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    Don´t worry , will shut up about it from now on hahaha…So you sneaked in a few extra hmmm…and you really thought you could get away with it ?
    Just like that ?   Think again [crazy][love][crazy]


    Look , we, the ungrateful and unworthy , hahaha, have never seen these sides of you
    To you it may appear all very ordinairy and so forth but for us, the nobodies , the depopulated masses, the little pizza folk it is quite something
    to have a Versace model on board, a real one, not one of those modern know…genetic engineered ones…dont have to do a “transvestigation” on you
    hahha selenite princess eh …well at least we have one. Could be worse [t1550]
    just the face itself says enough, pure woman, like the way they are supposed to be. Monsanto and cohorts did not modify this one. Japanese might copy it soon.
    Did not want to brag about it but thinking… ah… feck it, …. who cares eh ?
    What I was trying to say and this has come over the catwalk long time ago plasterite folk are just awesomely handsome
    I mean that is just the way it is
    All of them
    It is scary
    Is there a conspiracy going on here hahaahahah
    LMAO here
    Real natural energy folk I am talking about here, not the wannabees, the little people , the noobs out there
    the la la land people
    not talking about those smucks…
    Well I wont mention names here , of course, being so very sensitive and political correct…duh..
    but you know who I am talking about…
    I know …I know… oh boy..

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor panda haters gonna  hate gif

    Always suspected you were a model, hmm…sort of ..hobby model….so I was right …and we all are very cosy with that idea….hahahah
    Not that it really matters anything , but…it won´t hurt either…hmm hmmm….
    Absolute elegance there, that classic style we do not see anymore around us. On top of that you have a brain too, functional even, good heavens
    Thank goodness you are on our side , CEO, do not want to have you as an enemy hahahaha
    Would have to wave the white flag too soon and can´t have that nah…
    It´s all Hollywood and the satanic control grid running things, even more than in those days.
    So we are left with Monsanto DNA fxxx up silicone products like Bieber and Spears or whatever they are called
    Who knows what is going on there but … know…nothing is as it seems to be , let´s leave it there.
    But like Tony P said the ” millennials” are having a rough time, raised on GM and the rest of it, they are the sickest generation that ever walked the face of the earth and we all know it folks, come on, put that vegan pizza aside for a second, put down that msg coke , come on ,get that iphone out of your …whatever.. admit, yes they are. I also notice things , like how people are different in shape nowadays
    compared to some decades ago, both male and female , they have changed. They never saw a really blue sky, they have no  idea what is going on, no idea whatsoever, tough luck.
    Hope you agree with the new layout of the forum, I am very pleased with it now, remember that things have a soul of their own, sometimes, and they grow, did not really plan on it, it just happens, so it was about time to split up topics and put them all in their own pigeon hole. Also easier for visitors to find the info they need, without going through too much struggle.
    Basically meaning , plasterite folk are top folk and not ” just ” by their astonishing looks , no no , we kick..things..

    Wow , whoopsy , that just slipped off the top of my tongue…thank divinity for running the show here, along with a few or some shit sheeple would go bah bah..bad bad..and I would miss all those frecking FB ” likes” jeezes what a joke that is eh , FB , really..
    They , you know, them , they kicked it all out, all forums so we are left with this satanic book now
    and most ” troofers” never figure that one out either, quite hopeless, would hurt my sensitive feeling if I would give a xxxx
    but I do not. I am divorced from it now. Totally.

    I only promised our Shaman Jacques to keep his work alive.
    As all  zombies turned on him, mainly the authorized ” orgonite ” enterprises.
    you know their names, guess they did no really see that one coming
    out of nowhere
    you know that is is a sort of suicide mission, once you open your mouth you will go down.
    You know the game.
    as he dared to speak out the unspeakable and taught us on how to proceed in this reality perception/deception structure.
    That is my task. My battle plan and that is the end of it.
    Everything else is bollocks anyway , right ? Well ..

    It is not too bad the forum was removed, after all, even if that might sound strange, think , in a way , it was an opportunity
    for new blood to rise to the top, create a new life force that runs the thing from than on, also from a technical viewpoint, the old forum , PHP Code , was not ready
    for the times we are in, it did not contain any real features, bit old school, all very clumsy , just uploading things to the forum was a drama.
    So we are better of now and all info is here anyway.
    So it is not a loss, really ,  no.
    Just too bad Dennis Griffin, that gobshite CEO from Warrior Matrix has no dencensy
    and has stolen our domain name and forces all traffic to orgonite via google to his own shitty disinfo website
    but than again, nothing new under the sun.  Creeps will be creeps and he is one big wiggle grumpy nasty backstabbing psycho toad.
    Totally toxic person. The little Machiavelli.
    I wont even dare to mention the name ” Croft” as that is even way beyond a joke now, really beyond sick. So I wont go into that either.
    Truth will come out and it has and it is not a pleasant sight when it does.
    Can´t get even onto that dreadful David MI6 Gobshite Icke forum , I did register but they dont want me anymore, what a charade eh
    Do people really follow those BS artists???
    But I knew, even some years ago that that would not take long, you see, before they lock down the show and start doing the damage control
    disinfo fakery operations, cleaning it all up, muddy the waters, you name it…jadija. the usual MO.
    Remove comments , topics, etc etc
    But…I always save them , I am not that silly , I know the game.
    So I saved all their shitty crap and it is posted  here anyway
    they can´t hide
    big rats hide under a rock and the rock keeps getting smaller…might get a bit hot …

    You may have read that post, got a bit hot red there so had to censor myself later on
    going a bit overboard, rightfully yes
    but…may come across newbees a bit like duh what is this all about etc..
    they would not understand, the children, they never understand anything
    Very nasty behavior, those hatchet jobs
    afterwards they clean it all up so no one sees and pretend nothing happened…powdering their Pinocchio long noses
    nasty nasty bunch of hyenas

    Total psychos, like ” Zen Gardner” that love and light know …that ” Just Wondering” guy…
    but dont get me started on that one, teams up with all the other stooges, pied pipers and so forth
    it is a nice example of what the patriot or troofer movement is really made up of , to a large extent, some exceptions but not many and for sure not the big names.
    Those who get invited all over the place, forget it , they are on board with the other side.
    It is all divide and conquer, all of it, confusion , you know all that I know.
    So much ultimate Deception going on nowadays if you see it for what it is , it truly is, it is enormous, unbelievable levels of deception.
    and it is all very easy to do
    Did Robbin Williams or should we say Roberta Williams…as he was a she…once…really die ?
    Or Prince or is it princess…Bowie ..and many others…
    fake deaths some surgery maybe gender change as they are all into that sort of crap and voila
    here I am , let s rock hahaha they just play with us
    but it looks so real
    yeah right, like 9-11 or 7-7 and the rest of the circus…
    staged scripted false flag operations, with real victims , lots of them in the case with Pearl Harbor
    to bring the US into the Great work

    You know it is so easy to fake these things with a small bunch of insiders and they are laughing their asses of all the time.
    they got all the money in the world, they create the masonic notes, they just own the place folks, like it or not
    stick that in your annunaki  orgasmic organic guru approved fluffy animal friendly ecological esteemed low CO2  political correct gender neutral backside

    All The Time.
    It is all controlled, all staged, scripted, jadija
    All of it.
    They leave nothing to chance.
    I sometimes wondered if we under different circumstances would become little demons , like Dennie and company
    the whole truth movement , the authorized leaders all scam artists, sell outs, but I do not think we could reach that level
    at least I cant
    as I will never sell my soul to anyone
    just cant do it
    so I cant swear allegiance you see
    it is just not in me
    it is just  not there, not saying we do not have flaws, we all have those but that is human.

    Thanks for sharing