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on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:20 am

Hi Linda…..funny. lost one magnet yesterday, Picked up scissors from table that the magnets had attatched they do…heard a ping and one sailed off…do you think I could find it ? Mate turned up with couple of sets today…turns out they are from old magnetic bed overlay, thus low gauss. I slept well with magnets taped to feet but feel I’ll just use when going out with shoes…after all, my place pumps orgone so probably not necessary, and I live in the bush, not concrete jungle.

So off to work tomorrow, lightfooted with magnets…. I certainly picked up on good vibe so far…love experimenting.
Health ? Smoker and drinker (purified home brew and spirits)(cokacola is my downfall!), but have totally absteined from medication for 20 years + ….kept well away from the sickness industry. I’m grateful for occasional cleansing phenomena. !

It’s the bodies’ way of eliminating toxins..natural, that should not be blocked or leads to bigger problem later.
So I guess no health problems..56 in a couple of days and noting the quickening of time

Interesting isn’t it ?

Swear by colloidal silver and zapper from OrgoniseAfrica. These keep the bugs and future buds under the thumb.
So I’m always happy to find techniques that work, With Earth’s magnetic field weakening , this may be big benefit !
Enjoy …………Yo.