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    Ooh my god J, you posted….shocker..hahahaha…looks good that bread, promising…mini competition indeed, think it is break even, think we are equal in that sense.
    no no no , you did great, actually you put a lot more work and effort in it, while I just push a button….yours is more artisanal….bit showing off but I will not mention that out loud for goodness sake 🙂


    Mine did taste amazing, have to make another one tomorrow.
    Maybe even a cherry pie but I am stretching it a bit..






    you have to click on that wheel to get the HD, yes I know some of you get that, but maybe not all of you 🙂



    A charming video, giving a lovely taste of nature semi-tamed (noticing the willow ? what is it called?)   And not another human in sight.  The dog looks very happy, maybe a bit over-fed which is surprising guessing her owner is streamlined.   So nice hearing the different birdsounds.  It was slightly surrealistic seeing the reflection of a chemtrail in the water, hard not to see them everywhere these days.  And the final scene, with the family of geese, was very lovely.  Thank you for that treat and I do hope it gets more than 5 views.

    Yes true, I have absolutely no idea what the last comment about HD and a wheel is about.

    that´s ok hun,honestly.. 🙂 ( the wheel thing)


    bio rhythm as you suggested indeed a bit low now, not too mention the austerity nwo agenda, years of tyranny scamming and what have you
    squeezed by the cabal for sure now, big time
    very simple agenda really, no real mystery, still most zombies, tv people, fakebook people, ah well, we should pray for them.
    But it does get to ya, this scamming over the years, it really does if one is awake and not too many are awake, honestly , they are not
    not everyone waving a banner saying boo is awake you see, far from usually.
    You may have noticed that, perhaps , yourself , once you start talking to those so called wokies before you sneeze your nose they start prattling about Flat earth and what have ya
    I mean, one facepalm is not enough…

    The dog did not take your comment on her waist line gently, you have to straighten that out , a box of dog cookies might bring peace or she will never burry that tomahawk….be warned..
    Do try to keep her on a sort of diet but does not always work out the way it is supposed to.
    she used to have some issues and could not walk so well but that is fixed now so, those pounds will fly off soon….( yeah right )

    Is it a blessing or a curse to ” see”, good question.
    Cannot answer that, personally I am of the conviction it is better to at least see how things really are.
    To reach that level of human insight, hard to be precise on how to describe it, see the hidden hand.
    In the old days it was different, it was bad , always was, never been different but we had some room , some space to maneuver
    mentally and financially, those days are gone now.
    There is not too much movement left in any way, shape or form.
    The stranglehold is obvious at this stage, we don´t need ” consp theories” for that anymore, it is in the face now.
    So, keep your sanity and do the right thing.
    No matter how nasty it gets and it is pretty nasty now, for those who do not watch TV, play on CIAbook, bla bla etc
    Most people adapt , that is another secret, we are the most adaptable species on the planet, that is our blessing and our curse.
    Under the right conditioning we adapt to really anything, really, anything goes.
    Scientific dictatorship at its best. We are knee deep in it.
    You don´t have to guess anymore what´s coming…
    They had to wait till we are truly dumbed down and , must say,  think we are there now
    as you well know
    Step by step they get what they want and it is a clever technique
    They are clever you have to give them that, very smart

    And no it has…still…five views, did take into consideration ours so yes, five views…things are looking up 🙂 We are going places baby

    The revolution cannot be stopped, grab that pitchfork, antlers on…we go pig hunting, storm the parliament building at Dublin at four AM…yes free donuts for all rebels…..even vegan ones…tax deductable you sheeple.Do you know any Poles or so , at least a few of them might show up…on a good day..bottle of wodka might give some genuine motivation
    If three people showed up it would be a shocker 🙂
    You cannot help them, the sheeple , honestly , you can´t
    So yes maybe it is a good thought to give it all a rest for a while…as we can jibber jabber as much as we please but …don´t think most folk can be bothered, really so.

    There is nothing new to this, I remember , years ago, in the times with Josh, his mob were at if for a while but no one came in, that was what held me back, as newcomer.
    Really did, as I still, in my half sheeple mind thought, if it worked some must have jumped on it, but they do not , they really do not and why that is , that is because most folk cannot think for themselves, they really cannot do it. Trust me on that one, not kidding.
    Very few people can do that.
    One out of thousand, perhaps, even that is a high estimation.
    You see that is what held me back
    But I grabbed all my guts and still had that superman pajamas so I jumped on board and rocked on and never left the party
    So the story goes.
    The individual
    can break through
    It is that.
    Not that we are particularly smart it is just most out there are particularly stupid
    so that puts us in the lead you see, that is how it goes.
    It is not we step forward, it is more the others step back, poor sods…they have no idea what they are missing out on…
    Anyway, enough positive light and love grooming peptalk, have my sourdough bread to watch, it is brewing as we speak.
    Patents pending…
    No photographs allowed.
    Also have to squeeze real orange juice, yep, get those vitamins in..



    I noticed Jean has ten , that is 10, followers on her blog…so decided to put some of her posts here too, just to save them, well still five more followers than we have, how does she do it, really, ten followers..amazing, the world is truly waking up 🙂 huh huh…

    Anyway, I hop on

    I wont start about ” the wheel” but the processing to HD quality takes a while. Part two is done now.