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Yeah yeah yeah yeah promises, promises, heard it before Chief.   But we live in hope.  It will be a big surprise to see you arriving in Ireland with a car full of gifting material, to bring a new energy to this benighted island.  Or even more surprising to see you coming off a plane looking dazed but happy about having survived that experience.

Yes having a ‘handyman’ around for a few days who actually knows what he’s doing would be an interesting experience, instead of the usual slash and burn types, who can’t tell a plant from a weed.  I believe in fair division of labour, so I’d be trotting after you with the tools and wheelbarrow, following the alpha male instructions.   And the same in the kitchen; turn and turn about, exotic/exciting cooking from you, vaguely tasty but nutritious Irish specialties from me; like Irish Stew, and a mean steak or two.   I think we can both throw together a cool cake and I’m a champion scone maker, not forgetting the raspberry jam and whipped cream.

Cork, Cork, what have you got against Cork, except for not being able to understand a word they say, but that’s also the case in other parts of the country.  I had a guy from Norn Ireland chatting away a few days ago, I had a really good technique of nodding while saying ‘no, no’ and vice versa, had no clue what he was talking about in his very soft spoken voice, something to do with the housing bust in 2007 but could be wrong.   There are some very attractive parts of Cork; West Cork for example.  So much to see, so much to do. as you’ve probably noticed by now, there are so many different types of scenery here, but I  don’t really need to mention that do I?   You’d probably need two weeks.

All systems go for the Plasterite Workshop tomorrow, though it is tough trying to get organised singlehandedly – (where’s the handyman/cleaner when I need one?)   Trying to get the house half clean/tidy, ditto for the garden, and get everything ready for pouring Plasterite.   Not sure whether to be glad or sorry that there are a couple of dropouts, this always seems to happen (hate people who do that).   So only 4 participants but for sure a fun and interesting lot though haven’t met two of them yet.    I may try to do a few videos of the proceedings.  I really hope it will be dry, but the forecast is not looking too good sadly.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the readers/? reader.   They must be used to our idle chitchat by now.    By the way, I hear one does not need a passport to travel in the EU from your country, so don’t let the lack of one hold you up.  [happy-times-smiley-emoticon]