I’m going to keep saying this till I’m banned and blocked.
This planned destruction of our Country is deliberate. It began in 2008, when our Government bailed out the banks and left our property and Irish independent wealthy construction businesses to be ravaged by foreign vulture funds.
Our banks are owned by the Trillionaire Rothschild family and were never in danger of falling.
The second part of the plan is to destroy retail, pubs, restaurants and hotels. These business owners would be considered middle class wealth.
These business’s are going to be locked down for nine weeks at first, and then till June and then till November 2021, until they are completely wiped out.
They’re doing the same in all Capitalist Countries.

This is a massive drive to force us into Communism by the Global World Bankers. Rothschild.
Our Churches will be closed by next December and there will be no Christmas Mass as Christianity is a threat to communism.
Your would be right in asking, ‘Why would they close business’s as they are the source of our revenue. Because, at the Moment, all this cash our Government is flashing with the flow of Covid payments, is coming from the trillionaire Global banks.


And yes, they will want it back.
How are they going to get it back?
Our Government will come out with the next plee for funds in 2021, to us the people. And they will say, they have no choice but to empty all of our private pensions. ‘It will be our duty’! ( they did this in Greece in 2010)


When we the people of Ireland have no funds of our own, they will bring in the Universal Basic Income. They will also introduce Debt forgiveness on your mortgages, and you will then not own your house. You will one day be asked to move into a social housing scheme in the city.
Here’s where the other hoax Green Agenda comes in, with restrictions on travel, and personal cars ( to save our planet). We will not have freedom of movement under the constitutional changes our Criminal leaders are conducting at this moment, along with the loss of our freedom of speech in the guise of protecting against racism. That also means when the people of Ireland decide to protest against these new rules, they can be locked up.

We will be under full communism rule by the Global World Bankers by 2022.
Every Doctor and nurse that works in a HSE hospital knows that they are treating sick Covid patients the same way they would treat the flu or pneumonia. Covid is the flu, just renamed.
This vaccination is dangerous and not needed.


Our Government and media are conducting a massive coercion campaign to make the People of Ireland take this vaccine.
Everybody who is pushing the Covid agenda in Ireland like the head GAA, FAI, teachers unions ASTI , the head HSE, the head Vintners association and last but not least our Criminal Government were paid huge sums of money, placed in a foreign bank account with only a code number.
If any of the people of Ireland feel they are taking the vaccine for their Country. They are not. The country are your people not corrupt Government. And your people would never coerce you into taking anything dangerous.


Your Government do not represent you any more. They work for the Global banking cabal.
Only a miracle will save us now.


Jean xxx


  1. Well spoken, you are absolutely on to something here. It is happening in a lot of countries. What needs to be done is to make connections and structures between the humans in society. Please do not give up!

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