Let’s talk about Covid 19 and the biggest conspiracy effort being controlled by our government.

When our government called for our school closure on 13 March 2020 under the guise that our children whom wouldn’t catch the virus themselves would pass it on to our elderly relatives. My immediate reaction was, ‘What is the government up to? That doesn’t make sense.’ I had been reading about the virus in China and Italy and there was no evidence to suggest that children had spread this virus to their grandparents. But closing down our schools was a big step but only a baby step in order to tease us into this new regime under the Government’s control.

One might relate it to Hitler’s reign of propaganda, (dissemination of information, facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies – to influence public opinion) that began in 1919 when he joined a small German worker’s party in Munich. He renamed that party, National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NAZI for short). And we all know the rest of that terrifying story of Narcissistic Power.

Our Government had been cleverly working together to devise a plan to control their nation. They dug straight in by telling us that this virus attacks and kills our old people and left us with the emotional onus of responsibility on our shoulders to back down and do the right thing to save our old people. And we all fell for it.

They then began to feed us terrifying figures of 15,000 people being infected by the 31st March, (when in fact today 31st march 2020 there are 2910 cases in the Republic of Ireland.) People began to panic and they became angry and scared and judgemental. There was social media messages and images of people out in public. People stopped going to restaurants and bars and department stores. Those business’s inevitably decided to close down as what was the point in paying wages to staff when there were no customers. 250,000 people were placed on the dole queue. Our people were scared further with reports that the hospital staff were over run with Covid-19 patients and wouldn’t be able to cope with the surmountable influx of sick people. This pushed people’s hysteria into terror. Nicely done Government. Unfortunately, we played right into our leaders hands and gave them total control. We were placed on lockdown. We could only go outside up to 2 Km. All construction sites were closed. Another 150,000 people were placed on the dole.

Most of these closed business’s from coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons, thrift shops, clothes and shoe shops and small construction business’s will not open again. And what are we all doing about it? Absolutely nothing. We are not fighting for our jobs. We are not fighting for our rights. We are not fighting for our business’s that we worked hard to the bone of our fingers to keep it going through the last recession. We are willing to let it all go because the government has played with our emotions and they have won.

So who is the Government trying to protect? The HSE of course! A Government Employer. And fair play to them, they didn’t hide that fact. But let’s have a good look at this. The people of Ireland have been complaining non stop about the HSE service for years. Don’t you think that the Government did an amazing job of turning this around for their own benefit? Their greater good. Not the good of us people, the self employed, the PAYE workers! And here’s the facts for you all to read on the HSE website. Of the 2900 hundred infected people, only 700 hundred of them are hospitalised, included in that number 85 of them are in ICU. Also included in that number are 578 health care workers. They are mainly in the two Dublin hospitals, The Mater and Beaumount and Cork has 9% of the cases. The rest of the country’s hospitals are empty of Covid 19 patients.

It didn’t take me too long researching to find out how this virus is spreading and when I began my bombardment of questions on Twitter and Facebook to all of our ministers and RTE presenters, Guess what happened? Did I get any answers? Of course I didn’t. I got blocked. Because they didn’t want me spreading what they already know. There is no danger of this Virus spreading outdoors. It is spreading through the ventilation systems in buildings. Buildings like nursing homes, (which would explain the clusters of old people in nursing homes getting the virus) Hospitals, (which would explain how 578 health workers have the virus, despite wearing their PPE. How? You ask, well, if people were presenting with the virus in hospital, the virus was breathed into the air and into the ventilation systems. The staff on coming to work, to their locker area before placing their PPE clothing on, were already breathing in the virus.)

It would also explain how Spain and Italy had massive numbers of Covid 19 patients. They live in hundreds and thousands of small compacted apartments that are linked with the same ventilation systems. It’s why whole families have died of the virus in an apartment block. It’s been breathing into ventilation system like a gas.

There have been people writing articles on this method of controlling the virus, such as Dr. Petra Klepac, from the London School of Hygiene and Infectious diseases. She states that keeping people indoors is no guarantee that this will contain the virus.

Dr. Patrick Wall, professor of public Health and director of UCD has stated on ‘The Tonight Show’ on TV3, that ‘There is no need to keep people indoors. We have plenty of space for everybody with many metres apart if they needed in all of Ireland.’

Richard Hobday wrote a very good article also in relation to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, which killed 50 million people world until an Irish Nurse started treating people outdoors in the fresh air!

I’m sure there are other people out there like me who don’t agree with our Governments shutting us down and destroying our lively-hood. Because let’s be clear about this. The government will allow our business’s to be destroyed. They left us drowning in the last recession. But we need to fight back. Make our government get on with the task in hand. If they have sick people. Have them treat them! Stop putting the responsibility on us to make major, life changing sacrifices! They also need to decontaminate all hospitals and nursing homes and apartment dwellings that have been infected by the virus. That is the only way to stop it.

Jean xxx



It seems like when someone suffers a breakdown or a real low, that it just comes out of the blue. But I’m clever enough to know that it doesn’t. There are a few factors that begin to multiply in the sufferer’s mind if a person is not taking care of themselves or they are not listening to their body. A good low hit me yesterday evening. My energy went. I had feelings of anxiousness in the past week. ANXIETY.  I didn’t want to see anybody or talk to anybody. I went to bed at 8.30pm. I was sad. SADNESS. Inside my mind, I rationalised why I was sad and it made sense. I have been tired for the last couple of months, BROKEN SLEEP pattern; And lack of iron as I don’t eat meat or enough iron rich products. NUTRITION. By day, I’m getting my daily duties done but by dark, I’m on the sofa watching TV. I feel I’m not helping my last child enough. GUILT. I can’t finish off my online course. FAILURE.  And I have WORRY. The normal worry that everybody else has, but the worry that no matter what I do, it’s wrong or it’s not good enough. I tried to remind myself of all the emotional positive contributions I make in life but, physically? My own personal achievements all result in failure. I fell asleep after a couple of hours and I woke up this morning with the pressure to perform hanging.

It is a strange thing Depression. How a tiny place in the brain has the ability to effect the whole body and the personality. I’m on antidepressants now for seven years solid. And they really do help. I’ve done a lot of emotional work on myself over the years with the help of professionals and I know and understand why I developed Depression.  And I know why I still get lows regardless of my prescription. I take my own responsibility for not eating write, for drinking too much coffee, alcohol at the weekends. I take my own responsibility for not being successful at my achievements. I’m lucky enough to be smart. I didn’t have any learning difficulties, but yet, here I am this morning, numb with depression. And I don’t want anybody to see me like this. The failure side. So I will hide away. I will take it easy on myself. Till it passes.

Jean xxx


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