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    In short…


    The word electroculture is still found in the old dictionaries and encyclopedias before 1945, then after this word was completely censored and disappeared from dictionaries.
    Even now some online encyclopedia pages do everything to denigrate the subject and reduce it to anything.

    This is a topic that bothers especially the states that have completely submitted themselves to the GMO agro-chemical and biotech industry.
    So in the beginning, they denigrate, then censor, fight until when the subject falls into complete oblivion.

    When you control the tongue, you control the thoughts of the people. Thus the official history of agriculture is a lie, propaganda that willfully ignore the subject directing young agronomist engineers to theories or breads of science that sets the chemical and agro-food industry to the detriment Moment of farmers and the people.

    Today we revive electroculture and nothing will stop us.