The Facts about the Irish Government:

  1. They bailed out the banks in 2008 leaving mortgage holders to lose their heavily invested in Primary Residence.
  2. In 2009, they signed the European Union Migration Pact that keeps the Irish borders open to all immigrants.
  3. They signed away our rights to our Fisheries and closed down our Bog lands.
  4. They made the killing of unborn babies legal in Catholic Ireland in 2018
  5. They are successfully taking Christianity out of all our Catholic schools.
  6. They have brought a radical Relationship Sexual Education Program into our primary schools that will see Objective sex being normalised for children.
  7. Our school system teaches our children to be obedient and trust in the Government, belittling the value of the Parent to impressionable children.
  8. The Government decides what text books are allowed to teach our children. They do not allow contradictory text books that challenge their stance on Global Warming.
  9. They Closed down Ireland’s whole middle class Business industry in March 2020 without any evidence of a deadly pathogen.
  10. The HSE banned all other treatments for any other illness apart from the Covid.
  11. They locked in our Sick and Old people and still are.
  12. They prevented any Catholic receiving last rights on their death bed.
  13. They coerced a nation to take a new and trial product that was unnecessary and dangerous.
  14. They stole our rights to travel freely around the World.
  15. Our Taxes are one of the highest in the World.
  16. For every 2 euro per litre cost of diesel, they take 95 cents.
  17. They face No accountability for any of their deceit and lies.
  18. The leader of NPHET, Tony Holihan and the head of the HSE, Paul Reid are on salaries of 500,000 euros and They are protected against any questioning in relation to the massive Medical Neglect since March 2020.
  19. They fund our Main Stream Media and control the News feed.
  20. They are giving Housing priority to all foreign nationals and moving them into Catholic Communities in their quest to dilute our Heritage and Culture.
  21. They are Actively destroying the Agricultural Industry in Ireland today in their quest to push the non scientific based ideology that Cows are destroying our atmosphere with Methane Gas and Carbon Dioxide.
    The Government produce the scientific books that they want to sell the United Nation’s Environmental Program of Global warming, which in fact the UNEP hi hacked Green Peace in the 70’s who were trying to expose the pollution caused by Government backed projects.
    Pollution is real and is totally different from Global warming.
    Climate has continued to change since the Planet’s origin. There is No scientific evidence that CO2 is warming our planet. In fact, Carbon Dioxide gives life to our planet.
  22. Everything the Irish Government do is for Their Careers and Futures with the EU and the UN.
  23. The Irish Government do Not Work for the Irish people.
    Why isn’t your local politicians giving you this information?
    These are the Facts.
    And only each one of us as individuals can fight for our children’s futures and freedoms and their Health by recognising who this factual information really benefits.
    Start saying No to their demands.
    Jean xx

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