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Hello Linda,

Sorry, didn’t notice the post before :)
I made my first plaster with crushed stones, shells, rocks and sand collected in a near by beach, added some oils, minerals, copper (just realized that i forgot to add copper in the second creation… and didn’t put any copper coils… or well… ). Also, some additional selenite and lemurian crystals, Himalayan salt. I listed all the ingredients somewhere under Plaster forum, I think on page 17 or 18. It took me several months, I think, to get all the ingredients and finally do it, but I am so happy i did it. It’s a fun process, as well :) As i understand, the main ingredients are: the mold, plaster, water, salt and sand, the rest are the enhancements :) right? – experts, please confirm! I think once you have the basic ones, you are all set to go! Please share your creations when you make them, would love to see how they would come out!

Dreams came back around the 4th, 5th day, not as intense as the first one, but still very vivid…
A while ago, someone conditioned me that moonstones and pearls are not too good for me (make me more moody :) ), so i still have mixed feels about them… I’ve read a lot about Herkimer Diamonds, they should be good to use in plasterite, i should really look for them . I am not familiar with Frankincense, will ave to look up. Thank you!!! Recently i acquired a larger shiva lingam stone, and was thinking if i should put it in plaster? Or just maybe put it in water ( i think it was suggested by josh somewhere) and use the stone water in plasterite? Any suggestion on weather to use the Shiva lingam in plasater?