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Still here, changed my mind about travelling to help in an Awareness Day in Limerick, too much travel involved, would be ok if I’d nothing much else to do but some other options have popped up in the meantime.   Although I don’t usually change my mind, apparently the weather forecast for Limerick is quite bad, so that’s another reason.
Some pictures from yesterday, two pics of my 5 interlinked newly poured BSBs, goodness knows how my sockets aren’t melting, nice skies yesterday after a lot of crud cleared, great
sylphs too.  I don’t think they can be a permanent fixture there, you know my fetish for tidiness lol [t2712] but at least for the time being I should wrap the cable a little more carefully, it was all done in a bit of a rush.
In ‘the other place’ I mentioned a large cone a friend and I had made in about February, for some reason it’s still in my house. It’s about 70 cm tall, we were delighted the way it turned out.   There was a bit of chat about it being a ‘monster’ in a nice way.   I put it beside one of the recent cones and weighed them both, I was very surprised that they both weigh exactly the same (just under 10 kilos), as the big one had started off at 18 kilos!!   It makes sense that ALL the water evaporates out of the piece over time, don’t know why I was surprised.




These two weigh exactly the same!

20170818_191300.jpg                                                                  20170818_191318.jpg


Someone shared this picture showing the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail, if you look closely you can see the tiny little contrail on the left hand side.  But I expect the ‘de-bunkers’ (I know a few) would say ‘Oh yeah, different atmospheric conditions in different parts of the sky’.