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Avatar photoEK

    Harsh language can be like removing a big splinter from your princess foot
    it has to be done, will hurt a bit , even more than it does now, but the end result will stand up for it
    Never said it is pleasant to do

    Il faut faire ce qu’il faut faire

    I know most ” love and light ” zombies will never explore reality
    I know that could not care less
    what do I care about those who refuse to think for themselves
    truly idiots
    But , on a positive note, it is at least nice and good to see those around Jacques stood up for him as he was talking truth and oh golly jolly we all know how popular that is eh
    How much will stand up for our Paris model , that s you CEO ?
    Greg et moi
    c est ca.
    if you have to do a runner you can jump on the backseat of Greg s monsterbikes