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    Some historical photos on electroculture


    Photo on the left: Large cabbage obtained without fertilizer but with the process of the Christofleau

    electromagnetic fertilizer The most promising electroculture applications for farmers and also for gardeners will be put on the site. A little patience. In the meantime also visit the other sites on the subject in the links page.

    Photos below
    On the left: Giant leeks from a test carried out at the Office of Inventions in the 1920s now became the CNRS.

    Right: Sunflower growing in Yannick’s garden equipped with an electroculture device with magnetic antennas. The results were spectacular on the sunflowers, the flowers and heads with the seeds had for some a diameter e more than 50 cm, close to the official world record.

    In the middle: Book on the subject of electroculture, almost impossible to find book by the inventor and industrialist Justin Christofleau that we see in the photo exposing a plant of exceptional size grown with these methods. He sold thousands of these electromagnetic fertilizer devices around the world in the 1920s and 1930s before being the victim of smear campaigns and his death in 1939 that put an end to the development of electroculture in the period between two wars. this photo of the document was found on the priceminister website where someone bought this document. It would be interesting to find the person to ask him to share copies of the contents of the document, among the oldest and last on Christofleau’s life.

    an ancient technique rediscovered since at least 1897


    Photo on the left: The electroculture device called electrovegetometer was used by Brother Paulin, former director of the Beauvais School of Agriculture, an internationally renowned French institution. One of the most recognized schools in France and abroad.

    The electrovegetometer used in electroculture is an antenna mounted on a pole and connected to wires buried in the ground around the pole. A dozen of these antennas placed in a field of one ha was enough to fertilize the field. This electroculture device made it possible to do without other fertilizers and obtain impressive results and harvests exceeding the results of agricultural techniques with the chemical and organic fertilizers of the time.

    Electroculture is very promising.
    These techniques have already been proven for centuries.

    Despite the evidence, we are kept in the dark. CTIFL, INRA, agricultural schools are all complicit in this vast disinformation campaign sometimes simply by the ignorance of these actors or by omission of those who know who self-censor and retain information. Ignorance has the practice that once installed it stays there for a long time, because new researchers of good will do not seek what they do not know. It’s paradoxical isn’t it.

    Several elements tend to confirm that electroculture techniques have been deliberately ignored, denigrated and forgotten since the 1930s or so.

    In the book “electroculture and free energies” of 2010 we find the information of a confession of a former representative of the chemical industry of fertilizers who tells of having participated in a smear campaign against electroculture techniques. Today it doesn’t seem to have changed much. Official research institutions have completely forgotten the trace of electroculture, some research organizations are no longer even aware that they participated in electroculture trials at the beginning of the last century. In our agricultural schools we do not even address the subject of the influence of electricity or magnetism on plants. Is it not a shame and dishonor of the level of education that we hope for.

    When we know the major influences of electrical factors and magnetism on plants, when we know that official research organizations have themselves done experiments in this field before, then we can wonder if the ignorance displayed is deliberate.

    This keeps farmers and gardeners in organized ignorance, which benefits the agrochemicals and chemical fertilizer industry. When we ask ourselves “who benefits from the crime”, we have serious indications and evidence. Not to mention for the interests of the state to maintain and develop agriculture in the sense of more dependence, purchases of fertilizers and taxed phyto products that fill these coffers and closely control farmers.

    If, as a farmer, you are aware of this problem of conflict of interest then the question that arises is: “Why participate in this masquerade?”, moreover it is often more expensive to use agrochemicals than to grow “cleanly” without toxic products. You really have to want it and have a certain degree of ignorance to want to pollute and intoxicate yourself and these fellow citizens.

    Mostof them, farmers love their land and want to use the best techniques that bring them the best results.
    There is only ignorance and misinformation that can explain the excessive use of pesticides and toxic pollutant fertilizers that most think are the best solutions.

    Agrochemistry: a phenomenal deception of which farmers are victims.
    Worse: The shareholder owners of agrochemical companies don’t care about farmers.

    A relationship in the field of biodynamics, confirmed to me that one of the largest shareholders of a franco-Swiss multinational agrochemical firm well known in France and in the world, feeds mainly on organic food and even biodynamic cultivation. He would not even eat the fruits of conventional crops grown with the use of chemicals and phytos that brings him his fortune. It emerges that health is for him, toxic products are for others to bring him money and his lifestyle.

    If farmers knew this, they might think, because no farmer likes to be mocked or taken for a jerk by his seller of plant protection products, agricultural cooperatives, and the agrochemical companies that govern them. the farmer has the choice at every moment to regain his independence. To know how, think and adopt the techniques that make you independent.

    State censorship on electroculture.
    Ignorance and misinformation.

    One must always ask oneself who benefits from the crime to find the sources of this orchestration.

    Farmers are kept in the dark for the benefit of a few. It does not make sense for a farmer who loves his land and animals to spread so many harmful and toxic products in these fields in order to get beautiful harvests. This testifies to his lack of knowledge of cleaner and cheaper techniques that would safeguard his heritage, his land, his independence from any external inputs to cultivate these lands and reap the fruits of his work. Today the fruit of the farmer’s labor is harvested by the agrochemical industry, the seed companies and the state while he is kept under dependence as a slave by these same organisms. It is not mandatory to undergo this, everyone can train and get out of this addiction by applying adapted agricultural techniques off the beaten track. Electroculture techniques are part of this direction.

    While the farmer and the people stock up using the chemicals,
    most agrochemical shareholders and ministers eat organic.

    Aren’t farmers being taken for baboons in this story?

    For farmers who still doubt it, read this and check for yourself.

    Did you know that we would eat organic at the Ministry of Agriculture. Did you know that one of the main shareholders of Ciba and Novartis (agrochemical industry) has his complete biodynamic garden and would eat only organic while exploiting and intoxicating the world by earning his money with chemicals that he would probably not use for anything in the world in his own garden. If the farmers knew that, would he continue to be exploited like a pigeon?
    If after a farmer persists in using chemicals it is because either he needs a little time to check and digest the bitter pill in which he has believed for so many years, or he has a neurological problem, which would not be surprising given the degree of stocking and propaganda about this subject, either he has suicidal tendencies, actually according to the stats every two days a farmer commits suicide, or he poisons these fields and food intentionally but then it is of the order of criminality. In some of these cases it is cured, otherwise there is justice although justice has long been sold to the same interests…. while the well-paid judges eat organic or almost.


    Electroculture techniques make organic or conventional fertilizers and all treatment products useless, superfluous and outdated.

    One can understand from the power of money, multinationals, education and corrupt politics that electroculture has been censored to the point that the word has been removed from encyclopedias.

    An electroculture device once installed in a field and the farmer usually no longer needs inputs, plant protection products and fertilizers for many years, decades.

    The economic model that is imposed on us is a consumer society, the consumable is put forward to the detriment of real solutions. The economic model of industrial agriculture wants to sell many consumables every year, which are for example phyto products and fertilizers. This organized system does not appreciate real solutions such as electroculture. An efficient and sustainable agricultural solution does not sell consumables. These consumables such as phyto products and fertilizers are temporary remedies or rather misery caches to be bought every year. The “consumable” approach benefits from this economic model that harms the interests of the farmers themselves. Farmers often do not realize how they are being manipulated and driven by this economic system. This situation also explains the ignorance organized around electroculture and many other effective and sustainable techniques.

    The current cultivation techniques of agrochemicals, phyto products and chemical fertilizers simply show the degree of ignorance of the agricultural profession. It would be sad to stick with this observation, once informed we can act.

    If you have become aware, the question now is: what are we going to do now?
    The least we can do for each farmer would be to test new techniques off the beaten track in one of these own fields, after the results will speak for themselves. Do not wait for the official research organizations to do it for you and tell you about it in a positive way, because it is not in their “financial” interest.

    Even now, simple solutions that have been tested and proven to be effective are totally neglected.

    I remember one day, almost a decade ago now, funding a trial of electromagnetic irrigation water treatment on a salad crop in a market gardening research centre in France. Faster growth, more than 10% difference, was measured, which reduced growing time, reduced heating costs and reduced the risk of disease. A cucumber crop treated in this way was much less affected by diseases. Other observations in market gardeners showed results of around 30% difference and more depending on their starting situation of the characteristics of their soil and water. Yet despite these good results, the technicians of the market garden research organization who took care of it, did not talk about it. They did not consider it “useful” to inform farmers who were thus kept in total ignorance of a promising experiment that was easy to carry out for their greatest benefit. Yet it is their role to inform farmers, in addition they are mainly financed with our tax money. This is an example, but how many tests and techniques remain ignored in this way and are in the same situation?!

    I would like to tell you, farmers, wake up, get out of your deep coma or you think you are free, but either the system deliberately keeps you in the dark with pseudo experts and technicians just as ignorant as you, so that you benefit the banks, agrochemicals and industry. Have you heard of electroculture? Even the teachers of the universities of agriculture and universities do not know.

    The real capital is the land, the soil, which is cultivated.
    You can choose to do differently, to cultivate differently, to train yourself, to test new techniques that give you a degree of independence and freedom. It is for the benefit of all, we, you, but also for your finances farmers who thus benefit from the fruit of their work by becoming more independent, for more quality and quantity of harvests in the long term. In addition, it is for the benefit of the environment, because when we can produce more and better quality while polluting less, it is almost too good to be true, yet with electroculture techniques it is very real.

    The root of the word “cultivate” means “to honor”, “to love”, a farmer must be above all a “cultivator”, it is something other than the words currently used in the agricultural field such as “farmer” agricultural, exploit, farm. To go further, often the farmer treats these fields as a reflection as he treats his wife ….. or he cultivates or exploits. This is an unusual way of looking at things.

    Often we say “such master such dog”. I would add for agriculture, ‘such farmer, such farm, such soil, such plants, such undesirable herbs, such animals’.

    Censorship even in dictionaries:

    Here are some photos of the illustrated Larousse of 1920 or you find the mention of the word “electroculture” with a definition.
    Today the word no longer appears in any dictionary like the Larousse or Petit Robert and this for decades, I think about since the 30s at the beginning of the great censorship on the subject. So don’t be surprised that no one knows about electroculture, not even university and university teachers in agriculture. Because even the word has been censored and no longer exists “officially”.
    A famous author said “control people’s language and you control their thinking”

    Censorship still exists today

    and much more than you imagine.

    Your level of information on electroculture testifies to this.

    I would even say that censorship, propaganda is even more misleading and sophisticated than years ago or even in times of war in the past.
    In addition to censorship there are all the false stories and lies that are perceived as true and invented to fill your mind to obediently serve the system, or even ultimately defend it against your own interests.

    Where does this ignorance in the education system come from? probably under pressure from lobbies and sellers of agrochemical fertilizers, the word electroculture that was once found in dictionaries and encyclopedias has been removed there since the 1930s! Since then it has fallen into oblivion until today where enthusiasts like you and me revive it.

    During my studies in 1999, my professor supervising my thesis told me,
    if you keep this element in your thesis I can not give you your diploma.
    Censorship and self-censorship, I have experienced it directly since my studies… otherwise I did not receive the diploma. Other fellow students had to tinker with figures of experiments to please the teacher on thesis subjects that were close to the heart of their teacher. If in a single university class there are already so many hacks, what can we imagine if we multiply this by all the theses and academic scientific research…. It emerges that the state of honesty of current science is a vast scam. I fear that a child who is empty-handed will tell more truth than a teacher today.

    He had interests with a big multinational agrochemical and GMO, “Demon” santo…. not to name it. The disturbing element in the brief in question was the uselessness and aberration of the genetic technology ofGMOs in agriculture. I explained that we could do better, in a more controlled, more environmentally friendly and more efficient way by using waves and frequencies to activate gene expression in a targeted way, in a reversible way and without polluting with GMOs, therefore without recourse to GMOs. I had to remove this page from my thesis to graduate.

    This shows how ignorant we are. How we got there. Research centers and agricultural schools censor themselves to please the agrochemical, seed and GMO industry to safeguard their pecuniary interest to the detriment of the general interest, to the detriment of farmers and consumers. Because in the end, we pay through pollution, diseases and our bills to satisfy the ogre appetites of these industrial players.

    What solutions? How to be informed?

    If you are a student, choose electroculture as your TIPE subject, thesis or research topic. In this way you will participate in lifting ignorance. It won’t be easy, it’s rarely off the beaten track, but it’s so much more motivating to actually make yourself “useful” in life.

    On this site, I show you some techniques,
    examples, results and observations
    that allow you to consider your farming techniques differently.

    You will discover new electroculture techniques that can bring you more results in quality and quantity,
    while bringing you more benefits, but also more independence from the system, which helps you towards a better future.


    (A small note aside: The skeptical and distrustful nature of a majority of the population in the Western world and in France strongly resembles a disease, “scepticemia” or chronic acute skepticism, it hinders any rapid development of innovations. Generally this disease goes unnoticed by doctors and researchers of the state being themselves chronically infected. If you have scepticemia, treat yourself and isolate yourself as soon as possible so as not to infect those around you. Electroculture is a victim of this, this disease tries to prevent many gardeners from testing these techniques in their own garden. )