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    Jackie: Okay, now see I keep losing volume on you for some reason and you’re back again. It’s
    interesting. You just go real, real almost far away. Why don’t you give your address and tell the
    listeners how they can get the books.

    They go through the freemasonry aspect. They go through the historical aspect of the religious
    collusion with the different agencies and crowns and so on, and countries bringing us to where we
    are today and where they’re going from here, and it’s documented as much as possible. There’s no
    real speculation because it’s spelled out for you to follow.

    The last bunch I had printed up they destroyed the copies and the master copies so I had to go
    through a whole bunch of paste-ups to try and put it all back together again.
    Jackie: But you did get it all back together.

    Alan: Yes I did, like Humpty Dumpty.
    Jackie: Although Humpty Dumpty wasn’t able to be put back together again.

    Alan: I know, I know. This was a job, I’ll tell you, but these things happen when you’re trying to
    write about things you don’t normally find in the bookstores.

    Jackie: Alan?One of the things from what I understand in freemasonry is that they’re supposed to
    revenge the death of Jacques de Molay. Well that’s recent. I mean what was that, about 500 years
    Alan: No. Molay I think was in the 1300’s. Jackie: Oh, 1300’s.So about 700 years ago? Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: But my point is that freemasonry has been around a lot longer than 1300 years.
    Alan: It was there under different names thousands of years ago.

    Jackie: Yes, but it wasn’t called freemasonry at the time?

    Alan: No. They always use the builders’ terminology because they build society. They build culture
    and then they change culture.

    Jackie: They build temples in men’s minds.

    Alan: That’s right. And of course the whole idea of masonry, Solomon’s Temple is the individual
    himself. They rebuild Solomon’s Temple, meaning they take the basic person and rebuild him and he
    becomes a holy temple as a fully-fledged freemason. These are all allegories and it’s all in the
    Old Testament too. It’s disguised under different stories and of course they didn’t invent it. It
    was on the go before, all the way back into Egypt and even into Sumer. It’s been here for thousands
    of years and freemasonry that was given to the general public or the middle classes in the 1700’s
    in Europe was a fairly new thing. They’d used primarily the nobility as the builders for thousands
    of years, but in the 1700’s they had to bring in a middle class to help manage the Industrial
    Revolution which they were putting society through as a plan.
    Therefore they had to give them a lesser form of masonry and so they created freemasonry for the
    middle classes and then for the lower classes eventually and also for the military.

    The standing armies have traditionally always been Masonic. All of their drilling their marching
    and everything is all Masonic ritual, even if they don’t know it themselves, and pretty well every
    military base has a Masonic temple within it and when they go abroad they have a traveling lodge
    that goes with them. The British before the American Revolution started up various lodges and they
    planted the English lodge throughout America; Benjamin Franklin joined it. He was one of the first
    in his area to join it and he wrote about it and eventually when the British army came in they also
    brought the Orange Lodge with them as a traveling lodge and during the battles or after the battles
    Washington and different masons would cross the lines and share Masonic brotherhood with their
    supposed enemy the British in their lodges and sign their books. That’s the whole thing about
    freemasonry. When there’s battles or wars going on, if they give the Masonic signs to each other
    and the passwords, they’re true brothers and must help each other regardless of what side they’re

    Jackie: I saw a painting that was done depicting George Washington, the British Cornwallis and a
    couple of other of their probably higher-ups in the army in a tent during the Revolutionary War
    sharing tea and having a little chat, and this is while their “Revolutionary” war was going on. It
    was after Carol Valentine’s report that she did on the Noahide laws and she used – I saw the
    definition before but I didn’t

    understand it so I pretended it wasn’t there. The definition of a freemason is a Noahide and so I
    took that one paragraph and set it aside and said I want to do some more research on this and then
    I found a lot of information in an old book called “The Cause of World Unrest” and it was very
    telling, very telling. The connection if you would between what they call themselves Jews, the so
    called Jews and freemasonry–

    Alan: Well, every freemason becomes a Jew when they join.

    Jackie: They have to, Alan.

    Alan: No, it’s actually called that – to the public they call it an Entered Apprentice; to each
    other they call it the Jewish apprentice.

    Jackie: Do they really?

    Alan: The whole ritual is taken from the mythological Jews who joined. It wasn’t Jews actually. It
    was Hebrews at that point supposedly that joined the secret society of Hiram from Tyre. He came to
    help build the temple, which again is all allegory for the story, and he had a secret society with
    him; so these Tyrians or Phoenicians actually, they were a Phoenician group, and the king was Hiram
    supposedly came to Solomon and initiated some of Solomon’s own men into the secret society and
    that’s what it’s all based on. However, this is all mythological because as I say you can find the
    traces of the secret society 5,000 years before that. You’ll find it in very, very early Egypt and
    you’ll also find it within the writings of the priests of Sumer, so it’s been here for what we can
    call the beginning of civilization – which is the system. That’s what they mean by civilization:
    The system of rulership with a small learned class holding power over the people and religious
    classes who at that time acted as bureaucrats over the people and managed all the public affairs.
    That’s what they mean by civilization.

    Jackie: That’s exactly the way it is today.

    Alan: Yes. It’s their system. It’s never changed.

    Jackie: The police chiefs and a lot of the police, the politicians, the bureaucrats, they’re all

    Alan: They’re all freemasons.

    Jackie: Supreme Court judges.

    Alan: Peter Wright was on trial during Margaret Thatcher’s era. He worked for MI5 and MI6 and he
    was so disgusted with what was happening within the organizations that he wrote a book called
    “Spycatcher.” He tells you that when he was asked to come in as an expert in electronics, that’s
    why he came into it, he said that when he went to the small office where the records keeper
    basically. Very much like the James Bond movies with Miss Moneypenny was it? That same sort or type
    of secretary said to him “of course you must be a mason,” and he says, “no, I’m not.” She says,
    “wow” she says “everyone in this organization is a freemason” and so he let a lot out of the bag as
    he wrote that book “Spycatcher”.

    Jackie: Did you say he was on trial?

    Alan: Margaret Thatcher charged him with disclosing secrets of the realm, so he was charged with
    treason. His second book was “The A to Z of Spycatching” and that’s when she had him arrested; and
    in it and during the trial he did bring up the fact that Lord Rothschild of England, Victor
    Rothschild, who was one of the few members of the family who also did something else apart from
    banking. He was also a scientist and he was in charge of most of the military secrets of Porton
    Downs, the military establishment for bacterial and biological warfare, and Peter Wright alluded to
    the fact that the main spies who all defected from MI6 and MI5 to the Soviets had all been lodgers.
    They all boarded with Lord Rothschild and his wife in their early years, so he was bringing the
    connections forth that this Mr. Rothschild was passing the secrets on to the Soviets. Every time
    the head of MI5 got close to this truth he was immediately suspended or demoted and they put
    somebody else in place, so he let a lot of stuff out of the bag and Margaret Thatcher put Peter
    Wright on trial for disclosing all this information.

    Jackie: Did you say he wrote two books?

    Alan: Yes. “The “A to Z of Spycatching” when they arrested him. They didn’t put him in prison.
    They had to let him go but they did take all the books and they put them back in the pulp. The
    pulped them all back to pulp. He was disclosing the fact that Lord Rothschild was the head, he was
    “The Fifth Man” as they called it, this person who controlled these MI5 double agents in Britain
    and Victor Rothschild was the only contact with them all. What was more amazing was the fact that
    every bit of information that Victor Rothschild was given to do with any of their technology was
    immediately known to the Soviets and it could only have been through Victor Rothschild. There was
    another writer after Peter Wright wrote a book called “The Fifth Man” and in it he goes through a
    lot of this stuff about the Rothschild’s.

    Jackie: Is that book – was that pulped also?

    Alan: No. That one is available and I have it.”The Fifth Man” was the title of the book.

    Jackie: Where was it published, over in England?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Victor Rothschild –I want to ask you a question. Now Amschel, was he the first Rothschild?

    Alan: There was old Amschel.

    Jackie: So Victor was down the line a little ways.

    Alan: Yes. Victor was in the British army. He joined the British army during World War II as a
    bomb disposal expert and eventually was promoted up to the head of the scientific and development
    part of the military. Even after his name was connected to these MI5 agents that defected to the
    Soviets, these double agents, rather than kick Rothschild out he ended up in charge of all the
    British security forces. That’s what Peter Wright was so angry about. Why on earth would you put
    this guy who was a suspect in charge of all your security forces? Until you figure it out that the
    whole thing is nonsense. There was no Cold War. The elite who ruled Britain created a fake enemy,
    the great bear in Russia and they created the Cold War and they had to make it very real to the
    public and even to a lot of the small players involved in it like Peter Wright himself. The fact
    was the Soviets couldn’t feed themselves from the beginning to the end. They couldn’t even make a
    good television set. They were supported totally by sales of grain from the U.S. and Canada right
    up until the very end.

    Jackie: I don’t think sales, Alan.

    Alan: I know, I know. We loaned them the money, which they could then buy the grain from us.

    Jackie: There was one thing. I read a book and this was very early on when I was first becoming
    involved and it was written by I can’t remember. He was a guy that ran for president. Anyway, he
    told in there about the export import banks and I had known about that but I didn’t know what it
    was and he explained it and used an example. When a private corporation for example loans money and
    he used an example of the Soviet Union and I forget what company it was – what bank. Probably a
    Rockefeller bank here that loaned the Soviets hundreds of millions of dollars to

    build the [Decoma] River Plant which was a plant that not only built trucks but all kinds of war
    machines, war vehicles. Well the export import is that the import export or whatever. I think I get
    it backwards all the time. Anyway, the reason it was set up was to guarantee loans that are made by
    private corporations to foreign countries if those foreign countries do not pay and so the export
    import bank our tax dollars reimbursed Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank hundreds of millions of
    dollars that went over to the Soviet Union to build war vehicles that in essence could be used
    against us. And you know I went to a town hall meeting while Dick Durbin was there, our U.S.
    Congressman, in Collinsville. Alan, talk about an early-on education, when he was taking questions
    I had the book there and it was a paperback and this guy’s name is escaping me of course. Anyway, I
    mentioned this and I said I’d like to know about this. I’d like you to comment on this that our tax
    dollars are being used dah-da- dah and he looked at me and he started talking and he wound all
    around me and I’m still standing because I’m waiting for him to respond to my questions and I’m
    telling you, he just somehow danced around me and the next thing you know he was calling on someone
    else and I was still standing there and I raised my hand while I was standing up and he pretended I
    was invisible. And do you know the thing is the thing that shocked me more than anything is that
    the people who were sitting there didn’t say wait a minute. Why don’t you answer this lady’s
    question? Respond to what she just said. Do you know what they wanted, the next lady that raised
    her hand? She wanted to know how come she couldn’t when she had to drive to Springfield to work she
    couldn’t count it as commute time and she wanted some bill passed that would allow her to deduct
    that on her income tax. I was in shock, Alan.

    Alan: That’s a good example though of the purpose of setting up the Soviet Union because it was
    the dialectic approach to a third way. First they created capitalism and then the other side of the
    coin was communism and then they blend the two together because they’ve socialized society. What
    Lenin said was when the politicians in the United States begin to discuss during elections social
    issues, to do with pensions, healthcare and so on, then they have been effectively socialized; and
    that would never have happened if it wasn’t for the supposed enemy across the sea there, the Soviet
    Union. That was its purpose; it was to make the people back home say well they better give them
    some benefits or they may revolt. This worked very, very well. The countries of the West are all
    socialized now.

    Jackie: Is there something in the Bible that says beware of the bear from the north?

    Alan: No. That was Nostradamus and it’s the same with the “yellow hordes.” That was Nostradamus
    too. It wasn’t the Bible.

    Jackie: I’ve told you this, when I was little I spent a lot of time listening to the adults
    conversations and I remember during I think it was after the war, World War II, but I remember some
    neighbor that use to spout the Bible all the time when they were sitting around having coffee and
    they were talking about Russia and she said that in the Bible – I thought she said the Bible. It
    says beware of the bear from the north and that that is Russia.

    Alan: You see, in the celestial sky towards the North Pole, you’ll see the Great Bear and that’s
    always been associated with Satan, that area.

    Jackie: Is that Ursa?

    Alan: There’s Ursa Major and Minor. Also in the Bible they make references to Satan living in the
    north, so that’s always been associated with the Great Bear.

    Jackie: I can remember walking to school worrying about whether or not we were going to be
    attacked by Russia.

    Alan: Fear is a fantastic method of controlling millions and millions of people because they look
    towards leadership to take care of things for them. It’s a natural tribal instinct, which these
    people at the top understand very well and they manipulate it to their advantage and they take
    advantage of the people all the time. That’s why we’re always in a constant state of crisis.
    There’s not been one generation who’ve lived in a time of peace from the beginning to the end of
    their life. Either financial chaos or war or both, but they keep us going up and down like yo-yos.

    Jackie: Yes and you know what I’d like you to do our last few minutes here? Comment, address that,
    how we can know this stuff and not be living in fear. Not be living in panic and know this stuff.
    Will you talk about that?

    Alan: The first thing is not to respond to it. I take it for granted that whatever comes out of
    the news, and I’ve got plenty of information to back this up, whatever comes out of the news is
    psychological warfare. It’s designed that way. It’s not new by the way. The news business was not
    taken over recently. It was set up like this. In the 1700’s in England–

    Jackie: I’m talking about the topics that we discuss on this broadcast, it could be very
    frightening to people.

    Alan: It can only be frightening if they take it to heart that what’s happening is all by chance.
    When you realize it’s all planned this way you begin to lose your fear,

    especially when you realize it’s always been this way. It’s a technique of controlling the peoples’
    minds through fear; and once you realize that, you stop fearing them and of course you stop using
    their system. You stop voting even for them. Why would you vote for a corrupt system that’s always
    been corrupt?

    Jackie: Why would you vote when your vote doesn’t count anyway?

    Alan: Exactly, yes, so the thing is to take everything with not a pinch of salt but a mountain of
    salt because psychological warfare is nothing new. It’s been used on your grandparents and their
    predecessors too. It’s ongoing and it’s a technique to make you submit to powerful figures in the
    system so that they can get their way; and their way is always more for them, less for you and it’s
    a form of tyranny, which we now call democracy. And tyranny is tyranny. It doesn’t matter what they
    want to call it, what guise they give it. Stop giving your power to them. Stop worrying about the
    things they tell you to worry about and start thinking for yourself.

    Jackie: Yes and not only that, but knowing this. Knowing that it’s all by design. Like for example
    the aspartame in the food, to kill people, to reduce the population, et cetera. Do everything that
    we can. In other words, make choices of how we’re going to spend our time, Alan?

    Alan: Absolutely.

    Jackie: And are we going to go, oh, well I’m not going to garden because it’s too time consuming,
    and then are we going to eat their poison food and their genetically modified food that genetically
    modifies the body, or will we do what we can to live as naturally and free of their system as

    Alan: Also, it takes every individual who knows this stuff to speak out about it to whoever they

    Jackie: Exactly.

    Alan: They mustn’t be afraid to speak. When you’re afraid to speak the game is over.

    Jackie: Well, we’ll do this some more, won’t we, Alan?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Thanks so much for being here tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back tomorrow night on time bearing any unforeseen
    incidents. Thank you for being here folks. God bless you. Good night Alan.

    Alan: Good night.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru July 25, 2005

    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Guess what? We’re on time tonight. Isn’t that a treat?
    It is for me and I suppose at least you’ll appreciate it. Today is Monday. Thanks for being here
    with us tonight. It is the 25th of July and it just seems like the whole month of July passed me by
    like it was never here. I don’t know about you, about the concept of time, it’s weird. Anyway, it
    is the 25th of July in the year 2005 and our guest this evening is Alan Watt once again. I’m very
    appreciative of Alan coming on with us. I’m having some kind of a problem with my printer and
    there’s information I’ve been wanting to share with you folks and I can’t get it out of the printer
    and Alan was kind enough to come on here and keep this broadcast rolling. Alan Watt, thanks for
    being here tonight.

    Alan: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: So how has it been with you and what’s up?

    Alan: Oh, just the very hot weather we’re getting up here and the spraying of course. They’ve
    announced that there’s going to be a storm tomorrow, so I watched them make it, spray it above me
    in preparation for the storm. That’s how down pat they have this.

    Jackie: So they’re actually calling for the weather tomorrow?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: So you’re watching them prepare the skies for the weather that they’re calling for?

    Alan: That’s right. It’s quite something to watch them just go from east to west back and forth and
    lay on this odd looking – well, you’ve seen it. It’s like someone stuck their hand in candy cane
    and just pull out big strands of it in different directions and some of them are different, plus
    the trails they leave behind them are spreading much faster than they used to.

    Jackie: You’re talking like cotton candy, yes?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Cotton candy. They way they can wisp it out?

    Alan: Yes, and unlike normal clouds they go in all directions and have these long curling tails on
    them, so it’s like living in a science fiction movie and or maybe a horror movie, because like
    horror movies most of the people involved don’t know what’s happening to them. That’s the oddest
    thing about it.

    Jackie: I think I was telling you about this. I got an email and somebody was kind of doing an
    overview on all the stuff that’s going on, a quick one with the chemtrails, the food additives, the
    genetically modified food, the vaccines. All the new and unique and sometimes unseemingly
    untreatable diseases, designer diseases, and then at the end of it he says gosh it almost seems
    like someone is trying to kill us, doesn’t it?

    Alan: I mean chemicals that should not be there will make you ill. Anything that’s not naturally in
    nature especially in these concentrated doses will eventually affect everybody. There’s no getting
    away from it. It’s everywhere.

    Jackie: Yes, and the people that call you. You’ve talked to people from all over the country that
    so many of them or that the people that they know are having respiratory problems.

    Alan: Yes, frequent recurring too and some people are more prone to it than others as well, so it
    shows up on them more frequently and more obviously. A lot of people you know can carry these
    illnesses and pneumonias for even two or three years before it really hits them, but the older they
    get the more it takes it out of them and so the more obvious it is. However, the very young and the
    very elderly are coming down first, but it’s also affecting all age groups. Whether they smoke or
    not doesn’t matter and people who are prone to allergic responses are coming down with it too. This
    is affecting – in fact pharmacists across the country and from other people who’ve phoned me they
    talk to the pharmacist and I ask them to talk to the pharmacist and it’s like taking an informal
    study because the pharmacists are going great guns with antibiotics right now to cope with the
    bronchial infections.

    Jackie: Didn’t you suggest that people ask their pharmacists what is the most prescribed antibiotic

    Alan: The new one they’re dishing out by the handful or the bucket full is Vioxin. That’s a fairly
    recent one but I wouldn’t really use that except if nothing else works. It’s

    more expensive too than the regular antibiotics and because it’s fairly new I don’t think it has a
    generic supply yet. They have the patent for a while.

    Jackie: You’ll probably pay about $20 a pill for it.

    Alan: Yes, something like that, not far off actually with the dispensing fee. The next most
    commonly prescribed thing for people who never had this before are the bronchial inhalers for
    bronchial dilators for people normally who have asthma and now it’s being used for people who are
    developing asthmatic symptoms later in life and it’s due to these chemtrails.

    Jackie: Yes, there are young people. It isn’t just later in life because there are several friends
    that we have that I know their children are suddenly asthmatic and have never been asthmatic in
    their life.

    Alan: That’s happening more and more frequently. We’ll never get a complete study because I’m sure
    the government is keeping a lid on it. We know they’re keeping a lid on the fact that they’re even
    spraying. They won’t even talk about it but they’re collecting all the data, I’m sure. Another sort
    of informal study you can do is to inquire from undertakers what the most common cause of death is
    today and if their business is up, and it certainly is, and once again it’s persistent pneumonias.
    This is affecting everybody from north to south and east to west.

    Jackie: Gosh Alan, it sounds like somebody is trying to kill us, doesn’t it? Alan: No. That’s
    paranoid now, Jackie. They wouldn’t do anything to harm us. Jackie: I’m just a conspiracy
    Alan: Yes, they actually love us and they’re just helping the aliens to take care of us. But no, I
    mean not one single newscaster on regular media or a newspaper will even touch the subject, so they
    all know that it isn’t just losing their job perhaps. It’s maybe the fact they’ll never work again
    or it might even be more serious, but no one will touch the subject.

    Jackie: Well, they aren’t allowed to and even if they did, do you think the news is live
    – the news is precut, isn’t it?

    Alan: Yes it is. Everything is bits and bites and it’s all censored, edited. If you look at the end
    of the newscast, which most people don’t, just look at how many producers are

    there editors, sub-editors and so on who decide what’s to be left in and what’s to be read over the

    Jackie: In other words, what you’re saying is the whole show is produced but you’ve got the one
    person sitting there live doing their scripting; because I was thinking if one of them dared to
    just come right out and tell the truth it wouldn’t even be aired, but maybe one of these days some
    brave person will just get up and say I can’t do this anymore right on the air right live. You know
    what I mean, Alan?

    Alan: It wouldn’t happen because there is no such thing today as actually live. They have at least
    20 to 30 seconds delay.

    Jackie: Okay, that’s what I was wondering.

    Alan: And they’d switch to something else right away.

    Jackie: So it couldn’t happen.

    Alan: Everybody is being watched you know.

    Jackie: Well, I got an email not too long ago and allegedly, you don’t know this but it was
    somebody who said that it was a friend of theirs who worked for one of the networks and she said –
    this is referencing the past presidential election and you know there was next to nothing in the
    news about all the vote scam that went on all over the country but actually it was the state of
    Ohio where it was just totally out of this world. In other words, in one precinct using this as an
    example. Let’s say they had 85,000 people voting when maybe there were only 30,000 registered
    voters in that precinct. It was just out of this world and I remember watching that night. I
    flipped it on just before I went to bed and this Ken Blackwell who’s the Secretary of State there
    in Ohio, he was saying it’s going to be at least 10 days before we can get the vote in and da-da-da
    and the next morning they were calling up for Bush and you know what I found out? I’ve been doing
    some research on JINSA, that’s Jewish Institute for National Security something. Okay. JINSA. It’s
    a Jewish organization and they’ve got this board of advisers and I was looking at the board of
    advisers. Ken Blackwell is one of the JINSA board of advisers. I think between JINSA and APAC
    they’ve got the U.S. government pretty well tied up. I mean APAC controls the Congress because of
    their large amounts of money; they can get rid of a congressman if they want to and JINSA is the
    adviser and so many of the people that are part of JINSA – in fact Cheney used to be on the board
    of advisers. Wolfowitz, I think it was in 2003 he was given the Man of the Year Award by JINSA and
    they come right out in their mission statement in their program

    and talk about that basically what their function is is to work hand-in-hand with the U.S. and
    Israel for the protection of Israel.

    Alan: These are huge lobby groups as well with tremendous funding.

    Jackie: They’ve got a whole bunch of retired military admirals, majors, et cetera on their advisory
    board. It’s really pretty sick. But you know what? At least – I don’t know. It gives you a sense at
    least – not more than a sense. It takes away any doubt whatsoever that the U.S. government is
    totally under the control of these creatures.

    Alan: I think the U.S. government was maybe set up for this very purpose. I always think of the
    symbols of the U.S. from the beginning, actually before the beginning, all the Masonic symbols are
    so open. They’re ancient symbols going way back to Sumer actually through Egypt with the eagle, the
    symbol of Manasseh with holding the arrows in one hand and the olive branch in the other. Of course
    you’ve got 13 fruit and 13 arrows in the U.S. one and the Rothschild family has the same symbol
    with 5 fruit and 5 arrows for the 5 sons of Rothschild but it’s the same part of the coat of arms.

    Jackie: And there was the 13 original colonies.

    Alan: That’s right and before that, I’ve got an old book from the early 1800’s with the coinage and
    the tokens they were using for money prior to the revolutionary war.

    Jackie: In the colonies?

    Alan: In the colonies and this stuff about FDR putting the Great Seal or putting the pyramid on the
    money with the All-Seeing Eye on the pyramid, this was done before the Revolutionary War because if
    you check into the tokens that they were using and the money they were using prior to that in the
    colonies you will see the same thing there. They were using the pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye
    prior to 1776.

    Jackie: Yes well Alan, the chapters of the book that I have been working on so diligently for the
    past week and a half. Maybe it’s been two weeks. I don’t know. I’ve just lost time. It’s chapters
    16, 17 and 18 and they’re already to go over to Darrin. In fact, I’ve got them sitting there just
    ready to send over. This is exactly what was addressed in these chapters. Well actually chapter 16
    turned into three of them because first we were looking at the connection between the Talmud and
    the freemasons, the Jews and the freemasons. I mean it just leaves no room for doubt and then the
    question came into my mind actually after I finished chapter 12 of the book about the Revolutionary
    War because they constantly take claim – they brag that every single revolution that they were
    behind, so I got to looking into that and there is absolutely no

    doubt that it was orchestrated and pulled off and paid for this Hyam Solomon that is the big hero
    of the revolution. There’s one of the bios on him from I think it’s called Wikipedia. It’s an
    encyclopedia online. Well Wicca or something like that. I thought of what you said about Wicca. But
    anyway, they come right out and say that he went over to France and got money from the Rothschild’s
    to finance the Revolutionary War and in so many ways how they were involved in this and one of the
    pieces that I was excerpting from said that when the Declaration of Independence was written it was
    sent to Holland via St. Eustatius. I think it’s St. Eustatius or something like that. It was an
    island where the Jews had developed a stronghold and they were supplying et cetera–

    Alan: Gunpowder was coming in too.

    Jackie: That’s right. But here’s what it said, that the Declaration of Independence was sent to
    Holland via the Jews from St. Eustacia. And that it was stopped by an English ship and confiscated
    and that the Declaration of Independence had a letter along with it that was explaining the
    document and it was in Hebrew. The letter was in Hebrew and then I found a piece on the French
    Revolution and that was the last thing I added to chapter 18. Well I started doing some research on
    Lafayette, I got wondering about that guy. That was the French – he entered the war. He was a
    wealthy Frenchman came over, he actually according to the bio purchased a ship and put together a
    bunch of – I guess they were revolutionaries. Actually, they didn’t call them that. But Lafayette
    was a Freemason and he was the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge until his death. He came over
    here and helped whip the colonists into fighting shape along with his revolutionaries that he
    brought with him. Then he goes back to France and then of course Benjamin Franklin was the
    Ambassador to France for five years after that, so was Thomas Jefferson, and it said that after he
    went back to France he kept very close contact with brother Benjamin Freedman and then Thomas
    Jefferson and then it proceeded to say that – I forget the words they used. Basically, he helped to
    foment the Russian Revolution and actually fought in it and then again in 18 – maybe it was 31, I
    can’t remember the exact date. He actually led a revolution to take down the Bourbons, so this was
    an international revolutionist.

    Alan: It was international. Albert Pike wrote about it.Albert Pike said at that time in the 1800’s,
    he said that we are behind revolutions. He didn’t mince words about it and he said that we never
    begin a premature revolution. In other words, they do all their groundwork first. It takes years to
    set up. They train the people to do exactly what they’re to do. They go over every possible
    scenario that could occur and ways to defeat oppositions long before it even begins and he said
    that’s why they’re so able to pull it off; and then Pike trained Giuseppe Mazzini, which is just
    Josef Mason. That’s what it means. Mazzini is Mason, and he became the head of the World
    Revolutionary Party in Italy and that became the communist party Lenin took over from Mazzini. This
    was a

    continuous thread right through the Scottish Rite of Freemason from Charleston in the States.

    Jackie: In the book that I excerpted from in chapter 16 was titled “The Cause of World Unrest” and
    it did mention that letter that Mazzini allegedly wrote and how they said that they were going to
    loose the nihilists and the atheists. I mean the bloody terror that they were going to cause and it
    all has happened that way. And the thing that’s amazing to me, I found this piece on the French
    Revolution and in 1789 which is of course when the treasonous U.S. Constitution was being ratified
    here during the French Revolution or just before it – anyway, they came up with what they called
    the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizens, okay. Well, guess who wrote that? Well, in the first
    place, this article and I excerpted this and is the last part of chapter 18 the article said if you
    look at article 1 of the French Declaration and you look at article 1 of the UN Resolution you see
    that they’re almost identical, and Alan, they were. I went and looked them up and put them in there
    and then so I’m reading this French Declaration and then you get down to the bottom and it says the
    above document was written by Major, General or whatever, Lafayette and his good friend and
    neighbor Thomas Jefferson. So there we are and of course they said a lot of it was based on the
    Declaration of Independence. Well, who wrote the Declaration of Independence? It wasn’t Thomas
    Jefferson. His name was put to it, but when you’ve got the same damn language from back in the
    1700’s right up to 1948 and the UN is the same creatures with the same plan.

    Alan: There’s no doubt this has been an old plan that’s been worked down through the centuries to
    get to total control and it’s a scary kind of future they envisaged because it is total control.
    They don’t believe in individual freedom. They believe in the collective and they also under the
    guise of – because they use communism of course to the extreme because the final system, which we
    see right now in fact, has a fascist elitist group at the top with a massive bureaucracy running
    the common people under a communistic system, socialist system. It’s a combination of the two and
    Lenin himself said there are three explanations to describe communism. He says there’s one for the
    workers, which is very simple because they must get the workers behind them for revolution sake and
    they will think that it’s going to give them equal rights and so on. Then there’s one for the
    middle management level, which is more detailed in the scientific socialism which is very
    important. Then of course there’s actual real ones at the top who understand the agenda and that is
    for those who deserve to rule the world have the right because of their superior intellect, they
    have the right to manage the lives of every single individual on the planet.

    Jackie: Wasn’t Voltaire somebody that has been pushed out there like a great?

    Alan: Voltaire – just like today they use a lot of writers and novelists and so on because most
    ideas are put across through fiction because your guard is down and you enjoy the book and you
    don’t realized you’re being programmed along a certain way. Voltaire initially was from
    Switzerland. A lot of them came from Switzerland, these revolutionaries. Voltaire was groomed by a
    woman in Switzerland, a very wealthy woman. He had to leave there eventually because he was caught
    three or four times exposing himself in the streets to children and so they took him to France and
    eventually Benjamin Franklin took over as the Grand Master of the French Orient Lodge and he
    initiated Voltaire into the society.

    Jackie: Yes he did. I read about that – and this was right from the Grand Lodge, The Ancient and
    Accepted da-da-da from Scotland, and it was a piece on freemasonry. It told about all these
    wonderful people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and Voltaire and Lafayette. It told
    all their names. But anyway, it told in there that – I think Voltaire was in his 70’s according to
    this when he was initiated into the higher degrees and that brother Benjamin Franklin did the rites
    and everything and then Voltaire touched the lambs wool, the apron to his lips with tears in his

    Alan: That’s right. When he did that with his apron, I guess he exposed himself again.

    Jackie: I guess he would have, wouldn’t he?

    Alan: There was so many perverted people in these societies towards the top and of course the ones
    down below don’t know that but they are very perverted and it’s almost as though they’re selected
    for that. People who have a grudge against society or they’re personally an outcast because of
    their preferences are used to promote the agenda through writing and today it’s movies and so on,
    but this is an old technique. Benjamin Franklin also belonged to the Hellfire Club in England
    outside London High Wycombe and it’s an interesting name, High Wycombe, from Wicca, you see, and
    they had the riotous orgies there. The odd thing was during the Revolutionary War when Franklin was
    over in France, he traveled there every other month to London and he got into London – no one
    stopped him. You think he’d be arrested, but he was allowed to come and go into London and attend
    these orgies at the Hellfire Club and of course the actual Hellfire Club itself is still standing
    today and they had about five years ago in the British newspapers they renovated it and they did
    take up the floor boards and they found the remains of I think it was five or six babies.

    Jackie: Oh, they were doing sacrifices.

    Alan: They were either doing that – but they were doing more than that. They were doing selective
    breeding because every High Masonic club at that time had a type of brothel attached.

    Jackie: All right, listen. Hold the thought. Don’t lose your train of thought because we have to
    take our break. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be right back with Alan Watt. And please don’t lose
    your train of thought there. The babies and the selective breeding.

    All right, we’re back with Alan Watt, and folks, those of you who listen regularly are very aware
    that Alan has written three books. His third one is now being delivered and I’m going to have Alan
    explain a little bit about the books and give you his address for those of you who would be
    interested. The reason I see these as so critical is that Alan gives us a lot of ancient history
    and as he’s said over and over again that the same things happen down through the ages and for me
    and I believe that. I didn’t disbelieve it at all.

    But Alan, I was explaining this to you. The research that I’ve done and all of the connections that
    have been made and that there can be no denying that what you said about the U.S. being founded to
    bring in the final plan of the New World Order, the world they’ve planned for world dominion. With
    all the information that I’ve discovered there can be no denying it and there’s something different
    about believing it and actually knowing it and it’s sort of like taking a magnifying class just to
    one little piece of history going back 200 years. When you see the plan besides the writers and the
    producers and the directors and the actors and all of the intrigue and all of the machinations, you
    realize that this same plan with the same type of activity – it’s like a pattern that has gone on
    throughout the ages right up to today all over this whole planet and your books take us way back
    there and help us literally to get out of the forest so we can see the trees. I guess that’s what
    it is. That’s what I wanted to say about that. If there’s anything else that you want to say, you
    go ahead.

    Alan: Both Franklin and Jefferson made the same statement in their memoirs and they both said that
    the federation or the confederation of the United States would lead to a confederation of the
    world, of the nations, under one government run by 12 wise men. The 12 wise men of course in the
    Cabala is the perfect number of government. These guys were steeped in Cabalistic teachings.

    Jackie: In Hyman Solomon’s – one of his bios that I read they said that it has been said that he
    actually he wrote the Declaration of Independence which is hogwash too and that he designed the
    Great Seal of the U.S. and that he always knew that America would be a world – an empire or
    something like that.

    Alan: That’s why of course Wolfowitz and the rest of these boys in that club have said that this is
    the New American Century. They say there must be an empire. There’s always been a world empire
    leader and they are the new world empire leader, so they’ve almost achieved their goals.

    Jackie: Yes they have and you know I’ve thought about that with the John Birch Society’s magazine
    “The New Americans.” I wonder if that’s a code for them for New America, the New American Century.

    Alan: Birch is a Masonic term.

    Jackie: Birch was a Mason.

    Alan: Birch, Ash, Icke – Icke is oak in German. He’s oak, you see, which is higher than the birch,
    and so they use these trees for specific designations and it’s a warning to all masons what they
    are. Masons always have their little clue there through the names of societies and so on.

    Jackie: You know the Birch Society reprinted [Berule’s] book. What the heck was the name of that
    book? You know Abby Berule, the Secret Societies or whatever and in the preface of the book they
    had said that freemasonry is no longer – it’s now benign. In other words, there’s no power left in
    the freemasonry. Welsh. That was his name, right?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Welsh. What kind of a name is that?

    Alan: Again, it’s not from Britain, put it that way. It’s not Welsh, it’s Welch, ‘ch.’ A lot of
    these names are abbreviated. They compact them. You’ll hear the name Baruch who was the banker. Now
    a lot of them of the same name compacted it down to Birk (Burke, Burk), for instance; so Welch is
    like Wel-loch or Wel-lash and so they compact it down
    – that’s what they do with a lot of these names.

    Jackie: Are you having a storm there?

    Alan: Not yet. They’re still spraying. It’s building up to it though.

    Jackie: I just heard almost cracking like lightning.

    Alan: There may be further south.

    Jackie: Tell our listeners about your books and they can get them.

    Alan: Yes. There’s three of them and I call them Cutting Through and there’s I, II and
    III. [See for ordering information] and I’ll get it back to you as
    soon as I can.

    Jackie: And you do recommend if they’re only getting one book and they don’t have the first one
    they should get the first one first?

    Alan: Yes. I lead them through the Masonic steps and leading up to the final one, which is a lot of
    ancient history to do with the same takeover techniques with the money boys and so on in ancient
    times through what records remain and you can see how incredibly precise this high masonry is.
    There’s nothing slipshod about it. It’s a science. A definite science, so much so, that your whole
    language as been created and masonically encoded in the 1500’s when they updated English from the
    old German Saxon to what we call English today and Francis Bacon who helped to do that and he
    talked about it. He said, “we are creating the international language of the future which will be
    called English.” They had a whole team of priests basically working on the creation of the English
    language and Shakespeare worked with them too, and Shakespeare through his plays introduced – I
    can’t remember how many thousands of words, over I think 100,000 new words, into the English
    language. Basically, they created the English language.

    Jackie: Why are they making a big deal today about everybody having to learn Spanish like here in
    the U.S.?

    Alan: It’s simply for the U.S. to have more friction. They’re building up internal friction within
    the United States on purpose and then they’ll pass laws which are coming down on everyone and then
    they’ll come out with all the solutions to it. They’ve done the same in Canada. They have French
    and English. They’ve tried this in different countries so they know how to create friction very

    Getting back to the Hellfire Club, in the 1700’s and right up to today in some very high clubs they
    have brothels attached to them. Now these weren’t normal brothels in the usual sense; they did have
    women who worked “regularly” you might say, but they also had the higher prostitutes who were very
    high-class prostitutes with certain genetic lines in their blood basically, in their genes; and the
    Hellfire Club when Franklin was a member, the top one there was Madame Bouvier.

    Jackie: That was related to Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy?

    Alan: That’s right. In fact, there’s two of them still alive today, two of the Bouvier’s in France,
    two sisters. They were highly sought after and if you could serve the system well of Masonry to
    further the revolutionary cause towards global governance by this intellectual elite or you
    contributed to science—that’s why they all try to get their names in the science books—then you
    were allowed to mate with one of these high women, and the offspring then was trained and brought
    up as a tongue-in-cheek “orphan.” The “window’s son” they call it, and he would be trained for high
    office either in bureaucracy or politics. This still goes on today and there’s talk even that Bill
    Clinton was one of these and that his father was one of the Rockefellers but his mother definitely
    was a high-class Madame Bouvier type who went to the very wealthy parties all over Europe and

    Jackie: Oh, she wasn’t the lowly maid?

    Alan: Oh, no. No. She went to very expensive parties and traveled extensively.

    Jackie: You know I was wondering about this Lafayette. In his bio they said that his father died
    when he was two years old and that 11 years later his mother and grandfather died leaving him
    immensely wealthy and he was trained at the military school there and by the age of 16 I mean he
    was a professional solider. It made me wonder when the mother and grandfather died 11 years later
    if it was a natural death, or an accident, or were they taken out of the picture so their minion
    could have that kind of wealth.

    Alan: Well, it’s that and it’s also to cover the fact that they have brought up these children with
    one training and that’s the expertise in martial war. Napoleon was also raised for that exact same
    purpose and when they came out with the first Declaration of Rights in France, they also said that
    we think that a man may come out of Corsica— where Napoleon was born and raised. A man might come
    out of Corsica and lead the revolution to glory; and of course Napoleon came along and he was
    steeped from the age of five onwards in nothing but warfare and warfare techniques. They train them
    specially for their function in life. It’s quite fascinating.

    Jackie: I thought he came in after the revolution.

    Alan: Yes, he did but the revolution was failing. The “mountain” as they call it, the old masons,
    the older elders, they formed a huge part of the government. They were always arguing with the
    younger ones and Napoleon stepped in and took it over and he literally didn’t change just France.
    He changed every country that he went into.

    Jackie: Well, he must have ticked them off because they vilified him.

    Alan: They vilified him in one sense, but in another sense he did much more. He did what he was
    supposed to do. He helped unify other countries into larger countries. That’s part of the ongoing
    war program is to – like the Soviet Union did. They took all these small countries and incorporated
    them and then gave them exact same system of money, education, bureaucracy and so on, until you
    couldn’t really tell them apart. Napoleon did help to unify a lot of the countries, small, tiny
    countries into larger ones, and that lead up of course to the first world war, step-by-step, it’s
    all going in the same direction. Now you have a United Europe, which was also Napoleon’s dream and
    it was also Winston Churchill’s dream. That was part of it. Karl Marx talked about a United Europe,
    a Pacific Rim conglomerate and a United Americas, and he wrote about that in the 1840’s and said
    they’d all be under a super world government. This is nothing new. It’s all been put out there.
    It’s just isn’t taught much, if at all, in schools. However, the books are there in the
    universities. It’s an ongoing process and the United States is simply finishing off the task, and
    as it finishes off the task its standards of living must come down to meet those of the rest of the
    world which is being leveled.

    Jackie: They’re leveling the playing ground, the playing field.

    Alan: See, a country which cannot feed itself, number one, and the farming basically is going right
    out the window in Canada and the States. It can’t feed itself. It has no industry to even rearm if
    they had to by themselves, is no longer a nation really. In other words, they’re helpless, so they
    need the international system now.

    Jackie: There was somebody evidentially on the Fox New Network and I don’t know who it was but I
    did get the email and the interview and I skimmed it and this yo-yo said on Fox News that he’s
    expecting within 90 days something very – another terrible attack on the U.S. I don’t know if it
    had something – by the way, there is an article and I checked it out myself from the Navy Times.
    The title of the article was “Uncle Sam Wants You Even if You’re 42 Years Old” and that was the
    article from the Navy Times. I went and got it and then there was I think New York Times article
    and said that the Pentagon was calling for raising the age on recruiting to age 42.

    Alan: They had a blurb on one of the newscasts that they’d actually taken in undertakers
    – recruited them, called them into duty and I think they were close to the age of 60.

    Jackie: Undertakers, that would be to take care of all the dead bodies?
    Alan: Yes. The U.S. according to the BBC and CBC in Canada is having