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    Alan: It was a form of it, yeah.

    Jackie: Okay, Fat Boy and Little Boy.

    Alan: And Little Boy. Fat Man and Little Boy. Jackie: Fat Man and Little Boy.
    Alan: And of course, in the Batman, you have Batman and Robin, who’s a little boy. Because in the
    ancient philosophers, who helped set this system up, always had their little boy. Anyway, the top
    Guardian class, and then the dominant minority, that would be the ones who were shown to the public
    as being in charge of affairs, the actual workers on a higher level, there you could definitely
    point to the guys like Kissinger, who has always been involved behind the scenes in politics,
    and obviously takes his orders from a higher source, not presidents.

    Jackie: Yeah. Would Rockefellers and them be?

    Alan: Rockefeller too, no doubt about it. They said in the 1700s that they would dominate the world
    by what they called philanthropy, philanthropic methods. Meaning, if they could give the big money
    to create charitable organizations with what would appear to have good social values, then they
    would eventually end up making the social values and the policies, which they have done. All
    policies now have their champions, and the NGOs are all funded by the big philanthropic
    organizations. And the Rockefeller foundation is now in charge also of a couple of other ones. Like
    the Morgan Trust was one of them they took over. Like the Morgan
    Bank. And so they have these charitable trusts, where they can choose which NGOs they will finance.

    Jackie: And they are tax free.

    Alan: And they also, every university, in the States, the US and in Canada, gets funding from these
    philanthropic organizations. And Rockefeller funds every university in Canada. But along with the
    funding comes little requests, not to talk about certain subjects, you see.

    Jackie: We have a call. Shall we take it?
    Alan: Yeah.

    Jackie: Hi, you’re on the air.

    Caller: Hi, yes. Hello. I just have a question for Alan, and then I’ll hang up, so I can hear him.
    I want to know the play of, the position of, I’m sure he may have heard of it, of the place called
    the Bank for International Settlements. There was a woman on I think Joyce Riley and Dave von
    Kleist show and gave a website, I think it’s And she said that was.

    Jackie: That was Joan Veon.

    Caller: Right, right. And she said that every month, all these big banks, the banks that run the
    Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, they all, they have chairmen, the chairman’s appointed by
    directors of the board, that Greenspan is the chairman and the other bank is the Bank of England,
    they all have to report once they actually go there physically. I mean, it could be done

    on the phone or the internet, but they go there physically, once a month, to the Bank of
    International Settlements.

    Jackie: What is your question, Storm?

    Caller: And also, if the Bank of International Settlements has a website, or something, if he
    could, you know, find out.

    Jackie: Okay. What is your question, Storm?

    Caller: Well, what I want to know is, that bank, is that the top bank that runs these other banks.
    And this woman, she was talking about Seth and Lucifer and all that. Is that really true about this
    Lucifer stuff? Because, as far as I know, what Cooper….

    Jackie: Okay, just state your question, honey.

    Caller: Oh, okay. Well, I want to know if he could elaborate on that, on the Bank of International
    Settlements, who runs it. Because I know, you know, the Federal Reserve is run by Rockefeller,

    Jackie: Okay, okay. Thank you. Okay, thanks Storm. Caller: Okay, bye.
    Jackie: Sorry about that, Alan.

    Alan: Yeah. It’s just a sidetrack, that. Jackie: Yeah, it was a sidetrack, wasn’t it?
    Alan: Yeah. To get us off in a whole bunch stuff of stuff they can find on the Internet themselves.
    The International Monetary Fund is the big boy. The rest of it is just the compartments of the
    legal system.

    Jackie: IMF is the big bank, the big one. And isn’t it interesting that the Secretary of the
    Treasury of the US is the governor of the International Monetary Fund.

    Alan: Yeah, well. Everything is connected.

    Jackie: I know, Alan. But, you know what, you know that. But when it can be connected for others.

    Alan: Well, if they’ve been listening to Joyce and Dave, I’m sure they know it all. And Joan Veon
    just happens to get into all these meetings. Maurice Strong, who was the second in command at the
    UN, and in charge of the World Bank, put there by Rockefeller, knows her by first name.

    Jackie: According to her?

    Alan: Yeah. Now, you can’t get near that guy with all his bodyguards, you know, unless you’re
    really in there. And I understand her job is international investments.

    Jackie: Yeah, it’s an international women’s group, is what it’s called.

    Alan: Yeah, of investment companies. And what they do is they go there, and they find out where the
    US is going to plunk more money, which country, and then they tell all their members, you’re
    guaranteed this is going to be a winner, because the US is financing it. This is a con game. It’s a
    con game. So, their job is to go round and make sure you’re terrified by what’s coming. They have
    no answers for you, but they make their living on it. A very good living, by the way. In fact, Veon
    couldn’t survive in the lifestyle she must live, without the World Bank and the UN. International
    investments. That’s all I have to say on that.

    Jackie: Okay, thank you, Alan.

    Alan: So, if we get back to Plato and the Republic.

    Jackie: Okay, yes, and you were explaining, or giving us some examples of the dominant minority.
    And that would include the Rothschilds also.

    Alan: Yeah. Those that are visible to the public in high social managerial positions. Jackie: Okay.
    And today, who would be the Fat Man?

    Alan: The Fat Man is a collector who goes round. They also call him the Grey Man. And the Grey Man
    is the person who goes between the ones who are never seen by the public and brings the policies to
    the presidents, the advisors to presidents. So the Grey Men take that position as well, on a higher

    Jackie: They’re the advisors.

    Alan: On lower levels, on high Masonic organizations, the Fat Man, as they call him, goes round and
    gets all the info.

    Jackie: We have another call here. Hello.

    Caller: No, very quickly. I wanted him to elaborate on Benjamin Creme and this Lord Maitreya
    business. Who is the Maitreya? Is he real? Or is this something fake? A representation, or what? If
    he could just elaborate on that. He was on the George Noory Show and…

    Jackie: Well….

    Caller: I know. But what’s funny is, when they give themselves away. George Noory played Van
    Halen’s Running with the Devil, before he put him on. And I said, what the hell is this?

    Jackie: Okay. Thanks, Storm. Caller: Okay.
    Alan: These are just distractions we’re getting here. Jackie: Yeah, do you want to….

    Alan: Benjamin Creme’s name tells you all you have to know if you understand Freemasonry. Jackie:
    Well, tell us.

    Alan: Ben is son of, in Hebrew. Jackie: Son of.

    Alan: And jamin is from James, I am. If you take the y and put the I there from the Latin to the
    Aramaic. I am the son of crem. Crem is fire. I am the son of fire. It’s Masonic. That’s all you
    have to know.

    Jackie: Son of fire. Well, what does that connote?

    Alan: It tells you that it’s another Masonic sideshow.

    Jackie: Oh, okay. The Maitreya, is that the same thing?

    Alan: Everyone who has seen the light, or broken through into the real world, is called,traditionally, everyone, a Maitreya. So, you can call yourself one, if you want.

    Jackie: Oh, okay. Thanks. (Laughter)

    Alan: Yeah. That’s Hindu philosophy. And anyone who has broken through is a Maitreya.

    Jackie: Okay. I’d like to go back. This is for our listeners. Of course, this whole conversation is
    for our listeners. But when we were talking about the economic units, the herd, the cattle.

    Alan: And Plato, by the way, I should say this, when we’re on that word, unit. He said that the
    Guardian class, the helpers, the military group that would interbreed with male and female
    warriors, in the final days of this system, which we have today, and all the ones beneath that were
    raw material. All the common people were raw material, and they were called not people, but its.
    And Unit is the French, Un is one. That’s what it means in French. The UN means one. So you have
    one it. So, you are a one it, a unit. That’s from Plato, right up to
    today. Hasn’t changed. It’s all coding.

    Jackie: I wanted any of our newer listeners, in case that you have any doubts about this portion of
    our conversation, there is an article by Cindy Weatherly, Are Your Children Human Capital? and
    underneath that article is an executive order that was signed by Bill Clinton, and it basically was
    a commission that was to study capital, and it includes in the executive order, that they will
    study all kinds of capital and including human capital. And then they were supposed to report, and
    part of the report was on the depreciation of capital. Alan, how do you depreciate human capital?

    Alan: If you depreciate them then you simply either breed more, so their value is less,
    really. Many hands make light work, as they say in China. Or you can go the other way, and you can
    start the culling of them.

    Jackie: That’s what I was thinking. The depreciation of capital.

    Alan: Of course the men in the West are becoming sterile with every yearly UN report on male sperm
    count. Last year, the sperm count was down 75% in the average Western male, aged 25, compared to
    1950 levels. So, he’s almost sterile. He’s only got 25% of live sperm, as opposed to his father or

    Jackie: You know where I was with that? When people are no longer “on the tax rolls” they’re
    considered useless eaters.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: And I was thinking about that as the “depreciation of human capital.” That when you become
    a useless eater, you need to be sent elsewhere. But yet on the other hand, what you’re saying is
    the depreciation of human capital could be the reduction of the numbers.

    Alan: Absolutely.

    Jackie: Oh, Alan. I got. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Wow.

    Alan: Yeah. And I should tell them too, maybe, about the three books I’ve got. Jackie: I think you
    Alan: Because I go through Freemasonry from ancient times, long before the guilds, all the nonsense
    they tell you, oh, they began in the Middle Ages with the guilds. No, they were on the go thousands
    of years ago, much higher orders of course. The guys in the Blue Lodge are at the bottom of the
    heap. They don’t know there’s anything above them. I go through the
    history. The monetary history as well. The history of commerce from thousands of years ago. The
    introduction of money. How the money boys took over the ancient countries one by one, by forming
    standing armies, which they then sent off to invade other countries. And, so I show you that
    nothing has changed. And today, the US and Canada and Britain, are simply finishing off the task of
    bringing the Muslim countries, who don’t allow usury, they’re bringing them into this system called
    democracy, with a centralized bank, a debt system, and a bunch front people we call politicians,
    who were chosen by the elite above them. [See ordering information on transcript.] And I sent a
    stack out just this morning. So, they’ll be getting them soon. So, I’ll have to get another bunch
    printed up, if I can.

    Jackie: Okay, good. So, people who have ordered whatever books they’ve ordered, they’re in the

    Alan: They’re on their way.

    Jackie: That’s great. You, Alan, you were mentioning in your books, you know, about the democracy.
    And I’ve been, oh, my goodness. I’ve been in JINSA’s website. That’s the Jewish Institute of
    National Security Affairs. And they had a press release welcoming John Bolton as the, they call it
    now, the permanent, this is the way they said it, anyway, the permanent representative of the US to
    the United Nations. And I recall, and the reason I recall it, is because I bolded it, when I pasted
    it in, that he was bringing the understanding that democracy is a higher form of government. Now,
    what does that mean, Alan?

    Alan: Well, it does mean, it’s more governed from on high, meaning the people who really run the
    show anyway.

    Jackie: Democracy.

    Alan: I mean, people in Britain have known for centuries that democracy is simply the facade for
    the public. And they call it the establishment, are the ones who really rule the country. And no
    one bucks the establishment. And these are the ones, the old aristocracies, that have always run
    the country. Politics and democracy are simply a pantomime for the public, to believe in and get
    involved in. But it’s a pantomime none the less.

    Jackie: Well, basically, they say that democracy is mob rule. Alan: But it’s not.
    Jackie: Yeah, exactly. It’s elite rule, isn’t it?

    Alan: It’s elite rule, and they simply use the majority. They use the majority to bring in new
    forms of whatever. They’ll say, “well, what’s your problem. Everyone else has accepted this.”

    Jackie: That’s right. Alan: That’s the idea.
    Jackie: They get the majority to go along with them.

    Alan: Because they know that 87% of the public in all ages, in all countries, will always go along
    with any agenda they’re told to go along with.

    Jackie: 87%.

    Alan: And therefore, for the ones who hold out, they’ll say, “well, what’s wrong with
    you. Everyone else have accepted their ID card, you know.” That’s how it works. That’s why they
    love the term, democracy. But it’s certainly not mob rule, because the mob truly have no real say
    in anything.

    Jackie: Well, no they don’t. But they think they do. That’s the whole point. Alan: That’s right.
    Jackie: That’s what’s so slick about this plan, Alan. It appears that the people, it’s the people
    who want this, and really, the people, the majority of the people, have been so mind controlled,
    that they want whatever they’re told they want. That’s it. They say whatever they’re told to think.

    Alan: Exactly.

    Jackie: And they say, this is what I think.

    Alan: Well, Brzezinski said in the ’70s in one of his books. And he should know, since his
    speciality was mind control on a mass scale, with psychotronic warfare. He said, shortly the public
    will be unable to come to a conclusion by themselves. They’ll simply come to the conclusion they’re
    given by the media on the previous night’s news. And that will be their topics

    of conversation at work the next day. So, they understand all of this, you know. And strangely
    enough, even Madame Blavatsky knew this was coming. Because she announced a way of manipulating the
    minds of everyone was available in the 1800s. And she was afraid this would be used for all the
    wrong purposes by a few of the elite.

    Jackie: Well, what do you mean she was afraid that it would be misused?

    Alan: Well, Blavatsky herself was a stooge. You see, all people who come out as a front are often,
    not that she was well meaning, but many of them are well meaning stooges, who have been told part
    of the plan, but not the whole thing. And they’ve been told there would be a utopia, etc. But she
    did know that there was talk in her day of using this technology on the minds of the public.
    Alexander Graham Bell’s father was using forms of mind impulse, or vibrational impulse to get into
    the heads of the deaf people by bursting, very controlled bursts of sound waves, which would hit
    the skulls of people, and they could maybe hear the
    messages. You’d hear it inside your head. That technology from the 1800s is way, way so advanced
    now today.

    Jackie: Oh, my God.

    Alan: And the CIA admit they were using this stuff, back as early as the 1950s.

    Jackie: Okay, I want to get back to Blavatsky. Are you saying that she saw this, she saw the
    potential and thought it could be good?

    Alan: She saw it, but she also had, I guess, a little bit of warning that maybe the plan that she’d
    been told about wasn’t the whole plan, and that there was more to all of this. She had to have,
    because the doors were opened up for her wherever she went, but she didn’t know the whole plan, I’m
    sure. She was more of an actress than anything else, you know, who was playing a role.

    Jackie: We’ll take a call. You’re on the air.

    Caller: Yeah, I was going to say, if anybody is interested, you can get H.P. Blavatsky’s book from And also, there’s another author too. Have you ever head of, well, I’m sure you’ve
    heard of him, Manley P. Hall, The Theosophical Research Society. But Lucifer Magazine, it’s
    surprising. I didn’t think that Kessinger still published those old magazines.

    Jackie: Oh, My God. You know, I’ve always wanted to see those.

    Caller: Oh, they do. That’s what I don’t understand, it’s so crazy about this. If Alan is listening
    to me, he may answer. I don’t understand. Why do they have all the stuff so open?

    Jackie: It isn’t open.

    Caller: You know what, I don’t care.

    Jackie: Kessingers is not open. Thanks, Storm.

    Caller: Oh, yes it is. Anybody can get it. You don’t have to be a Mason or belong to secret lodges
    or anything to order it.

    Alan: The reason it’s given to the public is that they want a lot of public support. A lot of
    people read this stuff, and it’s formulated in a way that there’s a lot of things you can agree
    about, what they’re saying.

    Jackie: There are. Yes, Alan.

    Alan: You just simply don’t, you miss the fact though that there’s little twists in it. And before
    you know it, they’ve got you where they want you. Your mind has followed their story, into their
    conclusion. And that’s how simple it works.

    Jackie: And even if it isn’t their plan, that they’re talking about it, like it’s benevolent, and
    it could be, but it isn’t.

    Alan: It’s not, no. They will never ever give the…

    Jackie: Oh, thank you, oh man. You have just, you know what, that, that’s the razor’s edge, Alan.

    Alan: It is. And also, don’t forget….

    Jackie: Wait a minute. We’re out of time. Well, I’m not going to say that. We’re out of our hour.
    Will you come back tomorrow night?

    Alan: Sure, I will.

    Jackie: I want to pick this up right here. Okay, oh, thanks. Folks, we’ll be back with you tomorrow
    night with Alan Watt, and thanks for being here. I’m glad you are. And God Bless you folks

    Jackie: Well, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
    Liberty. It is Wednesday. It is the last day of our broadcast week. It is the 10th of August, in
    the year 2005. And Alan is with us, Alan Watt is with us again this evening folks. And if you
    were not listening last night, there is a possibility that Alan is not going to be able to continue
    his work, unless there’s some help coming forth, and maybe Alan, we could mention it just briefly
    for our listeners who weren’t tuned in last night. But I, folks, I think it behooves all of us, to
    extremely appreciate and listen, and to what has been offered, what has been presented. Alan Watt,
    I said this a long, long time ago, he brought us out of the Dark Ages, and into the beginning,
    coming into the light, if you would, of the truth. And I would really regret if we wouldn’t be able
    to have him on, or if you, those of you, many of you I know, who’ve had conversations with Alan
    wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him.

    [Technical difficulties at radio station]

    Jackie: Well, what I wanted to talk, remember last night, when I said there was a subject I’d like
    us to address, you to address. What I, and I know that we touched on it. (Phone rings) Yes.

    Caller: Hello, Jackie. Yeah, this is Jim again. You’re on.

    Jackie: Thanks very much, Jim. Bye. Alright, we’re on the air now, for our shortwave listeners.
    Folks, I’m sorry for that mix-up. No, I’m sure WWCR is sorry, because it wasn’t us. But Alan, what
    I would like you to address tonight is the Israel identity, Christian
    identity. And I know that you’ve said, well, it’s all part of the thing, and all that. But there
    are a lot of people I don’t think who understand what that entails, where did it come from, and all
    of that. Would you be willing to kind of expand on that?

    Alan: I don’t really like talking about it. I’ll tell you why. Jackie: Why?
    Alan: We’ve done it before. Jackie: But not to any length.
    Alan: And also, it’s like going back to kindergarten. And if people can’t understand the basics of
    what’s happening in their lives at this precise moment, they don’t stand much of a chance of

    what’s rushing down upon them. It’s almost like trying to start right back at scratch, square one,
    to bring them up to date, and there’s no time. All we need to know is that Christian identity has
    royal approval. It’s chartered by the British royalty. It’s part of the British Empire movement to
    convince the public that Britain, or London, put it this way. See, we get confused with terms of
    nations. These aren’t nations. These are capital cities with elites living in them. And so, London,
    really, about 200 families in London run the British Empire. And, of course, they use every
    psychological means to do so. And there’s nothing better than appealing to people’s ego, telling
    them they’re superior or special, and using religion to back it up. That’s an ancient technique
    that’s been used for thousands and thousands of years in all empires, and all the British Israel
    movement is another one towards that global agenda. And the idiots that follow it I have no time
    for, to be honest with you. I think they’re petty little elitists. Even the poor
    ones. There’s nothing worse than looking at someone who’s poor, but believing they’re superior
    because God told them so. And looking down their noses at other people. It’s a snobbish thing. It
    has snob appeal. And it also, as I say, furthers the whole movement of globalism, which
    will not end up with a utopia for the people. It’s going to be hell for the people, but a utopia
    for a small group of elitists who’ve used them all. And it’s chartered, as I say, all of these
    movements that are interlinked, even, I might even say the latter one, who was just on the show, in
    your time space. It’s all part of the same thing, whether they try to deny it or
    not. They’re all part of the same grouping, of elitists, you know. And that God has made them
    superior, and it’s their right to rule the world, us against you. But it has royal charter
    approval, and that tells you all you really need to know.

    Jackie: You’re saying that British Israelism has royal charter approval.

    Alan: It’s registered, it’s chartered by the British royalty, like the banks are chartered in
    Britain by the royalty.

    Jackie: And this is where the whole Israel or Christian Identity movement came from?

    Alan: Yeah. I mean, it started off with a nutcase, back in the 1800s, who was eventually locked up
    by the royalty as being insane, because, well, he thought, since we’re all the children of Israel,
    then I’ve traced my lineage back to David, so I’ve got more right to sit on that throne than you
    do. So, Queen Victoria had him locked up in an insane asylum, but then her advisors thought, “you
    know, this is a good idea. If we can con the people of the Commonwealth to believe that they are
    the real people of Israel, then they’ll go forward with our agenda for globalism, and say that it’s
    God’s work.” And that’s been used ever since. And of course, they use racism, they use everything
    to justify it. And they have the white Anglo-Saxons at the top, and Germanics. And then they have a
    category, a sliding category, right down to the dark- skinned people. And you’re graded like eggs,
    you know. Grade A, B, C or D. And if you’re a D or C, then tough luck, because you’re not supposed
    to hang around in the near future. So, this is the whole nonsense with this movement. It’s a
    snobbish, elitist-run, political agenda, using religion for the idiots that actually follow it. But
    then, followers are always pretty well idiots, and they’re always used. And it’s going to simply
    end up with globalism. And at the end, they better pray to their deity for help, being so special,
    because I don’t think they’re going to get much, when it all comes down, unless they belong to the
    inner circles of the elite, which very few of them do.

    Jackie: I guess I always have that hope in my heart, that there will be people that will hear and
    suddenly see, you know, the idiocy of it, because it is idiocy. It’s beyond my

    comprehension. And I just always think, maybe there’s somebody out there or some out there who
    suddenly will get it, Alan.

    Alan: Well, I’ll tell you, as I say, we’re all going round in this big whirlpool right now. And
    there are thousands of organizations and religions all fighting each other, all fighting petty
    differences, each one given to the people, each one of those religions given to the people, like
    tailor-made suits, and they bought them. And they’re all fighting each other, as they go round and
    round and round in this whirlpool, and they can’t even see, as they fight each other, the big drain
    hole at the bottom that they’re all getting sucked into. And that’s all intentional. When you
    create chaos, or an age of chaos, you use every group that you have created to fight each other and
    keep the confusion going. And that’s where they all are right now. They’re going down that big sink
    hole, because every day there are laws added upon laws, and Joe Public is too busy with his petty
    little hobby or his favorite topic, which is generally himself or his religion, to see what’s
    really happening. And to deprogram people who’ve chosen this is too strenuous a task, and there’s
    no time left. It took centuries and centuries to build up this technique of deprogramming people,
    and right now, we’re at a stage where we don’t have the time to go after individuals and do it for
    them. We’re running out of time, very fast. You know, I was watching traffic today, as tourists
    were just going north, and I thought, you know, not one single one of these vehicles will have an
    occupant who’s even aware, or is even thinking that this lifestyle will end
    eventually. They truly believe that this is going to go on forever. Jackie: And they’re going to be
    able to afford the gas to take their trips. Alan: Even as they’re scraping to do so now, yeah.
    That’s right.
    Jackie: Yeah, and you said Rumsfeld had made the statement, maybe we didn’t hear it here. I’ve not
    seen it or heard it, but that, here in the States, that they’re going to be actually doubling the
    present cost of gas.

    Alan: Yes, and that was the same speech that he said that they might use tactical nuclear weapons
    on Iran.

    Jackie: They’re real crazies, aren’t they?

    Alan: No, they’re not crazy. They planned this a long, long, probably before I was born. Jackie:
    You don’t think that’s crazy, Alan?
    Alan: Yeah, it’s crazy with an intellect. So, sure. They know what they’re doing, because they plan
    it so far ahead. And I have no doubt something will happen this October, because that’s when Mars
    will be the closest it’s been for thousands of years.

    Jackie: Oh, the warring planet.

    Alan: And of course, the Red October was the revolution for Bolshevism. And red is their color, by
    the way. That’s why the British army had the red headband round the officers’
    hats. Wherever you see the color red, that’s their color.

    Jackie: They had red coats too, didn’t they?

    Alan: Yeah, but nowadays they still have the red band around their hats. And so, by the way, do the
    Chinese officers, you’ll notice. Because the capitalists in London created the communists. That’s
    why. That’s why you had Red Square. Gene Roddenberry is the red berry, you know, of the Star Trek

    Jackie: Roddenberry. Rodden, Red.

    Alan: Their color is red, and it’s been red for thousands of years. The mystery religion. That’s
    their color. And they run all religions. That’s why the symbols, all of the symbols that the
    British Israel Movement used were all taken from the mystery religion. And the idiots that follow
    it, don’t even know that. Even their logo, which is the Templar type cross, which means the sun,
    the S-U-N, is superimposed over the Saint Andrew’s cross, which is the X, and of course, that’s the
    illumined man. That’s the symbol of the illumined man. They don’t even know that. They’re very
    ignorant people. They only know what they’ve been told. And it doesn’t occur to them to investigate
    it themselves.

    Jackie: Oh, you know what. Some of these people have, of course somebody probably taught them, but
    I read a thing the other day. In fact, I put it in a file, because it was amazing how this
    individual went through the “scriptures” and of course, they never talk about some of those
    statements that don’t make any sense at all, that the special and chosen people are going to loan
    to nations and borrow from none.

    Alan: Well, the main thing that the British Israel are always quoting is that the promise given to
    Abraham and so on was that his seed would be as, you know, the stars of the sky, and the sands and
    so on. And of course, they say, “well, it can’t be the Jews, because there’s not enough of
    them, so therefore the British Empire was the biggest one in the world. So, it must be us.” That’s
    the con game that they go with. That’s what they play by.

    Jackie: Oh, they go through a lot more than that.

    Alan: But that’s what they play at. That’s how they keep trying to justify this pathetic movement.
    And by the way, the British Israel movement is the World Federalists Association. It’s one in the
    same thing. They’re both chartered under the two names. It’s the
    same organization. They used to call themselves the world parliamentarians. And now it’s the World
    Federalist Association. And they get massive funding from all the foundations and Rockefellers and
    so on, to make everybody, all these gofers, work towards globalism. And these gofers think it’s
    going to be a Utopia for them because they’re God’s chosen people, all these British people,
    extract, or Germanic and all this stuff, and they’re all slated for extinction, once their job is
    over. That’s the traditional way of things. Those that run this system are cost effective. They
    don’t believe in useless eaters. So, once the job is over, there will be no North America, as you
    know it, or Britain. Britain has already changed so much so that you wouldn’t know what country it
    was. You might think it was from India.

    Jackie: In other words, and we were talking about that earlier, or in another conversation, that
    for the time being, although Canada and the US and Mexico have been merged, they’re still playing
    the game with passports and stuff like that at the borders.

    Alan: Yes, but you see, the idea of that is to bring in the universal identity card. They’re
    already advertising on radio and television that you can get a quick pass, a quick pass, a
    pre-screened pass through your border with this new ID card that you apply for.

    Jackie: Oh, my, you’re kidding. Alan; No.
    Jackie: And it’s the same one that England is putting out now. Alan: Same company that
    manufacturers them. It’s the same card. Jackie: And it’s the same card that will be the Real ID.
    Alan: And your bank card.

    Jackie: They call it here in the US; and do they have a name? Are they using it in Canada now too?

    Alan: They’re going to start issuing it with the next licenses I think, this coming year. So, as
    you get your license renewed, your driving license, you’ll get the card instead. But you’ll have to
    go in and get fingerprinted and eye-scanned.

    Jackie: Well, I’ll tell you what. I read the bill myself, and what they have done is they said,
    they laid it out, you know, what requirements are going to be, the identification requirements in
    order to get this ID card. But it also says that the Secretary of Homeland Security can add any
    other requirements that he feels are necessary.

    Alan: Yeah. It’s wide open.

    Jackie: So, it’s a Czar. It’s a Totalitarian. Yeah, and I wanted our listeners to think about this.
    I know that I did say it earlier when we talked about this, Alan. But it isn’t just, you know one
    of the things that it said in the bill, is that the States are not mandated, you know, to implement
    it. However, any state that doesn’t, nobody in that state will be able to board a commercial

    Alan: That’s right. The same in Canada, that was announced.

    Jackie: That’s right. Well that’s because the federal government has control over the air

    Alan: The powers of the air.

    Jackie: But what I want, with the first thing that came to my mind are the federal highways,
    because the States have been very, very busy turning their highways over to the federal government.
    And I talked to a rep in Illinois about this, and he said, well, it’s because that way, they have
    to maintain them. And I said, yeah, but they take all the taxes out of the states to

    “maintain them”. And he admitted that they use the road taxes to blackmail the states into passing
    particular bills. But the point is, there are federal highways. The main thoroughfares where people
    do their traveling are federal highways today. And if you don’t, and this, they call the Real ID,
    Federal Identification. And it has to meet federal specs. And, so therefore, my thought is, if
    you’re on one of those federal highways when this thing has been fully implemented, and you don’t
    have a Real ID, you’re gone.

    Alan: Yeah, or if your vehicle is not up to what they call federal standards, which are
    international standards.

    Jackie: It will no longer be the state that makes those, well, they don’t much anyway, they’re all,
    but, I mean, at least at the present time, it’s, how do you call it, if a state decided, like
    Alabama. It’s been some time, but when the EPA mandated the MTBE to go in the gas, Alabama state
    legislature just passed a bill and said, no, we’re not going to do it, and they didn’t. But see,
    the other states go along. Same thing in Arizona, when they said that ozone is no longer
    usable. And for our listeners who may not know this, Dupont was the company that produced ozone,
    and about three years before their 25-year patent ran out, that’s when they began to talk about
    global warming, folks. And the hole in the ozone layer. And that we’ve got to quit using this
    Freon, because Freon was doing it. Well, it was Dupont that patented the new coolant, which,
    there’s reports on it, Alan, that it just tears heck out of the equipment. And it’s nowhere near as

    Alan: It is effective. It’s so much effective that it keeps breaking down. And they’re guaranteed
    after-sales parts. That’s where the big profits are.

    Jackie: Yeah, exactly. And much more expensive. But, Arizona, and I’ve got the bill, actual bill,
    the state of Arizona, or Arizona state passed a law and said that we find that there is no harm
    from ozone from all of the, there is no hole in the ozone layer, etc, etc. And so, in Arizona, we
    will manufacture and we will sell and we will use ozone. Now, I don’t know if they’ve retracted it
    since then, but it was a bill, and I actually saw the bill signed. I mean, I got an actual
    photocopy of the original bill. So, what I’m saying, long story short, is that there were certain
    states that did certain things at certain times, and they got away with it, because they could.
    But, with this real ID thing, they really got slick with it, didn’t they?

    Alan: Well, all must become one.

    Jackie: They didn’t have to, the states aren’t mandated to use it. They don’t have to. We can’t
    mandate to the states.

    Alan: Yeah, so all they do is the big companies say that it’s impossible to make a special
    different gasoline for you, so, if we do, it’s going to cost you twice as much, and they cave in
    and they go along with it. You can’t fight, you can’t fight the corporations. This is the system.
    It’s like Carroll Quigley said. The corporations will be the new feudal overlords, and
    that’s what they are, you know. They’re dictating our public policies to the people. And they’re
    doing it via governments, which they already own, and in fact, most of the politicians have worked
    for these corporations, and then, when they leave politics, they go back into those corporations.
    So, yeah, this is the ping-pong. They used to call it fascism at one time, but that’s gone out of
    vogue. But it’s the same thing, you know. They dictate their policies to us, yeah.

    Jackie: Well, like Rumsfeld was on the board of the Searle company that manufactured Aspartame.

    Alan: That’s right. That was me that first came out with that.

    Jackie: Well, they tried forever to get it through, and they knew it just wasn’t passing, it wasn’t
    being approved, because how dangerous, and it’s a killer.

    Alan: And he’s a director on the board of Searle. And he’s the guy also, Searle is just a part of
    the company of Monsanto. And they are the ones, a company which is a drug manufacturer which
    specializes in psychotropic drugs for psychiatric illness, is hand-in-glove with your main food
    producer, that should ring alarms in everybody. It really should. And if it doesn’t, well, I’m
    sorry for those people.

    Jackie: Monsanto. Searle? Alan: Searle is part of Monsanto.
    Jackie: Okay. And folks, in case you wanted to do some research… (Commercial Break)
    Jackie: Alright, we’re back with you folks, with Alan Watt. The volume was turned down a little
    bit, and I did not hear the warning, so we were talking into the commercial. And what I was saying,
    in case any of you want to do some research on this, Alan had told me about the company Searle, and
    I read it, and saw it, regarding aspartame, and wasn’t pronouncing correctly, so I wasn’t
    connecting the dots. But that company is spelled Searle. And as Alan just told us, it is part of
    the Monsanto Company. And Searle is a pharmaceutical, Alan. Well, how did a pharmaceutical produce

    Alan: Well, aspartame is a chemical. And they’re all offshoots of the chemical industry, the
    pharmaceutical industry, in fact, the whole pharmaceutical industry is an offshoot of the chemical
    companies. So, sure, what they can’t use as drugs they’ll call something else and try and
    sell it for any other purpose, as they do with the aluminum oxide that they put in as fluoride,
    you know. That was aluminum waste. So they found a purpose for it through ALCAN, the Bronfmans in
    Canada, when they owned it. And that started the ball rolling for nice strong healthy teeth, you
    know. So, sure, aspartame was basically some byproduct of some experiments within Searle company.
    And, as I say, this company specializes in pharmaceutical drugs which deal with psychiatric
    problems. And aspartame is a very good, in fact, it’s very similar to cocaine in a sense. It makes
    the people hyper. And it can also cause seizures in a lot of people. So, once they come off this,
    you’ll find that the hyperness goes away and so do the seizures. It’s a very potent drug.

    Jackie: Oh, it causes cancer tumors, brain tumors, and all kinds of things. It’s totally

    Alan: But Rumsfeld, he’s always been a main salesman for the big chemical companies. In fact, the
    CBC television after 9/11 showed when the US was selling the various chemical weaponry to Iraq,
    back in the 70s, it was Mr. Rumsfeld they showed you shaking hands with Saddam

    Hussein. He was over there to sell them all these weapons. And when he’s not selling lethal weapons
    openly, he’s flogging other weaponry through your food or your drink. This is what you have at the
    top of your government. We have tyrants at the moment.

    Jackie: What is your prime minister’s name? Alan: Oh, at the moment, it’s Mr. Martin.
    Jackie: I knew, I remembered the Paul. I couldn’t remember his last name.

    Alan: And his father owned the main Canadian, they still call it the steamship company, that does
    international cargo trading. So they made their money off governmental projects where the taxpayers
    paid for cargoes of grain or food or whatever to other countries. All the boys at the top are
    interlinked through the same very, very high Masonic organizations, way above, way above your 33

    Jackie: You know, Alan, I know, because we could just keep repeating and repeating and repeating,
    and it’s coming to the point where people hear it, and if they don’t do their own research, if they
    don’t believe it, and they don’t do their own research so they can see that it’s so, then it is too
    late. And this is way off topic, and maybe it isn’t. I was talking to Amber today, and she was
    telling me that she made character council. This is a twelve-year-old girl, okay. I said, well,
    what is character council? Well, we teach character. I said, are you telling me that they have
    twelve-year-old children teaching character? I said, at twelve years old you’re building your
    character. Don’t you think that’s a pretty big responsibility, honey? That you’re going to
    be teaching other people character and what does it mean? And then she said, well, we
    just get together and we plan dances and stuff. And I said, well, like student council? Yeah, it
    used to be student council, and now it’s character council. So, I looked it up on the
    internet. It’s a damn international not-for-profit organization. International, and they named all
    the states that are character states. They named the cities within the states, the counties within
    the states, and they named the countries that are, that are….

    Alan: Promoting it.

    Jackie: Promoting it, Alan. Now, folks, let me say this. If you have children in school, by hook or
    by crook, any way that you can, if you, it sounds stupid to say if you love your child, but isn’t
    that part of what loving is, or the main thing when a child is a child, Alan, is protecting those

    Alan: It’s supposed to be, yeah.

    Jackie: And they have to be taken out of the schools, because, you’ll lose them, unless it doesn’t
    matter to you. You will lose them. They will lose their minds, because their minds are being
    stolen. And I just wanted to say this about that.

    Alan: Well, see, you’re not going to stop this, because this all part of a….

    Jackie: I didn’t say stopping it. I’m talking about people who are listening to this broadcast
    right now, Alan.

    Alan: Yeah, but what I’m trying to say, Jackie, is that people have been saying the same thing for
    a hundred years. Because when Bertrand Russell brought his first book out on this very subject, he
    was part of the experimenters for these schools. And he brought it out in 1905. Of course, the
    media went into action. There were still some people who had a voice in those days, and they said
    the same thing, that this was an attempt, it was more than an attempt, it was a plan.
    And Bertrand Russell said it, he said, if we can get the children for even four hours a day, he
    said, away from their parents in kindergarten, he said, we can indoctrinate them with the new
    values for the world. And he said the parental input will be of no effect, because we are using
    scientific, socialistic, indoctrination techniques. So this was known for a hundred
    years. And people have been bashing at this for a hundred years. And then, at the same time, you
    know yourself that most people are so dependent on this only system that they’ve been given –
    there’s no alternative to it – that they either can’t afford private schooling, or they’re run off
    their feet trying just to pay their home and their car and all the rest of it. So they’re trapped
    within the system. And the law says you must send your child to school, one way or another.

    Jackie: No, the law does not say that.

    Alan: Well, teach them, regardless. But the fact is, you know that they’ve made it almost
    impossible for the average person to teach themselves, teach the children themselves. So, you’re up
    against a monster that goes over the future like generals over a battle plan. And they look at all
    the possible conflicts, the repercussions, and they literally plug every hole. And that’s where we
    are with this.

    Jackie: No child left behind.

    Alan: In the Communist system, in the Soviet system, the whole Soviet Bolshevik system was planned
    at least a hundred years before they took over, because they knew exactly how to set up the system
    they had in mind. There was no debating about it. They went into action immediately. And they had
    children in the Young Communist movement doing exactly the same thing, and that was going around
    the schools and so on, twelve year olds, ones who were specially hand-picked, and it was just
    political correctness. It was the new agenda of the
    day. And they were basically parroting what they’d been told. They had little gold stars or red
    stars for saying the right things, and of course, that was being promoted. You can call it whatever
    you want, it’s the same program. It’s the same program, under a thousand
    names. So, you’re under attack from a thousand directions right now. And your eyes cannot be
    everywhere at once. And that’s what I’m saying. That’s where we are right now, in the whirlpool.
    And you can’t even keep up with what’s happening.

    Jackie: I know.

    Alan: So, the international system has been established, you know. It’s actually been here for a
    long time. And they simply kept the borders there and the pretense of nations, so they could keep
    taxing you. That’s basically it. And the US is simply finishing off the last vestige of a different
    type of system in the Middle East. And once that’s done, well the British Israel and the Identity
    movements and all the other gofers will have no jobs to do. They’ll be equal down to the peasant of
    China. That’s where they’ll be.

    Jackie: Oh, the peasants of China are doing well today.

    Alan: Yeah, because now the new catchphrase they’re using on the media is that gee, we must
    compete with China. Well, that’s a race to the bottom. And that’s what’s being promoted right now.
    And anybody with any part of gray matter left in their brains that still has a spark in it, must
    know that if we try and compete with labor in China, our standard of living is obviously going to
    plummet. And that’s exactly what is planned. That’s exactly what is planned.

    Jackie: China, I read about a magnificent, whatever we would call it, where the elite go to
    vacation now. And when I read that, it gave me chills, because you can see how China is being
    promoted to be, what? I just guess the destroyer?

    Alan: Well, they have to, according to the 1937 minutes of the meetings they held in Melbourne,
    Australia, for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, and I have their books.
    They said, in 1937, China would be the sole manufacturer of all goods for the
    planet. And when they said that, China was a third world nation. That’s how far back they had this
    planned for China. They even talked about the coming war with Germany, and that they must save the
    Soviet system by all costs. They didn’t explain why. Escott Reid from Toronto, who helped draw up
    the charter for the UN with Alger Hiss, the Communist, so this Canadian, Escott Reid, put his own
    memoirs out. And I have the book from 1937, where his kin even said, we are here to discuss a
    global system, a World Government. This was all discussed in 1937, in Melbourne, Australia. And I
    have a list of all the politicians from America, from the US, from Canada, from all over the world
    who attended it, because their names are all in the back of the book. We are simply living through
    a script written long, long ago. And in that same book, in the 1937 one, they even had the
    immigration quotas from China, right up until the year 2000 and just after, that they would need to
    be the middlemen for the trade goods, for smoothing out the trade difficulties between China and
    North America. They had the quotas of immigrants they would need, for the West Coast of Canada,
    like Vancouver. So, that’s how detailed they make their plans. And when you find this stuff,
    and you go through, and you check up what they’ve done, they tally exactly. They know exactly
    where. The world is just one big business program. That’s all it is. It’s a business agenda, and we
    are the business. The business means buzz. We are the bees, you know. And of course, that’s what
    we’re here for.

    Jackie: We are the economic units.

    Alan: Yeah. We’re living a script, a business plan, and we’re going through it. And, as we go
    through the Age of Chaos, which they said they’d bring on, there’s no better way than to bring all
    of this, this whole brand new way of living that will emerge out of the other side. That’s what
    they keep telling us. A completely different way of living, as they bring us into the vortex, and
    to bring us through it, or the ones who will come through it, they have everybody fighting
    everybody else on petty nonsense from a previous age. This has been done before. And they’re doing
    exactly the same thing again. The intellects way above the politicians are way beyond people that
    you’ve met in your daily life. These are real intellects here. We can’t dismiss that. These are not
    politicians above the ones that we generally see. These are the rulers. And these people have minds
    almost like computers. And they have no compassion, whatsoever. And I mean no compassion on an
    individual or even a national or even a global scale. They will do whatever it takes, as they keep
    telling us, the end justifies the means. In other words, if they need part of this agenda rushed
    through, they’ll do whatever it takes to n Towers was nothing to them. These are the same characters that
    brought on Pearl Harbor and World War II.