It’s scary times for the ordinary people of Ireland and indeed the World.
The media is massively promoting a vaccine.
The PCR tests are rotated 45 times until they find some trace of a Corona virus in your system which would give you a positive result.
It doesn’t mean you’re sick or dying.

Strange things are happening to Irish parents. They have forgotten that children get regular colds, sinus and chest infections each year.
They are not making the connection that these symptoms are the same as COVID symptoms.
And that the COVID is just the old flu, or Corona virus.

Yes, people have died and are dying of respiratory illness, but people young and old have always died of respiratory conditions and there have been no increase in these deaths this year compared to last year, and it’s the same for every country. (Go check it out!) The media were just told to focus on the deaths in every country this last year. And no, I’m not a scientist, nor do I have a degree in science, not unless you consider a Master’s in hairdressing. Actually, I did have to do science for that degree, I forgot! I also have many distinctions for a full time business studies PLC course I completed. I am educated to a point, But my love of reading is what continues to educate me. But the main thing I have is common sense.

I have been protesting each week in Dublin City since March 2020. I have hugged and shook hands with hundreds of people and I never ran off to wash my hands afterwards. I haven’t worn a mask. I’ve been with my mother each week and hugged her. I hug my daughters and husband. And not one of us has caught a cold or the flu since last winter. We’ve been taking vitamins C and D and Zinc. So I’m absolutely sure that if there was a virus out there and even if I was Asymptomatic, Some of my family members would have come down with it.
Our World Governments are lying about COVID.

There are many Irish doctors speaking out, such as Dr. Marcus De Brun about these lies.
There are many Doctors, nurses and hospital staff who know the truth of how or why people have died in hospitals. They also know that they have been so underworked this years due to empty hospitals. They need to speak out. They are participating in their own demise.

They also know the new strain of the Corona virus coming in the hospital doors now is just the usual winter flu. Remember this time last year? Or December 2018? When our hospitals were jammed packed and people were on trollies!

The hint of lockdown is on every Irish radio, newspaper and TV.
We all know that this will finish the pub, restaurant and hotel and tourism ( bus tours and transport) industry in Ireland. And this will effect everybody’s ability to pay their bills and mortgages, as our country’s economy depends on the majority working.
2021 will be continuous lockdowns and it will separate terrified family, friends and neighbours forever as they’ve already stayed away these past nine months in fear.
Why would our Governments lie to us?
Because they are being controlled by the UN and the EU and the WHO. And Agenda 2030 is in full steam ahead. (A cleaner environment and zero carbon emissions) The leaders in the UN and EU also have massive investments in Pharmaceuticals.

And Pharmaceutical scientists have developed this RNA vaccine and they want to continue the development and administration of other RNA vaccines for any little illness to all mankind. I know it’s sounds too far fetched and I could be talking about the lasted movie that has the mad scientist ruling the world, but it is not beyond belief. The people behind this life change for us such as Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum is a real character, not fictional. Check him out for yourself!


This RNA vaccine will also cause sterilisation in our young men and that will help in their aim to lower the population in our planet, (zero carbon dioxide) You’ll notice they’ve allowed child bearing women to abstain from the COVID vaccine. That’s because they know that our young men will have massive fertility problems and possibly death, so they don’t need to worry about the young women.


Killing off our young men serves another purpose. Because, if a nation decided to form a civil army against what is coming down the line. We would have no men.
We can already see that the Irish men in their 40’s and 50’s have a lot of health problems. Most are in heart or blood pressure tablets. Most are over weight and have diabetes. Most have arthritis and chronic knee or back pain.
The rest have been conditioned to obey a rigorous Health and Safety program that was brought into Ireland about twenty years ago under corrupt Insurance companies with its main purpose to control the Irish man and give them fears they never thought they had.

These lockdowns are the new way of life.

Our Government leaders were paid millions to carry through this plan. A bunch of politicians are deciding your future. And you won’t be able to change them in four years as The EU will be our leaders and there will be no more Irish elections. Our politicians will be figure heads.

What’s to become of us all?

Jean xx

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  1. The reason I put up some articles from Jean is because they are really good, to the point, they are natural articles, without the usual spin, twist or pc – ness on it. Good stuff. Could have written it myself hahaha, actually to some extent I did, over the years, sort of the same lineage you might say. The same road.

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