The Way I Went – A Selenite Way

The Way I Went – A Selenite Way

The Way I Went – A Selenite Way


Think it is that time of year that I may try to put it up, if I even did, perhaps I did, long ago, partial or in full, fragments on long gone forums, who knows, hard to say. Besides, perhaps it is better to put it up now, after seven years , being on top of things, having learned the ropes as they say, been there done that, all the rest of it, yep, it is perhaps better this way. I will try not to make it too long winded, tough chance… eh ? Smile…also it is sunday morning so what better have we to do, eating cookies with the in-law’s, perhaps not for me…So where do we start ? Well, we start at the beginning, the beginning of what exactly, good question, the beginning of ” awareness” again another new age overused weaponized word, quite awful really. I wonder why I even bother, will anyone ever read this, perhaps, perhaps not. You can bring a horse to water etc…

I know most folk have the attention span of a fruit fly nowadays and that is not a coincidence, has to do with cia book too, they are all brainwashed in eating those little snippets you see. That is no coincidence, when is the lasts time they actually read a book ? Done some homework on the topics ?

Nah…they all want to be spoon-fed, like children, little children. Posting new age nwo memes on Fakebook and think quite good about themselves really…not to mention those exploited native american quotes..oh my…time of the plastic shaman indeed.

The Early Days

Anyway , so how I came across all this, I did notice, years ago, the sky was changing, or to put it more bluntly, the sky was being inundated or covered or injected with some sort of crap, this haze that is the new normal, this chemcrud floating around all the time in most places. Had no idea, at that point, what it was, or how and why and this and that, I just noticed that every summer there were less nice days to do a sunbath, no, I am not kidding, and that did not happen overnight, the disappearance of the blue sky, it was a long agenda, gradually updated, upgraded, if you like, over years, so it started in a mild manner, a few lines here and there, some days were still nice, but few days later those silly lines again, that spread out to this weird unnatural mush like haze or fog like appearance. That is how it started but , honestly , I did not notice it straight away because it was done so slickly as not to upset people too much, a sort of psy op , a training to get you used to it, subconsciously. Works on most folk, almost worked on me too. But it got worse and worse

must have been around 2011 that I though how weird, seems there is really something going on, but for the average person it was not easy to have a clue or find out things, in those days.
So you start to think it is you, yourself, getting strange ideas , thoughts. Maybe it is me, maybe I am seeing it wrong, maybe there is nothing going on, so you go back to sleep, for a while and wake up again, more lines this year in summer, why are the clouds so weird, why are there such strange patterns in the sky, planes come over and soon after the blue sky is gone and we are in this mush, eggshell colored environment again, I do think there is something going on ! But what ?

So I started to look at the sky more closely, and noticed on my photos over the years , every year there were more lines , prominent lines in them, as I do like to make photos of flowers, nature, etc, and I kept those photos, tons of them, so I went through the archives , 2008…2010…..2011…. and every year more lines, every year the sky gets degraded more intense.

So yes there was something going on for sure, that could not longer be denied, remember had to figure all this out by myself , there were no real information sources, so I figured all that jazz out by myself. I was aware of the so called ” conspiracy” movements, I did peek in there occasionally, I knew there was a cabal ruling the show, jadija, boring, old news, and sooner or later you come across the term ” chemtrails” hmm what is that, lines in the sky, solar radiation management , geo engineering, all those fancy terms, which is in fact old tech, spraying those particulates in the sky , supposedly to avoid ” global warming” oh my….yeah right…

So I studies that too, there were no books in those days yet, dealing with such issues, yes tons of patents on such topics jadija, so yes with some effort you can find quite a lot about it, so yes it is really going on, we are just not being told, the silly muppets we are , we do not need to know.
The scale of the operation is quite impressive, being global and all, can they really pull this off, yes of course they can , quite easy to do
most are completely braindead anyway , the zombie public so no it is not really hard to pull it off at all

they control the media, the whole system really, so no, it is not hard at all, to keep things out of the news at all
and if someone calls ah well just say it is ordinary ” contrails” that will keep them calm, etc etc…yawn yawn yawn…

So it was a massive operation, still is, going on for a while and it is a ” must be” it is essential for the new system, the new world order, the new global prison society, call it what you want.
The upgraded control grid on steroids.

That aspect took me a while to get my head around, really, in those days I was as green as grass, being the virgin blond choir boy I knew there were shady things going on behind the scenes, but it was quite an eye opener to realize it was going on so in plain view, on such a massive scale.  It really took me quite some time, again, to accept that that was really going on.
Because I realized if that was true we are in deep shit, big time
not just because of the geo engineering per se , in itself, but if they pull of such stunts what else are they up to ??
So they are really brewing something, going forward with the global agenda

and, suddenly, things like agenda21 do not seem to be so far fetched ….at all…
funny how all those ” conspiracy theories” always turn out to be on the ball…
So you know at that point that yes this is really happening in broad daylight, all the time
and you also notice most folk around you have not a clue and you will be ridiculed if you dare to touch upon such topics, rather quickly really, if you even bother to communicate about it, which, as we all know, is usually a waste of time and energy.

Looking for Solutions

Anyway, so, I wondered if there is anything that can be done about it, even though it seemed far fetched at the time, I mean how on earth can we do something about such a massive operation ?
That seems unrealistic at first. But I persevered, and sooner or later discovered this so called ” orgonite” , did look into it, was not so much my thing, really, so I looked further which all was not so easy in those days as there existed almost nothing on solutions. Thousand outlets barking but no one with a solution.
This orgonite things with those chembusters etc was also very expensive and too pushed as the only thing not to mention very artificial too.
But of course you did not hear any word of truth in those orgonite forums, you hear the same BS peddled over and over again , boring yawn yawn
Perhaps not a scam but obviously it was being pushed on the public as the place to be…the only solution…nothing else could possibly work…don´t you even DARE to think for yourself oh my oh my…boo boo…just obey ,just follow the leader well I am not good at that , following the leader, it just usually never really works out for me, to follow some guru, as most of them are controlled anyway
Also the methods applied the resin metal crap had not so much in common with Reich´s techniques at all.
But I digress….silly me…

So I kept digging, that took a while took , remember in those days, say eight years back, nothing existed yet, almost nothing I should perhaps say.

In those days there were plenty of forums around, most of those are long gone
yes it was mainly BS there but sometime there was a new voice, talking very politically incorrect about ” plaster” as a method.
I followed the links and there was this german fellow who made them and they seemed to work quite well, much stronger than the resin hoopla he made before.
Big time
Of course as the orgonite circus is a big money making machine, it stands to reason the plasterite was shot down rather fast on those forums of ” truth and enlightenment” :)

Just about that aspect of it, could write , talk, for hours , just about that tiny aspect of it, the controlled forces in such movement, those troofer movements….full of sheeple 2.0
But truth as we well know does not go down too well with in the truth movement esp when there is money concerns to go with it. That cannot be, we can´t have THAT.

I did not engage with the german straight away , found , with some effort,  Jacques forum, as they experimented with such methods, plasterite, life pillows, broadcasters, you name it…
improved the concept, the techniques massively. Making it really cheap and simple to make without all the mumbo jumbo that usually is attached to such places.

As in the beginning one did use gypsum with salt and gemstones and similar techniques all workable but bit not really hit the mark yet, Jacques hit the mark with the help of Tony and Steven to
go much further into this, why it may work, using other ingredients, making it all more in tune with nature, by , at last, just using sand, salt, gypsum.
Gypsum has many synonyms.
It can be called selenite, spar, plaster of Paris, and perhaps a few others but you understand what it is.

But I promised not to make it all too longwinded as most are long through their popcorn at this stage and we do not wish to torture them too long…so let ´s go on with it.

So I did study jacques forum which to my surprise was not too new agy , luckily, and thought well there may be something to it, esp after reading the reports of Steven ( MG )
There is something there, whatever that something is.
Got in touch with the german guy who, at least that is what I assumed, seemed to be happy to finally talk to someone about his discovery. So I learned a lot there too
Did make some plasterite with no intentions at all, did not believe in it and , surprise surprise, did not do too much, so got in touch with the german again, he said I have to believe in it, put good intention in it ( ??? huh what ) yes I was at stage zero of my ” shamanship” at that point, awful to think back of it.
I also received a little plasterite cone he send, a tiny thing , size of a big apple, and it worked quite well, blue sky etc etc
you could feel it clearly it did good
no mistake about it but , it was limited in range
two miles or so
so I did have my blue spot

Arrival of the Helicopter & Blue Sky

also noticed helicopters started to show up, not too many, not too wild, just a few …did not pay too much attention to it, at that stage.
Than started to make my first real stuff, big stuff, real dynamite as now I knew on how to proceed.

Working with energy tools, tools of Light , is very similar to dowsing.
But in those days I did not ” believe” in anything, let alone dowsing out of all places…..ffs..
that was all hocus pocus
or , even if it worked somehow, only accessible for a few gifted individuals
that was what I thought at that time.

You have to believe in it, put trust in it, call it what you want , it all does not matter.
But you must believe in it, I did figure that out, that that was, for some bizarre reason, the gateway, the door to enter the realm
It is not just believing , it is more than that, it is also, asking , you must ask for help or permission, again, call it what you prefer it to call
in short you must ask permission to use ” the force” , again, call it how you like, does not matter how you name it
creation, nature, god, angels, the blue big mouse in the sky, it does not matter
whatever works best for you
The spirits perhaps…
One thing stands out prominently
the higher your ethics as they say, or objectives the higher the outcome
the more altruistic the better for some reason
you have to keep that in mind, big importance

Like dowsing it is really simple, once you understand and accept it, believe in it, it is not wishful thinking, it is acknowledgement of ….whatever it is, but you have to acknowledge
you have to confirm or affirm its presence, obviously
this is what makes or breaks your undertaking, your efforts.

I think the main problem is we think too much about all sorts of BS fed into us. That is what holds us back in success in such fields. Not kidding. Intuition should be the main guide here, without any sort of disturbance. And there is much disturbance , esp these days. With all the new age crap mixed into the pudding. That is not a coincidence. Another topic I could go on , in great details, for hours, mass control mass psychology, jadija,  boring boring, been there done that , yawn yawn…

So we make it too complicated when we start while , like dowsing, it is really very very simple, just to not think of anything than it goes like  a charme
try to think and things go belly up immediately

not kidding at all

with the right attitude …dare we say morals …oh my !!!……and perhaps some short training many people can dowse for anything.
or make good tools of Light
you are more powerful than you may think right now but that is true, if  you would just believe it but you do not
Most people are as far from reality as a hawk is from the moon.

So that was the point I started to make my first creations,  now I finally , after going through the school of hard knox, knew how to proceed it making these things to finally get a blue sky.
It is not just a blue sky there is more to it, but the blue sky, natural clouds, jadija, is the most obvious manifestation of this energy work, another word I am scared to use as it is all so weaponized nowadays, anyway, my Walmart shaman path yes…wiggle wiggle…or Tesco in Ireland.
That went quite well really, had a few medium sized traffic cones, not those big ones, I eh…” found” those later, those little orphans along a dark road but let us skip that part, so made my first cones, not too big, but still for me huge, did put lots of intention in it, good materials, gemstones, crystals, ( needed ? , havent got a clue ) but one way or another it kicked ass.
they were pumping baby
boy they were hot
the first time you make good pieces you will know , hit with a hammer
holy moly macaroni
at that point you don´t have to ask anything, at that point you know you upgraded yourself from sheeple 2.0 to sheeple 26.2
you are still in the grid, at this stage, but much closer to the edge
you feel you can move, project , you can start to interact
how to call that part I dont know
talking to nature, the forces, spirits, gods, or god, or that fecking blue mouse again, dunno, that is your journey , I do mine.

Old School Method

In the early days I did use the German method, meanining gypsum with gemstones, crystals, some sand and salt too, but basically a lot of everything, that is what it comes down to.

The more the better, just toss it all in, it did work but it is too expensive and technically it is all bling bling , for the most part , not all of it of course.
But it may have been too much of a good thing Rock crystals , rose quartz, gemstones semi precious went in there, by the handful.Along with healing oils or ess oils and nag champa :) the sky was the limit At that time I thought the more I put in in material , or to use the fancy word ” frequencies” the better the results. Well, in hindsight , that is partially true, but it is not needed nor recommended. It is not wrong, if you cannot help yourself like me in those days, I pray for you, it will work though, you will get results.
But it is just too much…

New School Method

Later on I experimented to move from the Germanic School to the Shaman Josh school and make things even more in tune with nature
The more simple the better , I would say beach sand has salt in it, so just use that and mix it with plaster of Paris and you are done, yes it is that simple
use some intention and you are a winner, truth does not need many words. If you feel better you could use a simple rock crystal or a few of them, that is ok, they are cheap
a few pennies
if you need that ketchup on your fries, by all means, go for it !!

For big pieces I Love to toss in a crystal or a rose quartz piece, cant help myself usually

if you do not have beach sand, use mixed sand, not children s play sand, but mixed sand like they use for concrete, with bigger and smaller pieces in it , even quartz pebbles, things like that
and add some himalaya salt, that is the best, or any other source of natural salt,but never kitchen salt
I should make that bold, did that, or the fakebook child misses the point, again.
Unless of course the kitchen salt is natural, there is not much chance on that.
Plain sea salt will do too as long as it is natural.
Intent is a big part of this, really is , cannot be emphasized enough.
Lucky for the newcomers, making tools of light is much easier than dowsing, for some dowsing goes natural, as with me, even though I only found out a few months ago…and I am not eighteen anymore…so there you go…you are never too old to learn.

Note on ingredients

It is perhaps even better to put the ingredients, say rock crytals or gemstones, rose quartz , in a bowl with water and just use the water instead of the stones, yes that works very well.
Just a tip, tested it, works great. Dont ask me why it works so well but it does. Life if full of mysteries.
So you do not really need to use materials physically, just use the water.
I usually put them in that bowl of water for a few hours or so  in summer that is that, it is not rocket science, it is wisdom :)

had two big bags at that time so made two cones, medium sized, that is about 25 inch high or so, and after drying made two more, got addicted straight away and never been the same old me again, please spare me your fan mail.
Every piece I started making I reduced the amount of special materials as those are just a gateway , a  bridge of reality you might say, it may help people in the early stages to get going
to focus more, later on, as you are more developed you do not need that circus anymore,  you can go more hardcore
very hardcore if need be
just beach sand , has salt in it , and plaster that ´s it , nothing more along with your demands or wishes
but in the beginning stages , yes use some additives, whatever feels right for you, cheap rock crystals, I sometimes use pink crystals , rose quartz, works great for me
a very simple loving energy
might sound cheesy ( keep your mouth shut I SEE that grin you bxxxxxxx ) but it works for me.
to get in the mood , the atmosphere, the right mindset
later on you do not need that assistance anymore
you can do it at will, like dowsing, you do not have to prepare, use special dowsing tools, hazel stick bla bla bla all not needed you can dowse with anything if you want to.
but try to find out what works best for you as we are all different , despite what all the new age piyama people may utter …how do you spell that ?

Which is correct pyjamas or pajamas?
Generally, ‘pajamas’ is the preferred spelling in American English, whereas ‘pyjamas’ is the more common spelling used in English through out the rest of the world.

Ok, pyjama people it is.

But anyway , at that early stage, after a few hickups, I was onto something
Something big
which I knew no one, or hardly anyone would ever come close to, really is so.
Thinking to myself, how on earth am I gonna explain this to the muffins out there, the TV people or even those who are one foot out of it, how do you communicate things like this ?
yes they all say they understand if you even get yourself to bring the topic up but five minutes later you know they haven´t got a clue…darn

My Mission and a promise to Josh to keep the flame alive

Still that is none of my concern, could not care less , that is not my mission, my mission is to bring knowledge, I could not care less what happens later as that is not my business.
I am just the messenger. I do not care if they listen, most cannot understand much anyway, think it has always been that way. When you think about it, some things never change.
Often reminds me of the story of the golden calf, which is more a mystery religion allegory really but I will not go into that  now, not here , bit complicated for most.

So I knew it worked , big time, no question about it, massive energy output, for lack of a better word or description, was jumping up and down for a while there, can tell ya
the range was much wider, all to the horizon really
These things, those creations, those intermediate pathways, open your mind up, they do make you see , there is a lot more to say about it
and I remember sitting there with those cones thinking oh my will they notice as the crud in the sky is removed so they probably will notice it , become aware of it, that something is going on etc etc and yes the amount of fly overs, helicopters and no they are not all black , that is such a consp theory !!! they have all colors really, and sizes
and not just helicopters also those small planes, those tiny ones , cesna types, those circle around quite prominently too
and it got annoying really fast, in a few days, two days or so had enough of it and thought, well you know what , maybe if I take one cone , had four, and put it somewhere else it may change the energy grid, the range or location of the center of it all you see, in short, mislead them, send them down the garden path and so I did, it helped
they would still be close but not as silly as before
which does sound quite logical
so I setup another broadcasting station if you like or radar station, and it worked, got them away or less close than before.

later on I made some more, and put them in the area, usually in secluded areas, woods, around lakes, in nature, did notice the effect it had on the environment, within fifteen min the sky turned blue, you have these whirly things in the sky , some call sylphs, you can call them mother goose if you like does not matter but you will see them at first as things are transformed
you do not have to understand it all and most such things cannot be explained rationally
they just cant
you have to live with that

just as you have to live you cant wake people up to what is going on, you cannot do that, unless they take the first step of going into reality but if they don´t , forget it , won´t work.
you know that by now, you cannot ” wake folk up” , it does not work that way, it just don´t.

anyway , if you start making them , think to put some further away, to confuse the control grid. It is up to you, I am aware there are differences between countries, NATO countries are very monitored. So you will be noticed. No question about it. Besides, think about it, who is doing the healing , how many do you actually know who do the gifting ?
That s what I mean, a few….the amount of folk gifting in say Germany or the UK, how many would it be , literally ten ??
perhaps a bit more but not that many
Well it wont make you famous or rich that´s for sure

So who is gonna stick their head out ? Hm…the plot thickens… :)

Well, someone´s got to do it ….

It won´t stop by itself, this nwo eating machine will never stop you know that
you cannot reason with it, bargain with it, use any sort of logic as there is no logic, well actually there is , from their point of view there surely is but from our human perspective no there isn’t any logic there at all. It is anti human in all forms and shapes. That is what it is.

I know you wont believe me , but that is ok, but today the helicopter is there again, doing its rounds, came over a few times
fortunately it was a black one :) you cant make this stuff up, most of you just do not get it and that is ok
that is ok
some do though
there are more out there who are in the same boat as me
a few here and there , a few in every country I presume

I dont think they will ever stop
they only stop if I remove all my happy toys here
but I d need a truck to haul it off
so much of it
also it does not degrade as fast as I assumed, it stays operational for long time
if not soaked all the time in water of course
so much hoopla going on on ” how to protect” all bollocks
just give it a lick of paint and it is good enough
more worried about animals, esp birds as they eat a lot of my plaster stuff
has sand , thus minerals, paramagnetic jadija, all that jazz, but they seem to need it and like it and eat chunks of it
they use their claws to scratch and eat the crumbs
I dont know why all this happens, well I do know but I do not understand why they go to such great lengths
why keep sending over those stupid helicopters over seven years NON STOP, havent got a clue, but you are smart
maybe some of you can go to your ” public servants” and ask them I am convinced you will get a true fast and honest answer …………wiggle……….
feck off

shall I put my police story in here too, I know you are all giggly in expectation, get that popcorn and gmo pop and roll

Meeting with the Hidden Hand

happened years ago, was driving at night, autumn, winter perhaps, november or so , in the area, not too far from here, ten miles or so
car full of toys and thought let s drive around and do some gifting
I must admit , blushing, I had gotten a bit careless after so much gifting I did in summer, so I got careless, did not pay enough attention
did not watch my ass that is what it comes down too
so , I spend a bit too long, although I was there only for ….fifteen minutes ? and did some gifting, in those days I used larger objects, nowadays I use more practical sizes, flower pot things
So, parked the car on a industrial area, next to the woods, not a chicken around, went in the woods, put stuff there, not too far from the road mind you
thirty yards at most

did not even bury it, just put some leaves on it
I did leave them in black garbage bags, some of them anyway
maybe that saved my day, we will come back to that later on
so I sat there for a few minutes, in the car or close to it anyway, it is six years back
it was already dark, still just six pm
got in the car, started turned it around to leave than , suddenly , out of the blue this combi we call it , this van type vehicle, like a mini bus, those vw types, comes at me, out of the dark, and blocks my way
holy shit
it did put its lights on only when I stopped, wtf
first I thought it was some weird kind of robbery oh my god there go my five cents….darn
but one of those jokers got out and I saw a sort of uniform
now I recognized the van as a police van

holy crap what is this ?
thousand thoughts in my mind and oh shit …it dawned on me as they say, like melting snow
oh shit
but in a flash I knew, no, I did gift it all so there is nothing ” on me”

that calmed me down, so I had to get out of the car, than went through the whole drill
alcohol check, paper check, ausweiss schnell schnell …
he said what were you doing here
I said oh just driving around
even though it is not verboten to be there , after dark, it is a bit suspicious, you know how they turn truth to their advantage but the main thing is he asked, almost straigh away
what were you doing here before we arrived on the scene ?
such a weird question to ask isnt it?
he asked it another time , of course I played dumb, he went on about suspicous things, they received a tip, something weird was going on …bla bla all a bit vague
at some point one went into the wooded area and started searching
I thought you gotta be fecking kiddng me
but it was happening
like a bad movie
those you wish to zap but cant find the zapper you know the feeling
that went on for a minute or so and I thought boy now I am screwed as I did put at least four pieces there, say two bags in black and two unpacked ones
but for some reason he did not find it, ok it was night and I cannot remember if he had a flashlight, think he had, but cant be sure, probably yes
but anyway he found nothing, to my relief, ok admitted did put leaves on it, a nice amount

so maybe that saved the day who knows…so piggy was not amused and you know the usual hoopla, had to do a quick search, lucky had nothing on me, not even a small swiss camping knife or the dogs would go horny on me, they were now on a big fishing trip, that s for sure,  so had to open up the car, actually I Opened it up for them, after dark the police have authority to do so, in this country, if you are behaving or are in a ” suspicous” location..

even at six pm :)

they only thing in the car was….yes you guessed it right….a bag of plaster and for some strange reason I had the receipt saved, which I never do but it was next to it
so I open up the trunk of the car he sees the plaster bag and starts nagging did you steal that ?
I pointed to the receipt, and said do you want to see that, he said oh no, it is ok, there is just a lot of looting going on on this estate, with all those DIY companies here , people grab things
at that stage he says the warehouse is empty now they relocated a while ago
police always plays those nasty tricks on you
if they do not like you

should have worn different perfume, it really did not pay off that day
in other words he knew I could not have stolen anything as there was nothing to be stolen go figure that out
It was just teasing me a bit, fishing trip, see if they can find ANYTHING on you no matter how remotely
thank goodness all paperwork was in order , they would screw you for anything at that point
that whole hoopla at that point had taken about half an hour already ….
although I rarely take my zombie phone with me I did that evening, connected ? You figure that out.
By all means, yes could be connected.
Not exactly rocket science.
at a certain point the what I call damage control comes in , you know the we just had to check things, suspicious, that word again, folk hang around here, bla bla bs bla bla
I said yes officer how good of you to keep an eye on things
his mate asked what did he say ,  he said he is happy we keep an eye on things , I remember I did put on my bambi look
big blue eyes gazing at mr officer in adoration for infallible wisdom, burps, I was afraid I almost pushed it too far as he did give me a weird look
this , are you pulling our leg EK ? look

I said , no no, good of you to surveillance the area, you cant be too careful these days, all that crap I said, did not mean a word of it surely, had to keep grinning to a minimum.

but but but before they left they had to safe face of course
the finger pointing part, you know the ” we dont want to see you around here no more”
The hit the road jack meme comes in …..

thinking to myself what a lucky bastard I have been today must be one of my 478 guardian angels hmmm
spend too much time before they came that was my mistake
do not hang around , even for fifteen minutes, after gifting that is the lesson
or, well there are more opions
go in the woods deeper and put it there
more distance
or use a bike

gifting by car can be more tricky

also do not gift too much , just take enough to put in one backpack
otherwise if you return to the car for the next batch you feel the serve and protect finger tap on your shoulder in the dark and the we d like to have a word with you follows suit
we try to avoid that
let that be your lesson for today do not get so sloppy as I did , do not take too much with you, as I had to go into the woods several times took too long you see almost got me screwed by our loving public servants.
Big question for your homework : Why did the officer check the bushes ?

In other words, there was no official indication of anything that could have lead him to do so.
That is the mysterious part hope you get that now.
really do
I will give you the answer
he must have known, by whatever means , what I was doing there.
But he had no proof
How could he have known, well that is no so farfetched as we did put up lots of pics
I am not saying it must be that, could be a whole plethora of other issues, maybe someone saw something and went on the blower you never know for sure but they knew more than they said that is blatantly obvious.
So the government is probably on of our five fans who visit the forum

think those black garbage bags did save the day , they really blend in well on a dark forest floor

So they did blew it , big time, sad to say isnt it?
rhetoric question indeed
so from than on I did check my back, double time, to make sure that would never happen again
had to break of one or two gifting trips, with car, as there were reasons to assume thinks got smelly
cars kept tailing you bla bla usual crap
nowadays I never take the phone or do not turn it on and have no problems

coincidence question mark

Maybe you think why don’t you stop or why did you start in the first place , hmm well again someone has to do it, it wont happen by itself putting funny kitten memes on cia book and dancing angels like most of you do… it is not just to do it it is also to share it so to show yes it can be done, yes you can make a difference no we are not completely helpless etc.
That is why.

2 thoughts on “The Way I Went – A Selenite Way

  1. An excellent narrative Sunflower, thanks for recalling the start of your experience, and good that you found out what I call ‘what I want to do when I grow up’ even though I never knew it till it happened. It may sound a bit presumptuous but I feel it was all meant to happen.
    It’s a very entertaining, concise and instructive read. I’m sure there could be many more chapters but good to give it to us in small amounts until you eventually turn it into ‘The Book’ which has had a few starts and stops. But this format looks like the way to go, ‘chatty’ in your own inimitable style.
    And now glancing at the links to the ‘old’ chats, so very interesting, it seems that with careful editing this would be another large chunk of ‘The Book’

  2. Thanks for the advice. Nonetheless, have to emphasize, even discussing or sharing knowledge about topics in this field of ” life force energy”. That is a major ” drawback” to put it that way. As the matters dealt with cannot be explained in a scientific way it makes it all not easy at all. The only thing you can do is give your own experience narrative. That is the only way. You cannot deal such topics from a scientific standpoint, it would not make sense. How do you explain love ?
    It cannot be done.

    That is the main reason I lacked behind a bit. As it is so hard to even put such matters into normal sentences for people to understand. It is real , yeah, love is real too, but try to explain is quite a challenge.

    Although it is a more in depth story , it still only brushes the surface of the matters.
    Clues are given for those who can read between the lines.
    The objective of the story is to show, to share, that yes it can be done, yes you can do this, it is a workable, practical, cost effective solution for one of the main attacks on us by the powers that have always been.
    To make sure we are seen as sort of normal individuals….ahem…and not a bunch of flat earth nutters…etc etc
    Flat earth as anyone with a few braincells can figure out is a scam by the system to make all opposition look silly that is what it comes down to.

    Another reason I choose such articles to be posted is we , those who work with this for some time, are also caught up in our own little world of jargon, inside knowledge and terminology, which makes it perhaps somewhat less transparent for the newcomers. As all they see is a few experienced folk playing at level 6 while they have trouble even starting up level 1.

    Meaning we do not want to scare them off by thinking oh I can never do this or such thoughts.
    In hindsight….that was one of the major reasons that held ME back in those days, the thought , nah I can never do this , I am just Joe Nobody what can I do, I can and will never succeed , jadija, that sort of ” motivational thoughts ” :)

    I remember that , not so very well as it is a longer time ago, but I do remember reading all that stuff from Josh and his mob but still doubtful, not just the fact of underestimation of myself in that regard, that is one part, but also this doubt of will it even work at all ? Is it not just some sort of new age crap ?
    As Josh warned us, this what we deal with has nothing to do whatsoever with new age, new age is a scam in itself.
    It is promoted, heavily, by the cabal so it is a big con, otherwise it would be verboten.

    As simple as that.

    Sure there is always some part of truth in all things, even the new age, but it is distorted , rendered harmless. Like the health food nowadays, it is so weaponized, it really is. For those that do some research on such topics you know it is, the health foods , vitamins, supplements, you buy now have not much to do with real healing as nine out of ten contain real crap. Which , surely, is just a ….coincidence.
    It is not that that is organized in any way…..wink wink…oh no….
    codex alimentarius and all the rest of it.

    I do not think there ever will be a book as that cannot be done, that is not possible.
    Also it will consume too much time and the rewards will be zero, so we leave it at the articles here which is really , combined with the interviews, more than enough to be well prepared for plasterite rollout.

    Confident that the last three articles, about the selenite healing way, broadcaster and the polarizer ( life pillow ) are good enough as a solid base line to start building on for those who are new to this and want to get their hands dirty.

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