Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents: Disaster Survival for the Family

Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents: Disaster Survival for the Family


Do you live in the city? What have you done to protect you, your family, your parents and pets when the; earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane or other disaster suddenly destroys your world? Will your kids go hungry? What will you do when the power grid is gone and with it the light, heat and water for your home?


This Urban Preppers Disaster Survival Guide goes far beyond the basic emergency preparedness handbooks and provides practical, real world advice and answers to questions such as:

How do I heat and light my house?

What food should I store?

How do I protect my kid with a disability?

How can I harden my home against burglars?

Where is the “hidden water” in my house?

How YouTube made my dead bolt lock is useless.

What are the 37 essential food items that disappear?


How can I mitigate damage to my home or business?

What fuels are safe to use indoors unvented?

What about service animals?

What do I pack for my kids and my baby?

What about senior survival and wheelchairs?

What is Isobutane and why do I need it?


Is freeze-dried or dehydrated food more nutritional? What and where is the closest LDS cannery?

Why I may NOT want to go to a FEMA shelter.


How do I plan survival for my pets? What’s the secret to bug out bags? And Much, Much More…………… Urban Preppers is the disaster preparedness guide for the rest of us who are not Bear Grylls survivalist but regular people from all walks of life and of every, age gender and socioeconomic level. We pay insurance premiums for cars, homes, health and are lives. Why not include some disaster assurance protection and get some piece of mind and pick up your copy of Urban Preppers today? Take some action now to protect your family and loved ones from the unexpected. The clock is ticking.





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