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Just wanted to say I loved the maskaholic video, so funny a nd so true. And it is great to see the video on the pillow mix.
I have to admit you are probably right about the BSB being the tops, I rarely achieve the same result. But am quite confident that the badness from the trails is transmuted into LFE.

Your bread looks delicious and so handy to make. I still don´t think I´ll invest.
I don´t have enough space on my countertop with all the other stuff. Kambucha, kefir mixes, sourdough starters, etc.
Your rant wasn´t too ” ranty”  considering the dire situation we find ourselves in , so well done.



Jenn asked me to do a few posts on her behalf, a hundred or so …in gardening section….thanks J 🙂

Her majesty had more important things to do, finding the right scones, having coffee with the friends, things like that and that is ok, I do that editing hoopla in half an hour and done, Her Royal Perfection would have a different time scale on getting that done, but nuff about that …
wink wink

Hope you like J…



In regard to the life pillow, basically all you need is seaweed and sand, esp beach sand as it is a good mix, you should use natural sand. Always always keep things as natural as possible , so important. We love to fool around and make things sometimes leaning towards a more artificial approach, but stick to nature and you cannot do it wrong.