, masters and further higher qualifications in their field of study. The unsuspecting parent has been fooled certainly in the last thirty years, in their understanding of the education system. The Government provides the material that has to be covered in schools and colleges and the Government is also responsible for purposely hiding the true history of Ireland and the rest of the world. The Government can manipulate the students into what they only need to know in life and basically conform our children into obedient citizens who do not question or think outside the box. The Irish Education that parents believe must be the complete truth because they have paid highly for it. The Irish Government themselves don’t supply the education material, it comes from the EU and the WHO and the people who control them. Not all the educated class stick to the education narrative, there are a few wise ones in this category that realise that what they have been taught doesn’t actually add up to where their own instinct and curious mind inspires them to go, such as James Delingpole, a privately educated Journalist from the UK. Delingpole interviews many educated and credited people in relation to the massive Corruption going on each country under the guise of COVID 19.

The next category come under the Naive, who place all their trust in the Governing system. This set of people are often the original poor and dysfunctional class who are uneducated in personal growth. Because of their poor origins, and I am from this category, we often lack an education in emotions. Our parents who are in the seventy, eighty or ninety age bracket often had to leave school at the end of primary school and go straight to work in various factory jobs. When they married, they had large families. Barely able to feed and educate their own children, especially when the nationwide recession hit in the 70’s, the Irish mothers could only afford cheap processed food such as mince or chicken pies full of salt and fats but could be bought in packets of eight for one Irish pounds. Unemployed, Angry young fathers turned to cheap drink and came home and beat their wives and children. They also turned to gambling in a quest to win some money to provide for their families. Children grew secretive, defensive, angry, sad and afraid. They in turn often chose to drink to escape and find some short term moments of happiness. This naive set of people were on a vicious circle of emotional turmoil with no one within each family equipped to help themselves or their siblings. A lot of this category ended up sick from one or more physical or mental illnesses, and many ended up on anti depressants and permanent medication for heart, kidney or diabetes disease. They are unfortunately caught in a trap of trusting the Medical Care system, which those of us awake to the COVID corruption know only too well that we will never trust the HSE ever again. A few from the naive category escaped the circle of dysfunction purely by their drive to improve their emotional state and find inner peace and happiness, including myself. My search for inner peace and emotional growth began when I was twenty two years old and it has been a long time and a worth while journey and my true education of life is only beginning. And it is quite fascinating if not a little terrifying. Since March 2020, I have been honoured to meet many, many like me from our class.

The last category of people are the Vulnerable and the Fearful. This is the sector I have deep compassion towards. This section of people are the old, the sick, the disabled and the cognitive injured. I say cognitive injured here, because it is with my research and understanding that our innocent nation have been victims of the health care system and are consistently damaged from unnecessary jabs in Ireland which has also led to their physical disorders. There are a lot of people from the previous ‘Naive’ category mixed in this group where their emotional growth was stumped through family dysfunction and ignored emotional issues. This vulnerable section are emotionally paralysed, their critical thinking stumped in childhood through cognitive disorders or emotional neglect. Again, I am involved in this section too, through my own dysfunction I failed to meet many emotional needs of my children. Many innocent, law abiding citizens come under the fearful category. When the ‘COVID’ hit in March 2020, this Irish set of people’s hidden fears rose to their minds banishing any rational thinking. These Irish people only heard ‘deadly disease’ and so released quite severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in the masses. The permanent wearing of the ‘Masks’ is the OCD behaviour. People with OCD have hidden fears that they cannot express, possibly because of a lack of emotional nurturing from childhood and also because of undiagnosed learning or cognitive disorders. Children with OCD behaviour may have to ‘wee’ every few minutes and then that often develops into obsessive hand washing as the sufferer has an unexplainable fear of germs. This progresses to not wearing the same clothes that touch the floor and then this progresses to not touching any item that has fallen onto the floor. At this point a parent should realise the child needs professional help and in finding the right help, it can be very successful. The right professional will find a way of getting the child to trust them and enable them to begin to express and recognise hidden fears. The basis of OCD is fear and in my experience no medication is needed. One must listen to children’s emotions and address them, Especially children who are sensitive. These group of vulnerable people are the ones you see in masks from the moment they leave their house in the morning till they return at night. There is no point in trying to reassure these people that the mask does nothing to help them, they are unfortunately entrapped in obsessive OCD fear. These are the group, the Government were relying on to be complicit. They knew in this group, through dysfunction, illness and lack of education that they would not contest or question the Criminality behind the ‘COVID’. Couple that with the lack of mental health and physical services since March 2020 and the massive propaganda campaign from all controlled Mainstream Media channels Worldwide, this sector, paralysed in emotional fear and/or physical illness have no access to professional help. And even as we see these services open up, the waiting list is eighteen months away. This is the very sad situation for this sector. At this stage, the powers behind the corruption are in the lead. The only way out of this as I see it, is to help this sector the most. We need to help and support this sector of people through our compassion and kindness and love. I don’t see any other way.

Jean xxxx

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