The last two years since March 2020 have been without question the most fascinating if unbelievably terrifying and sad time of my life. A massively successful marketing campaign, run by the Irish Government to spread fear of a Corona Virus, coerced the people of Ireland into being herded like scared cattle on to a life altering train not knowing what fate lay ahead. Animals are similar in their vulnerability in the reliance on Humans in Positions of Power whom make the rules. The individual’s illusion that one had always been free to roam any land was suddenly shocked into an awareness that someone had always been locking the gate in the field. Worrying eyes alerted to danger seeked reassurance from the nice Human who was now bolting the carraige door of the train. And just like the cattle, we were Locked In. Some thinking for our safety, not connecting the similarity with the journey of the Jews in Nazi Germany. There are lots of conflicting stories emerging as to what Hitler’s real aim was in segregating Jews in a predominant Catholic Germany in the 1930’s, but the facts are that millions of vulnerable people were forced to surrrender life as they knew it and leave their homes. A war was instigated by Governments and millions of innocent civilians and soldiers of all nationalities and religions were killed in WWII. The World leaders, ‘nor their politicians lost an ounce of blood in World War II. On the contrary, they became extremely wealthy in their investments in weapons, transport, uniforms, and stationary which were all mass produced for WWII. Some, thinking for our doom, knowing that it is always the vulnerable and innocent that lose the most. Our individual right to be in control of one’s whole life was Locked Down, just like being imprisioned. My Freedom to be Me and to live my life and protect my family under my Principles and Guidance was not going to be allowed by the Controllers of this prison. A feeling of panic swept through me and an urgency to escape. Nothing would ever be the same in Ireland ever again. The dinamics of Family, friends and neighbour relationships would change as people lost trust in each other and lay their fate in the nice man holding the key.

That first Lock Down in March 18th 2020 closed down the Irish schools for three months. It wasn’t to stop the spread of a disease, as alleged by the Irish government, because there was no sign of the Corona virus in Ireland, despite what one might have read in the main stream media. We had a beautiful sunny and warm Spring and fabulous hot Summer. Viruses tend to have a difficult time surviving in Sunshine where there’s an abundance of Vitamin D. The school closure was necessary however to make the changes to the future of the Education System in Ireland. Irish schools were changed from a place of fun and mischievious banter to a place that silenced laughter. The Irish school environment was once a hub of social interaction from organizing plays, music, dance and sporting activities. The yearly Debutante Ball was the inspiring factor that kept most teens in school to show off their shining moment, when once spotty Cob’s and Pen’s suddenly transformed into perfect Swans. September 2020 brought the reopening of schools with fear endorsed yellow COVID Rule signs plastered over every door of entrance and windows. Plastic partitions were brought in to every classroom to seperate children and hands had to be sanitised at every movement. My heart sank. I tried to hold on to the fact that children are resilient. They won’t lose themselves in all of this. But this was a Master operation, designed with Psychological genius.

Incidentally, our kids were encouraged to bring their phones to school and communicate with their class mates in this manner. In fact, the phone was allowed to be used throughout each lesson. It had been previously advised to the nation’s parents by RTE in March 2020 to allow children use their smart phone, that ‘it would help with the boredom from their lack of social and physical interactions during the pandemic.’ Ironically, nobody questioned the absurdity of preventing children from playing outside. This was to be detrimental to our children and their social communication and an intended intigration into a new way of ‘Social Life’ for our teens. This was the time and the day and the month and year that adolescent children stopped behaving physically social with smiles and eye contact and chats in the canteen. All of the new rules, the social distancing, the two metres apart, the masks, the stopping of hugs and handshakes and the instruction to communicate by phone was all designed to program our kids into a new way of living. A life of being stuck in a bedroom alone but ‘happy’ because the kids have loads of friends on their social media apps, an uncensored platform where perverts and pedophiles roam freely to groom lonely children. It was and still is an absolute attack on our children and the surmountable mental health damage to our youth sees psychotherapists in great demand. It takes months to secure a private session and there’s a two year wait list for the public service CAMH’s They were vulnerable innocents who were taken complete advantage of because of their willingness to please the teacher and the threat to ‘behave’ by their parents.

Once the Post Primary students were successfully initiated into a draconian school life of order and control endorsed by school principals and once submission had been conditioned into impressionable brains, the dreaded masks were brought in. As a Mother, I knew with my whole Heart and Soul that the masks were for abusive measures only. The Psychologists behind this plan knew that to change people, it had to be done gradually. The masks were designed to conform our children into a New way of Living. Prisoners of war have plasters covering their mouths for hours and days to shut them up. The masks degrade and demoralise human beings. It takes away one’s freedom, a prime example being the Muslim women who must cover their hair and their faces on the orders of their husbands. The masks cause emotional insecurity and confusion. The masks prevent a proper and comprehensible education. It is the most important growing stage for a child of age twelve or thirteen when they start secondary school. It is a time when their confidence needs boosting as their bodies go through changes that kids often don’t like straight away. They are at their most trusting. For the Irish Government to hack into our kids minds and hijack that trust for themselves makes them no better than the perverts on Social Media. It was all so inverted. In the name of Health, the Irish Government had managed to convince people to allow this segregation of Human Spirit. If the cattle were thinking they were going to a safe place in a locked container, why couldn’t they see that the safe place was behind them in the wide open field with fresh air and Sunshine? Some of them did of course and kicked violently to get out.

There are about five hundred thousand people of Ireland and millions more World Wide who have continued the fight against the massively imposed injustice on our children and our families. Because it Was and Is the Right thing to do. We are all God’s children and it’s inbuilt in our instinct to help each other. It is our Duty. The fight against injustice does not give one the righteous justification or glorification that one might think. It has been intense. There is much Anger and Sadness out there. There is a kaleidoscope of damage being done to my fellow man at the Hands of Evil and the Enormity of the deceit from The Irish Government is overwhelming.

It is a lonely place fighting for one’s Principles and standing up for God’s Court room. It brings personal and emotional challenges to the surface at every turn. I was blessed to begin my discovery of myself nearly ten years now when I had a break down. I was angry and fearful and I didn’t know what my purpose was in life. I felt a failure. It forced me to find me and learn about who I was and I asked God to guide me in his path for me. I learned so much about myself in these past few years and with God’s blessing I’ll continue to learn and grow. I am perfectly flawed, just as God created and I am happy with whom I am. This doesn’t mean I’m jumping around in joy. I am complex and I am hard to figure out. Knowing me and how I work doesn’t protect me from making many mistakes and it doesn’t prevent me from feeling pain. But it does help me reason things out and take responsibility for my behaviours. And I have many moments of worry, despair and confusion, but I have no doubt in whom I should turn to and I know that is God. I know that One day, Justice will be served on the nasty, greedy people behind the attempted destruction of my fellow man. Because No One escapes Judgement or Consequence.

Jean xxx

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