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Anna I will give a try at it: last week a dear friend of mine came here to make Plasterite, he left to go home with several large pieces; a few large cakes and a cone 27″ high, that night he did not sleep very well, not much at all actually, the next night was not as bad, and the third much better, those pieces were not in the same room, if you look at some of the reports from Monsoon you see that it is always takes couple of days for biology to acclimate it self, the same with me and my lady, even in the next room; impossible to sleep, I had the same experience after I made a large nano device, after a while the body get use to it then it is OK
And yes the dreams are different, more alive.
What some of the people here have tested is the the Plasterite get stronger as it drys, very possibly because as the water vacates the drying plaster it leaves behind a gezillion of air spaces acting as resonant cavities and amplifying exponentially all the energies present within the Plasterite
So there :D