The Energy Cone Concept

The Energy Cone  Concept

Welcome to***************** ( Site no longer exists ) this is a copy from the internet archive –  wayback machine

The sale and production of the EnergieKegel and Orgon Hearts is discontinued due to time constraints.


There is no more sales or production



The site remains online as a source of information for as long as possible.



( which wasn´t that long ???? but it is saved here now )

But this is not a problem, if you still want to set up an energy cone or the orgone hearts
with you, it goes here to the building instructions, which is available for every person.

So you can simply build yourself energy cones and orgone hearts, for yourself and also to give away widely.

Just as I once gave them away in large numbers, I would be very happy for all people and for future generations.



Here you can find out about the energy bowls I have built.

On the left in the selection menu you can find out about the Energy Cone, its history and its structure.

The story goes back a long way and shows many of the orgone generators I have built, the many evolutionary steps via towerbuster( tb), sacred hand grenades( hhg) and chembuster( cb) totoday’s energy cone.

From the use of toxic polyester and epoxy resin to very well biodegradable resins and finally to the discovery of gypsum. Gypsum turned out to be the perfect conductor and catalyst (in the reinforcing sense) for orgone energies. Significantly accelerates and reinforces the neutralization (elimination of an effect, an influence) of negative energies.

If you would like to set up an energy cone in your home, office or otherwise, then please use the building instructions for self-construction.

Although the development has taken many years, the production itself is all the easier because everything is pure nature.

So now Have fun browsing and looking at this page.



It is a very powerful life force energy generator!


4th generation of the Energy Cone.


The energy cone is now made of 100% natural substances


This new generation of the energy cone is absolutely non-toxic and odorless!

Unlike orgone devices made of toxic polyester and epoxy resin, they do not contain any aggressive components or solvents! And are therefore completely harmless to nature, animals and humans.

Due to its construction and mode of action, it is one of the strongest orgone generators available!

The energy cone consists of a matrix of many gemstones/ minerals and natural gypsum( calcium sulphate dihydrate)! ( Or quartz sand and some salt = cheaper )

In addition, a crystal is poured in, it serves to give the orgone a certain direction.


What is gypsum?

Gypsum is the product of the reaction of calcium ( lime) with sulfate ions ( water). This process can also take place in nature (natural gypsum deposits, e.B. on the edge of the Harz low mountain range). In both cases, the result is calcium sulphate dihydrate, i.e. bound gypsum. The chemical formula for this is: CaSO4 x 2H2O.

Gypsum in its natural form, as it occurs in our resin , is already a crystal. Easy to recognize in the photo!

natural gypsum

The effectiveness of the orgone matrix essentially depends on the crystal structure. On the next image( microscope image) you can see how gypsum forms millions of crystals during curing.

The image refers to 3μm, 3 microns.

A micrometer (or mycrometer after the Greek letter μ (My), unit sign: μm)
corresponds to the millionth of a meter: 1 μm = 10-6 m = 0.000 001 m. Or 1 μm = 10-3 mm, i.e.
one thousandth of a millimeter.

No odors, no styrene, no solvents, it is one of the most environmentally friendly life force energy generators that exist!

This in harmony with nature, what a very harmonic vibration generated, and works even more effectively!

The Energy Cone is beautiful and classy!

Doesn’t stand out and could be great as an art object, e.g. go through in the office or in the apartment!













Why white?

( apart from the advantages of the plaster re of environmental friendliness and itself very well forming crystal structure)


Many believe that white is the absence of color. The opposite is the case:
White includes all colors. It’s the connection of all existing colors.

The special ability of the human visual system Light of different wavelengths or frequencies than
different colors is called color vision. There are basically two processes involved in color perception
involved, namely a physiological in the eye and a psychic in the brain. Color vision is enhanced by
Young-Helmholtz three-color theory with the basic and Primary colors red, green and blue explained. From these
Primary colors are created by additive color mixturesthe colors yellow (from red and green), blue-green and cyan, respectively
(from green and blue), purple or magenta (from blue and red) and when all three colors come together, white.

As a result, the energy cone has a very broad spectrum of action!

Because it combines all colors and thus all frequencies covering colors!


The EnergieKegel has been tested for effectiveness and functionality!

This energy cone is capable of a blue hole,
of min. 5km diameter, to be generated in the cloud cover!

Above the energy cone, chemtrails don’t stand a chance
once the aircraft has reached the effective radius of the energy cone,
the chemtrail dissolves from the middle!


These are completely “new”, enormously strong, consistently positive,
energies filled with love that are available here!

– The energy cone cleans your environment, provides a
fresh atmosphere, for a pleasant climate at the
places where it is placed!

– The room will give you strength and much better concentration
give fortune!

– All negative, dead energy (which causes diseases) is eliminated into positive, living energy (which gives you health bring) converted!

– It eliminates sleep disturbances when placed in the bedroom, neutralizes water veins and other unbalanced Energy points in your apartment or house!

– All antennas (such as cell phone masts, radio antennas),
all radiation (such as microwaves, any electrosmog) is neutralized, i.e. rendered harmless!

– By eliminating these negative aspects, you get more zest for life, greater fitness, are more balanced, more harmonious and become or stay healthy!

– Made from 100% natural materials, making it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or people with lung diseases!

– Can also be camouflaged as a noble art object!

Many of the following gemstones/minerals are infused:

Agate – amethyst – aragonite – rock crystal – China jade – fluorite
Green Quartz – Onyx Marble – Rose Quartz – Selenite – Sodalite
Turquoise – lapis lazuli – malachite – obsidan – ruby ​​- quartz – tourmaline
Carnelian – Pyrite – Sugilite – Hematite – Chrysocolla – Tiger Eye – etc.


The stones used represent the following properties:

Agate: security, simplicity, bliss
Amethyst: awareness, meditation, sincerity
Aragonite: security, tranquility, creativity
Rock crystal: Clarity, self-knowledge, assertiveness
China Jade: Protection, Peace, Stability
Fluorite: intuition, concentration, freedom
Green Quartz: Strength, relaxation, serenity
Onyx marble: calm, tolerance, flexibility
Rose Quartz: Empathy, ability to love, strength of heart
Selenite: Serenity, confidence, serenity
Sodalite: Truth, Faith, Hope

How does the Energy Cone work?


We perceive matter as something compact, solid, You only need to tap your index finger once
Typing on the tabletop: But that’s a misconception. Tables, people, walls: everything is too round
99.9 percent vacuum. So it’s absolutely empty!

They determine what the matter appears to us as subatomic particles of vibrating energy,
carrying information and codes with them. And this is where the Energy Cone works: Through its structure
of gypsum (millions of crystals) and the many gemstones/minerals, a matrix is ​​formed!
Gypsum crystals-precious stones-gypsum crystals-precious stones-gypsum crystals-…etc.!

This network (or matrix) draws the energy or the subatomic particles and brings them into one harmonic vibration. Similar to putting gems
in water to energize it. If the energy emerges again, from the energy cone or the matrix, falls into a neutral state! she






How does the Energy Cone concentrate the energy?

The energy cone is made of many different gemstones/minerals, as they occur in our earth. Plus the many millions Gypsum crystals that serve as perfect conductors between minerals. In this battle of precious stones/ minerals and gypsum crystals becomes energy through the crystals and gemstones/minerals more focused and concentrated, which is the effect and enormous energy declared.


The effective radius of the energy cone is at least 5 km. ( actually it is more it is about 10 km at least)

The energy cone should be placed inside (apartment, house, office).

This life force energy penetrates all materials, which is why the  the energy cone can also develop its full performance in buildings.

If you hold your fingers over the top of the energy cone, you can feel a flow of energy. Well some can , sometimes you can see this energy “orbs” around it, have seen it many times.

The Energy Cone brings a lot of harmony into an apartment or a house, the people who live there become more relaxed and be kinder to each other.

The Story


The history



With the towerbusters ( tb ), holy hand grenades ( hhg ) described here and chembustern (cb ) are all orgone generators that I put in have built in recent years. I got a better and better understanding of why and how they worked. So I could with this knowledge today Build an energy cone that has enormous strength and potential.



Now to the story that preceded the development of the EnergieKegel: It all started when I saw these strange streaks in the sky I thought to myself that it can’t be a coincidence how these are arranged.


So I researched the internet and became quickly find what it is about.

I got every material there was about Writings by and about Wilhelm Reich and also Schauberger. And already I built my first chembuster.

I quickly learned the art of building strong and beautiful chembusters.


Which I through particularly long copper pipes to an incredibly large radius of action.


More than 45 meters of copper pipe were installed in this model. people wrote me that it was taken in the perimeter of the site very large energies

That was almost 3 years ago, the development went on, I couldn’t myself befriend polyester resin, from which I made the chembuster, towerbuster, holy hand grenades to distribute in the world. polyester resin is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly material, even if it has its effect did, the time for polyester resin was over.

I found a new resin that was much more environmentally friendly, made from polyurethane. This should be even be harmless for bodies of water etc. The things I built from it were
very very strong but also harmonious, as you can see for yourself in the photos.

I built this chembuster to target certain parts of the body directly and selectively treated with orgone, all parts can be removed and extend as desired.



The problem with this resin was the very high price, 1 liter cost about 35 €, for a chembuster I needed about 15 liters. The even bigger problem was that this resin can only really be poured or poured under vacuum. process. So almost every second chembuster failed me, as well as many of the sacred hand grenades and towerbusters. The little fruits were for your pocket or handbag.

So that’s almost two years ago now.

Then last year I found a white resin that poured very well and should be very environmentally friendly.


In the meantime I found out that the orgone generators can be greatly amplified could by grounding them. I simply connected them to the ground of the House network, so the plug (all current-carrying conductors have been removed).

It’s been a year now, things should be getting easier, more natural. There should be a chance the same effect of a big one chembusters, into a smaller orgone generator.
Over the years I learned how the orgone devices work, why they work. And that they work all the harder can, the simpler and more natural they are built.

This Energy Cone is the product of years of preparation. In which I can now incorporate my knowledge. by which a unbelievably strong energy cone has arisen. This energy cone is made up of gypsum, crystals and minerals/precious stones.


The special thing about this picture is the deep blue sky,
an absolute rarity.


I was able to do this for the first time in this strength and form observe at this energy cone. No Chembuster was previously able to do so.



The energy cone is made of many different gemstones/minerals, as they occur in our earth. Plus the many millions Gypsum crystals that serve as perfect conductors between minerals.
No artificial fabric (polyester or synthetic resin) can do this variety  of crystals form.


the large crystal that is cast in is then used for this give it all a certain direction. In this battle gemstones/ minerals and gypsum crystals are transformed into energy the crystals and precious stones/minerals are bundled and more concentrated, which explains the effect and enormous energy.

The Energy Cone » The Story


Der EnergieKegel » Die Geschichte
Construction Manual

I provide everyone with the instructions for building the cones and hearts, so there are already many of us, who make and distribute the cones. Because only together can we do so much


Any thought of profit would not help our goal.


The development took a few years, but making it yourself is all the easier because everything is pure nature. If you want you can use these instructions to make Energy Cones and Orgone Hearts yourself, it’s really easy to make something yourself. And then you can distribute the skittles and hearts in your region and also give them away.

We even have some schools in Australia and Sweden, where in the school classes according to my instructions things are also made. Students can then take it home with them. through which
improved the health of the whole family. Even improve the academic performance of the students because they go to class with more fun, joy and energy.

I would be very happy if there were also teachers from Germany and other countries so that it can also be included in lessons in other schools.

Here are the forms of a school class, which also build according to my instructions.


I am happy to provide the building instructions with tips for casting, anyone can get the building instructions, because we can only do it together achieve a lot.

I’m very happy if you want to build something yourself, especially if you go the natural way. And children really enjoy it too. On the build itself and also later on the things.

Here is a guide for you. You should use plaster of paris that is as pure as possible, look for professional or hobby plaster at the hardware store for pouring, if no additives are listed on the packaging and nothing needs to be taken into account when disposing of the packaging, then it is pure gypsum. The cheaper the gypsum, the purer it is usually because additives cost money.

Then so many verses. Precious stones/ minerals (approx. 100 small stones), as you can get, the more vers. all the better. Quartz sand from the beach is the even cheaper option, since in principle it is too are many small crystals and minerals. But I always take a lot of verse. Gems/Minerals. But these can also be larger.

Note, technically you only need Gypsum ( Plaster of Paris ) and beach sand, as beach sand has salt in it, natural salt. If you do not have access to beach sand, use normal quartz sand and add one or two spoons of natural Salt, for example, Himalaya salt or any other natural salt. ( not kitchen salt ) Gemstonees, crystals, etc are not essential, you can use them but that is not mandatory.

You can take a mold of your choice, preferably made of plastic (smear it very thinly with cooking oil (olive oil, etc.)),
there you pour in the plaster-water mixture, as it says on the packaging of the cast, every cast reacts a little differently.
Distribute the stones well (randomly as in nature), this is the only way to neutralize and harmonizing
Imitate energies of nature. And if you want some of the energy a want to give a certain direction, add a naturally grown rock crystal, not a cut one.

After 30 to 60 minutes, you can turn the molds over and tap them very gently so that the finished molds slide out.

All you have to do is dry it, it can take a long time if you don’t have a dryer that the molds fit in. It also works in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius with the door slightly open (pot holders in between), but it takes time but definitely one day. The temperature should not be over 100 degrees. Otherwise the crystal water will evaporate.

You can also simply leave the finished forms standing, after 3 to 4 days they should also go through the sun or room temperature to be dry. That’s the best way.

Everything should remain as natural as possible, this is the only way to create the neutralizing and harmonizing energies of the to form according to nature. Which can then be used universally, as diverse as nature itself.

The size is not so important, more the distribution and reaching many people. The cone only seems as small on the visible level as it is on the energetic level
he huge. On the energetic level, for example, the cone has the size of a skyscraper, to put it figuratively. Therefore, the apparent size is not so important.

The cone and the hearts consist only of purely natural ingredients, which is why no more metals are cast. The metals impede the natural flow of energy and weaken the effect.
Therefore please do not pour any metals.

The hearts and the skittles are also often nibbled on or completely eaten by horses, dogs and cats. They do this for theirs replenish mineral balance. Do not be surprised if the animals like to eat it.

This requires some responsibility on our part, which is why I don’t pour metal shavings into it. As mentioned above the metal shavings would also die natural Impede the flow of energy, as they are mostly alloys of metals that do not occur in nature.

The precious stones always contain natural ores, these are completely sufficient as metals and are purely natural.

Then I wish you, if you like, a lot of fun and success in creating. As mentioned above, this is also a lot of fun for children.

If the cone or the hearts are to be outside, you simply have to protect them from the rain. If you want to place the cone outside, for example in a garden that is further away from the house,
then you can use one of the following tips to weatherproof the cone.

You can weatherproof the skittles and the hearts. The following possibilities have arisen. Paint the cone or hearts with 2 or 3 coats of eco-friendly clear coat.
It would also hand the skittle and the hearts simply protecting it from the rain with a glass or plastic hood is becoming more common made, or simply put under one roof. There are also customers who
Paint the cones and the hearts nicely and then put clear coat on them as the last layer. Even with the color, the cone and the hearts still work 100%. There is paint in the hardware store that is suitable for children’s toys, this can be used very well.

We also have cones standing outside permanently unpainted, you can see the marks on the cones, but they still work 100% even after years. And survive the winter too.

You can also bury the skittles and hearts. They integrate perfectly into the ground and remain stable in the ground. Crystals then even begin to form on the surface of the cones and hearts
to grow. This is often used by farmers in particular.

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