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Great up close photos from Sir Greg.   What an array of towers!!!  Good job, well done:

Re the EO, glad you approve, trying to select one out of what looks like hundreds, all with strong healing possibilities, is not very easy but I took the advice of a good friend Grainne O’K who knows a great deal about these oils.   The thing they stress about their products (and they don’t label them ‘organic) is that they are extremely pure and come from the indigenous area, for example lavender will come from where it is most grown i.e; France.

I’ve assembled quite a collection but don’t know too much about their uses, except for a few.   I’ve used oregano oil, a couple of drops at a time, if I feel a fluey cold coming on, it seems to be very helpful. A lot of these oils are extremely strong, it’s hard to believe a little drop has such a punch.   They work on a cellular level, and are very quickly assimilated into the body.   Actually John’s Hospital Medical School is carrying out experiments on them.   Not sure if it’s a good idea to have mainstream medicine getting their hands on stuff, first step before banning them maybe if Big Pharma finds they really work.

Yes that new video may cause a stir, some pulses racing a bit faster. [i-sense-chemistry-smiley-emoticon]Stay strong, don’t get jumpy about it, it may not last very long before it’s banned.  And yes, cool new emojis.

Just want to tell a little incident that happened to me this evening, in the supermarket (couldn’t find tamarind paste).  I’d bought a few things, went to pay at the checkout, discovered no purse in my bag.  I left the groceries at the checkout, looked in the car; no sign, must have left it at home duh.  Anyhow went back and stood in the queue – having discovered about €9 in the bottom of the bag, as usual randomly looking at what people around me had bought.  The young woman behind me had a carton of Soya milk. I really felt like saying ‘you shouldn’t be drinking that sh..e.   Anyhow the groceries came to a bit more, I wanted to put something back, but the young woman handed over 50 cents, so kind of her.  I thanked her warmly for her random act of kindness.