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    Jackie: Oh, Bronfman, you’re kidding me.
    Alan: No, that’s what the name means, yeah. And so it’s all coincidence, of course, you know. And
    anyway, they got the rights to all the hotels and whorehouses along the railroad track. And then of
    course they bribed every politician. They had prohibition passed in the States, and they smuggled
    all the booze into the States, and they shared that with the Kennedys, in the US. And then of
    course, after they finished prohibition on the US side, they
    bribed all the politicians in Canada to then pass it in Canada. So they simply reversed the flow of
    the booze. It’s just one gigantic scam after another, you know. And that’s what history is made up
    of. And of course these families end up as multi-millionaires.
    Jackie: His story.
    Alan: Yeah. They end up as multi-millionaires and they’re in politics, and the people bow to them,
    you know. The ordinary people bow to them. And they’re nothing but gangsters, you know. That’s all
    they are, just gangster families. And that is the history of it, and that’s what history is all
    about. It’s just one scam after another. And there’s no way that George of England had anything to
    do with the American Revolution, because George of England was mad as a hatter.

    Jackie: Well, it was according to the bio on Hiam Solomon, the hero of the American Revolution, I
    know I said this last night, but it bears repeating, in his, in one of his bios, it says that he
    went to France and secured a huge sum of money from the Rothschilds to help finance the revolution,

    Alan: And the British Rothschild financed the British side. That’s how it works. It’s amazing to
    watch this con game going on. And what’s even more amazing is that the monarchy in France helped
    the Americans with the revolution, because England had made so many plays to take over France in
    its history that the monarchy weren’t on very good terms. And then of course, once the American
    Revolution was over, it started in France. They deposed the monarchy that helped them. And it’s
    interesting, even though it was taken over under a new system, it still had to pay that loan back,
    America still had to pay the loan back to the brand new type of government. That still stood. And
    that’s what’s amazing, even when governments change from one form to another, it does not affect
    the owing of money or the legal paying back of money. It must still be done.

    Jackie: Exactly. That was part of the treaties that were agreed to after the war, the revolution,
    the American Revolution, that the British subjects, whose property had been seized by the
    government, had to give the property back to the British. And they did not have to become American
    citizens, by the way. You know what I’d like to do? We’re about to take a break. And why don’t you
    take this time, the next few minutes, and tell our listeners about your books, how they can get
    them, and then I’m going to go and take care of that barking. She’s wanting in this room is what
    she wants, Alan. So, I’m going to be off mike until after the break.

    Alan: Okay. I have three books dealing with Freemasonry, ancient
    Freemasonry. Freemasons. The term that’s used today is a recent term. So, I go through the history
    of it, way beyond the guilds of England, of the Middle Ages. Much, much earlier than that. And I
    also go through the history up through the present times, and show you what’s going
    the Masonic coding, which is all around us. And if you want any
    of these books [see ordering information on transcript].

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    Jackie: Okay, we’re back with Alan Watt. So, where do we go from here?

    Alan: Well, it’s a matter, the problem on the shortwave as we all know, is that we’re either
    preaching to the choir, or we’re preaching to people who have recently woken up and have looked
    around for other alternate means of news and it’s not an easy thing to handle when you’ve just
    woken up. Seldom do two people in a family wake up at the same time, and that often is the main
    problem that I hear, is that one has woken up and they’re asking how to deal either with their
    spouse or their extended family, and I tell them generally that they have to learn to live inside
    their head, because if the other person hasn’t woken up there is going to be tremendous conflict

    Jackie: Live inside their head?

    Alan: Yeah, in other words, the thoughts that they have, the knowledge that they have, rather than
    keep repeating it or sharing it with a partner who has their fingers in their ears, it’s best to
    learn to live inside your head in that situation, because you can’t make a person wake up who’s not
    ready for it, no matter how much documented evidence you have, they have to be almost spiritually
    ready for it, you know. So, you’ll get a lot of conflict, because they want the old person back,
    the person that was quite happy with their life, or quite happy with the way things were, and went
    to work for their eight hours a day and watched TV when they came
    home. That’s what they want back. And it scares them, when the one who’s awake, it scares the
    partner to see them becoming animated, you might say. Sometimes people panic in fact when they
    realize it’s all a con game, and they realize where this is all leading to. That’s probably
    something that’s never been discussed on the shortwave, is how to deal with that situation. Those
    who do wake up tend to be very, very alone, and as I say, they have a tremendous, burning desire to
    share their knowledge, and it’s always with the person next to them. And if that person, as I say,
    is not ready for it, there’s going to be tremendous
    conflict. And of course they’ll be called nuts and all the rest of it. And it might even lead to
    divorce, in fact.

    Jackie: Unless the person who has awakened, has an ability, as you said, to live in their head.

    Alan: Yeah, you almost have to be two people. The person they’re used to, the person they expect
    you to be, and the one you really are. You have to almost hide this now, although it’s impossible
    to go back, that’s the other thing, you can’t go back to watching sports or whatever you used to do
    to pass the time, you realize that everything is there to either indoctrinate or to make you pass
    the time without thinking. So you can never go totally back. On the other hand, you have to realize
    that you’re now awake, and those around you are fast asleep. And you cannot simply by giving them
    information wake them up. It doesn’t work that way, you
    know. They have to have something inside themselves to make them ready to wake up. And you cannot
    do that for another person, you know.

    Jackie: Unless, unless, well, eventually, I’m not saying eventually it will happen, but the
    possibility of it happening maybe, in fact, a long time ago we were talking about this, the
    brainwashing has been so intense and the mind control, and my question was because, what we “know”
    or think we know, all of the information that comes into the brain forms a pathway, and those
    pathways are there. And my question in my mind was, can you replace what’s already in that pathway
    that has erroneous information or does it have to be short-
    circuited. And my guess was, it would take a short-circuit. And when I asked you your opinion

    of that, that’s exactly what you said, that it would have to be short-circuited, and then my next
    question of course was, how would that happen? And you said, unfortunately for these people, it has
    to be something that hits them personally.

    Alan: Yeah, it’s a crisis of some kind. And yet again, in a marriage situation, often it will go
    the other way. The crisis will occur, but the person will often choose, because there’s a choice
    involved here too, to remain in the life that they’re familiar with, because it seems more
    comfortable to believe in it all, even though things are crazy with prices and all the rest of it,
    they still want to believe they’re being taken care of, because they know themselves if they start
    to believe this and check into it, which they’re scared to do, they’d have to rethink everything,
    everything they’ve ever known. And that terrifies them. That really terrifies them. And so they
    risk a nervous breakdown to come into another reality. And so often they’ll choose the divorce
    instead. So that’s the conflict that arises. And of course, if there’s more family members
    involved, they might just gang together and demand a visit to the psychiatrist even. That also
    happens to some people who phone me.

    Jackie: Is that right?

    Alan: Yeah, because it’s too terrifying for them to start rethinking everything they’ve ever
    learned. It’s too terrifying for them to say, my God, that means that every newscaster, every
    famous face on television is there to fool me. They cannot go that way, you know. They want to
    believe in the Dan Rathers.

    Jackie: Alan, it begins when we’re born. Because our parents were lied to the same that we were
    lied to. And so, we live in literally a dream world.

    Alan: It’s a Disneyland. And also, what they did thousands of years ago, they studied all mammals,
    and mammals all behave in the same fashion as humans. We’re another mammal. And what you find is
    that if there’s a crisis or something threatens the little family of mammals, the females run into
    the middle for protection, the males automatically form a
    perimeter to protect, and if they’re attacked, then the males all go off to war, you might say, and
    try and beat whatever the intruder is. And that works exactly the same way with human beings. The
    women traditionally look towards the men for protection, in a rather violent world, and today,
    they’re bypassing the husband of course, because this is the final stage of this
    system, this part of this system. They’re bypassing the husband and now government is directly
    dictating to the wives with regard to, you know, feminism and all the rest of it. And government is
    appealing and saying, well, we’re here to protect you, that’s our job, and of course they’re giving
    their power to the government. They give their power to the beast, the one that promises to protect
    them. And effectively the husbands are being bypassed. And this was all done by design, because as
    I say, they understand mammal behavior, and they know how to interfere with the normal flow of it.
    So we actually are the most studied species on the entire planet, human beings. And they know how
    to manipulate the male and the female.

    Jackie: Who are these creatures, Alan? Who are these creatures that are studying “human beings”?

    Alan: Well, these creatures themselves claim, as I say, they have their own inner religion, and
    they do claim that they were rebels in a spirit world. And I hate the word spirit, because spirit
    means drunk. You know, you drink spirits to get drunk, and that’s why they gave us this term in the
    English language, from the Latin.

    Jackie: What would the word be if it wasn’t in the English language?

    Alan: It’s the true essence of what is you. What you are. The true essence. It’s beyond the
    physical. And these creatures do claim that they were cast out after a rebellion of some
    kind. Now, people can call it whatever they want, a cosmic rebellion, dimensional, whatever it is,
    but the fact is, they believe that they were so perfect in this other form, this ethereal form,
    non-material you might say, that they willed their own physical bodies into existence. And there
    were already natural people living here, that’s what they claim, but they themselves willed their
    bodies into existence, and because they did that, the first generation retained these supernatural
    powers. And when they started to interbreed with the people who were natural to the planet, they
    began to lose these powers, and hence there was a speedy return to interbreeding amongst themselves
    to try and regain those powers. And from then on, they’ve kept their genealogical lines going as
    far back, well, we don’t even have access to them. It’s beyond and before Sumer, before 5000 BC.
    But that’s the reason for the intense interbreeding that still goes on today, and the priesthood
    that matches them up for those bloodlines is very, very important. It still exists.

    Jackie: That’s why we have all the begats in the Old Testament? Who begat who.

    Alan: Yeah, even though it’s all nonsense in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was a
    manufactured fallacy. It’s actually a book of a system. That’s what it teaches. Every Masonic Lodge
    has that black book of law, that’s what it is, in their lodge. And it’s a system with esoteric
    meanings. It’s not real people. It’s they use the names of people to teach stories, esoteric
    meanings behind the stories. That’s what it’s for. But it was put together by definitely
    descendants of these fallen ones, you might say. In Egypt, and everyone agrees about this, 72
    priests wrote the Old Testament around 300, maybe even 200 BC, in Egypt, and they wrote it in the
    language of the Coptic Greek. And it was never translated into supposed Hebrew, which is just
    updated Aramaic, until about the 1st century AD. So even in the time of Jesus, if he did read
    anything in the Synagogue, he must have read it in the Greek version, because that’s all they had
    at that time. So, it wasn’t written by Hebrews, it was written by another people altogether, for
    the people who believed themselves to be Jews.

    Jackie: And I’d like to make a connection here. Where you mentioned that the Old Testament is
    really a book of laws, that was something that I realized, that the Old Testament is literally a
    political program that is wrapped in a cloak of religion. And Moses, the first five books, I guess
    it depends on who is saying this, you’ll read that the first five books of the Old Testament are
    the Torah, which is the basis of the Talmud, and then some say that it’s the entire Old
    Testament. But whatever, Moses Mendelssohn, who was evidentially a very respected and revered Wise
    Man, Jew, made the statement, that Judaism is not a religion, it is a law religionized.

    Alan: It’s a very pragmatic system. Really, that’s what it is. It’s a system. In the Old Testament
    slavery is okay, there’s no laws against slavery.

    Jackie: And it’s God who’s demanding all the wars.

    Alan: Yeah, it’s the godfather. It’s a mafia system, you know. That’s what it’s all about. That’s
    what the whole world is all about. That’s what all empires have always been about. It’s a small
    elite being gangsters and lording it over the other people, living off the backs of the other
    people, and hiring the historians to write a nice story about them, you know. That’s what history
    is all about. And it’s all to do with this thing called money, without which none of this

    occur. None of it. You could not hire an army without money. You couldn’t keep men together long
    enough to invade anybody if you didn’t have this thing called money. Money itself is an artificial
    creation. And we think it’s quite natural because we’re born into a system that completely revolves
    around this thing called money. And we are actually called economic units, you know. Every human
    being is given that title.

    Jackie: Actually, we are called human capital, Alan. Human capital. Alan: Yeah, that’s right.
    Jackie: I just want to say this for our listeners. There is an article there titled, Are Your
    Children Human Capital? And it is literally, it has been discovered that that’s exactly what we are
    to them as you just said, Alan. And then after I found that article, I found the executive order
    that Bill Clinton had signed, where he created a commission to study capital, all kinds of capital,
    and in that it was including human capital, and the commission was to report on the depreciation of
    capital, and of course, my question was, how do you depreciate human capital?

    Alan: You make them sick, and you give them diseases. Jackie: Yeah, you get rid of them.
    Alan: Which is happening in Africa on a wide scale. And it’s actually happening more subtly in the
    Western countries as we discussed last night, with the sperm count plummeting in the males, all by

    Jackie: And the women having hysterectomies

    Alan: Yeah, hysterectomy. And here’s the problem. People keep thinking or asking, well, when is all
    this going to happen. They don’t realize, it’s been happening before they were born, and it’s been
    happening all through their lifetime. There’s a Population Control Council in the United Nations.
    Before that, the League of Nations also had the same council. And they don’t sit on their hands
    making wish lists of how to control the population of the world. They actually implement schemes to
    do so. And of course, we’re told, they just make mistakes with inoculations. They didn’t realize
    that the polio vaccine would affect the human race the way it has, cause all the tumors and
    sterility and so on. It’s just a mistake. And then in Africa, they gave all the free smallpox
    vaccinations out, and they didn’t change the needles, and lo and behold, the trail of AIDS, all
    through Africa. And again, it’s another big mistake.

    Jackie: Are you sure that that AIDS virus or whatever it was, wasn’t in the vaccines that they gave
    to the Africans?

    Alan: Oh, I have no doubt it would be in it. I have no doubt. They started actually the same
    program in Haiti, and that’s where the AIDS first broke out, and then they went over to Western
    Africa, and you can follow the trail from the UN free smallpox vaccine. So, this is going on. The
    agenda is underway. They can’t come out and tell you, oh, by the way, we’re killing you. I think
    they’d have their hands full with upset populations. So they simply don’t tell you; they do it.

    Jackie: Well, yes, they do tell us. And I’m going to mention the toothpaste, again. On the
    toothpaste tube, unless you get your toothpaste fluoride free, because fluoride is a killer, but
    there on the toothpaste tube there is a warning that says, keep out of reach of children under six,
    and if you swallow more than enough for brushing, seek medical help or call a poison center

    immediately. And Alan, that’s the thing that just blows me away. Because I have showed that to so
    many people, and they just, it doesn’t compute, that they’re paying for their poison.

    Alan: Yeah, but they still believe that they’re being taken care of, and they cannot believe that
    anything would be so widely advertised and promoted that would harm them. See, they live in two
    different worlds.

    Jackie: Then it’s time that people suddenly, somewhere, somehow, snap out of it Alan, and really
    take a look.

    Alan: Well, it’s going fast. I mean, you see how autism has rocketed, skyrocketed up until the
    present statistics. And it’s all to do with the inoculations they’re giving the babies at such a
    young age.

    Jackie: It’s the mercury. It’s the mercury in the vaccines. Thimerosal and fluoride.

    Alan: They know this. It’s a program, a population control program. And Joe Public thinks, well,
    we’ve got spontaneous autism now. It’s just a plague of autism and it’s quite natural

    Jackie: 1700% increase in autism.

    Alan: Yeah, and of course the old autism that used to be here, prior to the 50s, was one in about
    10,000 or 25,000 it was, true autism. And that means that from the time of the baby’s birth, it did
    not react normally to stimulation and so on. Whereas this type of autism that comes only occurs
    after the inoculations. All the doctors know this.

    Jackie: There’s something I’d like to say here right now, because we haven’t said this in a long
    time, I haven’t. Folks, when you have your children in school, in order for them to be in school
    there is required vaccines that they have to have at particular grades. And every single state has
    opt-out for parents. All they have to do is sign a form. And in fact, when I finally got through to
    Nicole in Missouri, and she did a lot of research, found the law, and was calling the school, that
    was the first day of school, this past year to let them know that she was not going to vaccinate.
    Actually it might have been a year before. But anyway, she said that she was on the way to pick up
    the form that she had had faxed to her to a Staples from, you know, the Health Department in
    Missouri, and the school secretary said, well, honey, we’ve got these forms right here. You know,
    Nicole was ready for a real fight, and all she had to do was walk into the office and say I want
    the opt-out form, and that’s what she did. And I want folks, listen to me, all of you who have
    children in school, if you vaccinate your child after hearing what we just talked about, then there
    is something very, very, very wrong. I don’t know what else to say about that, but I wanted that
    known to any of our possibly new listeners, Alan. Oh, I have to vaccinate them, that’s what Nicole
    was telling me. I have to vaccinate her or she can’t go to school. And I talked to Ashley and I
    said, Ashley honey, don’t do it. Don’t let them vaccinate you. And you just tell them, no. And
    that’s basically what Ashley did. She said, I’m not going to get it.

    Alan: Everything is done under pretense and under color of law, but in fact, it’s just a matter of
    bluff. And the willing fool, as they say in Masonry, if you’re a willing fool, you’ve swallowed it
    all, and believed it all, you’ll go and take it, you see. But it’s up to the person who thinks to
    ask the questions and demand the opting out.

    Jackie: Thank you. And Alan, thank you so much for being with us again this evening. And ladies and
    gentlemen, we’ll see you back on Monday, and thank you. And God Bless
    You. Good Night.

    Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Let me get my record button going
    here. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today is Monday, and it is the first day of
    August, in the year 2005. And I hope you had a lovely weekend, folks. A nice weekend, or peaceful,
    or fun, pleasant, loving. I hope you had a nice weekend. And Alan Watt is with us, this evening. I
    was looking for something that I wanted to share with you tonight, and I’m not finding it. I
    apologize for this. Oh, here we are. This is what I wanted to do tonight. This is Saint Francis of
    Assisi’s Prayer, for our spiritual message. “Father, make me an instrument of your peace. Where
    there is hatred, let me so love. Where there is injury, let me so
    pardon. Where there is doubt, faith. Where there is despair let me sow hope. Where there is
    darkness, let me sow light. And where there is sadness, let me sow joy. Father, grant that I may
    not so much seek to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to
    love, for it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it is in
    dying that we are born into eternal life.” And dying, you know, well of course, dying is what we
    call leaving this physical body. Death. And maybe dying is also, it just occurred to me as I was
    reading this, folks, maybe it also means giving up the old, if you would, the lies. Maybe it means
    the rebirth, if you would, right here in this physical world of coming into the truth, coming out
    of the lies. I don’t know. It’s just a thought I had. Alan, thanks for being with us tonight.

    Alan Watt: Yeah, it’s a pleasure. Jackie: Yeah, cold and all.
    Alan: Cold and all. Yeah.

    Jackie: Well, you’re sounding a whole lot better. Alan has been kind of down with a cold, and he
    was kind enough to come on with us this evening, folks. Alan, I have a letter here from a listener.
    I’m not going to read the entire letter, but I wanted to address this, and probably you’ll have
    some relevant comments to make. And first, I want to thank our listener, who sent this to me,
    because I know that it was sent out of kindness, out of the goodness of your heart. It mentions a
    book, and the listener said that they heard the week before or two weeks before, and found out
    about the founding of America, Alan, and the Revolution and all that, and he said that I sounded
    despondent. And so, he sent pages of a book, or she, because the individual just said, concerned
    citizen. But the book is called Oashpe. Evidently it’s published by the theosophical society. And
    it says that America’s history is in this book. 25,000 years of history. And according to this
    book, America was ordered by the ordained, or ordered by the creator to bring liberty and light
    to the world. And that America was to be used to bring the, I’m not sure, it’s handwritten, I don’t
    know if it’s Cosman or Coman Era in, but according to this book, Oashpe, Thomas Paine is the father
    of the American Revolution, and that seven of the founding fathers were graded 80 in the angelic
    realms, and it shows George Washington was
    under the guardianship of 1000 angels. And when I read this, it reminded me of me some years back,
    because I had read a book, I think it was called Climb the Highest Mountain, and I cannot remember
    the group that put it out. But there was a section in the book, it was about the White Brotherhood,
    Alan. And there was a section in the book about the Constitution, and how they were present, and
    how the Constitution was divinely inspired and as I told you recently, not too long ago in a
    conversation, I believed that that was true. And I believed that there could have been whatever we
    would call them, higher beings, there guiding our wonderful founders. And I

    would like to say, once again, thank you to our listener who sent this, and I want you to know that
    I did feel that way at one time, but there’s enough evidence, there’s just too much evidence.
    George Washington was an illuminist. He was a, was he a member of the Grand Orient, do you know,

    Alan: He was a member of the Beenan Orden, which was the Illuminati Order; they use the beehive as
    their symbol. And every Illuminati Lodge was styled after the beehive. In all the Masonic
    paintings, the official Masonic paintings of Washington, you’ll find the symbol of the beehive
    generally down towards the bottom of the portrait.

    Jackie: You’ve got that photograph in one of your books. Is that the first book? Alan: I think so,
    Jackie: It’s a photograph of a painting of George Washington, and there it is, the beehive down in
    the corner. Thomas Paine?

    Alan: Well, Thomas Paine is a pain alright. You’ve got to remember, a lot of these guys adopted
    names of previous famous people, or else they were direct descendants of people, because one of the
    founders of the Knight Templar, his last name was Payen, which of course, put it into the English
    and you’ve got Paine.

    Jackie: Payen, what language was that, Payen?

    Alan: From the French. One of the nine knights, as they say, the nine knights who founded the
    Templars, one of them was Hugh de Payen. And so, it’s no coincidence that you end up with a Payen,
    or a Paine, who was a world revolutionary, because once he was finished, he came from England after
    trying to get revolutions going there.

    Jackie: Thomas Paine did?

    Alan: Yeah, and he went to the U.S., and then he went over to France afterwards too. Jackie:
    Probably he went over there with Lafayette.
    Alan: Oh, he did. He was part of the Revolutionary in France, and he eventually got locked up by
    the guys who were leading the Revolution. It took a lot of pull from the US to get him free.

    Jackie: Why’d they lock him up?

    Alan: These were international revolutionaries.

    Jackie: Well, why would they lock him up if they were the guys that were behind the revolution?

    Alan: Because he thought it was getting out of control with the killing, or the bloodlust. He
    thought they would kill off the nobles, but they started to start to chop off the heads of ordinary
    people once they’d finished with the nobles, and he interjected to try and stop that. And that

    wasn’t part of the agenda, obviously, and so they locked him up as well. And I think he also didn’t
    agree with the end of the revolution. It was supposed to continue into other countries, and cause
    world revolution. That’s also what he objected to, was basically they made it localized, just in

    Jackie: So, in other words, then it sounds like the possibility that Thomas Paine actually believed
    in the revolution, because, you know, Alan, this is the thing that makes them seem so right, is
    that the feudal system under the monarchies. The people were enslaved, and of course, what we read
    is that the revolution is what got rid of the monarchies, and gave the people the democracies and
    all that. But is it a possibility that Thomas Paine actually thought it would be a good thing for
    the people?

    Alan: It could very well be so. It’s difficult to tell with a lot of these guys, because in a sense
    they’re all politicians. They say one thing to the public, but they also do the opposite. It’s
    difficult to say if he truly believed in this world revolution or he knew there was to be another
    plan that took over once it was completed. It’s really hard to tell right now. I also know that the
    world revolutionaries were being trained from the 1500s onwards. It’s like John Wilkes Booth, that
    shot Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, he was named John Wilkes after a famous revolutionary of England,
    who kept getting locked up in the Tower of London for trying to cause revolutions in England. So
    his father named him after this revolutionary. So this is in the family type of
    thing. These guys were literally being taught and reared from childbirth to be revolutionaries. And
    of course it continued.

    Jackie: So then they did believe in it.

    Alan: And even then though, you see, to the ordinary working Joe who was basically illiterate, it
    was no different from the Communist, in fact, the Communist Party took over from the World
    Revolutionary Party. It was one and the same thing. And the guys at the bottom were given a
    different spiel about what the outcome was to be from the guys in the upper management level of the
    revolution. It was to be a scientific social revolution, where an upper elite would eventually run
    the lives of everyone at the bottom. Of course the working man was told something completely
    different. But they need the ordinary people to support them, the mob as they called them, to get
    them behind them and to fight for them. And that’s what they did in Russia too, for the Soviet

    Jackie: Yes, and under those systems, the systems under which the people lived then, you know, you
    could understand the people wanting to be out from under it.

    Alan: Sure, and they really thought they were going to make themselves free. But just as we saw
    what happened in the Soviet Union, if we jump back to the French Revolution, we see the emergence
    of a much, much deeper and long, you know, something that was planned out long before, obviously,
    because they had population reduction, population control, whole departments set up for this. They
    started to kill off people in the rural areas, because they wanted a certain figure in every region
    as they called it. And they were sinking people by the boatloads, just because they lived on this
    part of the land, and they wanted a fixed population, vastly reduced from what it was. And these
    were ordinary people they were killing, just peasants.

    Jackie: Just to reduce the population.

    Alan: That’s always been part of this agenda. And it was the same in the Soviet Union. The Soviets
    slaughtered so many millions that no one can actually put a definite figure on it. It’s over 60
    million anyway, well over. And also, it was standard in the Soviet Union.

    Jackie: When we say 60 million people, oh, 60 million people were slaughtered, a person has to stop
    and literally think about that. You think about, I thought about this. I thought about, Alan, I’m
    saying this for our listeners, to really get it folks, what he just said. For example, New York
    City, how many people are in New York, about, do you know Alan?

    Alan: Oh, I have no idea what it would be now. Jackie: We’ll say 14 million maybe.
    Alan: Yeah, in the greater.

    Jackie: Yeah, in the greater, we’ll say 15 million. Okay, we’re talking 50 million. And I think
    about, okay, picture a city, let’s say with the population of New York in it, and going into that
    city and every single individual in that city is dead. It brings the numbers into some sense of
    reality, because that’s so far out to imagine that they could have killed 50, 60 million people.
    That is just almost beyond our ability to conceive of that.

    Alan: And yet that was all part of a long-laid strategy, a plan, because Lenin, who obviously was
    tutored from childbirth for his particular coming role, started the Reign of Terror, exactly what
    they did in the Revolutionary France, the same technique. When you have no external enemy, no
    immediate external enemy, to control the public, you must create a terror within. And that’s what
    the Soviet Union did. They started to pick up ordinary citizens, next-door neighbors, anybody would
    do. In fact Lenin sent out gangs of henchmen, and he told them, Trotsky talked about this in his
    book called “My Life” and Lenin ordered these gangs just to go into rural areas, and take a dozen
    men from each little place, hang them from the trees, and leave them there to rot. He said that
    will strike terror into the peasantry and they’ll do what they’re told. This is what you’re dealing
    with with these great heroes, you know. You’re dealing with absolutely ruthless sociopaths, and
    they look upon the ordinary people, the champions of the working man,
    eh. These people look upon the ordinary people as the lowest scum that walks the
    planet. That’s what Communist followers can never get through their heads. It’s a Scientific
    Socialism, based on Darwinism, which is the right of the fittest to survive and rule those who are
    less equipped to survive. That’s the whole doctrine, really, of Communism.

    Jackie: And they create the situation, or the environment, where those that are, you know, less
    able to survive, that’s why they’re less able to survive.

    Alan: Yes, indeed.

    Jackie: Because of the conditions. They create those conditions.

    Alan: Yes. It’s almost like someone having a cow and breaking the legs of that cow, and then being
    disgusted that the cow can’t get up. That’s what you find with the elite.

    Jackie: That’s a wonderful analogy.

    Alan: They cause the problem, and then they despise the people who are sick or starving and
    unemployed and all the rest of it. So that’s typical of how they rationalize everything they
    do. They always blame the victim rather than blame themselves, and that’s psychopathic behavior.

    Jackie: Well, you know, getting back to the American Revolution, it would be different if there
    wasn’t so much evidence to point otherwise, the possibility, because it all made sense to us as we
    were growing up, and oh, this was the war for independence, you know, from Britain, but it’s George
    Washington who was so big a part of that who was, he had Royal Blood, I
    understand. He was an illuminist.

    Alan: He was trained by the British army.

    Jackie: Yeah. And they knew exactly what America was being founded for, to do exactly what it’s
    doing today.

    Alan: And they put up that big obelisk in his honor. It wasn’t a Christian cross. It wasn’t
    anything to do with Christianity. It was an Egyptian obelisk they put up there for him.

    Jackie: Right, exactly. And what’s his name, Thomas Jefferson.

    Alan: And Thomas Jefferson was an admitted illuminist. In fact, Thomas Jefferson in his own memoirs
    writes about Thomas Malthus whom he corresponded with. And Thomas Malthus was the guy who came out
    with the economic policy for killing off the excess population, due to economic reasons and how to
    feed them and starve them so they’d be too weak to run off on a plantation, that type of stuff.

    Jackie: And you know, there’s always these wonderful quotations you can find like the one that
    George Washington, I think it was his speech when he left office at the end of his presidential
    term and said, you know, to beware of tangling alliances with other nations and all of that. They
    had the American people in debt to Great Britain, right after the Revolutionary War, with the Peace
    Treaty. And even in the Constitution, all the debts owed to other nations have to be paid. And it
    was the banksters. And George Washington was the one that signed the first Bank of America in, what
    was it, a twenty-year thing that they had?

    Alan: That’s right. So, sure, I mean it’s a serpent as they say, they always use their symbols in
    everything, and the Bank of America, BOA, is a boa, like a boa constrictor, you know. Put a Z on
    the end of it and you’ve got Boaz, you know, almost.

    Jackie: Now, who was Boaz?

    Alan: That’s the Masonic Towers. There’s always Twin Towers, the male and female, Jachin and Boaz.
    Boa, Boaz means also the serpent. And that’s why boa is a boa constrictor. It’s a serpent. So, the
    Bank of America has the clue right in it. These guys don’t make any mistakes.

    Jackie: No. Well, let’s be careful, because they mean what they’re saying, in other words. But I
    don’t, I don’t buy it that they don’t ever make mistakes.

    Alan: They literally created the language. The language we use is theirs. And that’s what I mean by
    attention to detail. They don’t come out with any abbreviations without there being another meaning
    behind it. Everything is like that.

    Jackie: In other words, that’s not a coincidence. Alan: No, it’s not.
    Jackie: Right, they know what they’re doing.

    Alan: And of course then they brought Jacob Schiff over just in time for the American Civil War,
    and Schiff was doing the same deal. He was even involved in the ownership of the companies that
    made the uniforms for both the North and the South all through the Civil War. One of them you just
    simply dyed blue, the other one was gray, but they were identical otherwise. So it’s just one scam
    after another, but the people keep falling for it. That’s the problem. We never learn, you know.
    Think of the money too that was also borrowed for all the wars since the American Revolution.
    There’s trillions and trillions supposedly in debt, although it’s all bogus, and we know it’s
    bogus, but as long as everybody believes in it, it goes on. And I can remember when the US owed
    one trillion dollars. And at that time they said if you put dollars end to end, it would stretch
    around the moon and back. And I don’t know how many trillions of dollars the US owes now. So you
    can’t pay this off, ever, and it’s not intended to be paid off, obviously. How can you pay it off
    when your industry has gone overseas?

    Jackie: Well, it couldn’t be paid off anyway, because it’s debt. It’s loaned into circulation. It’s
    a debt to begin with. And then they never print enough of these paper dollars and fives and
    whatever. They never print enough to have it in circulation to pay off the interest.

    Alan: And also, a debt, if you are a debtor, you see, you are in slavery. If you are borrowing
    money, and you owe money, technically, even by the Old Testament rules, which are the Masonic
    rules, you are a slave. And everyone now flashes the cards for everything that they want.

    Jackie: No, not everyone. Alan: Well, the vast majority. Jackie: The vast majority, yes.
    Alan: The vast majority do that. It’s a normal way of life now. In fact, they did studies recently,
    and they found that, I think, 70% of Americans and Canadians now are using the debtor cards and so
    on, and they don’t handle cash at all.

    Jackie: The debit cards, yeah. I would venture to say that the majority of our listeners on Sweet
    Liberty are not of that ilk that you were talking about. Because I get many, many of the donations
    that come in from money orders or cash. And because so many of our, I believe a lot

    of our listeners don’t even have checking accounts. I have one. You know, to pay. I pay my public
    bills with it. You know, like the gas and electric and phone. But that’s all I do. Everything else
    I do, I just do it cash. And it’s just a principle. It’s none of their business where I’m spending
    my money.

    Alan: They also admitted now that they’re issuing the same ID cards, it’s to be used in the States,
    they’re issuing it now in Britain. And they’ve also admitted it’s now also to be used for your
    banking, as well. So it is to be part of the cashless society.

    Jackie: Didn’t they bring that out right after that? Wasn’t it recent that they brought it out?
    Alan: Yeah, they did.
    Jackie: Right after that bombing.

    Alan: Right after the fortunate bombings that happened right at the right time, when Blair was
    about to get tossed out of Parliament for all his lies, these friends, these terrorists, just
    helped him out there, you know. It’s amazing how they always come to their. I noticed that with
    George Bush too, each time that he was plummeting in the polls, Bin Laden just magically would send
    out another video saying ‘We hate America.’ And Bush would come out and make his speech, and be the
    strong man, and suddenly his polls would go up again. It’s such a pantomime, you know.

    Jackie: Well, I’ll tell you, Valentine, she’s the lady that has, and I haven’t mentioned this in a
    while, so I should. She did some really awesome stuff, you know, on these videos, these alleged
    videos by Osama Bin Laden, and she put each of them side by side by side, and every single one of
    them were different people Alan. She did an email of that thing, and it was just amazing.

    Alan: Yeah, as I say, isn’t it amazing that it’s always when they need something to happen that
    something always does?

    Jackie: Well, remember Clinton. Where did he go bomb? Right around the Lewinsky scandal. Alan:
    Yeah, that’s right. I remember that too.
    Jackie: Yeah. Sudan?

    Alan: He was dropping the cruise missiles over Iraq, every so often. Jackie: Well, they were doing
    that ever since the first Iraq war.
    Alan: Oh, yeah. I know.

    Jackie: They were doing bi-weekly bombing runs. They had that country just absolutely blasted away
    before even the second Gulf War started, the Iraq War started.

    Alan: As I say, the revolution goes on, and what we’re living through now, is simply the next phase
    of the revolution, which is into the society, which they’ve written well about, in detail, in many
    publications, that’s to be run by the experts and there will be no private rights of any kind for
    the ordinary people. And they want a very controlled population, right down to the exact number
    that they actually need for any particular job. Eventually, in the future they said that no one
    would be allowed to have a child unless they have a function for that child. So this is the next
    part of the same ancient revolution that’s just ongoing, which they call scientific
    Socialism. It’s run by Fascists at the top, of course, but it’s a Socialistic, Communistic
    Bureaucracy System that’s used to control all of the people.

    (Commercial Break)

    Jackie: I received a letter from a new listener, Alan. And this is the gentleman that had called
    you. He had sent a donation. He said he had been a listener for approximately two months, and he
    said, “I find your program quite an eye-opening, myth-busting experience.” “I admire your courage
    to put this kind of repressed information out before the whole world. Count me as a person that
    your show is in the process of ‘waking up’.” He said, “I’ve sent for Alan’s Book
    I. Last evening I spoke to him, via phone, to elaborate on some points I’ve heard him make on your
    show. He’s a fascinating as well as enlightening person. Thank you for having such a guest, as well
    as the access.” And that’s from Bill in New York. And Bill, thank you. I appreciated that. It’s
    nice. I always enjoy hearing from our listeners. And it’s nice to know that we have new listeners
    coming in, that are waking up, Alan. Because there could be no other reason for doing this
    broadcast if it wasn’t just to. And sometimes it does seem like a downer. I would like to do a
    broadcast one time, that’s uplifting. You know what I mean? But it isn’t the truth. Well, it isn’t
    very. It is uplifting to know the truth, but the truth can hurt. And I do know that. And I think
    there’s enough research and resourced information there that you will understand why I no longer
    buy into the America, the land of the free and the home of the brave that never was, from the
    beginning. It just never was. And I’m going to let Alan give you the information now on how you can
    get his books. Alan, go ahead, please.

    Alan: Yes. There are three of them. They’re called Cutting Through, One, Two, and Three. [See
    ordering information on transcript.] And I’ll send them out just as soon as I
    can. And they go through a lot of the history of Freemasonry, pre-Freemasonry, and I go back
    thousands of years to show you how the money system was taking over countries, 2,000-3,000 BC, and
    how the armies were formed once they had the money system in circulation, and then they used one
    army to simply go and force the same system on the neighboring country, or the neighboring tribe,
    and this has gone on right up to the present time.

    Jackie: Yeah, that’s what’s so mind blowing, to realize that it just goes back and back and back.
    And it’s the same thing as like when you were telling about Sumer. At least 6,000 years ago. And
    the guy who wrote the book, what was it called, Alan? On Sumer. What was the name of the book?

    Alan: The book on Sumer was Life Begins at Sumer, and they have a blurb there. It was written on
    slate by, they think it might have been a student, because they had a tremendous school system,
    5,000 BC for the bureaucrats, these guys who become the priests, specialized priests in different
    areas, even real estate ones, and other ones went into law, and this guy said, I looked from the
    east to the west horizons and I see nothing but government buildings. And they taxed the people for
    everything, he said, when they’d bring in the fish, they were taxed for catching the fish. They
    were taxed when they sell the fish. He said, and even when the

    relatives come to the grave sites to put offerings on the graves, they come and they take the death
    duties, the death taxes. They take the food from the graves. And this was all government officials,

    Jackie: And you’re saying that this book was initially written back then? Alan: Oh, no. I mean the
    Jackie: You said it was written on slate. Oh, he found all the information on slate. Alan: They’ve
    dug up so much writing from Sumer, it’s just amazing.
    Jackie: And they’ve been able to interpret the language or to, what do you call it?

    Alan: Oh, yeah. They have it down to a fine art, and it’s nothing like the one that Zechariah
    Sitchin invented. They’ve dug up the remains of old schools where children at five years old and
    six years old who had been taught geometry and so on and trigonometry. This is
    common. So, man is far, far older than they’d have us believe, and they had advanced systems
    thousands of years ago. I’m sure Sumer simply was a sort of revamped system, a new system of a new
    age of its day, but there’s no doubt that the knowledge came from a much earlier civilization. And
    they do talk about it in the tablets of Sumer, that at one time there were advanced civilizations
    and tremendous earthquakes hit the whole planet, and some of the continents sunk beneath the waves
    and took the cities with them, and new continents arouse out of the sea. So, man is far, far, far
    older than they’d have us believe. Of course, they don’t want us to understand or even know
    that, because science has always been so far advanced from what the public will ever, ever know
    about. The gimmick is to make the people believe through the publications that they give us that
    they’re just working on this, and they’re looking forward to improving that one day, or inventing
    something. This stuff has all been done long ago. That’s why it’s called re-search.

    Jackie: yeah, like hydrogen cars. Alan: Yeah. Research.
    Jackie: I read an article from California, some guy that had a hydrogen car, to use, I think it was
    from, oh, what the heck, oh, I can’t remember. Demler, Dambler. He said it cost a million dollars
    to build that car. He was able to use it, so that he could experience it and then write about it.
    It was in, maybe The Chronicle, one of the California papers. But, Alan, what hogwash. They say,
    oh, that technology is about ten years down the road.

    Alan: I know. No, you see, it was never intended that the American public drive forever. They only
    gave you that transportation during the industrial era. China is now having their industrial era,
    so they’re putting down roads, they’re giving them cheap cars and cheap gasoline.

    Jackie: And do you know that the automobiles that are being manufactured and sent to China have
    none of the emission controls on them?

    Alan: No, they don’t need them, and they’re pretty well hogwash anyway.

    Jackie: Yeah, right. They’re trading off the air. They’re trading off the air pollution.

    Alan: That’s right. You pay a fee for it. It was never intended. Once America had finished its job,
    which it hasn’t quite done yet. It’s got to force the last of the remaining Moslem countries into
    the same system of democracy as they call it, with a central banking system, their debt system, and
    their paid politicians for front people. That’s the last job that the US has to do. And as it’s
    doing it and finishing it off, they’re dismantling America back home. That’s what they’re doing.

    Jackie: Yeah, do you want to hear something? This came right from the US EPA, Environmental
    Protection Agency’s website, that there is a partnership between the US and Israel to monitor the
    quality of drinking water, Alan.

    Alan: Well, actually, in 1967 the UN had its first water meeting in Israel. And it was in the
    newspapers at the time, and they said that water would be one of the prime moneys of the future. It
    would be actually used like money. And that Israel was heavily involved in the planning for the
    future shortages of water. So, I’m not surprised, you know. That was in the newspapers at that

    Jackie: Yeah, well, US and Israel partnership.

    Alan: They have partnerships across the world though, with just about everybody else, with one deal
    or another. And it’s not a country either, you see. We keep falling into this trap of believing
    there’s a country there or a country even here. There’s always a handful of people that run every
    country, including Israel, you know.

    Jackie: I suppose. I don’t know if Israel is a corporation or not. But the US is actually,
    literally incorporated.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: And do you think Canada is, is Canada a corporation?

    Alan: All British Commonwealth countries are. That was where it first came from, was England.

    Jackie: And, you know, comment on this. You know, George W Bush the President appointed Wolfowitz
    to be the head of the World Bank. How is it that the US President is in that position to appoint
    head of the World Bank?

    Alan: Well, he’s told what to do. Jackie: That’s not the point.
    Alan: It’s just to fool the public.

    Jackie: What, like the World Bank is under the authority of the US?

    Alan: That’s what I’m saying. It’s to fool the public. The public must believe their government is

    Jackie: Well, you know, it occurred to me, and it just occurred to me today, that maybe the World
    Bankers, the International Bankers own the US corporation now. Maybe they own the corporation now.
    Maybe they own the corporation, Alan.

    Alan: I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    Jackie: Because, otherwise, how could you, okay. I mean it’s just there has to be an explanation
    how the US President appoints the head of the World Bank.

    Alan: Well of course it’s nonsense. The President is only a front man. The Prime Minister of
    Britain is only a front man. And that’s well understood in Britain.

    Jackie: Well, I know that. I know they’re front men. I know they’re puppets. The point is, there
    has to be some legality here. You know, they got this twisted, you know, legal system. The
    Treasurer, the Secretary of the Treasury is the Governor of the International Monetary Fund, Alan.
    And I’ve got the newspaper article that says it. I mean, I know newspapers lie too, but sometimes
    they print the truth.

    Alan: They have to fool the public to make them believe their government is real and powerful.

    Jackie: But what does that tell us about the US government inc? If we aren’t a closely held
    corporation by the international bankers. It, I should say, not we, but we are the, what do you
    call it, the assets.

    Alan: That’s right. We are. We’re supposed to keep paying off the debt, and your children’s
    children and so on, for evermore, you know. So that is true. We are all collateral for the debt.

    Jackie: Collateral, yes.

    Alan: And that’s no different from the feudal system. That’s what you were. You served the lord.
    You had no rights whatsoever, because you were born into slavery as a slave. Only they called it
    serf. They changed the English language a little bit, and called them serfs, because slavery was a
    bit too upfront, you know. So they hid it behind the term serf, but yeah, you own nothing. You gave
    60% of all your produce to the lord. And what was left had to feed you, your animals and your
    helpers, you know. And when you work out the income taxes today and the hidden taxes, the average
    person is paying about the same amount of money in taxes. So serfdom or feudalism is still here.

    Jackie: Oh, I bet lots more today.

    Alan: It’s actually more in Britain, actually, and Canada. So this con game has gone on forever.
    And it was Charles Galton Darwin that said in his book, The Next Million Years, and that’s quite a
    boast for the illuminati, he said himself that there has always existed a form of

    slavery, and we are simply creating a more s , where the
    slave will
    never realize that he is actually a slave. Jackie: The perfect slave believes he’s free.
    Alan: That’s right. So they give you brass bands, and you wave flags and stuff, and you know, you
    get parades. And you’re allowed to buy your auto to get to work to pay for that clapboard house
    that you put up there and pay the taxes on it. So we’re just a more efficient form of slave, where
    we don’t really need to be guarded all the time. We even buy our own clothes out of what’s left
    over. And our work boots, you know. So, yeah, it is a more sophisticated form of slavery.
    Jackie: And you have to have a license to do everything. Alan: Well, everything is a privilege, you
    see, in a democracy.
    Jackie: Well, and the definition of a license, their own definition, is, it gives you the right to
    do something that would otherwise be illegal.
    Alan: Yeah, that’s why it’s a lie on your senses. It’s lie-sense. Jackie: Lie-sense. Yeah. It’s a
    lie on your senses. Wow, yes.
    Alan: Because, yeah, sure. That’s exactly what it is. You pay a fee, you pay money, then you can do

    Jackie: So, it would be illegal to fish, see. I mean, basically that’s what they’re saying. You
    have to get a license to fish. And so they’re giving you permission with this license to do
    something that other, so, they just make every, they make living illegal.

    Alan: Oh sure they do. In fact, it’s no different from the Soviet Union, where you cannot do
    something during the course of your day, if they want to they can get you because you’ll break one
    law or another just walking up the road, you know. And that’s what it’s come down to. Most of the
    laws are on the books in case they ever want to pull you in. Anybody, that is, in. That’s why they
    don’t take laws off the books. No, we’re living in a prison. It’s just that you don’t see the bars
    until you try to walk out of that prison without permission. Then people appear out of nowhere that
    you never saw before with strange badges in plainclothes and you find out, my God, there’s another
    world out there that I knew nothing about.

    Jackie: That’s right. Goethe, was that, that there’s none more hopelessly enslaved then he who
    believes he’s free.

    Alan: Yes. But sure, I mean, how can you be free, when you’re born as an asset, basically, to pay
    off a debt?
    Jackie: And you have to get a certificate of your birth.