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Construction Manual

I provide everyone with the instructions for building the cones and hearts, so there are already many of us, who make and distribute the cones. Because only together can we do so much


Any thought of profit would not help our goal.


The development took a few years, but making it yourself is all the easier because everything is pure nature. If you want you can use these instructions to make Energy Cones and Orgone Hearts yourself, it’s really easy to make something yourself. And then you can distribute the skittles and hearts in your region and also give them away.

We even have some schools in Australia and Sweden, where in the school classes according to my instructions things are also made. Students can then take it home with them. through which
improved the health of the whole family. Even improve the academic performance of the students because they go to class with more fun, joy and energy.

I would be very happy if there were also teachers from Germany and other countries so that it can also be included in lessons in other schools.

Here are the forms of a school class, which also build according to my instructions.


I am happy to provide the building instructions with tips for casting, anyone can get the building instructions, because we can only do it together achieve a lot.

I’m very happy if you want to build something yourself, especially if you go the natural way. And children really enjoy it too. On the build itself and also later on the things.

Here is a guide for you. You should use plaster of paris that is as pure as possible, look for professional or hobby plaster at the hardware store for pouring, if no additives are listed on the packaging and nothing needs to be taken into account when disposing of the packaging, then it is pure gypsum. The cheaper the gypsum, the purer it is usually because additives cost money.

Then so many verses. Precious stones/ minerals (approx. 100 small stones), as you can get, the more vers. all the better. Quartz sand from the beach is the even cheaper option, since in principle it is too are many small crystals and minerals. But I always take a lot of verse. Gems/Minerals. But these can also be larger.

Note, technically you only need Gypsum ( Plaster of Paris ) and beach sand, as beach sand has salt in it, natural salt. If you do not have access to beach sand, use normal quartz sand and add one or two spoons of natural Salt, for example, Himalaya salt or any other natural salt. ( not kitchen salt ) Gemstonees, crystals, etc are not essential, you can use them but that is not mandatory.

You can take a mold of your choice, preferably made of plastic (smear it very thinly with cooking oil (olive oil, etc.)),
there you pour in the plaster-water mixture, as it says on the packaging of the cast, every cast reacts a little differently.
Distribute the stones well (randomly as in nature), this is the only way to neutralize and harmonizing
Imitate energies of nature. And if you want some of the energy a want to give a certain direction, add a naturally grown rock crystal, not a cut one.

After 30 to 60 minutes, you can turn the molds over and tap them very gently so that the finished molds slide out.

All you have to do is dry it, it can take a long time if you don’t have a dryer that the molds fit in. It also works in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius with the door slightly open (pot holders in between), but it takes time but definitely one day. The temperature should not be over 100 degrees. Otherwise the crystal water will evaporate.

You can also simply leave the finished forms standing, after 3 to 4 days they should also go through the sun or room temperature to be dry. That’s the best way.

Everything should remain as natural as possible, this is the only way to create the neutralizing and harmonizing energies of the to form according to nature. Which can then be used universally, as diverse as nature itself.

The size is not so important, more the distribution and reaching many people. The cone only seems as small on the visible level as it is on the energetic level
he huge. On the energetic level, for example, the cone has the size of a skyscraper, to put it figuratively. Therefore, the apparent size is not so important.