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    skim coat is more natural therefor stronger, does not give super slick finish , but works great it s the only stuff I use
    the cheapest, no chemical crap in it.
    Just back from the beach, collected beach sand, etc, did some gifting also
    two cones finished , the big cone really is powerful
    very blue here
    pre 2000 blue…
    doing great
    too many pictures taken so put them in a video file
    black helicopter came very close today
    on top of me , literally
    thought it was a train, that loud
    ears still peeping…closest encounter till now
    could feel the wind blowing from the rotor
    such heroes…
    ah they love to tease
    had cameras on board and some detection equipment
    strange antenna stuff
    ah well, just coincidence eh :)
    took about 60 kilo of beach sand
    enough to play with
    25 kilo with good intent can be very powerful
    sky was dull when I arrived
    after gifting started to clear up rapidly but did not stay
    did not gift so much
    just remaining items left from the previous runs
    mainly plaster hearts, whole bags of them