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by sunflowerbelgium » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:50 pm
Josh is one of the most enlightened , honest, wonderful , mysterious,lovely characters I have ever come across
feel very privileged to have come across his teachings and knowledge
he sparked the fire in a lot of people who otherwise would still walk in the dark
he sparks love
big time
didnt even know I had that in me to discover so much inside me and so will others see him
making us go that extra mile to discover ourselves and making us stronger on the path of love for making this world a better place
he brings it out , it is so amazing, better than the best dream
he knows how to bring the best out of people as we are all somewhat uncertain and have to learn to find our own powers almost unreachable in our spirits
a teacher , a healing teacher with a good heart and a lot of virtues for us to learn from
sharing a lot of knowledge and insight to make us free
activating the awareness and love in us all
most of us would never even have reached such successes without him
giving the community strength and love all the time and by doing so making us give that to others
so the energy keeps continuing now all the time through all of us eternally
his purity, wittiness in conversations, so pure, he always makes me smile and wonder being so far ahead of us all

wishing him and family thanks and strength in these difficult times

with love