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Tidied up the ‘rig’ a bit, still not happy with the setup especially as I can no longer cut the grass as the cable is tied up [yellow-smiley-confused-emoticon]


A little chat has developed ‘elsewhere’ about the properties of a common garden weed called euphorbia,
Murielle talked about her father in Belgium suggesting its use to remove a wart.
I agreed, I used it once or twice and recommended it to other people.

I’ve LOADS of it in the garden, as also the garden plant which is much bigger and I try to dig it up as it spreads like crazy.

20170819_122304.jpg                                            20170819_120346.jpg


20170819_123846.jpg                                                      20170819_122135.jpg

A lemon balm plant going to seed.  I must look this up, I’m sure it has important herbal uses

I’ve a great crop of figs on my large tree, I had to laugh when someone said ‘throw a net over it’ hahaha it’s about 5 metres tall.   They will be ripe in a week or so but the bl..dy blackbirds seem to enjoy them now, lots of them eaten already though barely soft.  Do you regret asking me to do a post Mod?  Bombing the site [smiley-says-youre-welcome-emoticon] And more to come when I follow up on the discussion on euphorbia – currently trending [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]