I’m pretty sure that at present, every Irish Citizen is concerned about their financial security. Some may be concerned about their ability to pay the increasing electric or gas bills and feed their children; Some may be concerned about their huge mortgage repayments; And Some may be concerned about their lack of funds to fill their cars with diesel; Some of these people are business men and women, so, on top of those valid concerns for their families welfare are their high cost of taxes, insurances, materials and their ability to secure a job that will cover all of those pre-mentioned costs. This is nigh on impossible these days for the Irish middle class business man and woman under the rule of the Irish Government. Coupled with the amount of Health and Safety Restrictions that were inflicted on every business premises or construction site, (In the name of Safety? Hmmm…..Not really, the clue is in Restrictions. To Restrict or Prevent). The Health and Safety Rules (A planned Distraction) that came into Ireland with the booming economy called ‘The Celtic Tiger’ didn’t bother a thriving company that could afford the consistent ‘stop and start’ of employees while they had to do ‘safe pass’ courses, or wait in a ‘safe’ area of a site while it was passed for a job to complete. And employer’s were happy enough to comply because they could afford all that time wasting, but what they didn’t realise was that they were being conditioned to become afraid.(FYI, In Bulgaria, there are no health and safety restrictions. There are no more work injuries than there are in Ireland. Interesting fact). All that safety advice was actually causing big strong construction workers to begin noticing fearful situations! That was possibly one of the reasons why all business men and women closed their businesses without question when instructed by the Government in March 2020. The words of ‘Stay Safe’ kept coming up on TV screens, news feeds and billboards, it was almost as if the men of Ireland were hypnotised into just following the safety rules! Besides all of that unnecessary brainwashing, the mandatory health and safety programs were a massive hinder to small businesses. So, one wonders, have we been duped? Me thinks Yes.

Here’s how we were fooled. In the year 2000, middle class business men were turning over good money in their accounts, because of the purposely planned Celtic Tiger. (These things are all planned. Investors were purposely brought into Ireland to create a Boom.) The Government advised all various investment brokers to sell the idea to these businesses to invest their taxed profits into the property market, which they did, with visions of a fantastic rental income to live out one’s retirement years in style. But all of a sudden in 2007, the price of property began to drop, first in the USA and reaching Ireland in early 2008. The ‘Poor’ banks struggled to survive, so the Government Had to bail them out, with heavily borrowed money from the EU, leaving the middle class borrower drowning and the Irish Government signing our Sovereignty away. (Convenient and definitely Not by accident) Many Irish Business men, Fathers and Mother’s took their own lives in those devastating years of what became known as ‘The Crash.’ Many PAYE home owners lost their homes that often cost them 60,000 euros to acquire between the deposit and the property tax, (based on a 350,000 mortgage). Could that have been avoided then? Of course it could! The Irish Banks are owned by the World Banks. The World Banks are owned by ‘The Elite’. They were Never going Bankrupt! And the Government could have protected the mortgage holders. The Government can do anything if they want to do it, they can Make you pay heavy taxes! They can Make you stay away from your granny! They can Make you give away your fishing and farming rights (The Big Green Agenda is destroying Cattle farming by convincing farmers that the Cow’s farts are causing global warming! If I didn’t know any better, I would think the big ‘Green’ Controllers are laughing at the Irish Farmer!) and they can make you beg for planning permission on your own land! (This could be a scene from’The Life of Brian!’) The Government Could Have Protected The Tax Paying Borrower. But They Didn’t. (They can also ban increases on rises in fuel costs, electric and gas charges. But they won’t. And people are beginning to question, Why? At last, Thank God!)

Then we have the Irish Health System. I think we are all in agreement in that ‘One’s Health is One’s Wealth’ because Not one of us wants to be admitted into an Irish Hospital under the Un-compassionate care of the HSE today. It amazes me actually that in 2022, physically and mentally ill people and children have to wait up to two years for an appointment. And when they finally get the appointment, the person can not be cured of the illness. It has often got worse or, mentally Ill people have given up and taken their own lives. I’m not even going to go into the Crazy that was the ‘COVID’ period only to say that, the lock out and restrictions that were enforced on sick people and their families were never removed. On a recent visit to a Dublin Hospital with a sick neighbour, I was overwhelmingly saddened by the lack of dignity, empathy and care for vulnerable people. I have no idea why sick people are left for hours in undignified situations but my question to the Irish Government is ‘Why do sick people have to wait so long to be treated by a nurse or a doctor?’ We certainly have plenty of registered nurses and doctors from Ireland, India and other foreign lands, so what exactly is the problem? The Irish Government is so confident that they can staff a hospital that they have built a new three billion euro hospital, currently waiting to open it’s doors. Or will sick children have to sit and wait for hours also because of a limited amount of staff? If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that the New James’s Street Hospital was a good old fashioned money laundering scheme, or at the very least, some sort of distraction!

And let’s not forget the total infiltration of ludicrous ideologies that has entered the Irish School System in the guise of inclusivity! The newly revised RSE program.

The reason behind the revised and new objective RSE program is supposed to be because of the spread of diseases such as HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies in the 80’s. To me, It’s a Classic Government play in it’s ‘Problem, Reaction and Solution’. The sexual revolution in the 70s gave rise to a big Problem in the liberation of free sex; The Reaction was HIV (which was created in a lab for this very purpose) and pregnancies. The Solution was that governments worldwide, (Backed by the UN and WHO) had to come and fix the problem with this new objective sexual education program to educate children, (because parents were too thick or too embarrassed to educate their own children…..hmmmm I don’t think so. Maybe in the illiterate and ignorance days of the 1940’s) (Have a look at the Incheon Declaration 2030 and everything RSE on Gov.ie and NCCA)
So basically, the Government is trying to remove any teacher that stands for morals and values and replace them with any teacher that will go along with educating a child as a sexual being. (A being that is happy to and ready to be educated into a sexual reality, first and foremost or included with Maths, Geography and English as a normality, as if, it’s almost like the child’s sexuality thoughts are always on his/her mind, and if it’s not, it should be!) I kid You Not. This is an absolute way to confuse and degrade children. A child should Not have to be put under this pressure in school to question his/her identity. They should be learning to read and count, play football and have fun. Have a look at the LGBTQ+ logo. It’s quite interesting to notice that H for heterosexual is not included in this alphabet line up, one thinks if inclusivity is important, well then ‘H’ should be included! One would expect so. Big booboo on the NGO’s part. This could raise some questions! At the end of the day, It doesn’t matter if one’s child grows up to become lesbian, Gay or Transgender or heterosexual, as a parent, each one of us wants our children to have an innocent, happy childhood, and when they mature at the state approved adult age of eighteen, we would like them to be in a committed, caring relationship before intimacy occurs, because intimacy is a big deal, especially for girls! If this RSE program is omitting that intimacy is precious and private, well then, that is a major flaw. Because the reality is, Intimacy is very private and it should be protected and valued. And the very fact that the Government’s Sexual Revolution Plan in the 70’s neglected to remind everyone in the off set to value a person’s privacy is a main factor in the amount of sexual assaults today! Perpetrator’s seem to feel entitled, whereas They may come away from an intimacy encounter with feelings of relief, the reality is very often different for the recipient, because at the very core of us human beings is a conscience. And it’s the conscience that plays on one’s mind if it feels used or ashamed or degraded, thus leading to mental health disorders. The best Psychologists in the World know this too and I’m pretty sure that Some members of Government parties have explored this issue too and know the reality. It is well known. The Irish Education Department are well informed on how to help adolescents through puberty and they know only too well the statistics on children and adults who are confused with their identities, least of all because in July 2020, (Not that I expected to get a response. I’m a parent. I’m a nobody in these people’s eyes. But I dare them to denounce any Irish parent’s qualification in love and passion( Or indeed mine) for their offspring) I posted Norma Foley the statistics of the Un-success rate of the LGBTQ family in the USA from 2018 which states that 98% of children raised in the LGBTQ family end up with serious drug, alcohol and emotional problems. If I know this, They Know This! Everyone of intellectual credibility knows this! It’s difficult enough to raise children today in the nuclear family given the many dysfunction and financial challenges that us decedents of the 70’s recession parents have to endure, but imagine the extra pressure for a child who’s parents cannot support, guide, instruct, lead and protect him/her in her their birth right origin! Children need parents guidance and instruction! First and foremost, because parents without doubt Love their child. But the parent must Parent! It’s not an easy job in todays times, there is no support for the value and moral holding parent, but parents must take strength in their own instinct and ability. Because we parents will take the financial losses, we will take the consistent hard slog, We will take mockery and abuse by the Irish Main Stream Media. But we will Not Abide by our Children being socially, physically or literally abused by anyone, least of all, a racketeering Government.

So looking at this blog that I wrote, who benefits from the Irish Nation’s demise?

An Irish Nation who loves, supports and cares for their family. A nation who supports their neighbour and friend. A nation who strives to help each other with a heavy load, a nation who shares a pot of soup, a nation who gives tea to the thirsty, a nation who protects their child. A nation of hard workers.

Why would we be a threat?

Because We are Good people. We instinctively walk in God’s footsteps of kindness, compassion and empathy for others.

Yes, we are flawed, but we own it. And we strive to be better, not perfect, just better. And we make mistakes, a lot, but we strive to learn from our mistakes, in order for our children to do it better!

One would think that World Governments could help it’s nations through providing proper mental health services to aid people’s dysfunctions and encourage people with better support facilities and help disadvantaged people, but instead they are taking advantage of vulnerable people and playing on their weaknesses, in enabling addicts by providing drugs, not support.

And the reality is, the more vulnerable, confused, drugged up people that there are, the less people available to Ever Again stand against, and Win rights for the common people, such as James Connelly and Padraig Pierce. And that to me seems to be a very good game plan, by Un-Godly, Wealthy, Powerful, Psychopathic, Elite World Leaders. Game, Set and Match.

Jean xx

Who Benefits from The Destruction of Ireland, a land and nation so loved by all?

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