This is a reply to someone who questioned what test I got in order to come to Spain.

It’s probable something you all want to know too.
“ Yes I had to be tested going to Spain. And we were all doing so well in our house! No test for 19 months! I did get an antigen test in my mouth. And yes I’m in the QR system. Unfortunately we had a prepaid mobile home holiday paid from 2019. It was 2000 euro and we could only get a voucher in return, and I think we all know that the next introduction will be mandatory jabs to travel, so I’m guessing this is our last holiday till the Mass Corruption is ended. The dilemma was to let my 16 year old go off without my protection where testing and masks are enforced. At least with me here, she can have a normal holiday without complying to masks rules in shops with my support. My fight against the corruption was to always save my kids lives from being destroyed. I can happily live my life with my husband on our little patch of land. But I still can’t abandon my children to the Wolves. My daughter is vulnerable and will not challenge these draconian rules. So, whatever it takes, I’ll do for my kids. Like any mother. And it’s also good to show the people at home in Ireland that no restaurant, bar or hotel is looking for any Vaccine passport in Spain, nor are they enforcing mask wearing. Unfortunately, it’s the regular shoppers that go to Lidl in Spain who try to police the masks. Parents should check out ISAG submission for school returns. The agenda is Mandatory masks and regular testing for primary and secondary schools and a demand for all to be ‘protected’ We all know the main aim here is to jab everyone, and that’s the fight we all need to stand together on.
And as I mentioned before, if everyone threw down their masks, that alone would be a great start!

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