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    Jackie: You know what just occurred to me, that people who live in cities that every opportunity
    that they get to leave the city and find a place, Alan, that is where the birds sing and the
    crickets – there aren’t too many crickets around anymore that I know of, but the little peeper
    frogs and the whippoorwills and the morning doves and the mocking birds and just to get out and
    away from the artificiality of the city. When I had my business in Springfield, Illinois, I
    actually lived 50 miles from work but it was sub-development you know down the highway and off the
    highway and into from what they call the hard road and a beautiful 360 acres of woods and a little
    lake and to me it was just like heaven to be able to escape there, but there were people in
    Springfield when they had a long weekend they would go to St. Louis and I would go why are you
    going to St. Louis? Well, they’re going to go to a game and I go why don’t you go camping
    someplace? It just amazed me the people who already lived in the city wanted to go to a bigger city
    for a vacation and I really mean this folks. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart, if you
    haven’t done it, take a vacation. Take a weekend. Take your children, take yourselves. Get the hell
    out of the city and find a place where water runs, a little brook, a stream, a river, but go
    someplace where there aren’t telephones. Buy a tent and go camping. Alan, how else are people ever
    going to be able to get in touch with themselves?

    Alan: Well, their time is running out because the agenda is there. It’s ongoing very quickly now
    and you will find that those who are dead already, that they are dead in the world and the few who
    are truly awake are often caught up in the confusion. There are very few people who are truly awake
    who’ve broken through all the confusion, but the agenda is going on right now. Seti, the Egyptian
    pharoph Seti, was the one who put into effect the long-range plans to lobotomize the public and
    that’s why you have “City.”

    Jackie: Alan, we’re out of time. We’re out of our hour, let me put it that way. Ladies and
    gentlemen, we’ll be back with you Monday. Alan, thank you for being here.
    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 19, 2005


    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being here tonight. This is Tuesday. It is
    the 19th of April in the year 2005 and I hope that many of you are having a beautiful and
    delightful day as we’ve been having here in Millerton, Pennsylvania.

    Our spiritual message this evening is from John 18. We do this a lot, yes. In verse 37 when Jesus
    was having a conversation with Pontius Pilate and Pilate asked him “are you a king” and Jesus said,
    “You say that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I
    should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”

    And that’s pretty cut and dried. Alan Watt, thank you for being here tonight with us again.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: You know it is very difficult when you’re in a conversation that seems to be just rolling
    and moving fluidly, it’s difficult to pick it up but I wrote down the words religiosity versus

    Alan: We know that religion means to “rebind” or to “retie” and since most religions, all
    religions really, have come from preexisting religions, the elite that rule them simply updated
    them and called them something else and rebound the people or retied the people to the new.

    Jackie: Did you say it was the word ligio or legio?

    Alan: Legio, yes.

    Jackie: It’s a Latin word meaning to bind?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: So RE-LIGION to rebind? In other words, the same game just under a new name?

    Alan: Yes, so that’s what religion is and religion also has always been used, with the hierarchy
    at the top symbolizing the god or the heavenly; and then all of his helpers and priests down to the
    lowest priest; and then all about them are the stars, the commoners, you see, the people, the
    masses; and so it was reconstruction of that which is above and bringing it below, as the Masons
    say, and that’s what religion was made to do. That’s why in fact they use the solar symbols in all
    of their religions including Christianity.

    Now spirituality is a different thing all together. Without spirituality or humankind’s natural
    feeling for knowledge that there’s something much bigger working things out there and it’s much,
    much bigger than themselves or any humans, the ones that rule this earthy plane use that need and
    then pervert it into their own use by dominating the people, often by terrifying them with visions
    of Hades for the Greeks and Hell eventually for the western Christians and sin of course, which is
    a big thing. Religion itself is used to dominate and control the public to keep a minority in
    absolute wealth and power and it hasn’t changed today.

    Jackie: Sometimes maybe a conversation like this, people who – I’ve talked to a couple of our
    listeners recently and we got into this conversation about whether or not we’re a “Christian” and I
    said I thought I always was but I realize now I’m not. I never was. Not in the way that the
    “religion” of Christianity teaches or demands that we believe and yet it takes nothing away from
    what true Christianity could have been if it wasn’t made into a religion.

    Alan: That’s right. You see, the Christianity in the Gospels is simply eternal truths. Eternal
    truth never changes. It’s eternal. It can’t mean something different in a different century or in a
    different millennium. These are eternal truths and obviously if people followed the eternal truths,
    without priesthoods or ministers, you would not have this economic system which we’re all slaves
    to, run by the money men and the power brokers and the war makers. It could not exist if people
    could use their own natural humanity to each other and help each other out, and certainly it would
    also mean that you wouldn’t have this high-tech society either. All the toys would be gone but
    we’ve been taught to equate progress–

    Jackie: What do you mean all the toys would be gone, Alan?

    Alan: All the toys that we take for granted today which we were told that would fulfill us
    basically. Every ad on television tells you to buy this latest gadget and you’ll

    suddenly be smiling, and of course that doesn’t happen. However, the big boys who run this system
    and who have a plan to conquer the whole planet and alter the planet through science, including
    everybody on the planet, they’ve conditioned the public to believe that all these toys are good for
    us; and of course the whole meaning of the allegory of Eden. Eden was the natural state. That’s
    what it meant, the natural state of being; and once you leave the natural state of being, then
    you’re on a road to using science to create something better (what you think is better), and yet it
    creates a dominant elite who control the system and who are in the process now of conditioning the
    public to accept chips in their head.

    Jackie: You know I just pulled up some email and there was an article, I don’t know who wrote it,
    about that within the next decade 75 percent of the people could be chipped and here are the ways
    that it could happen. First of all, all school children would have to be chipped. That’s for their
    own good and if you’re in the military you have to be chipped and if you’re on social security or
    any type of government social programs you’d have to be chipped, you know for identification. If
    you work for a private company that has government contracts you’d have to be chipped; and I’m
    telling you, Alan, when you read this you see how actually, I’m afraid to say this, but how easily
    they could get people to buy in to doing this.

    Alan: When they had the World Meeting of the geneticists and biologists and the electronics
    technicians who worked on the active chips at the Loyola University meeting two or three years ago,
    anybody who gets a hold of that should go through it carefully because all the top scientists were
    there and some of the politicians were there. It was headed off by Newt Gingrich and the U.S.
    Department of Commerce paid for it and yet the public weren’t even told about it.

    Jackie: Was this the one where you said that they said that they could combine human cells with

    Alan: Yes. I think it was Sony Corporation and even in some magazines and newspapers over the last
    few years Sony had created a form of protoplasm, human tissue in other words, combined it with
    chips and found that they could transmit through both without any problem. Now what it enables them
    to do is to create a chip, which they can, and this was all discussed at the Loyola University
    meeting, they have created the chip and part protoplasm will be inserted they said – now these guys
    didn’t say we’d like to. They said this will be inserted in each individual’s head.

    Jackie: In the brain someplace?

    Alan: In the brain and it will interface with the main cortex and it would be able to transmit to
    every part of your brain; make any part of your body move, for instance, and they said also that it
    will be run by a regional computer. There will be regional computers in every region, which will
    operate each person’s mind for them, and one of them said–

    Jackie: And I suppose that would be by programming, so they could take literally let’s say a
    certain group of people and program them to be one way. They could let’s say select out an
    individual and program that individual to do certain things?

    Alan: Yes, specialized tasks and–

    Jackie: I mean, Alan, could they go so far as to – I suppose this is speculation, but to have
    people either commit homicides or suicide?

    Alan: Oh, absolutely. In fact one of the top scientists there said, “This will be the end of
    individuality as we have known it.” He said, “It will no longer be possible for the individual to
    even perceive of themselves as being an individual.” He said, “It will be more like the hive.”

    Jackie: That’s pretty arrogant. Then when you look at just that thing I just shared with you all
    about the different reasons where they could justify and people would go along with it because
    their jobs are involved. It’s the way they “make a living,” that they would say okay, I have to do

    Alan: The thing is they went through that whole scenario in fact at the Loyola University meeting
    the different techniques they would get the public to take the chip. They gave the time limit to
    have everybody chipped and they want a good majority to be chipped by the year 2012 and all of them
    to be chipped by the year 2019. They said that every kindergarten school, every novel writer would
    be given grants, film producers and so on, would be given grants to write these things into their
    scripts to make the children want them. Already they’ve churned out movies since that meeting about
    brain chips and showing you all the advantages they want you to believe you’ll have, where you
    could be downloaded with information without having to study.

    Jackie: You know probably one of the ways that they’ll use it first, to give that first impression
    of how miraculous this is. A person who may be paralyzed and they could make this person be able to
    get up and walk and move, and people would be gasping in awe at this wonderful and marvelous

    Alan: It’s so easy to do but especially when they convince youngsters that they’re going to be the
    guy Neo on the Matrix, “I need a program right now for whatever, a helicopter,” and it just
    programs the pilot’s instructions right into your head. Of course, it won’t be like that at all
    because, as they’ve said, the purpose is to eliminate individuality from the public. They said in
    their heads, because they are all linked to central computers, you’ll hear vague whisperings of
    other people’s thoughts and it will be more like the hive they said than a system of humanity. What
    it is actually is the Borg in the Star Trek series.

    Jackie: Which one is the Borg?

    Alan: The Borg is the cyborg type human with the implant and the brain chip run by a central

    Jackie: He’s not one with the funny glasses?

    Alan: Yes, they can have one eye as infrared or something, but that’s the Borg are and they’re
    laughing in our face because the Borg means “original Bee,” you see.

    Jackie: The original Bee. Now you’re saying that the world Borg itself means the original Bee?

    Alan: The original Bee and even in the Star Trek series the Borg craft or space ship is called the
    Hive. They put it all in front of our face through fiction, which programs us subliminally to be
    familiar with the idea, vaguely familiar with it, and we don’t use our censor part of our brain
    when we’re being entertained, so we don’t critically analyze the outcome. When they present the
    actual thing to us, because it’s vaguely familiar, we tend to go along with it; and that’s called
    predictive programming from Tavistock Institute in England. However, these scientists did not hope
    to do anything. They said what they were going to do, so they’ve been given authority from the
    higher sources to do this and so that’s where science and leaving Eden, which is the natural state,
    that’s where it would always take you: to the same non-existence you might say.

    Jackie: Yes. You could easily hear something like this and realize that the possibility is great
    that they could be successful and it would be real easy to say well I’ll be out of there by then,
    but you think about all of the children, Alan.

    Alan: I know and it’s literally the end of human consciousness.

    Jackie: Well, you know what? They’re not going to be successful.

    Alan: I know because there will be people who will resist taking it. Many will take it believing
    all the propaganda they’re given that it’s going to enhance them and so on, but once that main
    switch is thrown one day they’ll all turn into little robots and that is the function of it. When
    you go back to some of the elite’s writings in the past, such as “The Next Million Years” by
    Charles Galton Darwin, Darwin’s grandson who was a physicist, he talked about this. He says we must
    get rid of the excess commoners on the planet and he says those that we retain we must eliminate
    that part of their brain which gives them their individuality, because it’s individuality which
    gives problems to the elite you see. It’s that resistance spark within the individual which makes
    him resist ultimate powers, so they want to get rid of that and then they’ll have their utopia.

    However, Darwin himself said, “we, however, being the dominant minority, must retain our survival
    instincts and therefore we will be left unaltered.” In other words, it will destroy our individual
    survival instincts and Arthur Koestler, who worked on the same programs for the United Nations, in
    his book “The Ghost in the Machine” in the last chapter it says the exact same thing. “We must
    eliminate individuality from the average person. However, we, the dominant minority, must retain
    our survival instincts and therefore will remain unaltered.” This has been along worked out plan.
    It’s what they call utopia you see.

    Jackie: But they say that they’re the dominant minority.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: But really aren’t they minions?

    Alan: They’re the lower minions and if you go back as far as the plans given out by Plato in “The
    Republic” for this perfect world state of theirs, Plato talked about the high aristocracy being
    called ‘The Guardians’ and the guardians would be allowed to bring in some helpers from the lower
    class, who may see themselves as guardians but actually would not be, so they’d be a higher helper.
    Then if we jump from there to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages” and “The Technetronic
    Era,” he goes into the same things about controlling each individual electronically, while the
    dominate elite will remain unaltered.

    Jackie: You know what I think? When we succumb to the lies of organized religion we are losing our
    individuality, Alan.

    Alan: That was the first attempt. You see the old method of controlling everyone was to have them
    all conditioned in the same way. That’s a form of destroying individuality and that’s why they had
    the mass for the masses.

    Jackie: For example, as you talk sometimes I write down a word or a thought and this is going back
    in our conversation, but when you were talking about religion and that’s exactly what they were
    meant to do, I wrote down the word contradiction and the word slavery, because for example in the
    gospel Jesus says very simply to do unto others or love your God with all you heart, mind, soul and
    strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Well now anybody who calls themselves “a Christian” and
    then goes ahead and says it’s okay to have slaves. It’s okay, it’s in the good book, God allowed
    it. Well, right there, Alan, I don’t mean to say that in such a condescending derogatory way
    either, but right there when you see an absolute contradiction and you will accept both of them as
    true because it’s in the “good book,” Alan, you’ve lost your individuality or at least you’re
    losing it. I don’t care how strict a food regime a person follows and doesn’t eat ham and goes
    through all the food stuff and that makes them an individual. No, it doesn’t. It makes them
    different than other people but it certainly doesn’t make them an individual.

    Alan: No, and of course if you believe in the contradictions then you have doublethink as always
    there – the ability to hold two opposing opinions on the same topic in your head at the same time.

    Jackie: That’s true, both of them being true.

    Alan: Of course, that again is like a robot that’s going crazy because it’s got conflicting

    Jackie: We have a call coming in. Shall we take it?

    Alan: Sure.

    Jackie: Hello. You’re on the air. Storm: I have a question for your guest. Jackie: Sure. Who’s
    Storm: Storm from New York. You’re first name again, I’m sorry.

    Jackie: It’s Alan Watt.

    Storm: All right, Alan. Here’s what I want to ask you. I’m sure you’re aware they changed the $20
    bill twice. That’s what I was planning on getting to in a minute. You’re aware of the $20 bills.

    Jackie: Yes he is.

    Storm: Okay. There are two. They made one when Clinton was in office and then they redesigned it
    again. You know the money is counterfeit anyway but this is the point to cut to the chase. If you
    were to take your thumb and your back finger and press it over the left eye area of the face that
    was Grant’s or–

    Jackie: Your thumb or your what?

    Storm: I say your middle finger. You know the middle finger that let’s say people in college pick
    up the middle finger and give the finger to you. That finger and your thumb and you press – put the
    middle finger in the back, put your thumb in the front or vice versa and press part over a new $20
    bill the one that has the different colors on it because there’s two different versions you will
    feel the microchip that is over the left eye. And they don’t have them on the 10s and they don’t
    have it on the 5 and they don’t have it on the 1–

    Jackie: But it’s on the 20.

    Storm: On the 50 and possibly the new 100.

    Jackie: So what was your question?

    Storm: I’m asking if he has ever heard of that because if you were to get one but it has to be the
    one that the newest ones that look like they have cooking grease on them. They look even dirtier
    looking than the first new 20 or 50. They have a chip in it. You can feel when you press on the
    right eye.

    Jackie: Okay, we heard that.

    Storm: Right. You don’t feel it. What they use that for is – what they do is if you are taking
    money outside the country or really can’t take money outside–

    Jackie: Storm, what you’re talking about I believe most of our listeners and of course Alan is
    aware of. In other words —

    Storm: Most people don’t have the slightest idea.

    Jackie: Okay, thank you Storm. Okay Alan, any comments there?

    Alan: They’ve been using technology on the public very quietly for many, many years and they began
    to actually test active chips embedded in people in the 1960’s and releasing the people who had no
    knowledge of these chips and then they followed them down through their lives and caused them to do
    odd things at times and followed up how they handled their incidences.

    Jackie: But you’re not saying that since, did you say the 1960’s, that they were able to mesh – in
    other words, that technology that you were telling us about, that they’re talking about, that they
    can now do, that they’ve been doing?

    Alan: They’ve actually been doing but the chip that they implanted then was done on lots of
    servicemen who had minor operations while in the service and then released.

    Jackie: And how do you know this Alan?

    Alan: Because when you read the psychiatric reports from Britain for instance you find that
    schizophrenia has specific signs and symptoms and generally they were also a religious nature.
    Suddenly about 1960, long before computers, even the word computer became common to the people,
    they had patients suddenly coming in diagnosed as schizophrenia, having hallucinations and
    believing that they had a chip in their spine that was controlling them. The one thing they all had
    in common was they’d all had minor operations while in the military and that was hushed up.

    Jackie: Now this was actually in a medical report, in a psychiatric report?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Did they allude to the fact that there was a chip in these people?

    Alan: Of course they didn’t and the psychiatrists didn’t because the head psychiatrist would
    obviously be in the know. They had to be in the know but the thing was this was experimental models
    you might say and they could then treat this person, convince them that they had schizophrenia and
    give them medication, then release them back into society and then activate the chip again and make
    them do strange things. They have been definitely testing them but this new chip that they claim
    that they have–

    Jackie: Excuse me. Did the medical report, the psychiatric report also report that each one of
    them had had surgery while they were in the military?

    Alan: Yes, because they always have their backgrounds in all previous medical records. Now the
    thing is too, when you tie it in with the CIA’s UFO deception, which they also plan to unleash on
    the public, and suddenly you have people claiming they’ve got chips in their hands or in their
    nasal passages, in their sinuses. Then you find out there are some surgeons who are taking these
    things out; they’re removing them and they can’t explain exactly what they are because they tend to
    almost move when you try to move them when you pick them up. They have this protoplasmic coating on
    them. Once again, I’m convinced it’s the authorities that have been doing this, since it’s the
    authorities who admitted they wanted to do it to the whole planet.
    When then discussed this at the Loyola University meetings, the scientists never said they would
    like to test this out. It was all taken a priori that they obviously had been tested out and
    worked. They said their only problem was now to convince the public to accept it and that’s how far
    ahead they are.

    Jackie: I remember you saying a long time ago that when they talk about a technology that they
    just discovered, they’ve had it for a long time; and what you’re saying falls in line with that. We
    have to take our break. Alan Watt is our guest tonight and as usual the conversation it gets
    intense, Alan, is what it does and I wasn’t
    – when you were talking about the people who came in that had schizophrenia and thought that they
    had chips—I’ll hold that question. Hi, you’re on the air.

    Joe: Hello.

    Jackie: Yes.

    Joe: It’s Joe.

    Jackie: Hi Joe.


    Speak up, honey.

    Joe: Can you hear me now?

    Jackie: Heck yes, that’s great.

    Joe: You know talking about those implanted chips, I was listening to all this stuff today on the
    Oklahoma City bombing and that brought back from my mind that Timothy McVeigh always swore he had a
    chip in his buttocks.

    Jackie: In his hip. He did, didn’t he, Joe?

    Joe: Yes, he always did and that guy William Cooper, you know that was killed and murdered in
    Arizona, he said that he run into him and somebody else. Actually I can’t remember who the other
    guy was, but anyway they got into a conversation and McVeigh wanted him to feel it because he acted
    like well I know you don’t believe me–

    Jackie: Who? Cooper said he ran into McVeigh?

    Joe: Yes. He said he run into him at a gun shop in [Sholoh] or whatever it was that he lived and he
    just said that McVeigh – a was a couple of Mid-East, what do you call them, an Arab looking fellow
    was with him and they – of course Cooper was well known and they had a real nice conversation.

    Jackie: Speak up, Joe, please.

    Joe: According to Cooper, McVeigh tried to get him to feel it and Cooper said I didn’t want to and
    so they’ve been around. Nothing surprises me what they do, but anyway I just thought that was

    Jackie: It sure does and that was 10 years ago. Okay Joe, thanks for your call. Yes he did, didn’t
    he, Alan?

    Alan: It was in the newspapers here that McVeigh complained that he did have one in that region.

    Jackie: Yes, well it was in the newspapers here too and it was on the news.

    Alan: It showed a clip of McVeigh in Gulf War I personally escorting Schwarzkopf around some of
    the bases.

    Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding?

    Alan: No, and so he was in Special Forces. Andy [Ramage] who was in Special Forces in Britain in
    the Special Air Service, the SAS, wrote a book after Gulf War I talking about his own men being
    chipped under the eyebrow, so they definitely got chipped for Special Forces.

    Jackie: And that was back in the ’60’s, Alan.Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking of Vietnam.

    Alan: The ’90’s. They certainly did a lot of experimenting in Vietnam; if anyone’s ever seen
    “Jacob’s Ladder” it’s worth going to see.

    Jackie: “Jacob’s Ladder?”

    Alan: Yes, the movie.

    Jackie: What is it?

    Alan: It’s about some of the experiences of certain individuals who were tested with different
    things during the Vietnam era, where they actually thought they were in Vietnam but they were being
    tested elsewhere with different drugs and so on and actually killing each other. It’s an
    interesting movie.

    Jackie: “Jacob’s Ladder” and they made a movie about this, and people will look at it and because
    it’s a movie they won’t believe that it’s true.

    Alan: They were trying to get the soldiers to become so primitively aggressive that they would
    kill everything and be ferocious, and they used U.S. troops and created two different sections and
    actually set them against each other. Then they dissected the people, the guys’ brains even, to see
    what physical effect had done damage-wise to the brain.

    Jackie: Did they say it had done damage?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: This is a little bit off the beaten path, in the same church a different pew, speaking of
    our military personnel. I hate saying that. The young men and women in America who go into wars.
    Lilly had heard that we know that they’re bringing the recruiters right into the schools today,
    Alan, and she had heard and is going to try and do some research on it to make sure whether it is
    accurate or not that they’re actually signing them up 14 years and older. Now of course somehow –
    you know that’s a contractual agreement. They’re not legally bound unless they really change the
    laws, that if you contract 12 and up or something that the contract is valid. But I wanted to say
    this for the sake of our listeners, for those of you who have children or know your friends’
    children, your relatives, try to check into it and see if this is happening and warn them not to
    allow their child to do that because it isn’t the law anyway.

    Alan: It’s quite amazing that American psychiatry will protect children from pedophiles, the
    reason being that you cannot have consensual sex from a child under

    the age of I think it’s 16 because they’re too immature to make truly rational decisions, and yet
    they’re trying to get them into the military where they can go and get killed at a younger age than

    Jackie: Well, I know this is maybe a poor comparison or an example, but when you think about it
    there are some states now that don’t even allow the young people to have driver’s licenses until
    they’re 18, and of course you could not go into a tavern and have a beer or have a glass of wine at
    dinner until you’re 21 years old, but you can go in at the age of 17 and begin to kill and die in
    defense of the world order.

    Alan: That’s the reason for it because the military – which is a Masonic Order, by the way.
    Everything in the military is purely masonry, all the symbols and so on. It actually is a form of
    conditioning the mind and drilling out the individuality and creating the mass man, who will do
    what he’d told, the nearest thing to a robot; and children can’t imagine themselves dying you see.
    Death is a strange thing to them. It happens to other people and they’re always old and they’re
    brought up with movies where the heroes never get killed because the bad guys can never shoot
    straight and all these movies have happy endings for the guys. They’ve been brought up purposely to
    do the killing and be slaughtered because older and wiser men wouldn’t join the military you see.
    They know the political scams. They’ve lived and they understand things but youngsters don’t and
    that’s why the military always recruits the young for their wars and it’s well understood as a

    Jackie: And of course their lack of experience, meaning lack of wisdom really, their minds would
    be so malleable. They would be so susceptible to the brainwashing.

    Alan: Sure. They go from being a nobody to getting this uniform and having all this accolade and
    you feel so proud of yourself, you see. This is how they do it and of course it’s a different story
    if you come back wounded, it’s your tough luck basically; but all these children think well
    somebody else might get it, but it won’t be me. They can’t imagine death.

    Jackie: There’s also that side of it that literally has turned them into barbarians, where it
    appears that many of them are killing with glee.

    Alan: Yes they are.

    Jackie: And they’re celebrating it. They’re videotaping it. They are so many reports and even the
    personally made videos that are being shown on, being available on the internet. I believe that in
    the past for the most part those who had to engage in war, the majority of them moaned or I should
    say mourned even when they had to shoot a

    so-called enemy and they grieved and they were guilty, but today it’s different, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: Yes. They’ve been trained on military techniques on video games.

    Jackie: Yes. Hi, you’re on the air.

    Lilly: Hi. It’s me, Lilly. I sent you two emails about that, I found it under Google. If you put in
    Google search recruiting 14 year olds and I sent this to you anyway.

    Jackie: All right, thank you honey.

    Lilly: The thing is the parents have to sign in for it but the children are like 14 year old to 17
    year old and then the parents get hounded by the children that please, please, please let me join
    up and then the parents or if they are in poor financial condition they then start getting money
    from the time they sign up from their future pay. Once they turn 18 then their future pay is
    deducted from what they would be getting in the future. It’s something in the No Child Left Behind
    Act that’s been [inaudible] before they get younger. But anyway, if you put it into Google you’ll
    find it, recruiting 14 year olds.

    Jackie: And the section of the No Child Left Behind Act, Lilly, can you find that and email it to

    Lilly: I didn’t get it down. It’s in the email I sent you.

    Jackie: Okay honey, thank you.

    Lilly: The first email.

    Jackie: Thank you, Lil. Did you get that, Alan?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: So they’ll have the parents sign them up and you know I would really love to see that
    recruitment form because wouldn’t you love to see what they’re doing or saying or promising for the
    parents to actually register their 14-year old child and it could be a boy or a girl. Hello, you’re
    on the air.

    Myron: Good evening, Mrs. Patru and Mr. Watt.

    Jackie: Hi.

    Myron: Yes. I have a question for Mr. Watt. My name is Myron, I’m calling from Georgia. I’d like
    to ask Mr. Watt a question. I’d like to know if he knows someone by the name of Baron von Knigge?
    He was a partner with Adam Weishaupt in the Order of the Illuminati back in the 1700’s and I was
    just wondering if Mr. Watt has any knowledge of research on this gentleman.

    Jackie: Okay, and Myron, you have to hang up to hear the answer.

    Myron: I will. Thank you. Have a good night.

    Jackie: You too. Bye bye. Okay, Alan.

    Alan: I know the name and I know that of course the Illuminati of Weishaupt did not originate with
    Weishaupt. It was simply the illuminati popping its head up in a period in time. That was all, but
    around Weishaupt, he had some scientists and so on who were working on human behavior and studying
    it intensely, long before Freud or any of these boys were around.

    Jackie: And that Baron von Knigge.

    Alan: He was one of them. What’s interesting too is that when you read what Weishaupt claims, he
    said that at the end stage they would unleash the nihilists and the atheists.

    Jackie: He said what, Alan?

    Alan: That they would unleash the nihilists and the atheists in the biggest war for the world; and
    of course that was echoed by Lenin and before him [Buckerin] and it was also mentioned by Marx at
    one point. It was all the illuminati and what they’ve done is they’ve created the very generation
    of dumbed-down children. They’ve brought them up on violence and video games. The state has given
    them their values, not their parents, and they are unleashing the nihilists and the atheists and
    that’s why they’re over in Iraq killing with glee.

    Jackie: Yes. We have a caller here. Hi, caller you’re on the air.

    Jeff: Hello.

    Jackie: Oh, hi Jeff.

    Jeff: How you doing?

    Jackie: Fine.

    Jeff: There is, from what I understand, a $16,000 bonus for anybody who enlists today. Sounds like
    selling your soul to the devil, doesn’t it?

    Jackie: You mean they get the $16,000 upfront?

    Jeff: Yes and then they’ll call when they’re needed.

    Jackie: Well that would certainly seal a contract, wouldn’t it?

    Jeff: Yes.

    Jackie: If a parent was signing for minor – okay Jeff, did you hear that on the news or what?

    Jeff: No. From a soldier.

    Jackie: Okay, thanks. Anything else, Jeff?

    Jeff: No. The reception is really terrible down here.

    Jackie: Oh is it? I’m sorry to hear that. Okay thanks. Bye. Did you hear that, Alan?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: $16,000 bonus.

    Alan: Just to finish off on Weishaupt, now most people know that the Bavarian authorities raided
    his lodges. Their lodges by the way went into Germany and they were called the Beenan Lodge or the
    Order of Bees and the symbol is the beehive, which is the same symbol George Washington in his
    Masonic regalia has down in the bottom of his painting. Anyway, Weishaupt when he was chased out he
    got refuge in the area of Germany of Saxe-Coburg. Now Saxe-Coburg is the old house of the Saxe-
    Coburg-Gotha royal family of Britain today; so why would the royal family not only give Adam
    Weishaupt refuge, they also gave him a lifelong pension and that’s recorded history too. You see
    they’re all tied in together. Weishaupt wasn’t an independent agent.









    Masonic Bee: The Roots and Symbolism Behind It
    Updated onDecember 9, 2021

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    Masonry is a university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will attend to its words. This FB Group was created so that Freemasons could converse, better understand Freemasonry and to educate those in the craft.




    The Masonic Bee or The Beehive is a Masonic symbol of hard work and diligence. Masonic Bees represent the Masonic virtues of industry, order, and prudence. These bees are often seen on Masonic rings as well as other Masonic jewelry such as Masonic pendants and cufflinks.

    The Masonic Bee is a symbol that has been used in Masonic rituals for centuries. This article will cover what the Masonic Bee means, as well as its origins and symbolism behind it.

    The Masonic Bee is an ancient symbolism

    The Beehive is a symbol that was included in the Third Degree of Freemasonry which focuses on one’s duty to God, family and country. The beehive has been associated with several different social traditions throughout history but its symbolism for Masonry stems from Ancient Egypt.







    Bee’s from the Tomb of Childeric I

    The Bee as precursor to the Fleur-de-lys

    The word “Behenian”, or behonestas appears in Greek magical papyri where it refers to substances used when consecrating amulets to specific deities. The bees were symbols of immortality because they did not die except through violence by another creature (i.e., stung to death). Bees are also seen as being worthy of veneration since their honey provides food for humans while simultaneously giving life to flowers without harming them. The bee therefore represents both the productive and destructive aspects of nature.

    Bees were also associated with the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter, who presided over love and fertility, respectively. The beehive is therefore a symbol of industry, fertility and productivity as well as resurrection or immortality. The bee hive also serves as a reminder to Freemasons that they should work together in unity to achieve their common goals.

    Above all else, Freemasonry is about morality and virtue, with a focus on charity. Masons believe that by being industrious and working hard for what they have, they are being charitable to themselves and others.

    What is the meaning of the Masonic Bee?

    The Masonic bee is a symbol that has been around for centuries. It can be seen on many different Masonic items from mugs to aprons.

    But what is the meaning of this symbol? The name “Masonic bee” is derived from the society’s belief in social equality and unity. In order to achieve this, they work together as a hive to accomplish a common goal.

    In addition, the bee has been a symbol for hard work and cooperation since ancient times because it gives its life so that others may live. Bees have long been associated with craftsmanship and creativity as well as industry and diligent labor.

    There are five reasons why the Freemason bee is so iconic and important to the masonic fraternity:

    -The Freemasons uphold the principles of equality, liberty, and justice for all people.

    -Bees exemplify industriousness, which reflects an important Masonic value.

    -Craftsmanship is an integral part of Freemasonry whose members use their skills to make something beautiful or make something better.

    -Freemasonry fosters creativity through its rituals and symbols.

    -Bees wax and wane, but they always come back stronger.

    How does it compare to other symbols?

    When you think about Masonic symbols, you might think of the square and compass, The Great Architect of the Universe, or the letter “G.” But there is one symbol that stands out more than others: The Freemason bee.

    The Freemason bee is a representation of a Mason’s hard work. It symbolizes a Mason’s commitment to their family, community, and fraternity. We also see this symbol used in many different Masonic items because it’s iconic and powerful.

    Although we’ve seen this symbol for centuries, it has been most popularized in recent years with the release of Dan Brown’s book “Angels and Demons.” In the book, Brown discussed how The Beehive was an ancient symbol for democracy. And although Brown claimed this, most historians agree that it was not used as a democratic symbol until the late 1800s.

    But what does this have to do with Freemasonry? At first glance, not much. But if you’re a Mason who frequents online forums or chats with other Masons on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter then it may be more recognizable. Masons have been using this phrase as a greeting for centuries. In fact, some people refer to each other as “Brother Bee.”

    The bee’s significance in the Order of Freemasons is two-fold, namely to represent both industry and wisdom

    The bee is one of the most industrious creatures on Earth and it was once said that a single bee could travel up to four miles in an hour. The hive is also a metaphor for the Masonic lodge where each member works together for the common good. The beehive is also associated with wisdom because bees are able to find their way back to the hive even if they have been lost. This analogy can be applied to Freemasons who use their knowledge and understanding of masonic symbolism to find their way back home (i.e., the Masonic lodge).

    Freemasons often refer to themselves as “the Bees” which is another nod to this symbol’s importance in Masonry. By wearing jewelry or other items that feature the Masonic bee, Freemasons are reminding themselves of their duty to work industriously and with wisdom for the betterment of society. The bee is therefore a reminder that, as Freemasons, they should strive to be productive members of society who use their knowledge and understanding to make the world a better place.

    Why is The Masonic bee so important to Freemasons?

    The bee hive is a Masonic symbol of the brotherhood. The hive is symbolic of society, in which members work together to create unity and prosperity. The bees themselves are symbols of industriousness, harmony, and cooperation.

    A beehive, or Masonic bee, can also represent man’s dependence on nature. Bees gather pollen from flowers to use as food for the hive; in the same way, humans gather resources for their communities. Another interpretation suggests that our dependence on bees for honey teaches us to value the importance of sharing what we have with others.

    The Freemason bee is also said to represent immortality—another important message of the fraternity. It can remind Masons that death cannot separate them from their loved ones because they will always share eternity together in Heaven.


    The Masonic bee has been a symbol for Freemasons for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of strength, industry, and frugality. The bee is also used to represent the fact that Freemasons should be good citizens and be prepared to work for the public good. Freemasons like their symbols like they like their virtues: simple, without adornment.




    Wow what a load of BS, of course that is all you get in the system, all BS

    Beehive means a totally controlled , enslaved system, THAT is what it means. But they wont tell you that in kindergarten, do they , children ? Masons always lie, remember that, children.




    Jackie: Did you say Saxe-Coburg, like C-O-B-E-R-G?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: And Saxe would be SACHS? Alan: It’s S-A-X-E they spelled it there. Jackie: Oh, S-A-X-E.
    Alan: But it’s the same as Sachs. It doesn’t matter how it’s spelled.

    Jackie: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    Alan: Yes and that literally was the royal family that George and all those boys came from.

    Jackie: Oh, that was their relatives?

    Alan: Yes. Weishaupt and these guys were agents of a much higher power, just as Lenin was. Getting
    back to this whole discussion, we are living in the times where spiritual values better start to
    emerge in the individual because the war is going on right now and it’s slow at the moment and yet
    it’s also making great strides psychologically to condition people to accept all technologies and
    all technologies are just so wonderful you see. It’s called progress, but once this technology
    comes to full fruition and implementation it’s the end of conscious thought, which means it’s the
    end of the human race’s ability to contact their own ‘creator,’ if you like, and people better
    think about that.

    Jackie: Well, the implications of that are endless.

    Alan: Absolutely.

    Jackie: It just takes my mind out there. If that happens to an individual and they leave this
    dimension, the physical, with that seed so to speak, it comes back with them, Alan, and something
    has to happen. If we took it out there in I would have to say the negative. In other words, if they
    were successful you would have people being born into it – being born into it and never ever, ever

    Alan: They wouldn’t have the ability to even to think up a question. If you cannot be who you are
    as an individual and know you are separate, although amongst others, that will be gone totally. As
    they said, it will be more like the beehive than a natural society of humanity. This is an ancient
    goal and you can trace the beehive symbol not only back to Egypt but back to the ancient Minoans.

    Jackie: Yes and you know what? Love would be non-existent.

    Alan: You couldn’t have love because you need individual human qualities and experiences in order
    to come to the ability to have love and to exercise it, and if you can’t even experience the fact
    that you are a distinct individual, then you’ll be more like as they say a bee in a hive with a job
    to do. You could have no abstract thought of your own, no abstract imagination or creative
    abilities. The brain would simply be the conduit for your programming which is coming through the
    air from some giant computer and if they want you to come in for adjustments you couldn’t stop
    yourself. Your legs would start walking towards wherever it is.

    Jackie: That’s right. There would be no – what you were just talking about. I’ve got this book
    “Family of Light” here and it reminded me of a short passage under the “Family of Dark,” it was
    that chapter. It was talking about the beings who feed off harm to others are feeding their energy
    fields through a limited channel and this energy it says is not freely flowing through them, so
    when they access energy they want a lot of it and usually of a violent nature. Those who create
    harm to others are starved energetically. Why? Because they do not have love and do not feel
    connected and are shut off from living. The walking living dead is what you are without love and
    that is the truth, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: Oh, it is the truth and unfortunately the ones who feed as you say off hate and
    anger are in charge of the world.