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    Alan: It’s a choice once again of being double-minded in that they still want to
    believe the people – the experts you see. The society of experts that guide us you see. They want
    to believe that they’d never do anything so nasty to the public, so therefore it must be okay even
    though the evidence is out there that it’s not. They’d rather believe the experts you see. It’s a
    choice. It makes them feel better because if they have to wake up and say wait a minute, these
    experts are all lying to us, here’s the

    evidence, then they’d have to start questioning everything and they don’t want to start that

    Jackie: You know what though? I don’t think people would be listening to this broadcast if they
    didn’t want to know.

    Alan: There’s that section of society who already know what to do.

    Jackie: Okay. So then those who are listening and do know, then it behooves them. Folks, it
    doesn’t it? It behooves you to do something about it and if you’ve never made a garden there’s
    nothing more fulfilling and satisfying than to plant a seed, watch it grow, tend it nuture it and
    harvest it and know that you’re giving your family the best you can give them, even if it’s only
    yourself. Even if you don’t have children, for God’s sake. Eat a carrot and get your hepatitis B
    vaccine – I’ve got articles here that sometimes when I bring my email up I walk away after reading
    some of this stuff. I walk away kind of bummed out for a while because there’s so much that we
    don’t even have the time to talk about. I don’t think you have to talk about every tinny, tiny
    little detail to get the point across do you?At least we shouldn’t have to.

    Alan: No. I mean plants have been used for thousands of years for creating drugs, and to modify
    food you’re modifying a plant and they’ve already admitted they can if they wish make that plant
    produce anything they want it to produce. When they say they can do it, you can bet your bottom
    dollar they are doing it. That’s all you really have to know.

    Jackie: And eating GM modified food, then that would mean that the body is being modified.

    Alan: Absolutely. Re-engineered.

    Jackie: Yes, and to remind our listeners, I did this only it’s been a couple of years ago and for
    those of you who haven’t heard it, a report that I read on – this particular one was potatoes.
    Feeding them to rats. GM Potatoes. The rats stomach lining thickened. The arteries thickened. The
    immune system was depressed and when they took the rat off the potatoes and started giving them a
    healthy diet, they could not reverse the damage. They couldn’t reverse the damage, so it’s time.
    Alan, thank you for being with us tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    (Transcribed by Linda)




    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru June 13, 2005


    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is
    Monday. It is the 13th of June in the year 2005. Half of June is over already. We went from having
    I guess about 2-1/2 weeks maybe 3 weeks of 50 and 60-degree weather, when we should have been
    having 70s and the last, I don’t know how long, week, week and a half. I don’t know long this has
    been going on. It’s in the
    90s folks and it is just absolutely outrageous. I think it’s called weather modification is what
    it’s called. Anyway, I guess that’s how it is. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, is it? I don’t
    know if know if you remember that old commercial but that’s what I keep thinking about. Our guest
    this evening is Alan Watt. Alan, thanks for being here once again.

    Alan: Yes. It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Folks, Steve Jacobsen was on with us last Tuesday and Wednesday and the topic the new world
    religion. Alan and I had conversations later about it and he was actually filling in more
    information and so I asked him to come on with us tonight. I thought that it would be relevant to
    pick it up and let Alan take us further into this so

    we get a really absolutely clear look at the dangers of the people that they are soaking into their
    games. Their dangerous games and we were talking specifically about Benny Hinn, but there’s a whole
    group of them, yes Alan?

    Alan: There’s a lot of them, some superstars amongst them, though, and that’s the key is the
    superstars who’ve been risen up there by the old unseen hands that decide to give us the shepherds
    that we’re supposed to follow and of course Benny Hinn is only one of them. The CBC television, the
    two separate exposés–

    Jackie: That’s the Canadian Broadcasting?

    Alan: Yes. They did two one hour specials on them and– Jackie: What do they call these guys?
    There’s a word for this. Alan: There’s a lot of words for them.
    Jackie: I mean ones we can say on the radio. What kind of religion do they call this?

    Alan: Charismatic, which is basically hypnotic.

    Jackie: You know General Ben Parton? Do you remember him? He was the guy that came out there after
    the Oklahoma City bombing. Ben Parton was a charismatic. He was all involved in that. A bunch of
    them are.

    Alan: Yes, I’m not surprised because it’s a fantastic mind control formula that they’ve got down

    Jackie: Yes, but I think Ben Parton was one of theirs.

    Alan: Oh, no doubt. That’s what Albert Pike said, “We always give them their leaders,” and that’s
    for every side. They give you subdivisions, so there’s a leader out there for your particular
    personality type.

    Jackie: You were going to go into this two-part thing that the CBC had.

    Alan: They did special on Benny Hinn and the reason they started this investigation into Benny
    Hinn was because there was a pastor in the U.S. who had polio when he was young, and I think he now
    has leg braces, but he had gone to Benny Hinn hoping to get up on stage and be cured. That’s the
    whole trick of this thing is the curing.
    However, what he found out was there is a whole team of experts in the audience

    working for him and they pick out the ones who are allowed upon the stage and they must not have
    any obvious physical disabilities. If you’re in a wheelchair or on crutches or whatever, you don’t
    get up there on the stage. That way they can pick people who have lots of other problems but you
    can’t see what it is.

    Jackie: You mean like pretend they’re blind or pretend they’re deaf or something like that?

    Alan: Yes, or they’ve got cancer or a tumor or something and a lot of them do but they’ve been
    diagnosed. However, physically you can’t see anything wrong with them and of course it’s strange
    too because Jesus is supposed to have made people rise up when he cured them; whereas Benny Hinn
    knocks them down. He knocks them down and of course they’re all trained to fall down because there
    are charismatic Christians who’ve watched this all their lives. When he puts out his hand they all
    fall down like dominoes, but it’s the hypnotic technique. They’re already preconditioned to that
    technique by being brought up in charismatic churches, so when it happens to them they immediately
    fall down as though they were in a trance.

    Jackie: Well, there is always somebody there to catch them.

    Alan: Yes, let’s hope so.

    Jackie: No, there is.

    Alan: The thing is, the CBC did a follow-up to those people who had been up on stage. Some people
    had AIDS, cancers and so on, and out of the ones who are still alive they were dying.

    Jackie: In other words, are you saying those, not just professionals who were there to assist him,
    but actually people that came up that had AIDS and stuff, they actually fell down too?

    Alan: They fall down too because as I say they’re mainly charismatic Christians that have being
    brought up in the church and so when something happens to them, they don’t go to the doctor often,
    or if they do go to the doctor, but they still believe the next thing to Jesus being Benny Hinn is
    going to cure them.

    Jackie: Do they pass out or what happens to them?

    Alan: Some pass out. Some just fall down with their eyes open and I guess they wait for their
    queues to get up. However, it’s the follow-ups that are really important

    because most of them – when someone is really seriously ill the relatives will pay to no end the
    money to try and get them better; and Benny Hinn, of course, in his audience, they pass around
    5-gallon buckets and just stuff them with money and checks and so on and he takes credit cards too.
    He earns over $220 million a year.
    That’s what he brings in, his organization, so he’s doing pretty well for himself. The CBC, when
    they challenged him, when they eventually managed to get to him, the actual camera crew, when they
    found him coming into a hotel they challenged him on the follow-ups that they had done on some of
    the people that he supposedly cured and had even written about curing in his own magazine. It was
    all lies because they had followed them up and found out they were dying or dead.



    Astonishing that people fall, literally, for that crap


    Jackie: Did he respond to them?

    Alan: Well, he of course couldn’t remember the names or whatever or tried to sluff it off by
    asking them to come back and make an appointment with him and talk to him, which he never did. In a
    sense you can see in the audience, the type of audience that he attracts, that he’s got a
    ready-made market because people actually want to see the showmanship. This tremendous Hollywood
    stage-managed showmanship and they want so badly to believe that he has a special power that God’s
    given him. They are willing fools you might say. They’re conditioned victims already waiting to be
    used by people like Benny Hinn.

    Jackie: The danger that was pointed out by Steve Jacobsen last week when he was watching is that
    they’ve got this whole on TBN. They’ve got this whole world prayer network or world prayer team or
    whatever they call it and he said they are totally promoting the world agenda. The UN and Israel et
    cetera, et cetera and they’ve got all these people praying the same prayer.

    Alan: Sure. Well, that’s what sheep do. They follow the shepherd and they’ve all been trained
    since birth to be good sheep. That’s what religion truly is all about, you know.

    Jackie: Okay, I know and I know that you have said this before. It occurs to me we could have new
    listeners and the first thought in their mind would be well that’s what Jesus said that he was
    there for the lost sheep and the Lord is my shepherd et cetera, et cetera. I remember you saying I
    don’t believe he ever called anybody sheep because they’re the dumbest animal there is.

    Alan: You can’t get much dumber.

    Jackie: But that the staff, the crook that the “shepherd” carries, you explained that there’s
    actually the depictions of the pharaohs.Okay, so just expand on that just a little.

    Alan: Well, from the earliest times even the statues that they uncovered in Babylon with the king
    in Babylon and the pharaohs of Egypt, you’ll often seen them depicted holding in one hand, with
    their arms crossed in front of them in front of their chest, and one hand holds a small crook,
    which is the shepherd’s crook. That’s so that you can pull the sheep if they’re going the wrong
    way, so that’s the gentle hand, but it’s still used to get them to go in the direction you want
    them to go in. Of course in the other hand, he’s got the rod and that’s for the sheep that are a
    bit more stubborn and more individualistic. He’s supposed to bash that down on your head. That’s
    what the rod and the staff are for.

    Jackie: The rod and thy staff they comfort me.

    Alan: That’s a beautiful song of an abused victim because that’s what it would have to be. Of
    course, that’s what organized religion has always been about is controlling the people so that a
    few can benefit at the top over the expense of the majority. However, these shysters in the
    charismatic movement obviously are allowed to do what they’re doing by “The Establishment,” which
    is a term I always use for the real government behind the governments, and I’m sure they must give
    their kickbacks to their bosses above them for being allowed to scam the public this way. Because
    this whole system we live in is totally corrupt. Now Benny Hinn, when he was followed around by
    this camera crew, he took off to Europe supposedly to go on some crusade, but they followed him
    from one hotel to another. Now these hotels, some of the rooms cost about $5,000 or more a night
    per person. They were the most expensive in Europe and he would get the best rooms and they all
    have fancy names like Sir so-and-so or Lord so-and-so’s room and he was giving $1,000 tips to
    people and waiters and so on in these restaurants and that’s where the money is going.

    Jackie: To live a lavish lifestyle.

    Alan: Yes, given by the poor and the sick and the needy, some of them whom actually, as they
    showed on the CBC documentary, there was one couple in particular whose son was dying of something.
    I think it was leukemia or cancer of some kind.
    Anyway, they sold their home and given all their money to Benny Hinn and moved into a one-roomed
    apartment so that Benny Hinn could take the money and cure the son, and they showed you his routine
    on the stage with the son and when they went back a few months later the son was dead and the
    parents of course were totally broke.

    Jackie: I only saw him one time. I stumbled across him one night. I stumbled across TBN I guess
    because there was Benny Hinn and he was fascinating to watch because he was so slick. I watched
    maybe 15 minutes, but does he actually tell these people

    that the more money you give me the quicker – I mean how does he get people to give him so much

    Alan: It’s the conditioning. As I say, they’re preconditioned for these shysters by the religion
    itself and they’re told constantly over and over that if you give you will receive, and the more
    you give of course the more you’re supposed to receive. That only works for bankers who give out
    loans and it doesn’t work in real life for real people. They give everything that they have
    believing the Lord will truly bless them and cure their offspring or whoever and somehow it will be
    all right like some Hollywood movie. Now one of the Masonic jokes – they’re sick jokes but it’s
    true as well, has to do with the fact that all of our language is a Masonic language. It’s
    constructed that way and the word “spirit,” which is about the only word they’ve really given us to
    describe that yearning we have inside for something beyond you, which you know is out there
    somewhere. Spirit is also the term used for alcohol, so when you’re full of the spirit you’re drunk
    with the spirit; and these people have been trained to be drunk with the spirit and when they’re
    like that, they’re not thinking logically.
    Their hands are in the air. They’re going back and forth in a hypnotic movement and they’re
    listening to these shysters who have professional lighting teams all over the theatres,
    professional music players, instrumentalists and so on. It’s a Hollywood production par excellence.

    Jackie: You have a couple of videos and you have some excerpts. Are you going to share those with
    our listeners tonight?

    Alan: I could actually. I’ll see if it will work.

    Jackie: You know what would be a good idea to do? Play just about four or five seconds of it and
    then stop it so then I can tell you if we can hear it good, okay?

    Alan: Okay.

    Jackie: But Alan, before, because he’s got – oh, first of all. You had told me that he was a Jew
    and I mentioned that when Steve Jacobsen was on and he said no he’s a Palestinian Catholic and
    that’s what people say that he says he is.

    Alan: Well, here’s the bottom line. The CBC did a documentary partly because Benny Hinn also had
    Canadian citizenship and on his Canadian citizenship he said that he was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

    Jackie: So that would make him–

    Alan: Jewish.

    Jackie: In other words, he couldn’t have been a Palestinian born in Tel-Aviv?

    Alan: No. You wouldn’t get a birth certificate as a citizen unless you’re Jewish.

    Jackie: Yes, I read that, that the Palestinians today there can’t even get their birth

    Alan: So it’s up in the air as to actually what he is, but really it doesn’t matter. The fact is
    he sits up there with the Bush’s and the rest. They’re all oil-men, slick as can be.

    Jackie: Okay. Let me ask you this. Can Americans have like Canadians have dual citizenship in

    Alan: I don’t know about America, but I know for the last few years because we are going into the
    global society – actually, for the last maybe even 20 years, people have been allowed dual
    citizenship here in Canada with anywhere.

    Jackie: Anywhere?

    Alan: I don’t know about the U.S. but everywhere else in Europe.

    Jackie: I know that it’s okay for Israelis – in other words, the Israeli’s can have citizenship in
    the U.S. and Israel but I don’t know of any others, but I shouldn’t say that so maybe it is okay in
    the U.S. too and I just don’t know it.

    Alan: They’re always upgrading the laws but I do know as I say that Canada has been giving dual
    citizenships to everybody that’s come in for donkey’s years now from anywhere and that’s part of
    the globalization structure.

    Jackie: Before you turn this on, tell them what they’re going to be hearing so when they hear it
    they’ll hear it because he’s got that accent.

    Alan: When he starts talking quickly his accent become thicker, but the first little blurb that he
    does I think is about–

    Jackie: He wants gold.

    Alan: He wants gold, yes, and he said I don’t want to hear about gold in heaven. He says I want it
    now. I want it here and now he said. I’ll see if this plays.

    Benny Hinn: I said if you don’t like them kill them. I really wish I could find them and I wish
    God would give me a holy ghost machine gun. I’d blow your head off. I’m sick and tired of hearing
    how it used to be back four years ago. I got so sick of it. I said, Lord, if I hear this one more
    time I’m going to throw up. I want to see it now. I’m sick and tired of hearing about streets of
    gold. I don’t need gold in heaven. I’ve got to have it now.

    Alan: Did you here that?

    Jackie: Yes. And what was he talking about, a holy machine gun?

    Alan: Yes. He was talking about the people who complain about him and he said he wished he had a
    holy ghost machine gun so he could mow them all down. He also said, you parents – this is not in
    this part of it but it’s on the same tape. He said, “and you parents, if you’re criticizing me, you
    better watch your children.” This is like a mafia boss talking and yet he’s up there. He’s one of
    “God’s chosen.”

    Jackie: Are you going to play the rest of it?

    Alan: I’ll play the same part again and then let you hear the rest. There’s only a couple of other
    blurbs, then you hear his wife at the end who’s a real sweetheart you know. She probably weighs
    three times as much as he does.

    Jackie: You said she looks like a dominatrix or something?

    Alan: Well, she could do as a Sherman tank as she stomps up and down that stage there with the
    microphone in her hand giving her spiel. This is the thing again where he’s talking about the holy
    ghost and the machine gun.

    Benny Hinn: I said if you don’t like them kill them. I really wish I could find them and I wish God
    would give me a holy ghost machine gun. I’d blow your head off. I’m sick and tired of hearing how
    it used to be back four years ago. I got so sick of it. I said, Lord, if I hear this one more time
    I’m going to throw up. I want to see it now. I’m sick and tired of hearing about streets of gold. I
    don’t need gold in heaven. I’ve got to have it now. I’ve got to have it here. You say, well, maybe
    isn’t that wonderful to have gold, streets of gold; well of course, but if I hear the thing one
    more time of how it will be and how it was, I’m going to kick somebody.

    Mrs. Hinn: [inaudible] You know what you need? You need a holy ghost enema right up your rear end.”

    Alan: There you go, so that’s show business for you.

    Jackie: A holy ghost enema up your rear end, and the people go for this.

    Alan: Oh, they go wild over it. It’s all superb stagemanship when he comes on with his white suit,
    very expensive, and people won’t go to see anybody who wore rags because they’re trained that to be
    successful then God has blessed you, so you don’t want to go to a poor person. You want to go and
    see a rich person and so he has the
    $5,000 or $10,000 suits.

    Jackie: In other words, if you’re poor then you’ve done something wrong?

    Alan: That’s it. God hasn’t blessed you, you see. That’s the Judaic element that’s crept into

    Jackie: Yes, because Jesus said not to store up your treasure here on earth.

    Alan: He had this gold jewelry from his wrists and all this kind of thing, which must mean he’s
    very, very blessed and I guess he is in that sense.

    Jackie: And they’re doing this all over the world?

    Alan: They tour all over the world and as I say the CBC did work out what his finances were for
    the year, according to statements he made in his own magazines, and they said it came to $220
    million income that one year alone.

    Jackie: And that’s from people donating.

    Alan: Mainly from the people again who have been brought up to truly believe this and they’re
    losing someone through disease and they give everything that they have. These characters are
    basically psychopaths.

    Jackie: I understand that Brother Stair isn’t on WWCR anymore.

    Alan: I don’t know. I think he’s still on the air somewhere.

    Jackie: Oh, okay. Then I can’t say anything because I was going to say something. I thought he was

    Alan: He might be off that station but I do know he’s somewhere.

    Jackie: Well, you know that one clip that Steven played last week, Benny Hinn was talking about
    the TBN that miracles were going to happen and that people would actually be resurrected from the
    dead and that they would wheel their – and he says not just my program but all the TBN programming,
    and people would wheel their dead loved ones in in their coffins. They would leave the coffin in
    front of the television with TBN on four 24 hours and then they would take the hand of their loved
    one, place it on this television and their loved one would rise from the dead. Then Paul [Prouch]
    and whoever else he was talking to, you could hear them going “amen. Praise God. Praise the Lord”
    all this stuff. But he says not so much in the U.S. it wasn’t going to happen. He actually said
    that. He said that all over the world this would be happening and I looked up when I went into that
    world prayer team, Bill Bright, I know he’s a big one and he’s a member of the Council for National
    Policy; but it says here with his the Campus Crusade for Christ, it says he has more than 16,000
    full-time staff and 101,000 trained volunteers in 161 countries.

    Alan: I can believe it. There’s no end to the power that they have. It’s understandable since
    religion is a technique. It’s a science and it’s well understood and it has been here for thousands
    and thousands of years and these guys know how to use it. It’s all based on formula and the only
    precondition you really need is to brainwash at least one generation into the belief of it, and
    then it’s an open field there. That’s an open market for the shysters.

    Jackie: And the military is now promoting it.

    Alan: That makes sense because they’re both armies in a way. They both use similar techniques where
    you lose your individuality and you’re told to be part of the church or the army or the group.
    That’s what you’re trained to do, to lose your actual distinct personality and follow orders of

    Jackie: Alan, it comes down to this when you think about it. They preach that in the end times
    it’s going to be a holy war. In fact, George Bush has called this a holy war, this never-ending war
    in the Middle East against Islam and Christianity. You think about it, if these young people going
    into the military are getting this type of religion crammed into them, they’ll go fight just
    because in their minds and hearts they’ll believe that they’re fighting a holy war for Christ.

    Alan: It was done on the Crusades. It was the same techniques.

    Jackie: My, my. We’re ready to take our half break.

    Alan: Hello Jackie? I think we’re back on the air. Well, this is Alan here and what I’ll do in the
    meantime, if Jackie isn’t there, is I’ll advertise my three books I’m selling here which go through
    freemasonry and religion. I give you a lot of the origins of both and the third one I’ve just
    finished I go through a lot of the esoteric meanings of Christianity and Revelations as I don’t
    think it’s been done before, at least not publicly, and I also go into the banking system in
    ancient times and how through banking they took over the world. If you want any one of these
    books [see for ordering information] and I’ll get them out as soon
    as I can to you. Thank you very much.

    Jackie: Thanks Alan. I had printed out a thing. Well, I thought I did, but before the broadcast
    and then when I went over to get it I found out in that storm when I shut off the surge protector I
    had shut off the printer too. Is there more that you want to say about this?

    Alan: The charismatic movements?

    Jackie: Yes.

    Alan: Well, it’s really fairly simple. They have conditioned many, many people into the
    charismatic movement. Lots were brought up in it. You can actually trace it all the way back to
    ancient Egypt because you’ll see many depictions of the followers of Aton the sun god with their
    arms up in the air and of course it’s the same thing there. They move from left to right as though
    they were in a breeze and the high priests would talk over the crowds in a hypnotic manner. The
    technique is ancient and techniques are not lost. They’re simply carried from one place to the next
    and these characters are taught from childhood, like Benny Hinn, how to use these techniques in
    hypnotizing the public and fleecing the sheep – and it’s all perfectly legal, technically. It’s
    maybe immoral, but technically it’s very legal and so they get away with it.

    Jackie: I realized this from talking to people how difficult it is for people to separate the old
    from the new, if you would, testament and the God of the Old Testament and if you used the word
    Jehovah they say well that’s not the right name, the right name is Yahweh and you know that’s the
    breath, Yah-ha-weh or something like that; and then the people who have been taken in by this
    Israel identity. Now there are some who will not call it Israel or Christian identity anymore. They
    just call it something like another kind of Christianity – I forget what they call it, a certain
    kind of Christianity,

    but it’s Israel identity and it’s part of this whole game. That there are some of our listeners who
    are awakening to this, don’t you think?

    Alan: There’s actually quite a lot of people out there who, through one way or another or
    experiences with these organizations, have started to question and it’s a big thing for them
    because they’ve been brought up you might say in Plato’s Cave where they relate their whole life
    and everything in it to Plato’s Cave, which is their church, and they don’t know the tools in fact
    to use to totally escape it. Their whole life experience of who they are all boils down to this
    idea of the relationship with Jesus, or, more correctly, with the organizational church that
    they’re involved in and that’s the big thing.

    Jackie: And it’s very difficult and it’s very hurtful. Of course, the ones as you said, because
    I’ve talked to some of our listeners who in the beginning even those sending donations say well we
    don’t agree with your religious beliefs but we hear your heart and we love your spirit. You know,
    that type of thing, but then people began saying you know what? I was wondering about this. Why did
    God want all those wars? Or, why this, why that? But actually what they say is they were afraid to
    even question, Alan.

    Alan: That’s right because the churches have always been used by the state. It doesn’t matter if
    it was ancient Rome or today, the churches were used by the state as part of their political
    process; and whether they like it or not, organization religion is being used by the state for a
    political agenda. Not for individual salvation at all but for a definite preplanned political

    Jackie: Right from the get-go with Christianity in 325 AD with Constantine?

    Alan: Yes and Constantine again was the front man anyway that was put up by the bankers of his
    time to help get this religion established since they’ve figured out it was a winner. That’s when
    they gave a lot of the creed, the dogma out that didn’t exist prior to that meeting and they also
    basically got rid of and destroyed other dogma or material which didn’t mesh with it. They chose
    very carefully the parts they wanted to leave for the public consumption, but they destroyed an
    awful lot of other writings.
    For instance, the early church and the Catholic Church did admit this in the late 20th century,
    they did admit early Christianity wasn’t just one sect. There were many different groups just like
    today with differing ideas on certain parts of it and many of them believed in reincarnation, which
    is a standard belief in Judaism. They don’t show that in the movies of Moses and things, but that’s
    standard Judaism.

    Jackie: Are Jews taught that?

    Alan: Yes. That’s standard Talmudic.

    Jackie: Well, that goes back to the Eastern religions too.

    Alan: Yes, so they took that out. Actually, the second council that they had they took that out
    and so for over 1,500 years that part which had been a vital part of the earlier churches was
    simply removed from it. The reason it was removed was because if individuals who are being
    oppressed by the state believe in reincarnation, then they might just risk coming back a second
    time as an underdog by rebellion against the state; whereas if you believed you only had one
    lifetime and you had to be good or you went to hell, that was far more up the state’s alley you
    might say; and so that’s why they took it out. However, Constantine himself belonged to the cult of
    Mithra and even two weeks before he had his famous Council of Nicaea, he’d been elevated into the
    high ranks of Mithraism, which is a part of the Mystery Religion. He belonged to a few other sects
    as well and after he made – he didn’t make Christianity the main church of Rome. He simply elevated
    it up into the ranks of the ones that were already accepted. After Nicaea he had a temple built,
    like all the Roman emperors did, he had a temple built to himself where worshippers could go while
    he was still alive and worship his likeness in the temple, his statue. That’s the great Christian
    There’s so much fable told about the man and yet there’s so much history available if you want to
    seek it out.

    Jackie: And I have read but I have never seen anything and I think you said that this could be
    found in the Vatican Archives in their own website, that in 520 I believe it is AD that was under
    Justinian that that was when they went through and took out all the references in the writings.

    Alan: That’s right and Justinian himself was a pagan.

    Jackie: Now what is a pagan?

    Alan: Meaning basically he believed in the laws of nature and philosophy.

    Jackie: Does that mean that they don’t believe in a creator?

    Alan: No, they didn’t go that far. It’s very similar in a sense to Judaism, in that they knew that
    no one could describe a creator, a godhead. It was too far removed from the simple mind of man.

    Jackie: But in other words, they did believe in a creator?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: So the laws of nature would be the laws of Creator?

    Alan: In other words, the only way you could find your way to the Creator was by understanding the
    laws of nature and observing them.

    Jackie: Okay. What are the laws of nature?

    Alan: Well, again, this is really the same mystery religion that’s behind all religions. It’s a
    cause and effect. They explained it in a thousand parables.

    Jackie: Well, Jesus said as you sow so shall you reap.

    Alan: That’s the same thing.

    Jackie: That’s cause and effect.

    Alan: That’s right and it’s the same kind of dogma.

    Jackie: That’s dogma?

    Alan: It was actually given to the pagans by the philosophers.

    Jackie: So you think Jesus never said that then?

    Alan: No, it’s very possible he did because it’s true too – what it means really is it’s more to
    do with the negative forces you unleash tend to come back on you one way or another.

    Jackie: Yes and what about the positive?

    Alan: The positive, again, it’s supposed to be like freely given. That’s the difference. The
    positive is supposed to be freely given. It’s like giving a gift. You don’t expect something in

    Jackie: It’s not that you expect it. You don’t give it expecting to get something back, but it is
    true that for every action there is a reaction and “as above, so below,” then what goes out returns
    energy. I don’t know how else to say it because I don’t know that I have a full concept of it, but
    that’s how I see it.

    Alan: It’s not “as above, so below.” “As above, so below” is the mystery religion Judaic and
    Masonic terminology because the whole part of Revelations is a plan. It’s time plan if you
    understand what Revelations means and that’s what they mean. They wrote their plan in the heavens.
    It wasn’t a god that wrote it in the heavens, because if you look at constellations you’d be very
    hard pressed to say that’s definitely a goat, that’s Capricorn and there’s Gemini. You’d have to
    really stretch your imagination to try, but this was written many thousands of years ago. The Great
    Work as they call it. They wrote it. Their ancient priests wrote it in the heavens. It’s a time
    plan with a final conclusion for the part of this plan and of course that’s for the Age of
    Aquarius. They have everybody saying on the middle level “as above, so below.” What it really means
    is the plan above at the right times now implemented here on earth below. That’s what they mean by
    that. However, cause and effect are different things and sure enough, we can simply look at science
    in itself because through science, which really is another word for nature (the workings of
    nature), understanding of sciences of nature, you can then start to manipulate nature and alter it.
    Of course in this mystery religion comes the banks and everything else and the religions. They plan
    to alter that which was left imperfect, which they claim is man himself; and that’s behind every
    Masonic group, every theosophical group and every other group that calls itself part of a mystery
    religion. It’s all the same religion, but man himself eventually is to be altered except for the
    high priests meaning the elite those who–

    Jackie: Man is to be altered?You don’t think man has been altered?

    Alan: We’ve been engineered to an extent but they mean the final. This is to do with the grand
    plan or the Great Work or the Great Design or the Grand Design as they call it. It’s to do with the
    alteration of man himself and into the perfect being. However, they’re talking from the elites’
    point of view, and by that, they mean all of the underdogs to be made into the perfect slaves where
    you will not simply procreate the old fashioned way. You’ll be sterile and to get another one of
    you they’ll simply clone you as a worker bee. That’s what they mean by that and the symbol of the
    beehive and the perfect society has been with them since the days of actually the Minoans had it
    5,000 BC. Their symbol of the perfect society that they want to create has been the beehive and
    that’s something that they found in the islands the Minoans used in the Aegean Sea 5,000 BC and
    from there went to Egypt. It became a very popular symbol of the perfect society and of course in a
    beehive you have the queen who’s attended by these priests. These priest bees and then the rest of
    them are all workers. That’s their perfect society. If there’s too many workers, they take off or
    are killed off and everything is attended to by the priests. The priests even determine which ones
    will be workers and which ones will become priests by the type of food they alter. They change the
    food to suite the type.

    Jackie: Well, they’re really doing that now.

    Alan: Yes they are.

    Jackie: With all the genetic modified food. The body, in order to survive, the physical body, it
    just seems it would have to be being altered to be able to continue to exist with all of the food
    that’s being altered.

    Alan: I think prior to the 1950’s the death rate from what are now common cancers were pretty well
    spaced out and far and between and every year we hear about it’s now going to be one in four who’s
    going to get cancer. Now it’s one in three. Now it’s down to one in two. In other words, everybody
    is going to end up with cancer and within 50 years we think this is some sort of natural way. No,
    this is all through the modification of the food, the vaccinations we’re being given – which I
    think were designed to destroy the immune system in the very first place and we know that the
    Simian-40 virus definitely was in the Salk vaccine and polio vaccines. It’s only function is to
    create tumors.

    Jackie: I’m talking their plan to control this world including the food that we eat. The air that
    we breathe. The water that we drink et cetera. Every aspect of our lives. In this section where I
    mention food I added information on the hormones because I had quoted from what’s his name, Charles
    Galton Darwin (Darwin’s grandson) from his book that – Alan had sent me pages of that book “The
    Next Million Years” and he talks about the hormones in there and how they can change the physical
    body by the use of artificial hormones. I actually quoted that and yet I wasn’t quite sure what the
    heck he meant by it, except the part in there about the different kinds of foods and the master
    will not eat the same kinds of foods that the subject is subjected to.

    Well, then finding out about the xenoestrogens and they call it today estrogen dominance syndrome
    and I found reports on it and I added that to that section. But it’s right there. It’s all right
    there, Alan. And the thing that I didn’t understand except I got Dr. John Ree’s book and he told –
    what I didn’t understand is that progesterone is sort of like a master – he didn’t call it that. In
    other words, in the body there’s a whole bunch of different hormones. It isn’t just estrogen,
    progesterone and testosterone in that without the hormones being balanced the body cannot produce
    the hormones necessary that function the entire body. And that’s what he said. I know he said it 50
    years ago and then one of the reports I found was from Canada and they were talking about that in
    Canada – I think they said 37 percent of women by the time they’re 50 years old will have had–

    Alan: A hysterectomy.

    Jackie: The hysterectomies and that it’s higher than any other country in Europe, Canada is and
    it’s second only to the U.S. and it talks about all of the things that are happening to women.
    Breast cancer, cervical, uterine et cetera because of the artificial
    – my God, there’s 60,000 sources of xenoestrogens. It’s even in air sprays – aerosol sprays.

    Alan: And soaps and shampoos.

    Jackie: Shampoos, everything. That’s what I said. We breathe it and bathe in it and sleep in it
    and eat it and drink it–

    Alan: And drink their water from the plastic bottles.

    Jackie: Yes it’s amazing.

    Alan: It’s part of the agenda because if you truly understand the mysteries, you’ll find that in
    the future they plan they wouldn’t need women.

    Jackie: Because they’re going to have hermaphrodites?

    Alan: That’s basically it. Hermaphrodite beings. Something which they can then take from and
    reproduce a perfect copy. In other words, very much like a clone, but they don’t want the female
    species. You know the ancient high priests, we’ve got to understand–

    Jackie: Is that in your first or second book about the hermaphrodites?

    Alan: The first one I think. That’s within all their teachings if you understand them, the need
    eventually to eliminate the female from the species. Even Albert Pike talks about the binary code
    meaning one is male and zero is female. Zero is perfectly useless he said. You see, so they give
    you all these little clues.

    Jackie: So will the man this hermaphrodite it will be masculine feminine. It will be a perfect
    balance with the masculine feminine qualities even?

    Alan: It won’t have the feminine qualities so much. It won’t have the emotional qualities because
    they look on emotion as chaos. In fact that’s the term when they mean Order out of Chaos. They’re
    actually talking about emotion.

    Jackie: And without that, a person would be pretty dead, wouldn’t they?

    Alan: You’d be Mr. Spock.

    Jackie: And without emotion, then you would not feel love and anybody who cannot love is walking

    Alan: Yes and you’ll allow anything to happen if it seems logical. It can be anti- human but it
    will seem logical. In other words, if they say there’s simply too many people, let’s destroy a few
    million here, and no one will cry a tear over it.

    Jackie: They’re doing it today, aren’t they?

    Alan: They are.

    Jackie: Well, they are. We’re almost out of our hour here. Alan, thanks.

    Alan: It’s been a pleasure as always.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru June 27, 2005





    Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.
    Today is Monday and it is the 27th of June in the year 2005. This month is almost over with and I
    hope you had a nice weekend, folks, and I hope you’re doing some gardening. I told you last week
    that I believed that Alan’s books were on the way and I received mine and those of you who ordered
    Alan’s book probably have received it, for those of you here in the states, and it’s quite a work.
    Alan Watt is with us this evening and we’re going to discuss some of the things that he’s covered
    in the book. I’m only about halfway through it. I’ve been working out in the garden, 98 degrees
    today, folks, here and boy I want to tell you it’s hot. When I walked out the door it felt like I
    was opening my oven is exactly what it felt like but anyway I find that I drift off to sleep a lot
    quicker at night when I’m out there. That heat can really zap your energy with the exercise and the
    thrill of getting it done and seeing the progress is wonderful. Anyway, I’m about halfway through
    the book and Alan, thanks for being here with us tonight and thank you for those books.

    I received, I thought this was quite timely and maybe you won’t want to address it but actually I
    think that throughout your book you have addressed the email that I received that came in today and
    its says, “amazing. It’s amazing how the truth can be staring someone right in the face and they’re
    completely unable to see it. Jesus, the way the truth and the life, stood in front of Pilate and
    the Pharisees and asked Jesus what is truth.” Now you claim the first five books of the Bible were
    written by the Pharisees. Explain this.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: This is to me, but we’ll keep these questions in mind and maybe we’ll address them. He
    says, “you know because you were there or because some document which

    is more trustworthy than the Bible declares it. Just asking. On your April 27th show with Alan Watt
    you mocked the Bible by claiming that the whole Exodus story was a farce, really? Then I guess the
    entire Bible is a farce since the same Moses, which Alan claimed is son of Ra, appeared to Jesus on
    the Mount of transfiguration and is referenced by Jesus more than once. Funny that Jesus would call
    Moses a prophet when he was the “son of Ra,” so I guess that Jesus meets with fictional characters
    from an Old Testament which was contrived by the Pharisees. This pretty much makes the entire Bible
    untrustworthy. Do you actually believe what you say? It gets more and more bizarre every time I
    check in to hear what you have to say. It seems to me that you just make it up as you go, so what
    other parts of the Bible are false?
    Some, most, all, and you love to put “other sources” of information above the word of God, why? If
    the Bible is incorrect then why even talk about Jesus, especially since I heard you say on several
    occasions that what is written about him in the Bible is false as well. Well that’s an exaggeration
    but with all of this said, we come full circle to my opening statement. So you, like Pilate, stand
    right in front of the truth and ask what is the truth. Why? Because you do not believe that the
    Bible is the infallible written word of God and you live by knowledge and not by faith and this,
    Jackie, will be your downfall.”

    Alan: Well, they’re entitled to their opinion for sure.

    Jackie: I know that but I thought that maybe, for example this Moses thing. She says Jesus
    references Moses. No, I don’t know that we would say Jesus references Moses. Moses is written into
    the New Testament. Is there anything in here that you would be willing to discuss?

    Alan: I’ll tell you, to be honest with you, people who are so brainwashed into a condition, and
    that’s what their reality is for them, it’s a condition of training you see. Now these people
    believe that this is the infallible word of God would be just as good if they were born in the
    Middle East and if they were Mohammedans or if they were born in India and they were Buddhists or
    Hindu, they would be faithful followers of the religion that was given to them. Of course they
    themselves can’t see that because they cannot imagine being born anywhere else or to be anybody
    else than that whom they are, but they believe exactly as they’ve been programmed to believe.

    Jackie: The one thing that when people say the infallible word of God, then in their mind their
    concept of Creator is conflict, confusion, chaos–

    Alan: And superiority and elitism. You know, “we’ve been chosen and you haven’t.”

    Jackie: Right and I think about the contradictions and I know that the “law,” if you would, truth,
    is within in our hearts. It’s within our minds, even though we don’t have it all recalled to our
    consciousness but isn’t that what our purpose being here is, Alan?

    Alan: Yes and also people believe that they’ve been created in a long line of lineages of
    creations all stemming from the same source. They’d have to ask why do we have the ability to think
    for ourselves. Why do we have that ability and rather than being good little programmed readers of
    something that was supposedly written many thousands of years ago, supposedly, but really the world
    hadn’t really heard of the actual teachings of this religion until Constantine came along and had
    his Christian counsel and most of his advisers were supposedly Jewish bishops from various areas of
    the Roman world. Basically they confabulated a whole history to justify this religion, which they
    were giving to the people solely to control the people. Politicians are there to control people.
    That’s their job.

    Jackie: One of the things so far that you have done with your explanation about the actual
    photocopies of the old books where it’s just — even Freemasonry when they said Freemasonry — was
    it Freemasonry began in Babylon? Is that what it said?

    Alan: Yes, basically.

    Jackie: And that all of the stories that are in the “infallible” word of God bible were part of
    the religion from ancient times.

    Alan: Oh, absolutely, just recycled over and over and you’ll find the same characters doing the
    same things in the Hindu religion which preexisted all of that. Much, much older and they simply
    translated the same terms for their names into another language and so you have characters like
    Moses. Moses is an Egyptian word. It simply means “child.”

    Jackie: Or son of, if that means child?

    Alan: Yes and Ramoses is child or son of Ra, so you just skip the Ra and you’re left with the
    child, you see – kind of like Rothschild.

    Jackie: There was Ramses or Ramoses, Tutmoses and then we have Moses.

    Alan: Yes, and even then people get thrown off by I think deliberate misspellings of things
    because Tutmose is “child of Thoth” so it should really be T-H-O-T-H, you see, so the official
    historians give us another spelling of it which throws people off, but it’s

    the spoken word when you’re dealing with languages and the origins of words. It’s the spoken word
    which is important.

    Jackie: Yes, you’ve covered that in the book also where you called it hearing – instead of
    spelling it’s the hearing. You hear the sameness of certain words and see that’s where I’ve noticed
    that I’ve gotten caught up is by the spelling not the hearing of it.

    Alan: Of course we live in such an intense controlled situation called reality, where even our
    language has been so tampered with or even created from the beginning that “spelling” even in the
    dictionary is next to “spell” – to cast a spell – and that isn’t a mistake. Spelling itself casts a
    spell over the reader and if you’re not sounding the words in your mind you’ll actually miss the
    other meanings of them.

    Jackie: A lot of our listeners have caught this a lot quicker than I have because a lot of times
    when we do a broadcast together then I’ll get emails from people and they see something and say
    look at this and they actually wind up doing what you do, is see the word within the word, the
    actual word, which I think that’s wonderful that people – the title of this is Cutting Through, No.
    3 and as I said when I looked at it, I thought cutting through the BS is what it is, Alan.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Are there any particular areas of the book that you would like to go into tonight?

    Alan: Well, it’s to show people really how behind all the religions there’s another religion
    contained within them all and that one religion is the esoteric within them all. In other words,
    there’s only one esoteric religion, and yet, whether you’re Hindu or Mohammedan or Christian or
    whatever, you’ll find with the “mythos” as they called it, the founding of the religions and the
    stories told, there’s actually the same story being told over and over and over. Of course that’s
    what all high Freemasonry has always been taught even before it was called Freemasonry, you know
    Rosicrucianism and so on, and it does go back not only to Babylon but it was there at the beginning
    with Sumer. The same stories are told of their deities, which are supposedly all gods, and in those
    days remember a person who was superior and one of the nobility was called a god. These were very
    human-like gods and so the same stories were told about their foundings and how they came to be all
    these different gods and it’s the same stories told over and over.

    Jackie: In “Mystery Babylon Religion” which quotes heavily of course from the two Babylon’s, even
    to the Catholic saints they had the same individuals, the same gods or goddesses, sometimes even
    the same names.

    Alan: In fact, if you look at the Greek version of Hermes, he was also a patron of shepherds and
    the Greek version of Hermes has a statue of him with a lamb over his shoulder and of course that
    was the same symbology that was brought into Christianity and you’ll see the same statues there.
    Sometimes it’s Jesus with the lamb over his shoulders and sometimes even St. Christopher even has
    that at one point, so they use the same symbols, same statues actually.

    Jackie: The symbol of Mary the mother of Jesus, they use the same symbol for her as they do Isis
    and they call her “the Queen of Heaven” and they actually show her, they depict her in some of them
    standing on like a crescent moon with the stars around her and that’s the same way that Isis–

    Alan: And the moon under her feet. That’s the traditional mother of all creation. They mean all
    the world of matter. That’s what it means and of course in Luxor there are two main pillars there.
    One for Osiris and one for Isis and the statement inscribed in it for Isis is that “I am Isis,
    Queen of all, Queen of heaven, Queen of earth. Without me nothing was made.” In other words, she is
    matter and it’s from that very word matter that you get, it comes from mother.

    Jackie: What about father?

    Alan: The father again is varied because even in freemasonry since it is a male- dominated thing
    you’ll find different terms for different types of “father” you might say.

    Jackie: Can you give an example?

    Alan: It’s a degreed system and of course they gave them titles to do with power over others and
    some of them very ridiculous long titles, which I thought you used to only find them in the Middle
    East but you still find them filtering into even the court system of the West where you have “the
    right honorable judge” and so on. These were all titles to a god or a deity and even the worshipful
    master of a Masonic lodge is a worshipful master. He deserves your worship. That’s what it means.
    They have a hierarchy of meanings for father and brother. That’s why all Masons are also brothers
    but they also have a father.

    Jackie: I heard Joseph Biden after they got the crime bill passed. They had this big old
    celebration and it was on C-Span and they had the guy from Ohio. He was an old guy. I forget his
    name. Joseph Biden and Janet Reno up there and when Clinton came in, Joseph Biden almost
    genuflected and called him “your holiness.”

    Alan: Oh really? Well, I’m not surprised because if you’re worshipful then you’re supposed to
    deserve worship, literally worship.

    Jackie: And the ziggurat. You’ve got the photocopies of the ziggurat in here and where the first
    step was 33 degrees, but what fascinated me was seeing Lenin’s tomb and seeing that it was a
    takeoff on the ziggurat and the ziggurat was a religious type of
    a thing. It’s like a pyramid, only it’s stepped.