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    Marilyn: That’s okay if he poops on his shirt.

    Joe: He knows who’s boss. Boy, he’s got a big eye. Well, it looks like I got me a bird here.


    Phil: He’s happy to sit there, but he doesn’t want you to pick him up. you got a one tract mind birdie.


    Marilyn: He wants to be in control there.


    Joe: Well he is.


    Phil: He does.. he want’s his photograph taken now.


    Joe: Well, that bottle is something I’m going back to.


    Phil: You got the right idea. It’s actually pretty good the way it is.


    Joe: Well, you know, Dr. Ricketts used to tell me that same thing and so did Ralph Bergstresser, “Joe, no matter what it is, you’re going to try to monkey with it. If it’s working, don’t go any further. You’ll sell a lot more Fords or Chevrolets than a Cadillac.”


    Ralph Bergstresser, Inventor – Purple Plates

    However, after the inventor’s death the company which produced the plates decided to give him due credit. The inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, was born in 1912 in Pueblo, Colorado of German parents who immigrated to the United States. He was extremely interested in free energy, or Zero Point Energy as it is now called in scientific circles.


    Linda Goodman mentions in her book “Star Signs” that the person who created the plates with Nikola Tesla preferred to remain anonymous. However, after the inventor’s death the company which produced the plates decided to give him due credit. The inventor, Ralph Bergstresser, was born in 1912 in Pueblo, Colorado of German parents who immigrated to the United States.

    He was extremely interested in free energy, or Zero Point Energy as it is now called in scientific circles. Bergstresser carefully studied anything written about Nikola Tesla’s experiments, and attended many lectures given by Tesla. Eventually, they were introduced and quickly became friends due to like interest in free energy. Over the course of the next 20 years until Tesla’s death they had numerous conversations on the process of tapping free energy. After Tesla’s death Bergstresser was able to discover the secret of altering the aluminum in the Positive Enery Plates from clues and notations in Tesla’s notebooks. Also instrumental in leading Bergstresser to the discovery of healing energy was an incident which took place while he was a guest of a maharaja in India some 50 years ago.

    Wrote Bergstresser; “The maharaja had an 8-month old son that was very sick. I asked if he was going to get a doctor. He said ‘no, we have sent a man to obtain some holy water from the Ganges River.’

    In 3 days, the man came back with one gallon of water. They fed the water to the sick child and…and like magic, the child was healed and back to normal. To me, a miracle is an inability to understand a scientific fact.
    How could the water cure the child?
    That was the problem.

    It was this incident that triggered my curious mind to find the answer and this led me into the present knowledge. “

    He explains why the water of the Ganges purportedly has the power to heal. ” For thousands of years the native population of India have used the water from the Ganges for healing. Gallon jugs of this water from the Ganges have been stored for over half a century at the University of Calcutta, and are still completely free if bacteria. What causes the water to have such fantastic healing powers? A tributary of water, that eventually finds its way into the Ganges River, originates and begins its long journey from high into the Himalayan Mountains. It is there, high in the mountains where the atmosphere is clear and clean, that nature begins the natural process of creating special water. This process starts when the mountain and its snow cover is bombarded by the higher energies of the Universe known as cosmic energy. This bombardment by cosmic 4th dimensional energy alters the atomic and molecular structure of the rocks and granite that constitute these magnificent mountains, and in turn, changes the chemistry of the snow and water as it flows over them and down to the lowlands. This chemistry change is adding the Life Force Energy to the water. It is the Life Force Energy, which has now become an intricate part of the water, that produces the healing miracles of the Ganges River.

    The key to this phenomenon is now known and utilized to produce the energy plates and products.”

    Bergstresser, who was also the author of a handful of metaphysical books, died in 1998 at the age of 86


    Phil: Yeah, everyone knows a Ford or Chevrolet works just as good as a Cadillac. They aren’t interested in Cadillacs. The only people that own Cadillacs are people that want to show themselves off. Most people can only afford a Chevrolet.


    Joe: You know. I don’t care much for cats.


    Phil: I don’t either.


    Joe: But, I’ll tell you.. everywhere I go the cats will jump in my lap.. the cats will come up to me because they know I don’t care much for them. There’s nothin’ there to like.


    Winnie: We always had cats on the farm at home.


    Phil: I didn’t like them.


    Winnie: I know, I had them to keep the rodents and mice out.


    Phil: Yeah, but they’re not like dogs.


    Joe: Now, I love dogs.


    Phil: Cats are opportunists. They’re just with you because they know they’re going to get fed.


    Joe: And they’re so damn arrogant.


    Phil: Cats are arrogant, there’s no question about it.


    Joe: Anyway, I’ll carry this a little further and get a few things to you.

    I’m looking forward to you finishing your book.


    Phil: I’ve got two books. It’s not so hard to write a book.


    Joe: I’ll be tinkering with this for a while.


    Phil: All this stuff I have in my books.


    Joe: I’ll try to get a hold of Shandra and see if I can get Christopher Bird’s last deal and get that to you.


    Phil: Christopher Bird was a really great friend of mine.



    Joe: He really loved you too. He really did. I never seen him a single time where he didn’t ask if I’d seen you. I really didn’t know that much about you. He liked Sedona.  He said anytime I’d like to come up and see him I could come up and see him. He didn’t like coming down to that desert.


    Phil: Sedona is a beautiful area, but those houses up there.


    Joe: Well, what they’ve done is they got the price of everything so high.

    Even a trailer lot up there is over a hundred thousand dollars.


    Phil: It’ll probably keep it from getting over crowded. That’s for sure.


    Winnie: Probably is crowded.


    Joe: A lot of rich people.


    Marilyn: There’s a lot of rough land so they can’t get close together which keeps them scattered.


    Phil: It’s pretty scattered and as long as they keep them separated out. It’s like around here you don’t even notice the houses. There’s a lot of open land still.


    Joe: I’ll try to get with Mr. and Mrs. Frye at Arbico and see if they can start raising dragonfies to wash out the West Nile.


    Phil: If they’re really worried about West Nile that’s the way to cure it.

    All they’d have to do is raise enough of them, but that’s not hard to do.


    Joe: Dragonfies, they like a little wet environment, but they also like paramagnetics too.


    Phil: Sure. A wet environment and paramagnetics and you can raise



    them by the millions. The West Nile virus will be gone in a year.


    Joe: And, you think the way to cure Mad Cow disease is to wear magnetite around the cows necks.


    Phil: Hang one of these around the necks and you won’t have to worry about the Mad Cow disease anymore. The disease is partly caused by the insecticides, but the way to protect them is with paramagnetics. There’s so much of the insecticides around now that the best way to protect the cow is with weak magnetic felds. They even found DDT in the Antarctic.


    Joe: Yeah, I heard that. Even on the little American side.


    Phil: It takes thirty years to break it down so it’ll take another hundred years.


    Joe: And yet, if you expose it to paramagnetics and sunshine, it’s broken down almost instantly.


    Phil: There’s none around here and you can’t even get a reading of it because the ground is full of paramagnetics.


    Joe: You take that little deal right there and sprinkle some around the school yard and you won’t fnd a trace of it eight hours later.


    Phil: There wouldn’t be any DDT in the schoolyard.


    Joe: Electrifed hydrocarbons they call them.


    Phil: Strangely enough the schools that have paint over on the green and the asphalt parking lots are highly paramagnetic. It’s hard on the bones if you trip and fall, but it’s a lot better with blue grass or the asphalt.


    Joe: So, the old paved asphalt roads are healthier than the concrete?



    Phil: Sure, just look at the weeds that grow up along the edges. The weeds are full and tall. If I ran out of paramagnetic rocks, and that happened to me in Ireland, I just went out and chipped some asphalt off the road and put it into one of those containers.


    The bird is picking at Joe’s face. It had been playing with Joe the whole time.



    Winnie: He’s really checking you out.


    Phil: He’s checking you out alright. He’s trying to fgure out your facial beard. It’s a lot like mine.


    Marilyn: He’s thinking, “How come there two of you all of a sudden?”


    All laugh



    Joe: Well, I get along with kids, dogs and now birds. It’s people I have trouble with once in a while.


    Phil: I never had any problems with kids. Two girls followed me around.


    Winnie: I’m not going to say anything.



    Marilyn: Were you one of them Winnie?


    Joe: You picked the right one, Winnie.



    Marilyn: You got the cream of the crop.



    Phil: I got the cream of the crop. I think God picked the right ones for us.


    Joe: I think I made the right choice too. I got the same one I started with. But, ah, all my kids have been lucky. I had one that her husband got on drugs. One got divorced and she’s remarried now to a lawyer. And I got a good granddaughter out of that. We only had one divorce in all our family. It was the drugs and it bothers me real bad.


    Marilyn: The kids turned out good. We have daughter and son in laws with good grandchildren.. they’re not all perfect, but close enough to perfect.


    Joe: We have one that has a little trouble reading. And yet, he has good grades, but has to work hard.. real hard.


    Winnie: He wants to learn because he studies.


    Marilyn: He’s got a mother and father that are willing to work with him and encourage him. He’s pretty good now that I think of it. It was when he was younger that they had to work with him.


    Marilyn and Winnie continue talking about their children and family while Joe and Phil carry on with their conversation.


    Joe: I’ve got fungus on one hand and my toes after going down to South America that I have never been able to get rid of.


    Phil: You take some of that paramagnetic rock and rub it over your fnger nails and hands.


    Joe: Well, you’re getting close to your nap time and so we’ll wait another year before we see each other. I think you should put pamphlets out. Nobody reads volumes anymore, but if you put out quick to read books, or pamphlets, you’d sell. I think where your big deal is when you talk to people in short bits. Bruce Halstead wrote these big thick books that were three inches thick.  As time went on, he wrote these little pamphlets that sold. He was making money selling the pamphlets.



    Phil:  I  think  I  got  something  over  here  (Phil  gets  up  to  look  for  his pamphlet)


    Phil:  I  found  one  of  the  pamphlets.  That’s  about  the  Virgin  of Guadalupe.


    Joe: I’ve never seen this one.




    Phil: The Catholic Church put this out. They didn’t sell much and there not many left. They’re out of print.


    Joe: I’ll buy this one..


    Winnie: No, we have some left. There’s about three or four.


    Joe: I never read much about the Virgin of Guadalupe. An artist friend of mine, he passed away, he made millions of dollars on religious paintings.


    Phil: That’s visible and that’s infra red. It’s got no drawing under it. Any water color painter draws a picture first before they paint. Also, the face isn’t pigment. It’s diffraction radiation. It’s white limestone and light is refracted from it so it looks like a face. It’s an incredible picture.


    Joe: I never saw this book before.


    Phil: No you won’t. It’s out of print now too.


    Winnie: They were never for sale honey.


    Phil: I never sold anything. Acres sells them.


    Joe reads a quote from the pamphlet ‘The Tilma Under Infra-Red Radiation’..



    Joe: “Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.”


    Phil: It’s an old Indian prayer. It’s the oldest Indian prayer. Indians didn’t write though.. that was written when..


    Joe: The ancient Turks didn’t have a written language. I have a lot of Indians that visit me and some of them stay quite a while. Willie Whitefeather comes through once a year just to stay with us. Now, he wrote a book on survival and it actually saved some kids lives. They remember what they read about Willie and it got a national write-up.


    Marilyn: It’s written for kids, but it’s got information for adults.


    Joe: Now, I don’t understand all the things about infrared and  far infrared. Far infrared is what’s catching the attention of the astronomers.


    Phil: (demonstrates wave forms using his finger) Light is a wave length this long, infra red is that long and far infrared is this long. Instead of little short waves, they get longer and longer.


    Joe: When this is ingested in your body, you’re getting internal heat.

    And, it’s almost like getting a temperature to get rid of a virus.


    Phil: You’re getting rid of radiation without heating the body up.. the heat will kill you beyond a hundred and six degrees temperature.


    Joe: Did you do a book on the cloth like this?


    Phil: It’s in a book. It’s a chapter in a book. I did the work on the shroud and I did the work on the Virgin of Guadalupe. I’m the only man in the world that’s touched both of them. After I did the work on the Virgin they invited me to Italy to do the work on the Shroud of Turin. I’m going to write a whole book about it.



    Joe: You really believe that they were inspired.


    Phil: Oh yeah. The shroud of Turin is quite a shroud for certain. There’s no question about it. Nobody could have painted it.. it would be impossible. It’s a radiation image which was formed by  high  energy. When Christ rose from the dead it was from high nuclear energy that actually photographed the shroud.. made an impression.  When you open it up, his back is on one side and his head is on the other side. It’s a piece of cloth that folds over from the back to front.


    Joe: The imagery is paramagnetic.


    Phil: Sure. It’s diamagnetic cloth and paramagnetic iron oxide. What happened, because typically they didn’t take baths, there was a lot of soil.. he dragged that cross a long ways getting the soil all over his body which had the iron oxide. As he died, there was a burst of energy and all that iron oxide was dragged out impregnating the shroud. I actually ran experiments on that. I would take a piece of damp cloth and put some iron oxide on it and the iron oxide would migrate to wherever there would be electrical energy. I took pictures.


    Joe: When people die, there is a burst of energy that is measurable in grams. The French made a lot of studies on this, but they could never capture that. They put domes over it and glass over it. They did everything in the world to catch that weight.


    Phil: That’s because it’s different energy. Neutrons have no charge. They have no minus and no plus. It can be measured with certain instruments, but the neutrons, you  can’t control it.. you can’t store it. To measure something you have to store it first. Neutrons are going right through us now. Which is the bad thing about never leaving your house. It cuts down on the neutrons.


    Joe: Neutrons leave us with certain transferrable energy?



    Phil: Yeah, sure you need it.


    Joe: Neutrons will go right through a block of lead.


    Phil: You’d die if you had any in your body. You get it from the sun of course, but they go right through you. In one experiment that costs six hundred million dollars, they filled a cave full of water and it finally got to a point where they could actually measure the neutron. The neutron had to go through a couple miles of water.


    Joe: They did this under the mines in Japan. Something happened with the neutron tubes and there was an implosion. It costs millions of dollars to replace it. They replaced it immediately.


    Phil: It collapsed the original tubes and they had to make them stronger.


    Joe: Whenever they were taking pictures of this they could catch a neutron going through the water, but they always had to have a man on the camera. If they had a camera without a brain on it they couldn’t get a picture. But, a camera running by itself wouldn’t catch it. They could never understand why.


    Phil: You had to have a brain process it. Well there is no computer to process it.. your brain’s the computer. The brain understands neutrons. The brain receives and broadcasts the right frequency that understands the neutron to capture the image.


    Joe: (passionate) I could never understand why would people.. well like you and other people.. I’m a nobody. I’m not an educated person. Why do I talk to.. why will people talk to me like that and tolerate me. Teller and Halstead.. we become all friends. And you..?


    Phil: Tiller was a down to earth man too.



    Joe: You know what I’m saying about these people.. I’m not in their class! I’m like a parasite living off very important people.


    Phil: Oh, yes you are. It’s like my father used to say that he never went to college, but he ended up being a brigadier general for a week in the war. I went from corporal to sergeant to captain to lt. colonel in a year. He did the same thing.. like father like son.


    Joe: I’ve often wondered about it. The people that talk to me and spend time with me and.. I knew a geologist, Dr. Pye, he was a teacher at the University of Arizona…


    End Tape



    Dr. Philip Callahan has not yet received a Congressional Medal of Honor.


    His hope was to voice the truth about our planet and our health. It is assumed his voice would have irreversible damaging effect to  the cartels that run the industry of ill health, corruption in agriculture, as well as prevent the detrimental effectiveness HAARP has on the environment and earth’s inhabitants.


    Paramagnetism is an integral key to saving this planet as we see it being dismantled at an exponential rate. You will not fnd Phil Callahan’s name in such seemingly reputable information web depositories such as


    The Wikipedia page on paramagnetism, although he invented the term, not only doesn’t mention his name, but doesn’t list the common terms that reference to paramagnetic characteristics such as “iron oxide, ferrous oxide, pink granite, granite, basalt,” and all of the items of information shared in this interview.


    Not Philip Callahan, nor his eighteen published books on entomology, infra red radiation, paramagnetics, natural phenomena, and the many scientifc papers, are noted on


    This is one clear example where information is suppressed at the level of mass information and educational venues that would otherwise damage the powerful industry that educates them. Both Philip Callahan and Joe Blankinship share a strong desire to educate our youth.