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This is becoming what we used to call (jokingly) a ‘Mutual Admiration Society’ but in this case, true.

What a lovefest !!!!

Think that’s enough of that – back to more serious stuff [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]
Did I mention my new ‘rig’ of BSBs, maybe so.
Anyhow I’ve 5 of them linked together with a very long cable.
Got a reading from MG, I was pretty stunned when he said it was showing 50 trillion Bovis units!!!!!
I think that must be the most powerful thing I’ve made.


And then just because I can, I added on another …… still 3 more scattered here and there… will I? won’t I?
That pink one could certainly do with some TLC, as could many of the other structures around the garden.  It looks like a henpecked hen [yellow-smiley-confused-emoticon]