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Oh oh so much for ‘no more posting for some time’ glad you changed your mind about that, though somehow suspected the break would be short to non-existent.  Yep as a woman I’m ashamed of myself laughing then and giggling on and off since at your oh so sexist description of your delightful neighbour, who is probably only trying to be friendly. Or more likely missing the handyman/helping hand factor, as I do.    Purely coincidental that it was the day after you filmed what you call your ‘Speedo’ video? !!!  I think you forget you did a lot of shrubbery thinning recently, if you can spot her in her garden,……..   Yes I had to resist calling on one of my neighbourhood men today as I struggled with chopping at nettles and pulling out big brambles, I thought one would hear me groaning involuntarily and come rushing in with the white horse in tow, but sadly, no.

Coincidentally I too then later got a chance to top up the coconut oiled tan, for an hour, and read more of the Elana Freeland book.  It’s one of those blood-boiling type of books, every word makes sense though sometimes it’s hard not to say, ‘is this possible?’   The total cynicism of the money makers of the world, manipulating the climate to suit only their agenda, would you believe so they can bet on whether temperatures will go up or down, even though they know in advance which way it will happen at any time.  Some of them should be jailed.    Yes I know, as usual I’m being very simplistic (save you having to say it).  I’ve a couple more ready to go.