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AN ICONOCLAST’S VIEW OF CLIMATIC CHANGE – Canadian Water Resources Journal

by DR. TIM BALL on OCTOBER 19, 2011


In 1991 I made a presentation to the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA). Apparently members requested a copy be placed in their journal. As I recall the editor was not enamoured of the idea and requested permission to assign the title. I was not happy with the idea but decided the content was more important. Ironically the editor’s title could not have underlined the issues central to climate science better. I added the introductory paragraph after he had assigned the title to underscore the point. The article supports my contention that the IPCC has set back climate research by decades. Reference to the documentary, “The Greenhouse Conspiracy”. is further evidence.

Here is the original article:

An Iconoclast’s View Of Climatic Change


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