There is a misconstrued acceptance among the populace that job losses, business closure’s, and cancelled airline travel were all casualties of the Covid pandemic of 2020. Most people do not realise that it was their Government whom unnecessarily closed down businesses with their powers to amend the ‘The Health Act’ under ‘An Emergency Pandemic Plan’. This plan was set up by the EU for each country to sign in 2007. These business closures that ruined many livelihoods did not need to happen. There were no excess deaths in Ireland or any other country in the year of 2020, so there was No Emergency Pandemic. I know this because from my own suspicions of the Government’s reasons for lockdown, I researched each country’s previous years death rate and compared it to 2020 and there was no change. As did many credited people such as Ireland’s Graham Neary, whom displayed his results on his page on WordPress.com. He did fantastic research on death’s ‘from’ Covid and ‘with’ Covid and all cause mortality. Also, UK’s Dr. Michael Levitt produced lots of graph’s showing how the Virus had already reached herd immunity, within three months of its origin. He shared his graphs on Twitter and presented them to The Lancett Report. Coincidentally, in 2019, The World Health Organisation changed the definition of the word ‘Pandemic’, from its old meaning of, ‘excessive increase of deaths because of a disease’, to ‘the rapid spreading of a disease.’ The WHO also changed the definition of herd immunity from ‘one who gains immunity naturally’ to ‘one can only get herd immunity from a vaccine.’

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the continuance of confusion and fear mongering continued non stop from Ireland’s media and into the general population’s living rooms. Irish born Dr. Mike Ryan, whom has an important role in The World Health Organisation and his compadre villains acted like dealers for Big Pharma’s Drugs in their quest to get a vaccine into the arms of the World Populace, which stands at just under eight billion people. I must point out at this time, although the TV showed people in China dropping to the street in March 2020, it never happened to one person in Ireland, or The UK, or France, or Spain or Italy. And although the TV showed packed casualty wards in Italy and New York, the Irish Emergency Departments were empty. Again, I am a primary source of this information as I witnessed empty hospitals myself in my investigation of what was going on, My youngest daughter also fell off her horse on Christmas Eve 2020. I had to bring her to The Mater Hospital in Dublin. There was not one other patient in ER. She had a Doctor do her X-ray and she also had a Consultant give her a scan. There were many Irish Activists and one such is Dee Wall who secretly video taped empty Covid testing tents and empty hospitals and exposed what locked in hospitals were trying to hide. There were videos going around on Twitter and Tic Toc of dancing nurses and doctors. They had so much time on their hands. None of this was displayed on Main Stream media.

Sam McConkey, a professor of infectious diseases at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital, in his quest to keep the populace afraid, has tried to attach every ache and pain, the lack of taste and sense of smell, a lingering cough and runny nose to the symptoms of Long Covid. If anyone has a memory of the common cold or flu prior to a March 2020, they would realise these long Covid symptoms are the same as the old flu. So what on Earth is going on?

Look at the real changes that have been implemented by our Government since March 2020 and why were they necessary? None of it has anything to do with curtailing a Virus; The serious suggestion from Dr. Sam McConkey to Curfew men because all of a sudden men cannot be trusted to ‘not’ kill a woman while walking in parks. I guess the irony that McConkey is a man and can be affected by these curfews escapes him. Governments know only too well that most murders actually happen in the home under the hand of someone that knows the victim. Yet they push this agenda to lock up our husband’s, sons and brothers and place them under house arrest. This curfew is a very dangerous criminal tactic from our Government and it is only a ploy to further demoralise our young men after forcing them to wear a mask for nearly two years. It is a nasty tackle by a bunch of politicians to win women’s votes and weaken virulent Irish men and further degrade them. The Irish Government continue to rob our money through humongous taxes. They are closing down businesses and taking away people’s individual right to earn a living. And as they continue their strive to steal the Irish Nation’s Inalienable Rights and Freedoms, they know only too well that the Irish man’s national instinct is to revolt and the Irish Government under the instructions of the EU will want our men out of action. They are annihilating our sons through the indoctrination conducted in our Tax paid schools and they are killing their Spirit and weakening their bodies.

For the last two years, the public have been terrified by the Government into changing every aspect of their lives.
In the name of Health, they locked sick people in nursing homes and hospitals.
In the name of care, they isolated our teens and forced them to wear masks. These actions have caused severe loneliness and mental health problems in our children and our vulnerable family members, with psychological ‘Help’, eighteen to twenty four months wait for appointments.
For the last year, The Government, NPHET and the HSE have coerced and used threatening tactics to ‘Encourage’ the Irish nation into taking a new and untried product which still hasn’t passed trial dates.
In order for our youth to work, socialise and travel, they had to take this product with surmountable side effects. Through out the last two years, all Main Stream Media advertised these products and brainwashed the Nations into taking them.
This was bullying abuse by our Government and Main stream media. It was psychological mind games.
And now they say they’re easing all restrictions.

I guess one might have to understand how psychopaths work. A person wanting to control another might use fear, manipulation and threatening behaviour. Some controlling people use anger or violence and this scares the victim into complying or rebelling. But most people who are victims of this particular violence often plan an escape. Some that stay are lost souls and sometimes end up in a body bag. Some controlling people use emotional blackmail which is the most difficult to stand up against. It masterly places the blame onto the victim. It is an age old tactic of redirection and manipulation and unsurprisingly has a successful effect on the majority of the population. But this tactic does have its flaws. Most people have a good conscience. In their gut instinct, they want to be good people in God’s footsteps and it is that conscience that the bully plays on. The bully will accuse the victim of selfishness for individual wants and needs. And the victim will often acquiesce. For the greater good. But the Spirit pushes through and one’s wish to be free cannot be contained. And this control from the bully has the adverse reaction of the victim taking their ownership of their own life.

This reprieve of restrictions is a ‘Break’ from the Bully, in order to rebuild trust in their victims so that the victim is grateful for her/him’s renewed freedoms.
The Government have managed to persuade 95% of the Irish Nation to be inoculated with an unknown product which is showing surmountable adverse reactions.
They have the nation’s private PRSI and Tax number’s attached to the Digital number of the inoculation which is being synced to people’s health/vaccination records.
The next stage is to sync a social credit score to this Digital Passport and then bank account numbers will be added. Because riding on the back of Covid was the humongous task to inoculate, trace, digitalise, tag and financially track every human being, in order for the wealthy elite of the World the ability to control their cattle.
In the meantime, the great unwashed’s freedoms to travel is stolen. For now.
It’s Not over yet.

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