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    Jackie: Well, you know what. It might seem like a joke to you. I find it, Alan, I mean, it’s a joke
    on us. And I don’t think it’s a joke to you. I think it’s much more serious than that. Because, I
    find it so, I don’t know, just so deep, sad, that it’s so easy to mold people’s minds.

    Alan: It always has been, and if they leave us unchanged, unmodified, it always will be. Like
    Gorbachev, when he said, he said that the world has always been ruled by religion to keep the
    people obeying the governments. And he said We, and he’s an atheist, in the same book he admitted

    Jackie: Gorbachev?

    Alan: Yeah, Mikhail Gorbachev. Towards a New Civilization was his book. And in it, he says, we are
    now creating the new world religion, which will be based on Earth Worship. So, here’s a guy who
    tells you he’s an atheist, who’s in the business now of helping to create a world religion, to keep
    the public in check. So they understand this.

    Jackie: He has offices in the Presidio in California.

    Alan: Yes. And he had that, if you check into the official license to operate, Mikhail Gorbachev
    was granted the license in the US, before he left Russia, and while he was still President of the
    Soviet Union. So, there you go, everything is a farce, as it’s presented to the public. So, here he
    is, who was the head of the KGB, and the President of the Soviet Union, who was granted by the US
    government a license to reside in the US and operate this global governance little
    depot. And they granted it to him while he was still the President of Russia. Jackie: And he came
    over here, and people cheered him.
    Alan: Well, actually, it was the greatest PR move ever done. Maggie Thatcher was the first one to
    bring him over to Britain, Gorbachev and his wife. And the press, years later, the press admitted
    that they had all agreed, your free press now, that’s there to inform you, all agreed not to ask
    any pertinent questions concerning Communism or the true state of the Soviets, but only to ask
    about his wife’s lipstick, her hairdo, what kind of hair salons they had in Russia, and where
    Mikhail Gorbachev had his nice light flashy looking suit, you know. So that was a PR stunt. And
    then, when they brought him over to the US, they did, after the same kind of publicity stunt,
    because the press in the US did exactly the same, they kept to their lines, they didn’t ask any
    nasty questions. And they did a poll survey, and they found that over 75% of the people in Britain
    and the US wouldn’t mind if Gorbachev was their president one day.

    Jackie: Oh my God. Alan: That’s in the books.
    Jackie: You know what, we’re almost out of our hour. And we’re, of course, out of our week, here.
    One of the things that we’ve discussed, and I would like you to take a few minutes to talk about
    it. On Sweet Liberty we don’t talk about the, oh, what Senator did this, and what, all of the
    little, you know, everyday things, because, basically, I mean, you could literally be broadcasting
    eight hours a day.

    Alan: Or more, if you could stay awake.
    Jackie: If you could stay awake. And, will you comment on that, Alan.

    Alan: Yeah, I mean, the nitty-gritty of who says what today and so on, I tend to ignore, because
    I’ve got an overview of the whole agenda, and that’s all anyone really needs. I don’t need to have
    the confirmation of the blow-by-blow daily stuff that the mainstream gives you, or certain
    shortwave broadcasters give you, because I tend to avoid the mainstream media, which is there
    simply to put you into a state of panic and subservience. And when the shortwave picks up on the
    same daily themes of what they’re doing to you today, and going to do to you tomorrow, it becomes
    overwhelming, which is it’s object. It’s meant to render you incapacitated basically through fear.

    Jackie: And it does.

    Alan: And it does. Yeah, I mean, some people have phoned me up and they’re
    immobilized. And I’ve told some of them to slow down. One I told to shut up. I had to, because he
    was almost screaming with neurosis. And I said, who do you listen to? He told me who he listened
    to, on the shortwave. And I said, you know, this is what psychological warfare is intended to do.
    It’s meant to give you a nervous breakdown, so as you cannot function. And I said, look, has
    anything nasty really happened to you yet? He said, no. I said, well, what’s your problem? So, that
    is how panic and fear and terror, can incapacitate someone, if you get hooked on some of these

    Jackie: Well, and this is why I wanted to bring it up, because we don’t do that type of
    broadcasting. And I wanted our listeners to understand, hopefully, the value of the information
    that they’re getting. It is more of an overview. It isn’t all the nitty-gritty, but see, I can
    attest to what you’re saying, because back in 1992, somebody gave me a copy of the Machelvani
    Intelligence Advisor. I think it was about 12 pages, Alan. I was in my office. I owned my business
    at the time, and I was working late. And so, I opened it up and read it, and I sat there paralyzed.
    And then I subscribed to it, got my first one, and went out and sat on the deck at home and read
    it, and I couldn’t do anything for the rest of the day, because I thought, ‘Oh my God. What the
    heck do we think we’re doing? It’s hopeless. It’s gone too far.’ And folks, that’s what I wanted to
    bring up before the end of this broadcast, just so you know, why we don’t, because it’s all
    symptoms of the whole bigger picture. We’ll be back with you, Monday. And I hope you have a lovely
    next four days. And I hope you will join us on Monday next.

    Jackie Patru: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet
    Liberty. Today is Tuesday and it is the 4th of October in the year 2005. …And tonight, we have a
    guest. Alan Watt is with us. I called Alan today. I was thinking that probably tomorrow night would
    be our last, and we could not end this broadcast without having Alan Watt back one time, at least
    one time with us, because regardless of the some times that he and I had our differences. We don’t
    always agree on everything. None of us ever do. But there can be nothing that could diminish the
    information and the time and the love that Alan has given. And because it is love. It is done out
    of love. His mission in his heart is to enlighten and awaken as many people as possible. In every
    single broadcast we’ve done, Alan has done it on his dime from Canada. And truly, he’s brought us
    out of the Dark Ages. He’s brought us out of the forest, so that we get a chance to see the trees a
    little bit. So, I’ve invited Alan to be here with us tonight. And Alan, thanks for being here.

    Alan: Yeah, it’s a pleasure. …And I do have three books for sale, going through the history,
    including some of the ancient, ancient history of this system. And I go through it in volumes 1, 2,
    and 3. I tie it in with the money system, present and past, going back thousands of
    years. And the agenda is all there basically. And also, if anyone wants one or all of these books
    [see ordering information on transcript].

    Jackie: …Alan, so we have little time left to share whatever it is that you would like to share
    with our listeners. I’ve got three days next week. I have some thoughts in mind, that I would like
    to do. But, this is, tonight is yours.

    Alan: Well, I think really, for those that understand that there’s nothing new in this system,
    they’re simply upgrading their system, that’s what we live in. It’s their system. It’s not ours. So
    there’s no real reason to suddenly panic. Those things which we’re afraid of are generally change.
    And what we don’t realize, is, as I say, they’re changing from that to which we’re familiar, which
    we think is our way of living. But really, even that lifestyle was given to us as well. Our
    routines were given to us. Our training at school for certain jobs and so on. Even marriage,
    pensions, retirement, everything. That was all part of their old system, and we’re post-industrial
    now, so they’re upgrading it to the next step. When you realize this has been going on for
    thousands of years, step by step, including the wars and the reasons for the wars, and the money
    men behind it always, you know, then you realize nothing has really
    changed. The techniques they’re using are the same. They have incredible sciences at work, because
    they never allow the general public to have up-to-date knowledge of what they really have at any
    time, you know. And they’re so far ahead of what you’d even imagine as science fiction, that’s how
    they maintain their power. I have to laugh in a sense, when I watch the troops going into different
    countries, and sure enough, you’ll always see a new style of rifle, or the latest model this, or
    whatever, or the latest stealth bomber. And yet, all this stuff is obsolete, and it was
    obsolete before the second World War.

    Jackie: Like you were saying, earlier today, when we talked, they’re carrying the guns and heavy,
    heavy bullets, and using gunpowder that’s been around forever.

    Alan: Yeah. And so really, this is to make us believe, you see, that this is the latest, and that’s
    what they have, but all of that stuff is obsolete. It’s us that must be kept in the dark, you
    see. It’s one reality for the general population, another one for the CIA, and another one for the

    boys above them. There are always three realities on the go at the same time. It’s almost like
    three computer programs running independently, all fed the same data, but the second level is fed
    more and the third level is fed even more. So, that’s how our reality is. And we do know, we all
    know what’s coming down. The changes are not hidden.

    Jackie: We just don’t know how they’re going to pull it off, Alan. For example, you know, 9/11. And
    then, you know, they have geared us to expect another “terrorist attack” and then they, it’s a
    “natural disaster”. And last, this past week, the Discovery Channel has been evidently playing, and
    they played it more than once, this is a three hour long thing called ‘Super-Volcano’. And it’s all
    about Yellowstone, and how it’s about ready to blow. I’ve been reading articles about this for
    quite a while, you know, from the internet. But they’ve already
    said that if this happens, it will disrupt the economy of the entire world. So, you know, Katrina,
    first 9/11, then Katrina and Rita, and now they’re, now, see, they’re evidently, this is a big
    thing to prepare people. And then, maybe they’ll surprise everybody and have a terrorist attack,
    again. See. Because, that’s basically what people, and isn’t it telling that they can get us into
    that mode, where we’re actually expecting.

    Alan: Well, that’s what it’s about.

    Jackie: Because they said it, yeah, it’s going to happen. We don’t know. Alan: We’re being trained.
    Jackie: We don’t know when or where, but we do know it is going to. It’s only a matter of time, and
    it’s going to be much worse than 9/11.

    Alan: That’s right. And so, see, they’re the shepherds, and again, we’re the sheep. And for the
    last century or so, we’ve all been led into the same pasture everyday and we graze, and then they
    drive us back. But now we’re getting driven into another pasture, you see. So, we’re being trained
    to go into the next pasture.

    Jackie: And we say the prayers. The Lord is my Shepherd, he leadeth me into green pastures, he
    restoreth, my cup runneth over, your rod and your staff comforts me. And, you know what, Alan, I
    was thinking of this a couple of days ago. What in the world is the rod? The staff, that you said
    is for the sheep, because they’re so stupid, that if they get into a corner, they don’t have sense
    enough to back out. So, they use the crook there to pull them out. What is the rod for? Is it to
    whack them with?

    Alan: That’s right. That’s what law is based on. If you ask any, anyone who’s into the law system,
    the legal system, and government too, all laws are put out there with
    intimidation. That’s how people obey. It’s mainly through intimidation. And for the few who won’t
    be intimidated, they will actually use force.

    Jackie: Yeah, so we say a prayer, and say thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Alan: Well, that’s
    for the abused victim, who loves their abuser.
    Jackie: Yes. And I’m glad. Thank you for really bringing that into my mind, because we do have new
    listeners. And sometimes it’s something, certain things bear repeating. This is not to in any way
    invalidate or denigrate Jesus. But what they gave us, that he is the Shepherd. They say that he,
    excuse me, I’m having trouble spitting this out, obviously. He is quoted as talking

    about his lost sheep of Israel, and all that stuff, and I remember a long time ago, you said, I
    don’t think he ever said that. Because the sheep is the stupidest animal around. And he wouldn’t
    have called people sheep.

    Alan: Yeah, and it’s only, I mean, sheep are domesticated animals. They’re not free animals,
    they’re domesticated. They’re specially bred to be domesticated.

    Jackie: And sheered.

    Alan: And that’s their function, is to supply their master with wool and meat. That’s it. There’s
    no other purpose for them.

    Jackie: And then taking it back further, and of course, this is all stuff that you’ve already
    shared with us, but these are things that we would of, I would have never thought about. Not even
    knowing it, or not noticing it, the pictures of the ancient…

    Alan: Pharaohs.

    Jackie: The pharaohs with the staff in their hand, the crook.

    Alan: Yeah, the crossed arms with, it looks like a little candy cane crook, because it’s a symbolic
    crook. It’s not the long one. But that’s what it represents. You know the kind you hang on
    Christmas trees?

    Jackie: Oh, yes. Oh, I’ve done that a lot.

    Alan: That sort of. So, he holds the short one in one hand, and his arms are crossed, because he’s
    an illumined man, and the crossed arms mean the illumined man. And he is the sun, in fact. And in
    the other one, he has the club, basically. And sure, that’s the whole idea. You intimidate with
    threat of force, and if that doesn’t work, you actually use force. And nothing has changed in the
    system, since that time.

    Jackie: So, we see that the religions have so indoctrinated us, that we actually thank our keepers
    for the abuse that we get, in a sense. We’re not praying to them, of course, but, I remember, Alan,
    you were talking about the word, repent. Am I taking us on a track that you wanted to say something

    Alan: No, carry on. I’ve got a train just passing by, so it’s hard to hear.

    Jackie: Well, I remember you talking at one time about the word re-pent, and pent up, and how they
    used to pen them, and would you share that with our listeners, who didn’t hear that explanation.

    Alan: Could you speak up again?

    Jackie: Yeah, when you were, this was a long time ago, when you were talking about the word,
    repent. Is the train gone?

    Alan: It’s just gone now, okay. The word was what?

    Jackie: The word was repent. And about pent up and how they pent them up. Would you share that with
    our listeners that didn’t hear?

    Alan: Well, the ancients loved hunting, and the modern ones still do. A lot of these big boys that
    we see behind the scenes, that appear, they love to go off to different countries and hunt. And in
    ancient times, even in Greek times, they’d often go along the coastline in boats, and they would
    get little peninsulas for instance, and they’d come in, like a five-pointed star, and work their
    way inwards, and they used nets to catch the people, and net them, basically. And those people
    became slaves. But that was a form of sport. And, of course, the pent is from the 5, number 5, the
    pent angle. And that’s where it really comes from, you know. So, when we’re repenting, we’re
    actually in a sense acquiescing to become slaves once more, you
    know. Willing slaves. But it’s nothing new. What amazed me, even looking at Sumer, and some of the
    major cities in Sumer were obviously bureaucratic, because they had no fields around them, so all
    the foodstuffs and so on came into them, but the frescoes on the walls were fascinating, because
    they showed you these young people, obviously very healthy and happy, and obviously nobility too,
    with hawks. You know they have the hawks on the wrist? And then you’d also see them on horseback,
    going after different animals and deer and so on.

    Jackie: Is a hawk the same thing as a falcon?

    Alan: Yeah, it’s a type of hawk for sport. And they had falconers even in the Middle Ages. The
    Normans brought that into England with them. And up until the 1800s, 1900s, that was still a
    popular sport with the nobility. So, you find the same MOs all down through history with the
    nobility that was there 5,000 BC, and of course, the Egyptian nobility were exactly the
    same. And if you look into the merchant banker class who lived in the Aegean Islands, and the
    historians give them the name, the Minoans, they also had exactly the same frescoes painted on
    their walls, with the hunting scenes and the sports and the falcons, and so on. So, then we see it,
    as I say, coming into Europe in the Middle Ages, with this Norman class, who took over, and still
    basically run the world yet, you know. They were a knighted nobility. And if you notice, even all
    your top United States famous people, like Kissinger and so on, Schwartzkopf, in fact, even the
    mayor of New York, after 9/11, they all went over to the Queen, and the Queen knighted them all.
    So, this is very important to them to be knighted, in England, by the
    Queen. Because, we’re dealing here with a religion that predates Christianity and most other
    religions, and it goes back to at least, at least 5000BC, that we’ve dug up so far, and no doubt,
    there’s much, much more of it to go on beyond that.

    So, if we go into the histories of other countries, like India, they go back into millions of
    years. And they claim that this type of thing has been going on for millions of years. And I
    wouldn’t be surprised in the least, because the techniques of controlling the minds of whole
    countries are so perfect, and they always have been so perfect, that this was not a new science
    that they were picking up as they went along. They knew it from at least Sumer onwards, how to take
    over countries, how to introduce this thing called money, how to get people to marry young, to be a
    working class, who would then produce their goods, because these bankers were also the merchant
    class, and they owned the ships and the trading routes. So, they owned the whole system. It was a
    materialistic system, based on money. And once you have money, you can get a standing army.
    Without money, you can’t keep a standing army together. Once you have it, you send it off into the
    rural areas, and you conquer the
    peoples. And that is our history of the world. And right now, in fact, the US is finishing off the
    last part, the last few countries, who haven’t joined the World Bank and this system they call
    democracy, which has various definitions, if you look at it, you know. Actually, the definition of
    democracy is pretty well the same as the definition of Communism. By the Royal Institute of

    International Affairs’ own words, going back to the 1920s, and even earlier, when Cecil Rhodes was
    on the go, and then Milner, Lord Milner took over from Cecil Rhodes to create a world empire. He
    defined democracy for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The CFR is the American branch
    of it, of course. And he said the definition of democracy is a world where the individual is
    subject to the majority. In other words, individual free will is a negative thing, and it’s
    unhealthy to the whole.

    Jackie: But they refer to themselves as the majority, don’t they?

    Alan: Well, they themselves don’t even classify themselves within that. They see themselves as a
    separate race almost, you know. We are just the people.

    Jackie: Superhuman race. Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: We have to take a break here. And I’m going to request, I talked to one of our listeners
    today, and she said that the beginning of the broadcast last night was very clear, and then in her
    area, it just totally disintegrated, so she couldn’t hear a word. And I would just request a couple
    of calls giving us a reception report, if you would. Folks, we’ll be back, right after this.

    (Commercial Break)

    Jackie: …Okay, Alan. I missed our spiritual message this evening. And I had it laying right in
    front of me here. And I would like to do that before we continue. This is from Matthew 5, beginning
    at verse 14, Jesus said, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that’s set on a hill cannot be hid,
    and neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives
    light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your
    good works, and glorify your father, which is in Heaven.” Thanks, Alan.

    Alan: I’d like to add to that little definition of democracy that Milner put out for this group
    actually that’s running the world. When they defined it, they said, every individual, because
    they’ll have certain rights, will also have a duty to serve the state. To serve the state. And
    that’s very, very important, because it puts the state, this entity, in another category, apart
    from the people. And therefore the people do not create the state. The state basically becomes your
    rulers. And you serve them. And that’s the definition that the current CFR branch of the Royal
    Institute of International Affairs uses today. And it’s identical to the Communist definition.

    Jackie: So, when they say the State, it takes people’s minds off people. Alan: It does.
    Jackie: The state is an institution of some type, and forgetting that there’s a hidden hand that
    controls those who are in the State, doing the dirty work.

    Caller: Okay, Hello. Jackie: Hello?
    Caller: Okay, I can hear you a little bit. Yeah, I was going to say, you sound loud and clear,
    tonight. Very, very clear.

    Jackie: Thank you, Storm. How about last night?

    Caller: You know, a matter of fact, I just came in about ten minutes ago. Now, as far as last
    night, I didn’t get last night, because I was out.

    Jackie: Okay, okay, thanks, Storm.

    Caller: I will tell you this, something strange, is that, I’ll say this quickly. Early this
    morning, I was listening to Radio Netherlands. And at the very beginning of the broadcast, when
    they were talking about Turkey from the Netherlands, they came in very crystal clear for the first
    minute, and then approximately about 7:02 in the morning, Eastern time, that must be 11:02 UTC,
    okay, there was like a big fade in of distortion and interference, not jamming, but like an
    interference, almost like you would think it was the atmosphere. And all the sudden, about a half
    hour later around 11:30 or 11:27 UTC, that would be 7:27, UTC.

    Jackie: Alright, hurry up, hurry up, Storm.

    Caller: They started coming in again. And it’s the same type of similar thing that occasionally I
    hear on your show. But not tonight, and not that much last week.

    Jackie: Okay. Thank you, Storm. Thank you.

    Caller: I’m not sure whether that was the government or what. Maybe they want to keep out something
    with Turkey. I don’t know what that was about but it did seem suspicious.

    Jackie: Thanks, Storm. Okay, bye-bye. Caller: Okay.
    Jackie: Alright, thank you, Storm. I was curious about last night, Alan. Alan: It’s clear up here,
    Jackie: Oh, that’s good, that’s real good. I’m glad to hear that.

    Alan: But they’re using, of course, their technology, their jamming technologies and so on, because
    once they have the next big panic, FEMA will be using that, across the country. We saw it used when
    they went into Yugoslavia, and Bosnia. They flew aircraft. It was on the television. They flew
    special aircraft across the country that jammed every radio station, and television station, and
    they could also, from the aircraft, play their own propaganda programs directly into everyone’s
    television and radio.

    Jackie: In other words, over-ride and interfere and intrude. Well, I understand that during
    Vietnam, the technology existed also, because my friend Mel worked in communications. And he said,
    they could clear a path. They could wipe out communications in any direction they wanted, so that
    they could send their own signal. That was Vietnam.

    Alan: And so, especially, it’s so easy to interfere with shortwave, because shortwave depends on
    the ionosphere, which in part bounces signals off the ionosphere, so they can actually really play
    havoc with shortwave.

    (Phone Rings)

    Jackie: Hi, you’re on the air. Hello? You’re on the air. Gosh. Okay, nobody there. Alright, folks,
    we’ll forgo the phone calls, because there’s just something. We’ll just forgo the phone calls and
    thank you. I was just curious. Maybe, I can talk to somebody who was listening last night, somebody
    else, somebody not in Indiana, and maybe let me know. I was just
    curious. And I did not mean to interrupt this broadcast so many times. Today, when we were talking,
    Alan, as I mentioned to you, my thoughts are so much and so often on people, because on this
    broadcast we’ve talked about how important it is, if you can, get the heck out of the doggone
    cities. Etc. And, I do know that there are people, now, who are in cities, who really want to leave
    cities, and they don’t have the means to do it. And, of course, the economy is getting worse by the
    hour, not by the day. And so, therefore, my heart goes out to them, and mostly that they aren’t
    living in fear, and they aren’t living in some type of a box, if you would, feeling “doomed” or
    “hopeless” because they can’t get out of the city. Because, hell, rural cleansing is going on right
    now, under our noses. I don’t know how much time we have left, in the country. I wondered about
    rural cleansing, and how are they going to move people out of the country. Well, our energy costs
    are just going up, just horrendously. I had to go on budget for my heating gas bill, last year. And
    over the course of the year, it averaged out to
    $191. Now, you’ve got a good five or six months there, where that bill is around $40. (Phone rings)
    And, Hello, thank you, you’re on the air.

    Caller: Yeah, hello. Yeah, this is something that I wanted to ask Alan Watt, and then I was going
    to hang up.

    Jackie: Okay, make it very short, Storm.

    Caller: Okay, yes. You asked about how people are going to like leave the country, or whatever. I
    understand there’s like some kind of detention centers around the country. What I was thinking is
    that, if they wanted to get people in these detention centers to pull off this global New World

    Jackie: They’re doing it.

    Caller: …what they could do is have a nuclear blast where the radiation comes from the air.

    Jackie: Storm, excuse me. I’m sorry, Alan. He wants to ask a question, but he just talks about what
    he thinks. Actually, they’re doing it right now. All of those “evacuees,” they’re still living in
    those detention centers.

    Alan: And they’ve done programs here in Canada. They’ve shown on television, a lot of, now, it
    could be to train us all, of course, which everything generally is. But they’ve interviewed lots of
    them who say they’ll never go back there. And of course, that was one of the objectives, was taking
    them out. We also have no idea how many have been removed out of there, and I certainly do not
    believe the figures they tell us for the death rate. I think it was far higher.

    Jackie: Oh, of course.

    Alan: And they’re really playing it down. Jackie: Alan, how would they even know?

    Alan: Oh, they would know. Oh, they’d know. In a place like that, there were so many people,
    especially in the poor areas, who were on welfare. They have records for everything, not just
    locally; they have back-up systems, probably all the way to the Feds. They know everyone, their
    numbers and so on, and who claims, who doesn’t, and who’s not claiming now. And believe you me,
    when FEMA moves people out, they don’t just ask your first name. They get everything from you. So,
    they know how many they’ve moved out and how many have died.

    Jackie: One of our listeners called me last night, and had run into a gal from New Orleans, and
    said that her home was totally safe. There was a tiny bit, evidently, of wind damage, maybe some
    shingles or something. And she was moved out of her house at gunpoint. And she doesn’t know when
    she’s going to be able to go back. They evidently claimed that they were going to let people start
    coming back, and then of course, Rita came along. Now, she still can’t go back. She’s staying with
    friends in Pennsylvania.

    Alan: Well, even Bush himself in one of his first speeches said, it will be a minimum of three
    years before it’s habitable again. And of course, I’m sure, just like the fire of London,
    Christopher Wren had the plans for the new, international London drawn up prior to 1666. They love
    three sixes there. And, luckily enough, along came the fire, and they could put his plans into
    motion. So I’m sure they had the same plans drawn up for the new city of New Orleans, a much
    smaller city, because the United Nations has said most of it will remain as wetlands, and that’s
    been their spiel for the last few years. Before it all happened, a good part of that city would be
    called wetlands. The new city, I’m sure, will be a small one for the refinery guys, for the new
    refineries, which the taxpayers will build for Halliburton.

    Jackie: And for the elite, only.

    Alan: Yeah, and a few, you know, gambling casinos and things like that.

    Jackie: Yeah, but I mean, for anybody who’s living there, I believe at least at this point, that’s
    their plan. And there have been articles. There was a Wall Street Journal article, I think it was,
    Old Line Families Plan the Rebuilding of New Orleans. And they’ve said, it’s not going to be black
    and there’s not going to be those suppressed people, either it’s going to be white, or we’re out of
    here. And they are already laying out their plans. Donald Trump had….

    Alan: Oh, I’m sure all this was, as I say, designed before that hurricane hit.

    Jackie: Well, think about it. This humongous building that Donald Trump is supposed to be building,
    that couldn’t have happened. They couldn’t probably engineer and design a building like that in
    four weeks.

    Alan: No, even the surveyors couldn’t go over it in that time.

    Jackie: Exactly. And then the mayor there, what the heck’s his name. He’s saying that real estate
    is real hot right now, in New Orleans. [Call] You’re on the air.

    Caller: Yeah, but what about if the people have guns? Jackie: I’m sorry about that.
    Alan: But that’s the whole thing there.