Plasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell

Plasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell

Plasterite – A Natural Life Force Energy From Plaster, Creating an Orgone Canopy – By Jenny Mortell

April 12, 2017


By Jenny Mortell

Thank you to Suzanne for allowing me to write about something that has fascinated me for almost two years now and has become a passion with me.
About three years ago I woke up to the dangers of geoengineering and learned about the solution of cancelling out chemtrails by the use of orgonite, and immediately started making resin orgonite chembusters and gifting material. Shortly after that I heard about Plasterite – I was very dubious about it at first, I could hardly believe that something as ‘ordinary’ as Plaster or gypsum could make something that could produce energy. But after a few months something ‘clicked’ with me, I started watching the tutorial videos on YouTube and joined the Orgonite from Plaster Facebook page and haven’t stopped making Plasterite since. Since then I’ve used at least 120 x 25 kilo bags which means that somehow or other I’ve made about 4,800 kilos (10,000 lbs) Plasterite! A lot of this would have been used at workshops which I’ve done around the country (Ireland) plus lots for gifting here and there around the country. It didn’t cost me a fortune to make, as a bag of Plaster in this country is about €16 and the other ingredients cost almost nothing.

So, what is Plasterite? It’s an innovative method of creating Natural Life Force Energy – prana, chi or ki. It is powerful, simple, inexpensive to produce and non-toxic so even children can enjoy making it. I find children’s reactions are much stronger than just the possibility of doing some handcraft. It must be that they can sense the energy very clearly.
It was discovered in about 2009 so it is only recent and all the different possibilities for healing are only being discovered

It uses all natural ingredients, i.e. Plaster, sand, salt and crystals or crystal water (water with crystals left in it for some time to take on the energy). Other ingredients can be added if wished, little seashells, essential oils or essences. An important aspect during the making of it is to use strong and good intentions. I always ask for an end to chemtrails and a return to blue skies, no matter what else I request. All the basic ingredients are crystalline substances, so in fact what we make are like big (or small) crystals. We know that crystals vibrate. It’s difficult to give a scientific explanation, but it is thought that as the water evaporates, it creates millions of tiny cavities which resonate with energy. It has a different energy to resin orgonite which is more electric, the energy of Plasterite is soft and seemingly gentle. However, people who make both, feel that Plasterite is more powerful against chemtrails.

We can see the chemtrails being changed into the wispy clouds (cirrus type) known as ‘sylphs’. This does sound ‘woo’ here but the whole subject is quite metaphysical.
Of course any of us who have it keep a lot around our homes, it’s very helpful against EMF but also any other negative energies, creating a peaceful atmosphere. We are hearing interesting experiences from people re personal healing, both physical and emotional.

We also go out ‘gifting’ which means we go ‘out and about’ leaving pieces here and there in the environment, and an important part of that is getting pieces as close as possible to cell towers and other sources of negative energies. People who are energy sensitive can quickly sense a change for the better as this happens. Another way is called ‘water gifting’ where Plasterite is filled into bottles, let harden, sealed then dropped into water courses, rivers, lakes, canals or the sea where the energies spread very easily and widely.

There are several YouTube videos on Plasterite making. I have two, one called Plasterite by Jenny and the other, Plasterite Blue Sky Broadcaster. Once there it should lead you to other tutorials by ‘Plasterite’. There is a Facebook page called Orgonite from Plaster which is well worth scrolling down and a very interesting website (link below).
My aim would be to have every town and city in the country surrounded by a ring of Plasterite, thus creating an ‘Orgone Canopy’ which would mean the geo-ba….rds would be wasting their time.
If anyone is interested I’ll be happy to go into greater detail about other options later. In the meantime, the easiest way is to join the Orgonite from Plaster FB page where everyone is very helpful and interested in peoples’ progress. I would encourage people to give this a try, it is an unbelievably simple method of producing positive Life Force Energy with many personal and environmental benefits.

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